Scrapbooking Paper Storage…And Then Some {Kendra Wiggins}

Prepare yourself for scrapbooking paper storage nirvana…and then some.  Kendra Wiggins has a simply marvelous scrap room, but my eye is immediately drawn to the paper storage.

Fantastic scrapbooking paper storage!
Umm, yeah.  I don’t know if there is more I can say about this.  Except that she also has a custom storage unit just for her Cricut products!

Custom Cricut Storage!
What do you think?  Storage ideas worth sharing?  For more photos and information about Kendra’s scrap room, check out her blog.

Another Attic Scrap Room {Erin Clarkson}

Erin Clarkson’s attic scrap room is a great example of good space planning.  By using the unique nooks and crannies of her home’s attic, she was able to create a truly one-of-a-kind space.

Erin created a unique scrap space in her converted attic.

But what I love the most about her space?  Feast your eyes on her paper storage! Isn’t it amazing?

Genius paper storage in an attic craft space

Visit Erin’s blog for more information about her approach to designing her space!