Craft Storage Ideas: Is Our New Sponsor!

Craft Storage Ideas: Is Our New Sponsor!
Craft storage products for EVERY type of crafter!

Hello Crafters!

Today’s a very special day for Craft Storage Ideas and for you.

Why’s that?

Well, we have a wonderful new sponsor – and that means even more great craft storage ideas and solutions are on their way to YOU! - Quality Craft Storage Products For Crafters of All Types (image) Quality Craft Storage Products For Crafters of All Types

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Craft Storage Ideas: Furniture – Clean & Modern Desks

Craft Storage Ideas: Furniture – Clean & Modern Desks
Craft storage furnishings for the modern crafter!

Hi everyone,

It’s Sharon from Glitter Angel Designs here to share with you some ideas for craft desks.

This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, as I’m getting close to the arrival of my new garden craft studio.

I know that I want to have both a desk area to sit at, and something at standing height.

I currently use a glass-topped desk, which is great for cleaning up, and looks nice, but when I stand at it to use my Big Shot, I get a backache after a few minutes so I know having something at counter height is a must for my new room.

This is my current desk:

Craft Storage Ideas: Furniture - Clean & Modern Desks - Sharon's Current Desk (image)
Craft Storage Ideas: Furniture – Clean & Modern Desks – Sharon’s Current Desk

Source: Sharon Curtis

I like the modern look of it, and I think it will fit well in my new room, which is going to be mostly white.

One added bonus to having a glass-topped desk is that you can put a desk lamp underneath the desk and use it like a light box – very useful!

If you are short of space in your craft room, then the desk addition to the IKEA Kallax shelving is a great solution.

Craft Storage Ideas: Furniture - Clean & Modern Desks - IKEA Kallax Desk Combination (image)
Craft Storage Ideas: Furniture – Clean & Modern Desks – IKEA Kallax Desk Combination


If you have an unusual space, or want something adjustable, then Ikea really does have some great options.

They have a whole range of separate table tops, legs and trestle bases, so you can create something completely flexible.

If you have a specific space you want to fit your desk into, you could even get a piece of counter-top cut to the exact size you need, then just use some trestle bases to support it.

You can view the whole range of IKEA table top and leg options.

I particularly like this one, since it has the lovely glass top I like, and is completely height adjustable.

And it’s on sale (in the U.S. at least) through August 5, 2015!

Craft Storage Ideas: Furniture - Clean & Modern Desks - IKEA Glasholm/Finnvard Table (tempered glass top is stain resistant, easy to clean) (image)
Craft Storage Ideas: Furniture – Clean & Modern Desks – IKEA Glasholm/Finnvard Table (tempered glass top is stain resistant, easy to clean)


For something at standing height, again Ikea seems to have a good solution.

I’ve seen this kitchen island (below) featured in quite a few craft rooms, and in larger rooms I’ve also seen two units together to create a great, large working area.

There’s lots of handy storage space underneath too.

Craft Storage Ideas: Furniture - Clean & Modern Desks - IKEA STENSTORP Kitchen Island (easy to move around) (image)
Craft Storage Ideas: Furniture – Clean & Modern Desks – IKEA STENSTORP Kitchen Island (easy to move around)


I hope I’ve given you a few ideas for your craft room – maybe you’ll see some of these products in my new room over the coming months, once I start shopping!

Thanks for stopping by and please swing by my blog, Glitter Angel Designs, and say hello!

Craft Storage Ideas Contributor: Sharon Curtis (image)
Craft Storage Ideas Contributor: Sharon Curtis

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All About the Furniture: Bookcases

Hello fellow crafters, it’s Cicily with an All About the Furniture post for you today.  I pay a lot of attention to craft rooms and storage solutions for my Pinterest followers and for Craft Storage Ideas. Recently the Hubby and I are talking about mixing things up at our house and switching around 5 rooms, including my beloved Superman Scrapbook room! Now I’m really paying attention to furniture, especially shelving and bookcases.


I love this shelving from Raising up Rubies. Can you believe these are plain Target bookcases with crown molding and arches added?

Then there’s this built-in bookcase redo from the gals at Lolly Jane, I love this Herringbone Stencil in mustard yellow (I have an upcoming project using this exact color!), the bunting and the owls, yes the owls! She actually has quite a few craft supplies tucked into this beautifully staged bookcase.


This room was in a previous post for the chairs, but check out this shelving! I’m getting ideas and putting my hubby to work! LOL


I love built-ins or faux ones! My dad’s done a few so I’m ready to try my hand at it. Don’t hold your breath though, not sure when we’re starting. However the good news is that in the Great Room Shuffle my scrapbook room has to go first!

