Contributor Team Studio/Space Tour: {Doris Weeaks}

Hello everyone, and welcome to my my little slice of heaven! I am very fortunate to have one of the spare rooms in our home to use for my crafty endeavors! Over the years, as my obsession with scrapbooking has grown, so has my collection of craft supplies. Like many of you, my first “major” scrapbook purchase was a Crop In Style wheeled tote. As you can guess, it didn’t take long at all to outgrow it and to start longing for my own little scrappy space. My first dedicated area was a corner desk in our tiny den. You can see that I made sure to make the most of every square inch of space!!!

Scraproom - Downstairs (1)
My very first craft area

Once my oldest son graduated and moved out, I was able to take over his bedroom and convert it to my craft room. We had allowed him to paint the walls a dark blue, and I decided to go with it, rather than repaint. I was too excited to have my own room to wait a second longer to get everything set up! Fortunately, I had white furniture, so it brightened things up a bit!

scrapdesk (3)
My son’s former-bedroom-turned-mom’s-craft room

Over the next few years, this room was arranged and rearranged as my craft and scrapbook collection grew. As I’ve mentioned before, I have an addiction to all things storage, and I’ve tried just about every type of storage product that’s ever been created! Fortunately, some of the local scrapbook stores in my area started having “garage sales,” and I’ve been able to purge supplies and storage products along the way – otherwise, I would need my own scrapbook HOUSE!!!

Speaking of house, a little over a year ago, we moved to another home in our same area. We love our new place, especially because it has an amazing floor plan, one that allows my husband to have his own study/office, and I get to have my scrap room downstairs, and in an area of the house that is away from the main living areas. Knowing we were going to be moving gave me the perfect opportunity to be thinking about setting up a craft room “from the ground up.” I spent a lot of time, checking out craft spaces on CSI and Google, coming up with ideas that would work with my existing furniture. Even though it’s been tweaked a time or two since we first moved in, here is my (I think!) amazing craft room!

View of current craft room from doorway

The photo above is taken from the doorway looking in. You can check out my posts on using the Jetmax/Recollections “cubes” and accessories from Michael’s, and for modifying their embellishment shelves to allow for extra stamp storage, to get more information on how most of my storage is set up. 

Closer look at main craft area

Believe it or not, that’s still my original corner desk! A few months ago, I decided I wanted to raise the height of the desk, which I accomplished by purchasing two 3-shelf and 1 corner shelf closet organizers from Lowe’s and just sat the existing desk on top! Sometimes, I even amaze myself with my crafty ideas!!! Of course, that meant I had to get my hands on an office chair that would sit high enough to work with the “new” desk! Fortunately, I found one on Craig’s List, that I was able to cover with cute zebra print fabric from Hobby Lobby. LOVE IT!

Large workspace with Silhouette Cameo electronic cutting machine

This is a close up of my latest revamp. Previously, my electronic cutter station was the Deluxe Craft Table from Michael’s (of course!). Because I am one of those crafters who has to have all their supplies visible and handy, much of my horizontal workspace is limited. I found myself moving things from place to place, even using my paper cutter in my lap, just to be able to work on a project. Obviously, this created more frustration than creative juices, so something had to give! I took drug my hubby with me to Home Depot, where the helpful men in the orange vests were willing to cut a piece of laminated MDF board down to 4 ft. by 6 ft. section for me. They also sell this stripping you “iron on” the cut edges, so you end up with a nice, finished piece of table top! I simply sat it on top of the Deluxe Craft Table, added the extras you see here, and I’m good to go! Ahhhhh! So nice to be able to spread out and CREATE! 

I love, love, LOVE my Silhouette Cameo! Now that I’ve gotten rid of all the “Bugs” in my craft room (wink, wink!), I have so much more space, especially when I can just set my laptop on the shelf above the Cameo, connect them to each other, and away I go! Which brings me to my latest obsession:

Over-the-door shoe rack for storing vinyl collection

VINYL!!! Yep, this is my vinyl collection, neatly stored in this hanging storage rack from Bed, Bath and Beyond. I started out with the adhesive craft vinyl, which is on the left side, but decided to use some of the iron-on vinyl to make some baby “onesies” – yeah, big mistake! Now I have to have every color and pattern out there!!! I gotta say, I am having so much fun with it all, and the Cameo makes coming up with designs and cutting them a breeze!!!

Sewing desk area

And, finally, here’s my sewing table. On the right are my mason jars filled with buttons. On the left are my containers and drawers with embellishments. The spinning rack on top is from Hobby Lobby and has most of my alphabet sticker sets and miscellaneous stickers clipped on it. The shelf above is my collection of silk flowers, separated by color. The top shelf holds my cork board and my flat screen television.

