California Art Girl {Richele Christensen} and Blog Hop Day Two

Let’s give a very warm welcome to Richele Christensen!  I love her craft room!  And you will too!  But first – just a reminder about our blog hop!  Check out all of the details here!  And make sure you read all today’s entire post – because we have a giveaway from our blog hop sponsor OrganizeMore!  Here’s a little sneak peek!

Prize 1 - OrganizeMOre

But first, here’s Richele!



I’m a California girl and currently live in the Sacramento area. I have an amazing husband Del and we have two wonderful children. My son KC and his wife Amanda have three amazing kids and that makes me a Grandma. It’s the best! My daughter Ashley and husband Kirk are  busy with their carers.

Ever since I was a little girl I have had a love for art, sewing and crafting. Working in the paper craft industry since 2001 has lead me on an unforgettable journey. I currently work with Tim Holtz as his project manager, teaching workshops and blogging.







I’m very fortunate to have a large space in our home for my studio, it has two windows that bring in lots of natural light which I love. When I set up my studio it was important to me that things were easy to find and being organized helps. Also if things are handy I tend to use them more.RicheleChristensen_Studio1

The stamp wall in my studio is my favorite, they’re custom made shelves my dad and son made. (You can find similar shelves at Ikea). They hold my wood stamps, inks, paints and products I use frequently. The modular cabinets below the shelves are from Michael’s. The drawers come in many configurations so they work for almost everything like tags, dies, stamps, and other miscellaneous things.



Richele Christensen_Studio6



The tools on my work table are in a silverware caddy I picked up at a kitchen organizing store. You just never know when you’ll see something that will be perfect for your studio, like this antique stamp holder is prefect for all my craft tools.



This magnetic board hangs on the side of my cabinet and holds all my Movers ‘n Shapers dies and is available from Ikea. 


1. What kind of budget did you have when organizing your space?

I didn’t really have a budget but I tried to be economical. Most of the furniture has come from Ikea, Michael’s and Home Depot. My room has evolved as time has gone by. I recently moved into a larger space in my home and because my space is organized with modular elements they fit right into my new space perfectly.


2. What was your greatest challenge?

 The biggest challenge in my studio was having things I use all the time handy. Since I use my Distress Inks, Paints and Stains all the time I store them on a shelf right behind my work area.


3. Are you a “organize it once” kind of girl, or are your storage solutions constantly evolving?

I love to organize my “stuff”. I think you can always improve upon it. My favorite cabinet is the Alex from Ikea. It hold a ton of stuff.


4. What is one thing you’d like to improve about your storage/organization?
That’s a tough one. Im pretty happy with my space but I think having pull outs in my large cabinets would make it easier to find things.


There are so many things about Richele’s room I love, but I have major envy over that drawer full of organized tags and her colorful distress ink wall!  What about you?  Make sure to visit Richele at California Art Girl.  Thank you, Richele for sharing your space with us!

And now on to today’s blog hop prize!  Our blog hop sponsor OrganizeMore is giving away a 48 Marker Organizer in white!  To enter, use the Rafflecopter below!

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And finally – just a reminder that our Silhouette Portrait giveaway will close at midnight tonight!  Check out our original post to enter!



Independence Week: Overwhelmed By Your Stash?


Independence Week

Happy Independence Week!  We are celebrating here at CSI by featuring a few posts about how you can gain “independence” from your crafting stash.  When I talk to fellow crafters about organizing their supplies, the thing I hear more than anything is that they are overwhelmed.  Either they can’t find something, or they have too many choices, or they just don’t know where to start when it comes to organizing their stash.


According to an article I read recently on, when you look around your space and start to feel anxious, your body releases cortisol, a stress hormone.  Yikes!  Here are some pointers to help combat a messy and/or disorganized space.

Keep your workspace clear.  Your workspace is the single-most necessary thing to help you actually create something.  And if it’s not clear, you are far less likely to sit down to start a project.  Even if the room around you is a mess or unorganized, make your number one priority to clear your workspace.

Storage shelves.  No stacking or double shelving allowed.  In other words, if you have small items behind larger items, etc., get them all in one single layer.  Those hidden items are hard to find and lead to frustration.

Paper storage.  I  know it’s hard to believe, but chances are if you are a scrapbooker, you have more paper than you’ll be able to use.  Go through it all, if it fits into one of the following three categories, keep it.  If it doesn’t, give it away.

  • Paper you love
  • Paper you use regularly
  • Paper you can’t find anywhere else

Don’t pile items on the floor.  It’s a vicious cycle.  I’ve done this many time.  I say “Oh, I’ll just put this here for now”.  And before you know it I’ve got multiple piles that I have to climb over on a regular basis.

Keep a donation bin.  This might be my number one piece of advice.  I’ve managed get myself into the habit of making decisions about supplies and even tools when I am cleaning up after I’ve completed a project.  Will use that scrap of patterned paper again?  What about that stamp?  Was it hard to use?  Do I have another project in mind for it?  Have I used all of those letter stickers to the point I won’t use them again.  You get the picture.  If the answer to any of those questions is yes, I either recycle or add to my donation bin.  It even makes cleaning up a little easier.

Remember the six month rule.  Have you used it in six months.  I’ll even say, you can make it the one year rule.  J  If you haven’t you should seriously consider donating it.  Tastes change.  Ideas morph.  Give yourself some freedom.

One In, Two Out.  When something new comes in, at least one thing, preferably two, must go.  I know, I know. 😉  What if we said, if one comes in, USE one within the next week, or donate.  Would that help?

Ultimately, and at the risk of sounding harsh (I swear I don’t mean it harshly), your craft room is not supposed to be a warehouse!  It should be a place where you find inspiration, comfort and your inner creative.  Now go out there and do it!  I’m rooting for you!


The not so lazy – Lazy Susan {The Crafter’s File Box}

Is Susan really lazy?  Or are we?  Who is Susan?  I digress 🙂

Today’s post is all about making over a lazy susan.  Well, it’s a two-in-post, because it’s about making over a lazy susan and creating a knock-off of an expensive item.

Case in point.  This über cute, but expensive lazy susan ($49!) from Pottery Barn Kids.  FYI – I looked like mad for a link to this product, but it looks like it’s gone from their site.

Lazy Susan from Pottery Barn Kids

Enter Valerie of The Crafter’s File Box.  She created her own for just $11.50 using a lazy susan from Ikea and buckets from Target!

Super cute, bargain Lazy Susan

Isn’t it cute?  Super simple, easy to reproduce and personalize, too.  Valerie created a tutorial – check it out on  her blog.