Lisa’s Flikr Fave: The 36th Avenue

Hey there peeps! Are you enjoying our special feature this week, I know I am!! I have always loved seeing where others create. I used to study magazines, but that gave way long ago to blogs and Pinterest! I enjoy seeing those special items in their crafty spaces that inspire them, fuel them of just bring them happiness. I drink in their storage solutions and decorating styles. Sometimes storing them in my memory and others are jotted down or sketched for future use.

When I took on the assignment of a Contributor here at Craft Storage Ideas, one of the first craft rooms I found was The 36th AVENUE. This is the favorite I’ve yet to discover hands down. Let’s take a look shall we…


To me this room is the perfect size and organized to crafty perfection. I just adore the white furniture, pretty hardwood floor, neutral background and all of the natural light streaming in.


The oval table in the center of the room lets you pull up a chair for sit down work, maybe two if you’re crafting with a friend. Or you can stand here for larger projects. Plenty of open space surrounds it letting you move about as needed.


Sigh…this is just the dreamiest little sewing area. The pretty floral/polka dot fabric on the stool is swoon worthy!!! And a simple staple like pegboard has been transformed into a work of art with a lovely frame and a coat of paint. I do see one of these in my future!

DSC_0734edit2 DSC_0720edit

I think the second frame hung inside the larger frame is such a cute idea. Love the chicken wire that lets you clip up this or that!!


Would you just look at this wall…polka dots…I’m in love!! For those of you who know me, you know I am quite smitten (this could be an understatement!!!) with polka dots. I think the size of them on this wall are scaled to just the right size for this room.

They show up once again on this wall with a marvelous storage piece. It’s topped with pops of red that stand out beautifully against the neutral background. Love the framed polka dots here too!


Another element that draws me to this room is the window treatment. Simple, uncluttered and ever so sweet!!


And there you have it friends, my dream craft space! Thanks so much for taking this journey with me today. Stop back to visit with us again tomorrow for another of the teams favorite rooms!


An Organized Craft Space {Thrifty Decor Mom}

Here’s a big welcome to Lori from Thrifty Décor Mom!  Thanks for joining us today!

Hello! My name is Lori and I blog over at Thrifty Decor Mom. I live in  Lewis Center, Ohio with my Handyman Hubby, 2 teenage daughters and a Maltese named Benny. Decorating is my passion and I love the challenge of putting a room together on a tight budget. In addition to decorating I also enjoy scrapbooking, stamping and crafting. 



I’m so excited to share my organized craft space with you today! My supplies were an unorganized mess and I needed a permanent place to scrapbook so I decided to create a space just for me! 



What kind of budget did you have when organizing your space?

Not much! I didn’t have a set budget but I wanted to create the space without spending much money. To do this I had to get creative and use items from around my house. I also repurposed some items to work in this space.



The table was part of our dining room set that we never used. We were going to sell it but decided to try it here instead and it’s worked out perfectly! I love having a large area to spread out pictures and scrapbooking supplies. It also makes a great place for the kids to do homework.


This bookcase used to be in my daughters bedroom. She no longer wanted it so I decided to use it here. Now my sewing and scrapbooking supplies are all organized and within reach. 



What was your greatest challenge?

Besides working with little to no budget, the space I had to work with was definitely a challenge. My craft space is in a small corner of our finished basement. It isn’t in a separate room so I couldn’t close the door and hide the clutter. I had to get creative with storage and make it pretty yet functional.



This bookcase was given to us years ago for free. The top was scratched up and it wasn’t in great condition. To create a larger work area we covered it with a sheet of white laminate shelving. The shelves are the same laminate and add much needed vertical storage.

I used a lot of baskets and plastic bins from around my house to store supplies. The photo boxes were purchased on sale at craft stores and are great for storage!


Are you an “organize it once” kind of girl or are your storage solutions constantly evolving?

My whole house is constantly evolving! Nothing stays in the same place for long and I’m always tweaking the smallest detail. It drives my family crazy because they go to look for something and it’s been moved somewhere else!



I added some fun and color to the space without spending a lot of money. I printed out free subway art, painted some old frames and purchased inexpensive wood craft letters and a white/magnetic board. 


What is one thing you’d like to improve about your storage/organization?

I wish I had a separate room that could be closed off from the rest of the basement. A bigger space would be nice too but neither of those are an option at this time. Right now I’m planning on repainting the whole basement a lighter color so that will really give the space a fresh look.


Thanks so much for allowing me to share my craft space with you! I share all my creative and thrifty ideas at Thrifty Decor Mom and I’d love for you to stop by and say hi!