Well, that’s a “quick” tour of my happy place. Thanks for coming along for the tour! If you have any questions regarding more specific ways I store embellishments or other craft products, please let me know! You can comment on this post, or send me an email (@ djweeaks at att dot com). ~ Doris




All About the Furniture: Armoires

Many of us that craft don’t always have the luxury of having an entire room to devote to crafting supplies. An armoire can be a great solution to contain your crafts while you are not using them and still have a functional living space that doesn’t look too cluttered.

 These two storage armoires from Better Homes & Gardens show a great way to incorporate tasteful storage while still being beautiful enough to have in your main living space.
Adding a pegboard to the back of this armoire provides much needed vertical storage space for all those little odds and ends. Using wallpaper on the front allows you to match it to any decor.
If you are a scrapbooker, this storage cabinet is great for storing all your papercrafting supplies.
Diane from In My Own Style does a great job of packing a lot of crafting items into one armoire. She has space for thread and sewing supplies, jewelry making supplies, ribbons, glue, and a whole lot more!
Here is another scrapbooking armoire that makes great use of all the space to store all Jen’s scrapbooking supplies. Adding the storage onto the doors really maximizes space!
Many times you can now find old TV armoires for sale since most people no longer store TVs in them. Maple & Magnolia found a not so pretty armoire for only $25! With a little paint and TLC this armoire is a beautiful addition to her foyer. It stores crafty supplies perfectly hidden away, but perfectly accessible when the crafty project bug bites.
If you primarily sew, this sewing armoire from Amazon is perfect. It has a great table that pulls out when you are ready to sew, and it all tucks neatly away when you are not working on a project.
If you have a small space to work with, don’t be discouraged that you must keep all your supplies out in the open. All of these armoires have made great use of a small space that will easily tie in to any decor you may have in your home!

Storage Solution Roundup: Cricut Cartidge Handbooks!

Hello, this is Cicily the Pink Dalmatian Scrapper! I’m excited to be a contributor to CSI. I love to scrapbook, make cards & lately I’ve been creating more 3D and altered items. Scrapbooking has been a passion of mine for several years & with 3 little ones, I’m fortunate to have my own crafting room. As much fun as crafting is, shopping for paper, flowers, buttons, washi tape & all the other embellishments in their beautiful array of colors is just as fun. Now what to do with all these beautiful finds when we get home! I love sites like CSI that give us great inspiration and now I’m so excited to be a part of this group!

For my first post I wanted to share some great ways to store Cricut Cartridge Handbooks.

I know there are several ways to search for images, but I still like to pull out the actual handbook on occassion and brouse to see what I’m forgetting! I keep all my actual cartridges in their boxes up high on a shelf for decoration. I use the Cricut Craft Room so all my cartridges are loaded on my account & I don’t need to get to them.

But back to the handbooks. I came across this idea & decided to try it out myself.


I found this great video from Robin’s Creative Cottage & thought it would work for me. I cut tags from TBBM, added grommits in the holes and using hair bands attached them to the handbook binding. I wrote the title on each side and staggered the placement of the tag. Then I put them in the tin alphabetically to easily find the right one!

Follow this link to see Robin’s video with a little more detail and a few other handbook storage ideas.


Here’s another great idea from Michelle of Scrappin with My Bug! I think this is a great solution, especially if you have a ton of cartridges and need to keep the actual cartridges with the handbooks.


I also found this great tutorial creating pockets for the handbooks and overlays.storage1

Do you have a unique way of storing your handbooks? We’d love to see it, leave a comment with a link.



Products We Heart: Wednesday Edition

Products we heart


CSI DorisDoris here.  I love my Scrap’n Easel. After years of sitting or standing, trying to get just the right angle to work on my projects, the Scrap’n Easel came to my rescue. It makes it a breeze to get everything aligned and it is much easier on my neck! I liked it so much, I bought the Scrap’n Easel-Ette, too!




CSI Anita I absolutely love the Ribbon Ring. It has made such a difference in helping me use the store of ribbon I already have!  I can see every single piece of ribbon that I own in once glance. It is super portable so I can take it anywhere, and it takes up almost no space hanging on the wall. Love it!



13 in 2013: Spreadsheet Organization

Sometimes organizing your craft room doesn’t mean just organizing your materials, it also includes organizing the files on your computer related to all things crafty.  Doris is here today to talk about saving hyperlinks, particularly those that you might need in addition to Pinterest.

You should know by now that I am quite the shopper/collector/organizer of all things crafty. As a result, I spend way too much a lot of time “surfing the net” for places to shop, ways to store and organize, and to inspire creativity. Before Pinterest came along, I was struggling with ways to keep up with all the websites, videos and blogs I was coming across. Even if I “bookmarked” them or wrote the URL down somewhere, I would usually forget why within the time it took to click off the page. Inspired by another lady’s spreadsheet, I set out to create one of my own. And, let me just say, while I may be proficient at shopping/collecting and organizing, I am not when it comes to Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and the like. So, what I’m going to be sharing with you is my {extremely} basic spreadsheet created in Microsoft Excel 2007.

