A Tour of {Pleasant Home}

Hey there CSI crafty friends! Lisa here today to introduce you to Jodi of Pleasant Home and give you a sneak peek of her creative space. Jodi is a quilt pattern designer and quilter who has been blogging since 2006. I enjoyed exploring her blog and Pinterest boards, so many beautiful quilts and fabrics!! Next to decorative paper I might be tempted to hoard fabric. I just love to look at it!


Jodi’s husband built the cabinets specially designed for this room. I like the set of tabletop drawers and the clear glass canisters she uses to organize this work surface. Isn’t the trio of paper lanterns cute!



Love this playful fabric used to dress the ironing board and the darling robin’s egg blue stool!


The other half of the ironing board surface holds her cutting mat. There are more handy shelves and storage cubbies here as well.


Jodi framed buttons and trinkets she has collected over time. A clever idea to organize them as well as keep them clean and damage free!

Her space started out with a different fabric and color scheme, but has since been change to this that she calls “more me”. Stop by to say hello, there are more photos and information about this cute creative space on Jodi’s blog Pleasant Home. Thanks for spending some time with us today!


Lisa’s Flikr Fave: The 36th Avenue

Hey there peeps! Are you enjoying our special feature this week, I know I am!! I have always loved seeing where others create. I used to study magazines, but that gave way long ago to blogs and Pinterest! I enjoy seeing those special items in their crafty spaces that inspire them, fuel them of just bring them happiness. I drink in their storage solutions and decorating styles. Sometimes storing them in my memory and others are jotted down or sketched for future use.

When I took on the assignment of a Contributor here at Craft Storage Ideas, one of the first craft rooms I found was The 36th AVENUE. This is the favorite I’ve yet to discover hands down. Let’s take a look shall we…


To me this room is the perfect size and organized to crafty perfection. I just adore the white furniture, pretty hardwood floor, neutral background and all of the natural light streaming in.


The oval table in the center of the room lets you pull up a chair for sit down work, maybe two if you’re crafting with a friend. Or you can stand here for larger projects. Plenty of open space surrounds it letting you move about as needed.


Sigh…this is just the dreamiest little sewing area. The pretty floral/polka dot fabric on the stool is swoon worthy!!! And a simple staple like pegboard has been transformed into a work of art with a lovely frame and a coat of paint. I do see one of these in my future!

DSC_0734edit2 DSC_0720edit

I think the second frame hung inside the larger frame is such a cute idea. Love the chicken wire that lets you clip up this or that!!


Would you just look at this wall…polka dots…I’m in love!! For those of you who know me, you know I am quite smitten (this could be an understatement!!!) with polka dots. I think the size of them on this wall are scaled to just the right size for this room.

They show up once again on this wall with a marvelous storage piece. It’s topped with pops of red that stand out beautifully against the neutral background. Love the framed polka dots here too!


Another element that draws me to this room is the window treatment. Simple, uncluttered and ever so sweet!!


And there you have it friends, my dream craft space! Thanks so much for taking this journey with me today. Stop back to visit with us again tomorrow for another of the teams favorite rooms!


Craft Room Tour ~ The Polka Dot Closet

Hello! Do you have a favorite pattern or design? Mine is polka dots. I love the thought of them, the sight of them and even the words…polka dots! They make me happy. So when I discovered The Polka Dot Closet on Pinterest, I was intrigued. Why didn’t I think of that name! I’ll be sharing just a snippet of this pretty craft room in the photos below. Be sure to stop by for a visit with Carol to see how her craft space was redone and all of the shabby chic storage ideas she has to share.

c top window

Carol utilized the space above her window to display these pretty linen covered storage boxes from Ikea as well as a handy ribbon rack.

c doilies

c boxes

As you can see in this close up, her shelf and ribbon storage are made from wire closet supplies. Sturdy without bulk!

c fabric closet

Isn’t her fabric closet neat and tidy! Shelving provides plenty of storage for her fabric. The bins in the lower portion of the closet are also from Ikea.

c computer desk

Take a look at Carol’s luscious chocolate brown computer area! She made a bulletin board that matches her stool from foam core.

c full

And finally a full view of the sewing table. It’s accompanied by the prettiest little stool topped off with the sweetest polka dot fabric.! Sigh, isn’t it dreamy.