If you have a shelving solution post a link in the comments.


An Organized Craft Space {Thrifty Decor Mom}

Here’s a big welcome to Lori from Thrifty Décor Mom!  Thanks for joining us today!

Hello! My name is Lori and I blog over at Thrifty Decor Mom. I live in  Lewis Center, Ohio with my Handyman Hubby, 2 teenage daughters and a Maltese named Benny. Decorating is my passion and I love the challenge of putting a room together on a tight budget. In addition to decorating I also enjoy scrapbooking, stamping and crafting. 



I’m so excited to share my organized craft space with you today! My supplies were an unorganized mess and I needed a permanent place to scrapbook so I decided to create a space just for me! 



What kind of budget did you have when organizing your space?

Not much! I didn’t have a set budget but I wanted to create the space without spending much money. To do this I had to get creative and use items from around my house. I also repurposed some items to work in this space.



The table was part of our dining room set that we never used. We were going to sell it but decided to try it here instead and it’s worked out perfectly! I love having a large area to spread out pictures and scrapbooking supplies. It also makes a great place for the kids to do homework.


This bookcase used to be in my daughters bedroom. She no longer wanted it so I decided to use it here. Now my sewing and scrapbooking supplies are all organized and within reach. 



What was your greatest challenge?

Besides working with little to no budget, the space I had to work with was definitely a challenge. My craft space is in a small corner of our finished basement. It isn’t in a separate room so I couldn’t close the door and hide the clutter. I had to get creative with storage and make it pretty yet functional.



This bookcase was given to us years ago for free. The top was scratched up and it wasn’t in great condition. To create a larger work area we covered it with a sheet of white laminate shelving. The shelves are the same laminate and add much needed vertical storage.

I used a lot of baskets and plastic bins from around my house to store supplies. The photo boxes were purchased on sale at craft stores and are great for storage!


Are you an “organize it once” kind of girl or are your storage solutions constantly evolving?

My whole house is constantly evolving! Nothing stays in the same place for long and I’m always tweaking the smallest detail. It drives my family crazy because they go to look for something and it’s been moved somewhere else!



I added some fun and color to the space without spending a lot of money. I printed out free subway art, painted some old frames and purchased inexpensive wood craft letters and a white/magnetic board. 


What is one thing you’d like to improve about your storage/organization?

I wish I had a separate room that could be closed off from the rest of the basement. A bigger space would be nice too but neither of those are an option at this time. Right now I’m planning on repainting the whole basement a lighter color so that will really give the space a fresh look.


Thanks so much for allowing me to share my craft space with you! I share all my creative and thrifty ideas at Thrifty Decor Mom and I’d love for you to stop by and say hi!

Craft Room Feature {Infarrantly Creative}

I just love to see what people do for craft room makeovers!  I stumbled across Beckie’s newly renovated room over at Infarrantly Creative!  What I love is that she actually built many of the fantastic features!  Besides that, her new space is so open and inviting!

craft room organization

How’s that for inspiration?!  I love a room that is uncluttered, but yet, where everything is easily accessible!

See all those cabinets along the wall?  She built them!  Here’s a peek at what’s been organized inside:


And that paint shelf you see?  It’s actually a door!

craft paint storage

I hope I have your curiosity going now!  You really need to go check out the rest of her reveal because it is FULL of ideas, inspiration and how-to’s!

Have a great day,


Craft Space: Darcy Miller

When I imagine my dream craft space, it definitely looks something like this. I’ve been a huge fan of Darcy Miller for a long time.  She currently serves as the Editorial Director at Martha Stewart Weddings but she’s also an illustrator &  crafter. Her amazing scrapboxes have been featured in Martha Stewart Living magazine.  It’s no surprise her craft space is amazingly organized and well designed.

I love the repetition of the black binders mixed with the collection of wedding cake toppers and artwork. Craft spaces are great places to show off a personal collection, including your own creations. The display of pens is functional and beautiful:

wall storage

This is how she stores party-related ephemera and materials. Grouping items by theme or season is a great way to streamline the process of crafting:

ephemera storage

I love the interior of this drawer with all that gorgeous color on display:

drawer storage

The closet holds collections of inspiring items, like tear sheets from magazines and ephemera for future projects:

closet storage

Here is the photo storage area. The custom ‘wallpaper’ is simply enlarged black and white photos printed on matte paper and collaged on the wall. Brilliant and simple:

photo storage

The corkboard walls are home to more enlarged photos and a collection of ephemera:

corkboard wall

There are so many innovative ideas in this craft space that could be easily adapted to any space. I hope they’ve inspired you, too! To view more photos of Darcy’s blog, you can view them here on the Martha Stewart website.


