Contributor Team Studio/Space Tour: {Doris Weeaks}

Hello everyone, and welcome to my my little slice of heaven! I am very fortunate to have one of the spare rooms in our home to use for my crafty endeavors! Over the years, as my obsession with scrapbooking has grown, so has my collection of craft supplies. Like many of you, my first “major” scrapbook purchase was a Crop In Style wheeled tote. As you can guess, it didn’t take long at all to outgrow it and to start longing for my own little scrappy space. My first dedicated area was a corner desk in our tiny den. You can see that I made sure to make the most of every square inch of space!!!

Scraproom - Downstairs (1)
My very first craft area

Once my oldest son graduated and moved out, I was able to take over his bedroom and convert it to my craft room. We had allowed him to paint the walls a dark blue, and I decided to go with it, rather than repaint. I was too excited to have my own room to wait a second longer to get everything set up! Fortunately, I had white furniture, so it brightened things up a bit!

scrapdesk (3)
My son’s former-bedroom-turned-mom’s-craft room

Over the next few years, this room was arranged and rearranged as my craft and scrapbook collection grew. As I’ve mentioned before, I have an addiction to all things storage, and I’ve tried just about every type of storage product that’s ever been created! Fortunately, some of the local scrapbook stores in my area started having “garage sales,” and I’ve been able to purge supplies and storage products along the way – otherwise, I would need my own scrapbook HOUSE!!!

Speaking of house, a little over a year ago, we moved to another home in our same area. We love our new place, especially because it has an amazing floor plan, one that allows my husband to have his own study/office, and I get to have my scrap room downstairs, and in an area of the house that is away from the main living areas. Knowing we were going to be moving gave me the perfect opportunity to be thinking about setting up a craft room “from the ground up.” I spent a lot of time, checking out craft spaces on CSI and Google, coming up with ideas that would work with my existing furniture. Even though it’s been tweaked a time or two since we first moved in, here is my (I think!) amazing craft room!

View of current craft room from doorway

The photo above is taken from the doorway looking in. You can check out my posts on using the Jetmax/Recollections “cubes” and accessories from Michael’s, and for modifying their embellishment shelves to allow for extra stamp storage, to get more information on how most of my storage is set up. 

Closer look at main craft area

Believe it or not, that’s still my original corner desk! A few months ago, I decided I wanted to raise the height of the desk, which I accomplished by purchasing two 3-shelf and 1 corner shelf closet organizers from Lowe’s and just sat the existing desk on top! Sometimes, I even amaze myself with my crafty ideas!!! Of course, that meant I had to get my hands on an office chair that would sit high enough to work with the “new” desk! Fortunately, I found one on Craig’s List, that I was able to cover with cute zebra print fabric from Hobby Lobby. LOVE IT!

Large workspace with Silhouette Cameo electronic cutting machine

This is a close up of my latest revamp. Previously, my electronic cutter station was the Deluxe Craft Table from Michael’s (of course!). Because I am one of those crafters who has to have all their supplies visible and handy, much of my horizontal workspace is limited. I found myself moving things from place to place, even using my paper cutter in my lap, just to be able to work on a project. Obviously, this created more frustration than creative juices, so something had to give! I took drug my hubby with me to Home Depot, where the helpful men in the orange vests were willing to cut a piece of laminated MDF board down to 4 ft. by 6 ft. section for me. They also sell this stripping you “iron on” the cut edges, so you end up with a nice, finished piece of table top! I simply sat it on top of the Deluxe Craft Table, added the extras you see here, and I’m good to go! Ahhhhh! So nice to be able to spread out and CREATE! 

I love, love, LOVE my Silhouette Cameo! Now that I’ve gotten rid of all the “Bugs” in my craft room (wink, wink!), I have so much more space, especially when I can just set my laptop on the shelf above the Cameo, connect them to each other, and away I go! Which brings me to my latest obsession:

Over-the-door shoe rack for storing vinyl collection

VINYL!!! Yep, this is my vinyl collection, neatly stored in this hanging storage rack from Bed, Bath and Beyond. I started out with the adhesive craft vinyl, which is on the left side, but decided to use some of the iron-on vinyl to make some baby “onesies” – yeah, big mistake! Now I have to have every color and pattern out there!!! I gotta say, I am having so much fun with it all, and the Cameo makes coming up with designs and cutting them a breeze!!!