PicMonkey Collage stools

I’m so happy you could spend a little time with us today. Stop by to tell Carol hello, you’ll enjoy your visit at The Polka Dot Closet.


Craft Room {Now at Home Mom}

I stumbled upon this fun and bright craft room over at Now at Home Mom. The first thing that drew me in was the pretty, pink peg board. Peg boards offer so much organization by making use of vertical space.  I think if there is one room in the house that can have feminine touches (like a pink pegboard) it is in the craft room!

Now at Home Mom craft room

I love how she separated the room into zones. She has an office area and a sewing area. It makes it much easier to work on your projects when all the supplies are within arms reach. Below you can see her office area.

And here is her sewing corner.

Be sure to head over to Now at Home Mom to see all the details of her crafting space. Have you ever used pegboard to organize your crafting supplies?


Storage Solution Roundup: Thread it up!

Hallo, it’s Hazel all the way from Sunny South Africa here to share with you how to store your thread.  I’ve got a scientific degree and therefore arrange everything according to the colors of the rainbow.  If you do that with thread it can become quite a work of art BUT today we will keep to storage solutions.

Just a quick warning – my friend Pinterest could not supply me with enough ideas so I befriended Flickr.  The down side is that most of the ideas only have pictures attached and no links to blogs.  Still, I think you will enjoy the tour!

Let’s start with the plastics – clean, neat and see through!

A trolley:



Hop over to Stitched by Me to read the whole post. When she moved house, she had to cut her “behind the door storage unit”  in half just to move again and to put it back together again!! You can find a picture here.

Plastic drawers:

plastiek laaie


Plastic boxes:

Plastiek laaie verskillendes langs mekaar


These are from Target and from the same Flickr member came this brilliant idea: keep your matching spools and thread together by using pipe cleaners. See it here.

Plastic CD storage bags:

Cd sakke


Mount it on the wall:

teen die muur


Need a whole cupboard??  This one was custom made for China Marks. Read all about it here.


What about some wood?

Hout rakkie



In laai


And for my vintage enthusiasts: a Printers tray:



That’s it, some storage ideas for your thread.  If you want to make your own, here is a tutorial and if you want to buy, I came upon this one which looks like fun.  In the end it doesn’t matter what you use – the idea is to arrange your stash so that you can easily get hold of what you need.

If you want to see how I arrange mine, you can hop over to my blog and see for yourself. I’m a no dust, no fuss kind of girl so I used containers from the local hardware store. Just click here.

I loved talking to you today. Thanks for visiting Craft Storage Ideas and please check back as my fellow contributors and I have lots and lots and lots more to share. Have a lovely day!


Craft Room {Little Miss Momma}

I have been a long time reader of Ashley over at Little Miss Momma. She is very heartfelt and real and if you haven’t been over to her blog, I highly recommend you give it a read.

Today, I am here to share a little bit about her crafting space. She has since moved, but this space is too fun and inspiring not to share! I love the neutral with all of the bursts of color. Rooms like this make me want to keep my walls white or a light neutral color to allow all my other craft elements in the room take center stage.

Little Miss Momma craft room

She made the cute pennant banner. I love how all the colors in the banner tie in all the colors displayed in the room.

I love the color of her sewing desk. I think this has got to be my favorite color right now. And I love the fun fabric on the chair! She painted the desk and recovered the chair.

She is no stranger to organization. I love the mason jars filled with supplies. They are on display, contained and make beautiful room decor.

You definitely want to head over to Little Miss Momma to see the whole room. It really is an inspiring place to see.


Craft Room {Posie Gets Cozy}

I was scrolling through Pinterest and came across this really beautiful craft room at Posie Gets Cozy. I think the first thing that drew me in was the beautiful color on the walls. With the white trim and wood floors the color really stands out! But this craft and sewing studio has so much more to offer than just beautiful walls.

Alicia outfitted an entire wall with Ikea Expedit shelves. You see these units pop up over and over again because they are reasonably priced and function for so much storage.

She purchased the extra doors and baskets to hide some of the items that are not too pretty to look at. I love how most of her items for crafting are on display. They are easy to get access and also become part of the decor.