All about the furniture: A Split decision.

Hazel here and I’m supposed to write a post about furniture but for the past few months I’ve been re accessing our home and one of the things that kept me in front of my computer was “shared office spaces”. It’s not only us – a lot of couples share and it has to work for both of them – a lot of times two totally different purposes incorporated in one room. My husband and I share an office and most of the time it works like this:



Here are the spaces that I’ve pinned in my quest for the perfect shared office.

I love this one as it has a subtle “man” and “woman” sides. And of course, those windows …………………….. !!!!!

mans en dame langs mekaar

source (ex Pinterest)

Another tandem. This time from Birch and Bird. Hop over to the original post – there are more pictures of shared spaces.


Birch and Bird 1


One from Better Homes –  I love the clean and tranquil feel:

Better homes dubbldoor


If you are not fortunate enough to have windows, just line up the desks against the wall and use the extra space for your goodies. Click on the link to see some more spaces from the original post.

Split decision


A bit of hi tech:

Hi tech

 source (ex Pinterest)

One from my friend Flickr:

Hi tech 2

 source (ex Flickr)

And SO my style – love the wall color:


 source (ex Pinterest)

One more from Birch and Bird (I couldn’t resist):

Birch and Bird 2


A touch of wood from California Closets:

a touch of wood


Suppose you can say that my “all about the furniture” post was about double desks but to me it was all about my husband ……………………….. NOW, please don’t tell him that he got filed away with my furniture! Here you can have a look at our shared space. He decided on everything except 2 items ………………. if you can guess what’s mine, leave me a comment.  I love to hear and see what you think and do.

Thank you for looking at shared spaces with me today. Please check back as my fellow contributors and I have lots and lots more to share right here on Craft Storage Ideas. Have a great day!



Craft Room Tour ~ The Polka Dot Closet

Hello! Do you have a favorite pattern or design? Mine is polka dots. I love the thought of them, the sight of them and even the words…polka dots! They make me happy. So when I discovered The Polka Dot Closet on Pinterest, I was intrigued. Why didn’t I think of that name! I’ll be sharing just a snippet of this pretty craft room in the photos below. Be sure to stop by for a visit with Carol to see how her craft space was redone and all of the shabby chic storage ideas she has to share.

c top window

Carol utilized the space above her window to display these pretty linen covered storage boxes from Ikea as well as a handy ribbon rack.

c doilies

c boxes

As you can see in this close up, her shelf and ribbon storage are made from wire closet supplies. Sturdy without bulk!

c fabric closet

Isn’t her fabric closet neat and tidy! Shelving provides plenty of storage for her fabric. The bins in the lower portion of the closet are also from Ikea.

c computer desk

Take a look at Carol’s luscious chocolate brown computer area! She made a bulletin board that matches her stool from foam core.

c full

And finally a full view of the sewing table. It’s accompanied by the prettiest little stool topped off with the sweetest polka dot fabric.! Sigh, isn’t it dreamy.

PicMonkey Collage stools

I’m so happy you could spend a little time with us today. Stop by to tell Carol hello, you’ll enjoy your visit at The Polka Dot Closet.


Craft Room {Studio Pebbles}

I love Jennifer’s craft room and office over at Studio Pebbles. She was helped out by Target when redesigning her space, so I may be a little biased since that is my absolute favorite store, but really it is such beautiful, functional space.

She started off with having a space for her daughter to play in the room while she worked. But, as her daughter got older, the space wasn’t functioning that well for her. It was too distracting having her daughter in and out of the room while she was trying to work. And I think this is a good lesson for all of us. If something is not working in your space – change it to better suit your current needs. Periodically re-evaluating your needs and wants helps you to make the best use of your space.

Studio Pebbles office craft room

You definitely want to head over to Studio Pebbles to see all of the dramatic changes and her full room reveal. She had a style consultation with THE Sabrina Soto to figure out how to best use her space, and there are some really great tips on her blog.

She also has an entire post on how to organize all those paper crafting supplies, including Project Life. You can see above she uses the beloved Raskog cart from Ikea that is so popular and functional. Since many of our readers are avid scrapbookers and paper crafters, you can be sure to check out the full post here for some super ideas!


Craft Room {Now at Home Mom}

I stumbled upon this fun and bright craft room over at Now at Home Mom. The first thing that drew me in was the pretty, pink peg board. Peg boards offer so much organization by making use of vertical space.  I think if there is one room in the house that can have feminine touches (like a pink pegboard) it is in the craft room!

