All about the furniture: A Split decision.

Hazel here and I’m supposed to write a post about furniture but for the past few months I’ve been re accessing our home and one of the things that kept me in front of my computer was “shared office spaces”. It’s not only us – a lot of couples share and it has to work for both of them – a lot of times two totally different purposes incorporated in one room. My husband and I share an office and most of the time it works like this:



Here are the spaces that I’ve pinned in my quest for the perfect shared office.

I love this one as it has a subtle “man” and “woman” sides. And of course, those windows …………………….. !!!!!

mans en dame langs mekaar

source (ex Pinterest)

Another tandem. This time from Birch and Bird. Hop over to the original post – there are more pictures of shared spaces.


Birch and Bird 1


One from Better Homes –  I love the clean and tranquil feel:

Better homes dubbldoor


If you are not fortunate enough to have windows, just line up the desks against the wall and use the extra space for your goodies. Click on the link to see some more spaces from the original post.

Split decision


A bit of hi tech:

Hi tech

 source (ex Pinterest)

One from my friend Flickr:

Hi tech 2

 source (ex Flickr)

And SO my style – love the wall color:


 source (ex Pinterest)

One more from Birch and Bird (I couldn’t resist):

Birch and Bird 2


A touch of wood from California Closets:

a touch of wood


Suppose you can say that my “all about the furniture” post was about double desks but to me it was all about my husband ……………………….. NOW, please don’t tell him that he got filed away with my furniture! Here you can have a look at our shared space. He decided on everything except 2 items ………………. if you can guess what’s mine, leave me a comment.  I love to hear and see what you think and do.

Thank you for looking at shared spaces with me today. Please check back as my fellow contributors and I have lots and lots more to share right here on Craft Storage Ideas. Have a great day!