Just One Tip: Pocket Page aka Project Life Organization

Hello! It’s Cicily with my special Just One Tip for you. Last year I started using pocket pages and I’m loving this style of scrapbooking . I’m still doing some traditional scrapbook pages, but with 3 little ones I want to stay some-what caught up. I’m not doing Project Life so much, more my own take on the pocket pages. However I use various pocket page styles and now my collection is growing. I don’t want to sort through them all to see what I have as I create each page.

The solution? Organize them in a 3 ring binder. I’ll happily admit this was not my idea, my mom’s collection is substantially bigger then mine (yes I just called you out! LOL). It was her idea, so thanks for saving my sanity, Mom!

You will need an empty Binder,  white 12×12 cardstock, a Marker, pen & Pencil, & your pocket pages.


I started by creating 3″ grids on my paper, which creates twelve 3″x3″ boxes. I used the sharpie to do this so the boxes stand out.


Now looking at my actual pocket page layouts I created a different layout/style one in each of the boxes. I used the pen and also marked the pocket sizes for easy reference. (and yes I made a couple of mistakes!)


The next step is taking out all the pocket pages from each of their separate packages and putting them in the binder in the same order as they are on the reference page. I added a post-it so I could easily find the different pages. I labeled each square a different letter and those correspond to the divider post-it tabs.

The last step is to count each different layout and note it on the reference sheet. Do this in pencil so you can easily change it as you use or buy your pages. Because the reference sheet is in a plastic page, I didn’t want to have to remove it each time to update the quantities. I added small squares on the outside of the sheet over each 3″x3″ for the quantities.

Now I no longer have to look through each of my packages to determine what I have and I can also easily see what I’m running out of.

I’d love to hear how you have organized your pocket pages.


Just a few tips: Mobile Project Life options.

Hello to all my fellow storage enthusiasts. Once again, it’s Hazel all the way from Sunny South Africa to look at storage options with you. First of all –  I hope your 2015 will be filled with love, fun and perfect storage solutions.

Most of you who follow my blog or read my posts on Craft Storage Ideas know that I’m a “Project Lifer” (with a twist). I don’t do weeks –  IMPERFECT ME does events.  You remember the “old” albums where we stored pictures, wrote comments and dates???? My Project Life works like that. And if I feel like a layout / a mini book, I do one and it goes into my album next to the pocket pages. I call it “My Life, My way”.

Due to unforseen circumstances, I got a bit behind. Mostly it was because I didn’t want to miss out on my family’s fun and therefore did not want to spend time alone in my Craft Closet. But now I have a solution!!

“Mobile” Project Life storage.  Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a designated area for crafting BUT that’s no excuse, just get your hands on a basket / trolley / tub and away you go.

I love this trolley from Christine Newman AK Listgirl:



And an old wooden cutlery box from Juju:



Plastic containers come in every shape and size and most of them can stack – even more space for your stash! Hop over to see all the useful tips Mrs Crafty Adams has to share on her blog.



And then there’s my system:


I used a lot of ideas from Mrs Crafty Adams but when an old beverage trolley became redundant, I grabbed the opportunity to incorporate a few of Christine’s ideas to set up a mobile Project Life station. (No Raskog, no Ikea down under in Sunny South Africa) I still use detergent holders to separate my goodies. If you missed out on this, you can read all about it here.

I do plan to add a few canvas bags and a lick of paint to my trolley but for now my system works like a charm. I work wherever the action is at HQ Hamman.

That’s it from me. Thanks for looking at mobile Project Life options with me. I had FUN and even stumbled upon a few more ideas. When we meet again, I’ll share what they are.

In the meantime, keep calm and organize your stash!



Craft Room: {Hello. I’m a Paper Addict}

November is here and it brought the cold weather with it. Hopefully you all are warm and cozy in your craft rooms and crafting away.

I’m sharing Cathy’s Hello. I’m a Paper Addict room with you today. She’s inspired a couple of our organizational posts but we haven’t shared her room with you yet.

Cathy is very into Project Life, Smashbook and Filofax and she’s taking full advantage of 2 Raskog carts to keep it all right at her fingertips!


Here’s a closeup of the tray holding her stamps. She found her’s at Home Goods but I see these all the time in second hand stores. Perfect for wood stamps.


Washi anyone? I thought I had an obsession. LOL. Cathy recommends the vareria box from Ikea for organization and has these across the back of her desk.


I hope you enjoyed these little snippets from Cathy’s craftroom. There’s lots more to see. HERE is the link to all these pics/posts and more details of the making of her room.


Happy Crafting!




Product Review: Pocket Scrapbooking Organizer

Happy Monday! It’s Cicily with a product review for the Pocket Scrapbooking Organizer from Organize More.


I was so happy to get this desktop organizer for pocket page inserts. I’ve had something along this line in mind for my hubby to build, but this was much nicer then I could have imagined. With 13 cubbies and the ability to remove the dividers, you have lots of options to fit your needs.


I also love that it’s not too big and bulky and it is actually light weight with little finger holds on the sides to easily move it. Plus with felt feet, it easily slides on your desktop.


Overall I’m extremely impressed and happy with this product. Check out all the great products at OrganizeMore.com





Project Highlight: Raskog for Project Life

Hello all my fellow craft storage enthusiasts!! It’s Hazel, all the way from Sunny SA. While the other side of the world are spring cleaning, we are “gathering” for the upcoming winter months. Whichever one you are doing, I think my post will inspire you to get organized while doing so.

I know Craft Storage Ideas has done Ikea’s Raskog cart before but I just couldn’t miss this opportunity to show you how Christine Newman AK Listgirl adapted hers as a Project Life station. If you missed Laura’s original review on the cart, just click here.