As you can see, I have just 2 columns: (I told you it was basic!) Column A contains the “hyperlink” to the original location of what’s referenced in the Comments section in Column B. I know I’m probably the last person on the planet to learn how to insert a hyperlink, but, on the outside chance that you’re that person, here’s how I did it:

Since I knew I would need “screen shots” for this article, I did a Google search and found a tutorial. Once I followed the link to the website, I highlighted the URL (web address), right clicked on my mouse and selected “copy.”

Next, I went to my spreadsheet to enter my information.

Lastly, you will insert your Hyperlink into your spreadsheet entry.

This is what it will look like if the Hyperlink has been inserted correctly (another shortcut would be to use Control + V to insert the address). Now, if you were to click on Computer Tips, it would automatically take you to the page you want to find! The person who figured out a way for us to do this is a genius!!!

And that’s it! You just repeat that process for each hyperlink you want to insert.  Sometimes, it helps me to see how other people categorize their organization/storage, so I thought I would give you a list of the types of things I save to my spreadsheet.

Baby Ideas
Bow Making
Card Making
Craft Rooms
Flower Making
Gift Card Holders
Gift Ideas
Gift Wrapping
Kids Crafts
PDF Files
Project Tutorials

This process has really helped me so much in my quest to stay on top of all of the amazing ideas I come across. I can’t tell you how many times I refer to this list and add to it. I hope you’ll try your hand at setting up a similar system. If you have any questions, I will be happy to try to answer them – or find the answer for you. If you have any tips on how to make this whole process work even more efficiently, I hope you’ll share that with us!

Here’s to a Happy, Crafty, Organized New Year! ~ Doris







Room of Plenty {Scrap It Girl}

I’m so excited to introduce Kimberly Congdon, better known as Scrap it Girl, to you all!  I think you are going to love her craft rooms.  Did you catch that?  She has more than one craft room!  Check it out below!


Hello!  I started papercrafting regularly when I was 17. I mainly scrapbooked and made home décor items or gifts.  In the last 5 years I’ve started teaching papercrafts and expanding into card making and altered items. I currently teach 3-7 classes per week at several locations and I started my Scrap It Girl business in January 2008. I enjoy working with local stores, teaching paper crafts, and meeting new people. I couldn’t ask for a better job! Life is good.  Now on to my craft space!

I have over 1,200 sqare feet of finished craft space in my basement. That 1,200 square feet is divided into four specific craft areas – the Scrap It Girl Store, classroom with a wet-bar area and bathroom, my personal craft space and scrapbook storage room for back up supplies and products not used everyday.

Having all of that space for crafting has come at a price.  When my husband and I first looked at buying our home we loved the finished basement. However, I knew we would need to make a few changes to it since I knew it would become my crafting space. We set up a playroom and family room and I took two of the rooms for my craft rooms.  Two days after we moved in and were completely unpacked…the basement flooded.

We had to replace the carpet, wood flooring and the baseboards. Trying to take advantage of a bad situation, we decided to carpet more of the basement so there was more usable space.  I also decided to move the family room into a smaller room so I could have more crafty space.

The largest open area in the basement is now my classroom. I can seat 20 card makers or 12 scrapbookers at one time. There is also a wet bar area for snack or painting projects. I have a bathroom, microwave, coffee maker, refrigerator and television in that area too.

After living in the house for a few years, we had another flood. Then came a new paint job, new carpet again, more changes. I decided my kids no longer needed a playroom so I turned that room into a mini store. I mainly sell products that are not for sale in our local big box stores. I do, however, sell some of my favorite products or items I use for classes and adhesive.

On the other side of the classroom is my personal work area, however I don’t actually work in that room.  There is also the craft room storage room in another part of the basement.  That room is full of cabinets and countertops and I use it for back up supplies, punches, stamps, inks, albums and paper.

So far we’ve only had the two floods, but each one has helped me gain more space.  As of right now, we only have one room left in the basement which is the family room.  I told my husband if we ever have another flood I will turn the entire basement into my craft space.  He has since put in two sub-pumps. I don’t think he wants to lose that room. 🙂

1. What kind of budget did you have when organizing your space?

I don’t really have a budget. I add to my space as I find new things to use for organizing. I rearrange the room at least once a month and that is when I typically add a new vintage find or take out something. My friends tend to give me pieces of furniture they no longer want and I try to refinish them and add them to the space too. When it starts to get crowded I rearrange and move things out. Some things get moved to other areas of the house, too.