Now at Home Mom craft room

I love how she separated the room into zones. She has an office area and a sewing area. It makes it much easier to work on your projects when all the supplies are within arms reach. Below you can see her office area.

And here is her sewing corner.

Be sure to head over to Now at Home Mom to see all the details of her crafting space. Have you ever used pegboard to organize your crafting supplies?


Craft Studio Tour: Handcraft Your Life (Lia Griffith)

It’s Cicily with an amazing Craft Studio, Handcraft Your Life, from Lia Griffith. I found her blog and studio space while browsing on Pinterest. Once you see her amazing photography, you’ll see the inspiration for her talent and if you’re like me, you’ll spend oodles of time perusing her blog.

This is the picture that caught my attention. I love so much about it and all together it’s amazing!

I love all the work surfaces she has. Look behind the desk. She removed a door, added a hollow-core door and painted it with chalkboard paint.  Oh and look up! Through the doorway is her office. I envy her all the natural light coming through her windows!

Here’s some of her creative and decorative storage ideas.

I hope you follow the links to check out Lia’s blog. You can see more of her office and studio on this tour here!


The Fancy Farmgirl

Hallo to all my fellow crafters.  Once again, it’s Hazel all the way from Sunny South Africa and today I’m sharing a studio from The Fancy Farmgirl.  It belongs to Tiffany,  a photographer from Seattle. Please hop over to her blog – Tiffany takes the most wonderful pictures – you won’t be disappointed.









It’s dreamy, “vintagy”, well organized and to die for!! Here is the link to The Fancy Farmgirl’s original studio post.

That’s it!!! I hope you have enjoyed our peek into the life and studio of Tiffany. Now hop over there and see for yourself. While there, please leave a comment that  Craft Storage Ideas sent you.

Thanks for looking today. Please check back as my teammates and I will be back to share more storage fun right here on Craft Storage Ideas.



French Restored {Celine Regnier}

Happy Tuesday!  I’m so happy to introduce Celine Regnier to you all!  When she first sent photos of her space – I just knew you would love seeing it as much as I did.  She graciously agreed to share even more photos and write a little about her process, even though English is not her first language.  Please give her a warm welcome!


headshot juin 2013 IILet me introduce myself in a few words. I live in the Loire Valley area of France with my lovely husband, our two children, our cat Leo and our puppy Zoe. 

I began scrapbooking in 2003, since then I’ve become really addicted.  I make layouts and mini albums mainly but also canvas, cards… scrapping is a very special moment with myself, pushing my creativity to express myself through stamps, inks, mist and paper. I also serve on the design team for Making Memories & Colorbök, Le club des 5 (Bernadine Segui), Saracolas Boutique (a french company), The Scrapbook Diaries and have been a guest designer for 7 Dots Studio and Prima Marketing.


I am excited to share my creative area with you today. My room is like a “boudoir”, a kind of private room, only for me and my creative mind, a room to paint, to sew, to get messy or to watch an online workshop. When I close the door, no one can imagine the big mess behind the door!

Scraproom 5

1. What kind of budget did you have when organizing your space?

I didn’t spend a lot of money, fortunately (or not) I like to spend time at flea markets around here and it was a great pleasure to restore some stuff, every piece of furniture in my space room is from an another room or from flea markets, it’s like give them a second life.

Scraproom 1

2. What was your greatest challenge?

My greatest challenge was the large amount of crafting supplies that I have, I had to make them all fit in an organized way into a small room.

Scraproom 3bis

3. Are you a “organize it once” kind of girl, or are your storage solutions constantly evolving?

I rarely re-organize my space, it’s too much time.  I just try to be organized, everything in it’s right place! In my room, I have many little places… one for sewing, one for inking….

Scraproom 2
Scraproom 4bis

4. What is one thing you’d like to improve about your storage/organization?

I’d like to have more space (hahaha) but especially very good lighting, because I really like working at night and it would be more easier with better lighting.

 Scraproom 6
Scraproom 7bis

Isn’t her space soothing?  I love the gray furniture throughout.  I bet it provides the perfect background for scrapbooking papers and embellishments.  Please visit Celine’s blog here!

A Stamp Room {Dragonfly Dreams}

While I’m not much of a stamper, I love looking at the craft areas of people who primarily use stamping as their creative outlet.  There is just something satisfying about seeing those wooden stamps all lined up.  I know, I know…I’m nuts 🙂

I think you are going to love bonus room converted to a stamping room!  Also, the cabinets and island were all Craigslist finds! I love a bargain shopper!





For a ton of details about this space, please visit Kim over at Dragonfly Dreams!