And this is Christine’s version:

She filled the top tray with kits, date stamps, ink and pens. The scrapbook kit is organized into a clear upright paper sorter.  If you want one, hop over to her post to get the link.

The middle and bottom trays have Antonius divided organizers in them. The middle one is filled with 3×4 and 4×6 journal cards and cardstock, 6×6 paper pads, and washi tape. The Antonius has compartments that are PERFECTLY sized for the journal cards!

The bottom tray is filled with various smaller pieces of labels and journal cards  used for Project Life.

You can find Christine’s original post here.  Hop over to her blog to get links to all the products she used and to see the rest. She also converted her other cart (yes!!! She has two!!) into a mobile scrapping station while watching TV when it’s football season or too hot in her craft room. If you want to see what’s in that one, just click here.

While at it, please leave Christine some comments to say Craft Storage Ideas sent you and thank her for coming up with and sharing these wonderful ideas with us.

That’s it.  I’m sure you are looking with new eyes at your Raskog cart.  Have fun and please check back to Craft Storage Ideas as we have lots more to share right here.



Storing Project Life Goodies

A very good day to you all.  It’s Hazel from Sunny South Africa and I’m back to share ideas to store your Project Life goodies. I must admit, I’ve officially been a Project Lifer for the past two years but for the first year I only stared at the little 3×4 pockets. It was very intimidating. So, I renamed my PL system to MY LIFE, MY WAY and now everything goes.

I love it – you can add as many or little pictures as you want and it still looks full, pretty and finished, overall it is much cheaper as the paper pieces are smaller. You can also fill some of the pockets with memorabilia which would normally have ended up in the dust bin.

I know that a lot of  Project Lifers still store their stash in 12×12 plastic bags and if it works for you – keep going but I decided to downsize on storage.  After looking around Blogland, I know that a lot of other crafters do the same. Today, I’m showing what I found out there.

 Plastic containers:

I do love this one as you can see everything at one glance.

SOURCE (Pinterest)

I totally hate dusting – this container can be closed and stacked – much more my style.


This is a combination of a tackle box and some other repurposed storage items.


And now for my “fave” part – repurposed items!!!!

I like this one as it takes up less space and is still easily accessible. Pinterest is my source but I would love to get the original link as I’m curious if this a shop bought unit. If any of you know – please leave me a comment and I’ll add it to my post. And thanks to Sandra  we now have a link. Just click here.

SOURCE (Pinterest)

And a divided wooden tray!


A wooden caddie:


A Printer’s Tray:


An old silverware box:


An old vintage tray and a cupcake tin: 


Apparently this used to be a vanity organizer. If any of you know where I can get my hands on one of them – leave a COMMENT!!! I would love to have it and I think so would a lot of other storage enthusiasts.


Yes!! This is my firm favorite but until I can lay my hands on one (or convince someone to make one for me),  I’m sticking with the “plastics”.

This is a rather long post but I wanted to give you a good idea of what’s out there therefor I didn’t include a picture of my own.  If you want to see my system, hop over to my blog and “all will be revealed”.

That’s it – weather you are a Project Lifer or a normal scrapbooker or cardmaker – these ideas will surely zuss up your craft space. Thanks for looking at Craft Storage Ideas today. Please check back as we have lots more to share. Have a great day!


Project Life: My Storage Solution

Hallo, it’s Hazel from Sunny SA and I’m back to share my storage solution for photos and memorabilia with you – PROJECT LIFE!

I’ve been struggling to get a system in place which can accommodate all my photos, memorabilia, souvenirs, journaling and notes.  It took a few years and I’ve been very, very anti Project Life the whole time but finally last year I gave in.  The reason?   My family.  They like my crafting projects but they LOVE my albums and I do believe that they will keep that to share with their children and grandchildren. That’s why we do memory keeping isn’t it?

So I invested in the Clementine collection from Becky Higgins and this is what I got:




At first I felt intimidated by the 4 x 3 slots and the idea of finishing a double page every week.  So, I altered my strategy.  I convinced myself that this is an old album. (Remember the ones with the sticky pages?) When I did those (many, many moons ago), I didn’t care if everything was in chronological order or dedicated to only one event – I just kept going and to this day I love to look at them.

Now, this is what I do. I choose a page protector and as stuff happens, I add pictures, dates and journaling – no weeks for me.  I keep the page protector in a drawer of my craft desk and when it is filled, I add it to my album and get another one out. When I print my pictures, it is easy to see if they should be portrait / landscape / 6×4 / 3×4 or another size.

There is a huge range of  page protectors. I got these:

You get other sizes as well – 6×12, 8×12 or you can even use protectors from other brands, ordinary PVC sleeves that you get from office shops or make your own.  If you want to try making your own – I got this via Pinterest. The original post was done by Waleska on the Studio Calico blog. I love a layered look and the smaller pages are not as daunting as a 12×12.

For memorabilia, I use this envelope:

I have only one in my album and I keep stuff in there for a week.  If it hasn’t been used, I don’t need it and it gets thrown away.   I’m also including mini albums and 12×12 layouts in my album as I love doing them and if I spend time and money, I want to keep it where everyone can enjoy them for years to come. In future I plan to include a monthly multi media gratitude project as well.

Another thing that works for me is to do some of the ground work before I print my pictures.  For that I bought a digital kit.  There are a lot of them available here and I bought this one:

When I’m running out of time, I revert back to a page with 6×4 slots and do the journaling on the pictures digitally.  Then, everything gets printed, slotted into the page protectors and filed away.

There you have it. MY LIFE, MY WAY!  What works for you?? I would love to hear. Please leave a comment and we can all share in your fun. Thanks for visiting Craft Storage Ideas. Have a great day!