2. What was/is your greatest challenge?

My greatest challenge is having to keep the middle of the room open. I need to keep the center area completely clear at all times, I also need to keep this room clean at all times. My customers and students need to walk through this room in order to get to my classroom and mini store. Everything I work on has to be put away right away. I also need to know where everything is just in case I need something for a class.

3. Are you a “organize it once” kind of girl, or are your storage solutions constantly evolving?

My storage solutions are constantly changing. Sometimes weekly. I get things dropped off from friends when they come to a class, or I pick up something new, or I get an order for new products, so I need to make room.

4. What is one thing you’d like to improve about your storage/organization?

I would like to improve on organizing projects I am currently working on for stores or design teams. I feel like I have piles of projects on my tables. It is kind of out of control. I also need to keep track of what products are being used on what projects. I wish I had a storage solution for each store or design team.


Isn’t Kimberly’s space amazing?  I’m so jealous!  And if I lived near her, I think I’d take my stuff to her workroom, plop down and never go home!  To see more of Kimberly’s work and see her schedule of classes  (if you are lucky enough to be nearby), check out her blog!





Contemporary Vintage Mix {Lexi Bridges}

Lexi Bridges currently designs for October Afternoon and is a Two Peas Garden Girl. I’ve been a fan of her work for a long time.

When I see the details of her craft space I am instantly reminded of her scrapbooking style: whimsical simplicity with contemporary and vintage flair. She effortlessly mixes these elements in her craft room – vintage finds combined with spare white contemporary furnishings. Here are a few peeks of Lexi’s cool scrap room:

Lexi's Desk

Ikea picture rail shelves are a great storage solution for a mist collection:

Lexi Mist Storage

I love how Lexi mixed in vintage artwork like the paint-by-numbers painting:

4 details

Here a variety of vintage containers corral small and loose items:

vintage small

vintage containers

Washi and twine storage with a clever Scrabble sentiment:

washi storage

A vintage mail sorter serves as the ultimate ribbon and punch organizer:

mail sorter

A vintage shelf with lots of personality contains stamping supplies:

stamp shelf

I love a craft space that reflects the owner’s personality!  For more details, check out Lexi’s blog!

Creative Punch Storage

Hi everyone! Today I am here with a tip for all you papercrafters. I do a lot of different crafts; sew, paint, crochet, bake, cross stitch – but scrapbooking is my passion. So storage for my ever-increasing supplies is a constant work in progress. Today I want to share an idea on storing punches. Lots and lots of punches. In a way that you can see them all, access them easily and keep them within reach. Even when your punches are all different shapes and sizes.

If you are like me, you started out innocently with a couple of punches. Then a year or so later you had a few more. Then a few years down the line and you have a hundred or so (don’t tell my husband!). Where to store them all??? If you have ever been to my blog or looked at my studio – then you know that I firmly believe that IKEA is the mother ship. Seriously. You should go if you can. And buy these  $2.99 rods by the cart full. They are the BYGEL Rail 21 3/4″

This is the basic rod - available in 22" and a longer 40" version.

The smaller version is great for installing on the back of solid doors – remember they are probably going to have a lot of weight on them! They are close enough to the wall that you can hang all brands of punches on them.

Here you can see the hanging baskets that are available as part of the line.

There are hanging baskets as well, so you can fit the little bitty corner punches, and those new compact punches in them.


This photo shows a huge variety of brands, and they are all on those same rods. I have these things installed all over my scrap room, with hooks and all kinds of things on them. They are just fantastic!

Display Dynamics Trays

Like many scrapbookers, I’m a kit club subscriber. I receive monthly kits from 2 different clubs and the product can really pile up sometimes, especially if I’ve purchase extra add-on kits. While I have a system to store the kits once I’ve used them, how to manage the current/new kits was always a problem.  I needed a container that had a surface that was big enough to hold the paper flat and tall enough to accommodate the irregular packaging of the embellishments.  I also wanted to be able to see the product and have easy access to it.

Display Dynamics Perfect Paper Stackable Trays fit the bill for my storage need. Designed to hold the paper in scrapbooking stores, the clear stacking trays are clean, compact and strong. The tray’s interior measures 12.25″ x 12.25″ x 2” high so paper (even the kind with the extra border and big flat sticker sheets) lies flat.  Each tray exterior measures approximately 13.25″ x 13″ x 2” high. When stacked, the space between levels is tall enough to accommodate thicker items.  Here you can see materials from 2 different kits easily stored on top of each other with room to spare. (I used the lipped trays here, which can be set on an angle with a special adapter piece. The trays can also be purchased without a lip.)

I also use these trays to hold pending projects (like my September list project on the bottom) and paper collections that I need to keep separate from my stash. And my favorite feature of all; they fit perfectly into an Expedit cubicle!

Display Dynamics Trays 2

According to the manufacturer, they can even be used vertically. I definitely plan to add more of these and could easily fit six of them in that space.