A large table in the center of the room allows ample room for cutting fabric and a sewing table (which is actually a dining table) with removeable leaves gives her plenty of space to sew and create. In this picture below you can also catch a glimpse of the red gingham curtains. I love the red with the blue!

Her fabric is stored in another cabinet that has glass fronts. You can still see the fabric but the doors close and keep everything contained.

Lastly, I wanted to show you her view from the craft room to the outside. Gorgeous!

To read more about all the little details of Alicia’s craft room, head over to Posie Gets Cozy.


Small and Efficient Workspaces

Hallo to all my fellow craft storage enthusiasts.  Once again, it’s Hazel from Sunny South Africa here to share some of the ideas I stumbled upon while hopping along Blogland.

Not every crafter is privileged enough to have a whole craft room and I actually love to work where I can be part of my family and share in their daily lives. If you read my blog, you will see that I do most of my creative work at a table in the middle of my living room.  But this post is not about me – I asked my friend Pinterest for ideas and here is just a few that caught my attention. Sit back and ENJOY.

Clean, calm and serene:


The perfect combo – a pop of color and a lot of personality:


A white table, some shelves and a pretty  wall color:


A bookcase and some storage boxes:


I can’t  resist a bit of vintage:




I can’t help it – I just love these small and efficient spaces.  If you don’t have a designated craft area yet, why not look around your home for that perfect corner to turn into a craft heaven. All my ideas came from Pinterest and there are lots and lots more ………………………. this post is just an appetiser. Hop over there and check it out for yourself  if you need more inspiration.

Thanks for looking at Craft Storage Ideas today.  Please leave me a comment if you have an idea of your own. I love to hear what you think and do. Have a great day and please check back as me and my fellow contributors will be back to share some more craft storage ideas right here.


Storage Solution Roundup: Embroidery Floss

One of the crafts I enjoy doing is embroidery. I typically do cross-stitch projects, but I love to do all types of embroidery. Even if you only occasionally do embroidery, you can very quickly acquire a large amount of floss. Organizing it so you can find the right color, keeping it tangle free, as well as keeping stock of how much you have on hand is a necessity. Following are some ideas of how to keep it neat and tidy.

One of the most widely available and commonly used organizers for floss is the plastic divided bin and the plastic (or cardboard) cards that you wrap each individual floss on to. The boxes and cards are available at almost every craft store.

Source: Color My World

You can either hand write on the corresponding floss number onto the card, or the starter kits usually come with stickers using numbers from popular DMC floss.

Allison, from Little Lovelies, came up with a clever idea to get those cards wound up quickly! She rigged a bobbin winder onto her power drill and attached the card. So clever!

Source: Little Lovelies

Sometimes it may be easier to store the floss in it’s original numbered skein rather than transferring it to the cards. Storing the flosses by color in separate bins or boxes seems like the best way to be able to find what you need.

Source: Sara vs. Sarah

Source: Beyond the Kids

If you don’t want to spend too much money, you can organize with items you may already have on hand. Clothespins keep the thread from unraveling and allow you to see what you have.

Source: Mrs. Jones

Source: Lil Fish Studios

You could also use small snack size ziploc bags and a binder ring.

Source: Shiny Happy World

Source: Bird Nest on the Ground

And if you want to be uber organized, you can create a color chart with all the threads you have.

Source: Cut Out and Keep

How do you store your embroidery floss?


Craft Room: {Inspire Lovely Studio Tour}

This wonderful craft studio belongs to Debee Campos, who has graciously allowed me to feature some of her photos in my post for today.

20130711_9999_45 -2
Inspire Lovely Studio Tour

I love how she chose to keep the main color scheme white, because it really makes the other splashes of color POP!

Inspire Lovely Studio Tour

Check out this nook she created using some pieces from Michael’s and IKEA. I love that she’s been able to make use of every square inch of space in such a small area!

Inspire Lovely Studio Tour

There is so much to love about this next photo. I love, love, love the cubbies – along with the goodies in them – but I ADORE the mismatched knobs she’s used on the dresser below.

Inspire Lovely Studio Tour

Thanks again, Debee, for allowing me to feature your studio in my post today! You’ll want to be sure to check out her blog to see even more amazing photos of her studio, and for more detailed info on how she pulled everything together.