Studio Tour with Connie Mercer

Here’s a big CSI welcome to Connie Mercer.  Connie is a design team member at Vintage Street Market, lives on a ranch in Texas and loves being inspired by her five grandchildren.  Enjoy this  tour of her very vintage studio.

I am so excited to show you my crafty space here on Craft Storage Ideas.  I have always loved old things and the process of finding a treasure.    If it has a story with it, I love it even more.  I started feeling like I wanted to surround myself with “old stuff” after taking an online class with Jenni Bowlin.  She opened my eyes to vintage storage.  Using old salt and pepper shakers for glitter-I loved that idea!!!  It all started with that class.   I have been collecting all my life, so I had lots of vintage cabinets, boxes, bottles, jars, pottery to organize my craft supplies in.   I started by getting rid of as much plastic as I could, and started bringing in items that spoke to me, that inspired me, in my craft.

I used to scrapbook on a plastic fold out table, so when I found this old work table at an antique store, it was loaded up and I think I started looking at things differently that day.  One thing Jenni would say is surround yourself with things that you love and that is what I have done-it is a work in process!  But one thing for sure I love my space , I love how my supplies are stored and I’m inspired to create when I’m in this room!!

Vintage Worktable
A view of the entire studio
More unique storage

1. What kind of budget did you have when organizing your space?

I didn’t really start out with a number in mind, just a plan to surround myself with vintage things that I love, that will inspire me to create ” vintage style”. I counted up what I have spent and it is less than $500. Friends know I love vintage items and I’m given cool stuff all the time.

Tool chest embellishment storage

2. What was/is your greatest challenge?

To remove all the plastic containers from my space. I would love to have all vintage storage (that I can afford) and have a place for. I’m still looking for a storage solution for 12×12 patterned paper that can be organized by manufacture.

A muffin tin holds button flair

3. Are you a “organize it once” kind of girl, or are your storage solutions constantly evolving?

I think I’m constantly on the look out for something better to store my supplies in but still meet my expectations of having a vintage inspired space. I love to go junkin’ so the hunt is on!!

Vintage jars make good storage, and are pretty, too!

4. What is one thing you’d like to improve about your storage/organization?

I scrapbook by manufactures and rarely mix the brands ( but I have) ~ I would love an old store counter that had shelves underneath that would hold my 12×12 paper and had room for the extra embellishments also. I presently keep all my embellishments in separate bins in my closet. I would have it all at my finger tips and that would be perfect for me.

Repurposed Dish Drainer
Paper Storage
Built-in Storage


Connie has done a fantastic job of mixing vintage pieces with new, built-in storage.  Thank you so much for sharing your studio!  Please be sure to visit Connie on her blog at

Vintage Post Box Lovely {Vintage Junky}

I know there are so many of you who love using vintage items in your craft rooms, so I just couldn’t resist showing you this vintage post box transformation.  Michelle of Vintage Junky didn’t refinish, sand or paint – she just added her craft supplies (using baby food jars for all of her itsy bitsy things).  Call me crazy, but to me, that addition made this box absolutely beautiful.

Vintage post box for craft storage.
Ribbon storage

Has anyone else out there put a post box to use in their craft room?  If so, share a link with us!

For more photos of Michelle’s very vintage studio, click here.

A Place to Craft {Raising Up Rubies}

I’m going to let the pictures of this fabulous craft room speak for me.

A fabulously organized room!


Custom built table with tons of storage and room for friends!


Aren't these shelves gorgeous?
Paper covered magazine holders


Custom sewing table and shelving

Wowsa.  Seriously, there is so much inspiration in this room.  I particularly love the bookcase – which was made from Target bookshelves and molding to make them look more substantial.  And the brown paper covered magazine holders make everything look cohesive!

To see more of this room and read the details, visit Jaime at Raising Up Rubies!

Pretty in Pink {Margie Romney-Aslett}

Pink goodness to follow.  Check out Margie Romney-Aslett‘s studio below.  It’s a study in pink, vintage, and a little bit of quirky.  I think you’ll love it!

A desk full of vintage & unique storage containers


The ever faithful Expedit from Ikea


A variety of storage buckets and containers!


The many shades of pink.

Whatcha think?  I’m loving all of the different containers in this one room.  And Margie’s unique style shines through.  To see more of Margie’s room, click here.

It’s a Twine Party!

Our friends over at PaperCrafter’s Corner are having a twine party and we want in on the fun!  We’ve posted twine storage ideas before here, but one can never have too many ideas!

Click any of the photos below to be taken to the original source & more info about that storage solution.

Kitchen Utensil Holders {Sweet Stamp Shop}

Candlesticks & finials {Just Something I Made}

Recycled Coffee Cans {Sew Many Ways}

Recycled Ribbon Spools {Crafty Maria’s Stamping World}

Vintage Stand {The Twinery}

Vintage Funnels {Nest Full of Eggs}

Crystal Candleholders {Your Home Based Mom}

What other ideas do you have to organize your baker’s twine?

If you have some images to share, we’d love to see! Give us a shout at!


All About the Ombre {Madigan Made}

Shannon from Madigan Made recently reorganized her craft space.  And there seems to be a recurring theme.  Can you tell what it is?

Shannon managed to turn her basement craft room into a place that is bright and cheerful.  And using ombre to achieve that….brilliant!

Even her artwork and labels coordinate!

To see before and after photos and read more about Shannon’s organizing process, check out her blog here.




Our job here at Craft Storage Ideas is to show you the most ideal organizational ideas possible, which often leads to gorgeous studios.  And can I just say, I *love* looking at the photos and reading about the ideas we’ve accumulated so far.  But, (did you feel that but coming on?) it’s so easy to sit at  your computer and look at those pictures and compare the space you have to what you are seeing on your computer monitor.  And then feel inadequate, or that you’ll never be organized, or become overwhelmed or even discouraged because you just feel like you can’t get from A to B.   Or, you might make a humongous mess when you craft, only to be overwhelmed when it comes time to straighten up.   Ever felt that way?  I certainly have.

So, from this point forward consider us your number one cheerleader.  Sort that cardstock, find the perfect container for your little embellishments, corral your washi tape, purge.  Do whatever it takes to make the space you have comfortable, your supplies easy to find, and set up in the best possible way to help you be the most productive. Your space doesn’t have be perfect for me, your best scrappy friend, or your next door neighbor.  Make your space perfect for you.  There is no judgment here.

A post called “90% of real crafters make real messes” by Kristina Werner sums this up perfectly.  Check it out.

A note from Kristina Werner

So, until next time, be inspired to organize.  I can’t wait to hear what you’ve been up to.

An Airy Craft Studio {French Press Knits}

Melynda of French Press Knits’ studio is super modern and spacious!

A well thought-out craft room

I really love how much storage she has – and all of that amazing natural light!

Multiple workstations are always a plus!

I count three workstations!  And there is something about the cabinetry being on legs versus them being built down to the floor that gives the room a certain “airyness”, don’t you think?

For before and after photos, and more details, check out Melynda’s blog here