Sewing desk area

And, finally, here’s my sewing table. On the right are my mason jars filled with buttons. On the left are my containers and drawers with embellishments. The spinning rack on top is from Hobby Lobby and has most of my alphabet sticker sets and miscellaneous stickers clipped on it. The shelf above is my collection of silk flowers, separated by color. The top shelf holds my cork board and my flat screen television.

Well, that’s a “quick” tour of my happy place. Thanks for coming along for the tour! If you have any questions regarding more specific ways I store embellishments or other craft products, please let me know! You can comment on this post, or send me an email (@ djweeaks at att dot com). ~ Doris




Papered Cottage {Shellye McDaniel}

Happy Tuesday!  Are you having a good week so far?

It’s my pleasure to introduce Shellye McDaniel to you.  Shellye is currently designing for a few of my favorite manufacturers including Authentique, Bella Boulevard, Doodlebug Designs, Little Yellow Bicycle, Pink Paislee and Simple Stories.  She has been an avid crafter her entire life, and a scrapbooker for the past sixteen years.  If it involves paper….she’s all in!



Our laundry room is big … yes, I’m in with the laundry!  I often find myself using the Cricut or Sizzix next to a stack of folded towels on top of the clothes dryer.  My vision is to install a new counter top over the washer and dryer and extend it to where a smaller counter top is now.  This would grant the added space that’s needed for die-cutting machines and allow me to stand-up while I scrap.  One of the perks of being in the laundry room is that it houses a full wall of built-in cabinets…perfect for storing bins of design team supplies and seldom used items.

The washer and dryer are on the opposite wall of my desk.


Shellye McDaniel-Scraproom doorway view

 The green bins that I have above the desk house paper pads (8×8 and 6×6), packaged stamps, and small embellishments and in the last bin the file folders holding rubons and letter stickers.

Shellye McDaniel-Scraproom Main

Shellye McDaniel-Scraproom Bin1

I also use wire Locker baskets (in a previous photo) and in one of those I have the medium punches.

Shellye McDaniel-Scraproom Punches

For storing embossing folders, I’ve adapted a 6×8 binder and the solid 6×8 page protectors…makes it so much easier when I’m trying to find a certain pattern.  I also embossed the design on a paper so that I can reference the design.

Shellye McDaniel- Scraproom Storing Folders2

Shellye McDaniel-Scraproom Storing Folders

I like to see the pretty things, so I’ve gathered all sorts of glass and apothecary-style jars for spools of baker’s twine (wound around wooden clothespins), ribbon and straws.

I also added a few more photos of things that I’ve organized like letter stickers, embossing folders, punches and straws (my new obsession!).

1. What kind of budget did you have when organizing your space?

Honestly my budget for organizing is like that of my clothing budget…I’d rather spend money on crafting supplies ‘n stuff!  When I first settled into my scrap space, I did purchase four large, heavy duty drawer systems that I found at Wal- Mart; it has been my greatest expense so far at around $250 for all pieces.  My husband was kind enough to build a temporary work station.  To that I added inexpensive shelving to the walls and pre-fab cubbies for paper packs and kits.

Shellye McDaniel-Scraproom 3

2. What was your greatest challenge?

Ribbon.  I have collected more ribbon over the years than I will ever, ever use!  I have one drawer that stores spools of ribbon and then six glass jars that display ribbon by their color family.  I have a metal locker basket handy that I use to keep smaller pieces and frequently used ribbon in.

Shellye McDaniel-Scraproom 5

3. Are you a “organize it once” kind of girl, or are your storage solutions constantly evolving?

About two-times a year I like to purge and then reorganize. But I’ve been known to tear the room apart, only to put it back the same way.  I don’t mind organized chaos while working on a project, but too much sitting around tends to overwhelm me, hence the need to ‘hide’ things in tubs and bins.

