Vintage, Artsy, and Beautiful Craft Room (Kendra McCracken)


Hi all! Noelle here with a craft room tour for you guys today. I happened upon this room while looking for photos for the jar storage post I had up recently. And when I came upon this blog post at Traveling at the Speed of Light, I just stared at it for the longest time. Then I started frantically pinning photos since I just KNEW this was the next room I’d like to feature here on Craft Storage Ideas. Part of the reason this room appealed to me so much is that this is like my dream craft room. I just LOVE Kendra’s style. I love her use of vintage items for storage. I love the happy shade on the walls. I love the pops of red, and the way she describes how she stores thing apply to me too. I also don’t want to spend a lot, and I want things that can change what they store as my needs change for whatever my latest mediums are. Well enough explanations, shall I show you some eye candy from Kendra’s blog? Don’t you love how in the photo above she’s used a glass display case to store her crafty items? And on the next photo below, she uses a hen nesting box above her workspace to store alterable items.

4623836741_841fcec3f9_z Hen nesting box for storing alterable items

4623836065_bd83de63ce_z          This is an awesome use of a vintage workbench for storage and workspace, too. And isn’t that red stool an awesome find? Especially from a garage sale for only a few dollars.

4623835707_dbaf918333_zGorgeous vintage canning jars for embellishment storage, I have GOT to find some of these jars!

4623839209_97bc8fb3e0_z Kendra’s homemade clip storage with shelf, which she painted to match her decor.

4623843359_7d6e1973d0_z An inexpensive discount-store trifle bowl works well for packaged embellishments.

4623843673_e78b121612_zVintage cake pan for liquid adhesive storage, this is so pretty, and I love how it hides things away that you might not want to look at.

There is all KINDS of other great storage ideas on Kendra’s blog here. I love how she made small storage cases from old instant coffee tins, and she adds so much style to everything with rustic finishes and a repeated star motif throughout the space. Kendra, I COVET your craft room! Hope you all have enjoyed this tour and I’ll see you back here soon with some more storage tips!


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  1. I’m always impressed with these craft rooms! If I had a vintage room, it would look like a bomb went off in it! This one is so lovely! Thanks for sharing it with us, Noelle! ~ Doris

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