Studio Tour with Tracy Eau Claire

I’m back from CHA!  And have some fun storage ideas to share from the show, but first, how about a studio tour?
Welcome to Tracy Eau Claire!  Tracy is a mom to five, living in the Arizona desert with my villagers and wonderful husband Kevin. When she’s not scrapping, she divides her time between her freelance business in Creative Social Marketing, running her photography business, and daydreaming about her next trip to Disney World. She’s hopelessly addicted to gadgets and is never without a direct line to the interwebs! She blogs about all that and her desert {mis}adventures at
We recently moved into our home and luckily for us (me!) the original owners of the home were big on storage and wet bars and really tall ceilings. Now if only one of the wet bars would have made it to my office, I’d never have to leave! The only quirky spot in this room was the space where my scrapbook counter is now. It’s a recessed spot with an angled wall so part of it is a bit shorter than the other side.
Scrapbook counter
When we moved in it was empty, so it was actually a bonus because the blank slate allowed my wonderful husband to design and build it exactly how I wanted it. He’s so sweet he even thinks of things that I don’t – because I hate to be too much trouble (he’s picking himself up off the floor now!). I just asked for a countertop-height surface. Then he suggested that drawer units underneath would be better, as would a framed peg-board and dimmable puck lights. He even reinforced the formica top so my littles can climb up and scrap with me (occasionally, let’s not get crazy!).
Multi-purpose office
I had certain wants for my space as it needed to fill a few roles. I needed it to be an office because I work at home. I needed a scrapbook space because I love to scrapbook! I also needed a space where I could visually feast on all my treasures because my husband has a limited appreciation for teacup collections and no love for clutter in general! I also needed a dust-free (as “free” as you can get in the desert!) spot to store my camera equipment. This room was one of the things that sold me on this house right away – it looks small at first but thanks to the built-ins and general layout, it handles it all with ease! On a slow day, we can even all create in here together!
This room may be small, but there is a space for everyone!
1. What kind of budget did you have when organizing your space?

As far as budget goes, thankfully my husband is a “there’s nothing too good for you sweetie” sort of guy. At the same time I try to… oh let’s be serious – I tend to agree with him! 🙂 But seriously, we just moved into our new home days after both being laid off from our jobs so there is always a budget! Although, knowing this space would also be my home office allowed us to splurge a bit so that I can be as productive as possible, while enjoying a beautiful space.

Vertical space used to the max.

2. What was/is your greatest challenge?

After choosing the perfect shade of blue with a hint of grey, my greatest challenge was trying to balance out and display all my “things” that bring me so much joy. I love to appreciate my things, but I don’t feel like I live in a rummage sale! I also moved everything from large scrap-closet in our other home (again every inch custom-made for me!) that had specialized storage for certain items so I had to find new ways to display and store certain scrappy goodness.

A place to display mementos

3. Are you a “organize it once” kind of girl, or are your storage solutions constantly evolving?

Certain supplies and organizers lend themselves to allowing me to just organize them once and be “done” and then other items and systems evolve. For instance, I used to have all my wood-mounted rubber stamps in a drawer. Then I found the 3-tiered wire baskets and knew I’d rather have them out where I could not only enjoy looking at them, but also be reminded to use them more often.

Paper storage

4. What is one thing you’d like to improve about your storage/organization?

One thing I would like to improve on is the organization of my patterned paper. Colored cardstock is great to have stacked for me because, I can instantly see what I have. On the other hand, my patterned paper stacked this way is driving me crazy. As you can tell from my fabulous pegboard and bookshelf-covered walls, I love having supplies out where I can see them. The patterned paper is so crammed into these boxes that I never know what’s where. I’ve tried sorting it by theme, by manufacturer, by color, etc, but it not only gets all jumbled up in record time, I also can never quite put my hand on exactly what I’m looking for. In addition, not being able to see all that’s there makes me forgot about a lot of what I have and why I loved it in the first place. I’m not really sure what the answer is to that, so I’d love to hear suggestions on how I can tame my patterned paper monster!

A peaceful workspace


Tracy’s space is so peaceful and clean.  I’m very impressed.  And I’m certainly impressed that she managed to get her entire family (except for her oldest) in this room and busy!  What do you think?

Please visit Tracy’s blog  for more details!