Shellye McDaniel-Scraproom 6


4. What is one thing you’d like to improve about your storage/organization?

My next project is to organize my scraps of paper…my system now (large Ziploc bags) is not working for the obvious reasons. I have seen several ideas on Pinterest for either a hanging file folder or labeled drawer system.  I’m really looking forward to implementing one of the two!

Shellye McDaniel-Scraproom 7


What do you think?  Isn’t Shellye’s space lovely?  And what do you think about using her laundry room as her crafty space?  Brilliant, I think!

To see more of her space and work, please visit her blog!

Craft Room Feature {Soapbox Creations}

Today’s craft room was an unexpected, but very welcomed find! I was originally checking out this die, which combines the use of a card and a gift sack to make one awesome present for someone! Laurie of Soapbox Creations must be the brainchild behind the Card Hanger Die, and it’s so popular, it’s currently sold out! In any case, she has a lovely room that I want to share with you.


As you can see by the photo above, she has everything neatly stored and organized with her “go-to” supplies situated where they are nice and handy!


The ribbon shelf was made by her father, modifying instructions she found on Nichole Heady’s blog.

Another smaller table holds her stamp pads, Copic Markers, and her Big Shot cutter.

Be sure to check out her post on her craft space to see more photos. She also posts a link to her original craft room, which looked much different! Nice to know that my room is not the only one that is a “work in progress!”

Speaking of my craft room, looks like my next post will be featuring my “happy place.” I’ve recently be purging and doing a bit of reorganizing, so it’ s not photo-ready, at the moment, by any stretch of the imagination! I can’t wait to share it with you and give you the “grand tour!”


All About the Furniture: ScrapNcube

When I came across the site for ScrapNcube Simply Creative Furniture, I knew it would be a great product to feature to kick off our new “All About the Furniture” category. Especially when their description starts out like this: “Our scrapbook storage furniture is craft furniture you can believe in; it’s functional, practical and, most importantly it’ll grow with you.”

Source: ScrapNcube

From their Wall Studios,


to their Craft Studio Stations,


to their Cubes and Drawers, these products have all kinds of potential for just about anyone’s craft room!


It should be noted that the ScrapNcube products are quite a bit more expensive than, say, what you can get at Michael’s Stores or IKEA. However, the quality of material and workmanship, along with the personalized services offered, make the money you spend on their products more of a long-term investment – one that comes with a lifetime guarantee!


Clean and Pretty Craft Room {Kelsey from Poofy Cheeks}

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 6.48.26 PM

Hi all! Great to “see” you and I hope you will join me in welcoming our new Contributors this month! 🙂 You are all stuck with me for another term, I just love writing for this blog too much. It’s also helping keep me organized in my own space too, which is AWESOME! Today I have a fab room to show you! And it’s not even blue, aren’t you proud of me for branching out into other colors? Ok, ok… there is *some* blue in Kelsey’s room.

I love that Kelsey struggles with something I do as well, which is a craft room in plain sight! No door to shut when we get messy (which for me, is quite often!) She turned her dining room into a craft area, and it is really lovely. Want to see? Here we go….

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 6.49.12 PM

I love that the room already has a tile floor as tile is so user friendly for crafters, easy to clean!

The soft beige on the walls marries well with the elegant columns on the perimeter of the room, I love that Kelsey has a few pops of color with the blue base on her worktable, and the blue scissors on the wall, but she’s kept everything very elegant feeling, like the frame around the magnetic board. Plus, this girl even knows how to make a pegboard look classy!

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 6.51.27 PM

I don’t know if Kelsey built her desk, but it looks as if she did, and it’s just lovely to boot.

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 6.49.35 PM

Kelsey uses a vintage look trunk under her tabletop for some storage, she also uses a coat closet adjacent to the room to store other items. She doesn’t appear to have nearly as much stuff as many crafters (including me!), however, with those big walls and closet nearby, she could always expand if she finds herself venturing into the land of “too much!”

