Product Review: Pocket Scrapbooking Organizer

Happy Monday! It’s Cicily with a product review for the Pocket Scrapbooking Organizer from Organize More.


I was so happy to get this desktop organizer for pocket page inserts. I’ve had something along this line in mind for my hubby to build, but this was much nicer then I could have imagined. With 13 cubbies and the ability to remove the dividers, you have lots of options to fit your needs.


I also love that it’s not too big and bulky and it is actually light weight with little finger holds on the sides to easily move it. Plus with felt feet, it easily slides on your desktop.


Overall I’m extremely impressed and happy with this product. Check out all the great products at





Review: Rubbermaid Bento Storage Boxes

I don’t usually think of “Rubbermaid” and “stylish” at the same time, so I was really interested to learn about the Bento storage box system the company has recently released and to see if they were as cool as they looked.

I first learned about this storage solution a couple of weeks ago thanks to a review and giveaway over on Craft Test Dummies. I didn’t win the awesome collection she was giving away, so I went ahead and bought one myself to try out.

What Is the Bento?

The Bento collection features sturdy fabric-covered boxes in a variety of sizes with internal flexible dividers that allow you to divide up the space easily for different storage needs. The boxes are available in a range of sizes:

  • small: 5.63 x 5.63 x 4.53 inches
  • medium: 11.42 x 6.22 x 4.88 inches
  • large: 12.05 x 12.05 x 9.49 inches
  • extra-large: 19.61 x 12.68 x 9.92 inches

Lids for the boxes are sold separately; there is, apparently, no lid for the small box. rubbermaid bento box

The boxes have two dividers inside that make it possible to divide the space into four even holes, one smaller hole and one L-shaped compartment, or a completely open box.

Using the Bento Storage Boxrubbermaid bento storage

I picked up the large box because I thought it would be great to store knitting projects in progress. Because I’m in the last throes of a book deadline, there is yarn everywhere in my house — worse than normal — and I’m working on a couple of projects at once all the time.

This box would be great for holding three or four small projects and keeping all the yarn separate, which is always a good idea. bento yarn storage

I also loved the box with just one of the compartments divided because I happen to be working on a project using a cone of yarn. The yarn fits perfectly in the one spot and the project in the other. This way I can actually keep the yarn in the box while I knit and store it all away when I’m not knitting (keeping it safe from the cats).

I like the bright red box, too, because it looks pretty and not so much like storage, which is important since it will live in my living room (there are also beige and gray ones and a couple with prints; check out the whole line on Rubbermaid’s website).rubbermaid bento lids

When you add the lid, you can either use it with the raised portion sticking up or down. With the lid in its taller position you can store slightly taller stuff inside, but flipped around you get a recessed lid that allows you to keep little bits and pieces handy while you work. Since the goal of my box is to keep things out of little hands, I use the lid with the recessed part facing the box.

One problem I have with this system is the fact that the lids are sold separately. I guess it is done that way because the boxes are meant to be stackable without the lids, so then you’d only need one lid if you had a stack. Or maybe some people don’t want their stuff covered.

One reason it’s a problem is that the lids cost almost as much as the boxes. On Rubbermaid’s site, for example, the large box is $19.99 and the lid is $14.99, so in the end you’re spending $35 on a box. I don’t know if I like them enough to buy a bunch at that price (I actually bought mine on Amazon for $1 less for each piece), but they are pretty, heavier than you’d expect and seem sturdy and useful. I’d really like to get the full six-piece set, which includes the four sizes of boxes and lids for the large and extra large, but at $79.99 on Amazon or $99.99 from Rubbermaid I don’t think I can justify it.

What do you think? If you’ve tried these boxes, or if you’d like to, I’d love to hear your thoughts.