Thirty-One Bags Craft Storage (Stamping with a Dream)

Hi all, it’s Noelle stopping in today with a few photos from my friend Kelli’s craft room. On thing that I found particularly intriguing about her room is that she used a lot of bags and containers from thirty-one. Now, I’m not trying to sell you on thirty-one bags, I don’t even own one myself. But I have heard from a few different crafters how sturdy their bags and containers are. So I thought it might be worth showing you these photos.They have a lot of fun prints on their bags, and do big clearance sales sometimes.


Here’s a pic of some of Kelli’s stamps in these containers. How easy would it be to move one to your dining room table to work elsewhere in your house?


And some card stock in larger thirty-one bags….


This shelf looks very neat even though Kelli has a variety of products stashed in the containers. The opaque fabric keeps everything looking nice and clean.


 I also like her use of Ribbon Carousels for her twine and ribbon storage.

IMG_8816 Kelli doesn’t have a craft room post on her blog just yet, but be sure to stop by and see her pretty cards if you can.

 Thanks for stopping in!



7 thoughts on “Thirty-One Bags Craft Storage (Stamping with a Dream)”

  1. Great Idea! Nice tips and techniques on organizing things out. I like the Ribbon Carousels for twine and ribbon storage. Very Creative. Thanks for sharing this to us. Very Interesting! Thumbs UP!

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