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 6.51.00 PM

 She uses simple jars for storing smaller items. I just love the rustic elegance that all of Kelsey’s room exhibits. hope you enjoyed it, too! Have a wonderful day!

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 6.50.33 PM





Die Storage – keeping it all together!

Hi everyone, Anita here today and it is my turn to share a storage solution. I have quite a selection of dies for a variety of machines. Even though I don’t use the dies as often as I once did, I still can’t part with them. I use electronic means to cut most of my papers now, but dies do still have their uses, so keep them I must.

However, since they are different brands, they are all different sizes. So I have never been able to come up with a way to store them in a manner that is pleasing to my eye and easy to reach and use. I have some over on one shelf, a few in a drawer, some over there in notebooks…you get the drift. I would really like some method that puts ALL of my dies in one place, stores them neatly and makes them easy to access. Mmmmmm…no small order. So of course I hit Pinterest, my favorite place on the web right now. This is what I came up with.

CD Boxes and covers

This idea I really liked, the boxes would be fairly inexpensive and could be stacked either on a shelf or counter and labeled easily. Also, I could decorate these if I ever got into the mood, although I am very much a plain box kinda girl so it is doubtful that would ever happen.  So far, so good. The drawback – I am not sure if my larger steel ruled dies would fit in these boxes. I will have to see. Also, I know myself and I am pretty sure that all my dies would have to be alphabetized within the boxes. That just might make me crazy when I added new dies and had to shift things around.

library tray and magnetic sheets

Now, this little library tray idea I liked in theory. Look how cute it is!! I mean really, who wouldn’t want that in their craft room? My concern is again, my large, thick dies, and dust. Yes, dust. Yes, I am that kind of person. I would have to vacuum this little bugger every other day to keep my sanity. Two dogs and at the moment 4 cats. (my daughter came home from college with one, which we told her NOT to get, and we are fostering a stray with a broken pelvis, so we are temporarily up to 4. sigh) Maybe I could sew a cover for it. Because, again, it is so dang cute!!!!!

Ok, next up…

hanging on rod

I actually have clear envelopes AND the clips from my old Clip It Up to make this idea a reality. And a curtain rod. It’s a possibility.

sizzlet storage

I have many sets of Sizzlets and in order to save space I took them out of their original package and put them into small, clear plastic bins. But those are no where near as cute or as stackable as these are! I am sure I saw some just like these are Office Depot not long ago. I may have to go and see how much they are 🙂  As for the notebooks, I have my QuicKutz and my AccuCuts dies in notebooks, but they are small notebooks made just for each brand.  I want symmetry. I want it to look neat on the shelf. Even though there are two types of storage going on here, it still looks neat.

alex drawer unit

Last, but not least, we have an Alex Drawer Unit from IKEA (and we all know that I love those!) with the dies stored in the drawers. I am not sure that I like how these dies are loose in the drawers. However, I know that IKEA makes Alex units with deeper drawers and maybe some of the storage I have shown above would fit into the deeper drawers? Interesting, very, interesting.  Maybe two Alex units side by side with my dies in the drawers and my machine on top??

I obviously need to do some shopping! So that is it for me today! This is also my last post as a contributor here at Craft Storage Ideas. I have had a wonderful time with Rebecca and the whole team and am sad to move on. However, my schedule has gotten a little crazy and I had to let a couple of things go 🙁

Thanks so much for stopping by today!


13 in 2013: Packaged Embellishments

Hi everyone, Anita here and today I want to share with you some of my ideas on storing packaged embellishments. I love stuff. I am not a fan of “less is more”. Less is less and more is best! That’s just how I roll and I need a lot of embellishments to make my pages look how I like them. I tried a few different things over the years and I have found that in order to use my embellies – I need to SEE them!

I switched to a really simply system using IKEA rods and S-hooks. It keeps my packages right in front of me in my line of site.

This is the view from my scrap room door and as you can see I have three of the rods hung across the front of my desk space. On each rod I have several s-hooks. On each hook I have a binder ring and I slide the embellishment packages onto the rings.

