Rhinestones & Ribbon {Tiffany Hood}

I’m so excited that Tiffany Hood is joining us with a tour of her craft room today! You are going to love it!

Tiffany is a mom of three from  Utah and loves all types of art.  She currently design for Pebbles, Doodlebug Design, Bella Blvd, Lifestyle Crafts/QuicKutz, and her local scrapbook store, Heartland Paper.  She has also designed for Imaginisce and Brookie Craft.  In her spare time she works as needed as a Registered Nurse, and you can find her at www.rhinestonesandribbon.blogspot.com



My studio is a 500 square foot room above our garage.  It was a room we added to the house when we built it thinking it would be a kids hangout, which it was for a while, but then my husband’s company was getting rid of some old office furniture and moving to a new space and my husband wanted to sell all the furniture.  I asked (begged a little) that if I could fit as much of it in this room as I could, if we could keep some of the furniture, use the room as a craft room, and get me (and all my stuff) out of his home office.  To my surprise, he agreed.  We re-painted the room that night and moved the furniture the next day.


My room was designed with the idea that lots of people could come create with me, which they do, at least once a week.  Also- there are “stations” if you want to call them that- areas where I do certain things.  I have a scrapbooking area, a sewing area, a stamping area, an art area, and a little photography corner where I photograph my assignments for my blog.  I do mostly papercrafts and sewing for design teams, and every once in a while paint and use other art supplies.



I’ve been changing and tweaking this room over the past couple of years, and come up with some good storage ideas.  The room is very well organized.  The filing cabinets hold office paper, photo paper, punches, Lifestyle Crafts letterpress tools, and general craft supplies.  My mats and paper cutters fit perfectly above the filing cabinets so they’re not on the table when I’m not using them.  All my fabric is under the sewing table in plastic storage containers.  It’s organized by designer, and then collection, and is 90% Riley Blake.  All my thread and twine is on thread holders that I nailed to the wall so they don’t take up table space.


My scrapbooking supplies that I use the most are on a pegboard.  This was such a great idea that I found on a friend’s blog.  I love having things out where I can see them.


Almost every piece of furniture is from IKEA.  The rails that my punches sit on are Bygel rails from the kitchen section of IKEA, the bookshelf and desks are Expedit, and the other tables and chairs are also from IKEA.  The large white cabinet is from Home Depot and is where I store my stamp sets and my kids craft supplies and play-doh.  In the Expedit I store my bigger tools, paints, and finished cards in the aqua boxes, and the white boxes are each assigned to a member of my family and are for storing memorabilia, photos, and ephemera from that person until I’m ready to scrapbook it.  Then it’s not all over my house. The bottom two rows are photo boxes and storage for QuicKutz dies.




I store all my paper in a tall narrow white cabinet.  I always buy the entire line when I buy paper, so I store it in bags by collection, and then organize the cabinet by manufacturer.  That way when I scrapbook I have the entire collection all in one place, including coordinating stickers, brads, ribbon, etc.


I have storage on the wall where I put glitter, mists, buttons and flowers by color.  Below that is a cabinet that is just the right size to fit a Cricut Expression (or 2) inside.  I like to hang recent layouts on the wall before I put them into albums so my family can see them.  I store ribbon by the spool in Jetmax cubes so that I can pull out the entire roll when I need it.  Solid cardstock is organized by size, and then color and manufacturer.  My Big Shot dies and embossing folders are also in Jetmax cubes, as well as other tools.



One of my favorite items is the Clip-It Up.  It’s where I store items that I want to use soon, and the bottom row is almost entirely Thickers. My markers are stored horizontally so they won’t dry out.


 1. What kind of budget did you have when organizing your space?

Fortunately for me, most of the furniture was from my husband’s company, but I did spend another $1,500 on storage items, cabinets, chairs, curtains, and decor.

2. What was your greatest challenge?

Not having enough outlets.  There are only five outlets in the room and I can only get to three.  There is also very little light at night, so I’m planning to replace the lighting fixtures to ones with more light.  There is also no door because the room is a loft, so my little ones often get into messy things that I’d rather they not get into.  Having a cabinet full of their supplies helps a lot, and I try to keep a lot of my supplies out of their sight and out of reach.

3. Are you a “organize it once” kind of girl, or are your storage solutions constantly evolving?

The room evolved over two years and is finally where I want it.  You have to use a room a lot to figure out where the best place is to store certain things, and it’s finally set up just right for me.

4. What is one thing you’d like to improve about your storage/organization?

I’m actually finally happy with the room.


Isn’t Tiffany’s room lovely?  You can see more of her work on her blog, here.

Foamboard Storage {Paper Castle}

In the mood for some DIY?  Would you consider building a shelving unit to store your punches?  Out of foamboard?

Punch rack from foamboard

You could keep it simple as shown above or you could create drawers to store all of your little embellishments.

Foamboard drawer unit

Yes, that is the same unit just embellished “a little.  It get’s better…Heather at Paper Castle even has a full tutorial on how to create one of these lovelies yourself.  Check it out here!