Products We Heart: Thursday Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Here’s Noelle and Valerie with their favorite products!Products we heart

CSI NoelleAfter much deliberation I am going with the C Gull Cartridge bag. I have one of these that I was lucky enough to win in a raffle. I love how it takes up so much less room than all the cartridge boxes. I use one side for font cartridges and the other side of the bag for image cartridges. I keep them in alphabetical order, and instead of searching through all the books, I usually use a website for image searching, like To top it off they are stinkin’ CUTE and one of the items I’m pretty sure I couldn’t live without.

Capture1 Capture2


CSI Valerie

Studio Calico crop bags are perfect for storing kits and their contents. The sturdy, see-through bags hold the flat and bulky items and the opening on top is large enough for easy filling. The bags are also great for keeping materials together for taking out to crops, or for putting together kits from your own stash at home.


I love that the Display Dynamics trays are large enough to hold 12 x 12 papers (even the ones with that extra border strip) flat. They are deep enough to hold all the products from a kit club without being overly bulky. They are really well designed, sturdy and the fit perfectly into the square of an Ikea Expedit storage unit!