As you can see I was right in the middle of a project when this photo was taken 🙂  I group embellishments by type on each ring when possible. One ring is all pearls, one is all bling, one is all MME, etc. I really do use my embellishments more because they are always right there in front of me!

My other embellishments, like flowers and those with no hole for a ring, I store a little differently.

This is my Prima Breeding Program. If the world ever runs out of Prima Flowers I will have enough to breed them in captivity. These bins are fabulous storage. I got them from a retail store that was getting rid of them. However, if you google “tip out bins” you will find some for sale. When I empty a package into the bins I add the tag so I will know what the name/type is.

My other odd ball things I store in my Alex drawers in a variety of plastic separators. These are all my rub-ons, journal cards, etc. This is a shallow drawer so nothing gets buried. Once a year I try and go through all my hoard and if there is anything I haven’t used since the last time I sorted – out it goes. I toss everything into a box and take it over to the local recreation center.

So that’s it – my plain and simple storage for embellishments. Thanks so much for stopping by today!



Just 1 Tip: {Create an Inventory Binder}

Part of the fun of being a crafter is shopping for and “collecting” the various tools and elements that go into the making of our works of heART.  To be honest, I’m pretty sure I spend more time looking online and shopping in stores for my craft supplies than I actually do crafting! And nothing is more frustrating than discovering you’ve managed to bring home something you’ve previously purchased – or, not being able to find something you’ve previously purchased and having to buy a duplicate (knowing the one you’ve been searching high and low for will “magically” appear as soon as you’ve begun to use the replacement – especially if it’s something that’s non-returnable!!!).

I’m also a sucker for the $1 spots at Michael’s and Joann’s and anything that has a clearance sticker attached to it. There’s so much hoarded crafty goodness crammed stashed in my craft room that there’s just no way I could keep up with what’s-what and where, so I decided to create an inventory binder to help me with that.

There are a ton of ways to create a binder. I did a Google search and came across a few ideas to pass along:

This is a list of files created by one of the “Queen’s” of scrapbook organization, “Rockester” (a/k/a Kathy Aho), of Scrapper’s Challenge.

Here is another amazing resource for pages to put in a binder from Kathleen Driggers of Kat’s Scrappy, Bloggy Life.

The first thing I did was to come up with a list of the basic categories I wanted to include in the binder. From this, I was able to decide on any sub-categories I wanted to include. I’ll warn you upfront, I’m pretty anal OCD when it comes to organizing – you wouldn’t have to go to the lengths I did to create something that will fit your needs. For instance, the binder I originally purchased for this project ended up being too small, so I switched to a larger size. You might want to create something smaller that would be easy to take with you on shopping trips or could even fit in your purse.

Here is the list in my “Table of Contents” – created using Avery dividers purchased at Staples:

  • Cricut Font Samples (list found here)
  • Dies
  • Embossing Folders
  • Inks/Stickles (here and here)
  • Punches
  • Scissors
  • Sew Easy/Stitch’z
  • Stamps – Alpha Sets
  • Stamps – Backgrounds/Borders/Fourishes
  • Stamps – Baby/Birthday/Celebrate
  • Stamps – Flowers/Bugs/Animals
  • Stamps – Friends
  • Stamps – Get Well/Sympathy
  • Stamps – Journaling
  • Stamps – Love/Wedding/Anniversary
  • Stamps – Miscellaneous
  • Stamps – Phrase Sets
  • Stamps – Tags/Frames
  • Stamps – Thank You/Thinking of You
  • Stamps – Through the Year/School
  • Spellbinder’s List (found here)

I’m not going to kid you, this took a some time to compile. Instead of just listing out the various items in this list, I opted to cut or stamp a sample of each item. Since I decided to stamp my images in black ink onto white cardstock (sold in the office supply section of Walmart), I used black cardstock to cut my dies and punches, and samples of my embossing folders. I am so “visual” when it comes to learning or trying to figure out what would look best on a project, I knew I would like the ability to refer to the actual images, shapes, dimensions, etc. I also used my handy dandy P-Touch label machine to help me keep up with who-made-what!

I also came up with a system of marking where each item is stored, but I’ll spare you that part of the process for now!

As always, we’d love to see what you’ve come up with to go along with this topic! If you have any comments or questions, I hope you’ll post them below, or shoot me an email at

~ Doris

My Eden, My Craft Studio

So here is a look at my craft space! I am very lucky to have my own room, outfitted exactly like I want it. I ripped all the flooring out and I have bare cement floors. I didn’t want to worry about what I might get on it. And let me tell you, I have dumped some things on it! And let me say thank you so much to my wonderful hubby who lets me buy and do whatever I want. Love you, honey!
When you walk in the door this is what you see…
Here’s my work table.  It is an antique trestle table I bought for next to nothing a few years ago. I have my little rolling cart with all my most used tools on/in it. The rods across the windows are Ikea curtain rods and S-hooks. I keep all the embellies that I reach for the most on those. My sewing machine is to the left on an Ikea drawer unit.
 Next up is my Ribbon Ring – this is the best organizational tool I have ever bought. It is worth every cent and then some. I love it.
My desk has my laptop, printer, photo printer, album in progress and a few misc things.
All of the walls in this room have handpainted murals (this used to be DD2’s bedroom when we first moved into this house).
Here I have stacked my Iris carts next to some cubicle shelving I have. In the Iris drawers, I sort things I am collecting for future projects. One drawer is all Texas stuff, one drawer is all my DD’s High School stuff, one is all the cards my DH has ever given me, etc.
Above the closet is my collection of House Mouse stamps. I don’t actually stamp with my House Mouse stamps, I just collect them. Aren’t they toooo cute???? Shelves from Ikea (I am telling you – Ikea is the Mother Ship)
This is my wall of shelves. I keep all my lesser used supplies here. These were stamp shelves in a retail store in their previous life. When the company decided to get rid of them, they came home with me. They are so happy here in their retirement years. No obnoxious children hanging or climbing on them!
This is the newest addition to the room – I wanted something to keep my Cinch out on – I use it all the time. So off to Ikea I went. This little thing was so cheap. And very sturdy. Right now it has some things I got at convention on it, but it will have some baskets on the shelves to hold my Cinch supplies very soon.
So this is my happy place – my PRIMA BREEDING PROGRAM. Someday, the world might run out of Prima flowers. If that ever happens, I plan on having enough of them in captivity to start breeding my own.
Here is my paper storage, another shelf just like the ones in the closet. It had a former life in a retail store as well. It is perfect for storing my paper in!
I love, love, love my Alex drawer units from Ikea. There are three of them here, sitting so happily side by side. They come with casters, but I wanted a little more height for mine, so I took the casters off and put cinder blocks under them instead. They are the perfect height now, I just turn my chair around and there they are!
I keep tons of things in the drawers, my most used stamps, my inks, die cutting supplies, embellishments,button jars, all my paints and sprays, my punches… so many things.
Last, but not least, is by brad storage. I have issues with brads and buttons. I love this little cube, I bought it from Best Scrapbook Shelf, and it is wonderful to store my brads in. It holds HUNDREDS of different little containers of brads.
So that is it! My scrappy space. I hope you have enjoyed a look around my studio.

Artistic Ramblings Studio {Terry Frias}

While I am beyond grateful that I am blessed to have my own craft room, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’m just the tiniest bit envious (ok, A LOT envious!) of this adorable craft cottage! When I came across this link from Where Bloggers Create, I knew it would be one I would want to share with all of you!

Just look how bright and cheery her space is!

And there’s even a cozy window seat for relaxing, complete with built-in storage.

Being a big fan of bling myself, I have to say this might be my favorite part of her whole studio!

And you’ve got to love this quote…

In case you couldn’t read it, it says, “There’s a fine line between hobby and mental illness!” I’m quite sure my husband would agree!

To see more of her studio check out Terry Frias’ blog. I’m off to start measuring my backyard for my very own big girl playhouse! ~ Doris