Craft Storage Idea: Solution for 6″ x 6″ Paper Pads or Fabric Bundles

Craft Storage Idea: Solution for 6″ x 6″ Paper Pads or Fabric Bundles
Craft Storage doesn’t have to come from a craft product retailer!

Today’s post centers around finding organizing and storage solutions for 6″ x 6″ papers, paper pads, and folded fabrics or fabric bundles.

Craft Storage Ideas: Solution for 6x6 Paper Pads or Fabric Bundles - Fabric Bundles (image)
Craft Storage Ideas: Solution for 6×6 Paper Pads or Fabric Bundles – Fabric Bundles
Craft Storage Ideas: Solution for 6x6 Paper Pads or Fabric Bundles - My 6x6 Paper Pads (image)
Craft Storage Ideas: Solution for 6×6 Paper Pads or Fabric Bundles – My 6×6 Paper Pads

But, this storage solution is NOT a craft storage item, nor an item found at craft product retailers.

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Crafting on the Go: Scrapbooking with ScrapRoom

Crafting on the Go: Scrapbooking with ScrapRoom
We’re sharing ideas for crafting on the go, starting with on-the-road scrapbooking!

Hello Crafters (and specifically Scrapbookers)!

After spending six weeks on the road and taking hundreds of photos, all of which I now have to upload, edit, tag, organize, print and scrapbook, I thought it was time for me to share a tool I’ll be using, one I think you’ll find super helpful!

Now just so we’re clear, this tool is great for everyday use, not just for crafting on the go.

That said, if traveling and taking photos is part of your Summer plans, and/or you download a lot of images from the internet and need to keep track of them, you’re likely to find this tool indispensable!


Crafting on the Go: Scrapbooking with Scraproom Software (image)
Crafting on the Go: Scrapbooking with Scraproom Software

The tool I’m sharing today is called ScrapRoom Software and not only is it super easy to use (thanks to its invention by a scrapbooker for scrapbookers), it’s on sale this weekend only!

And who doesn’t love a great sale, right?!

Today and tomorrow only,
ScrapRoom Software can be purchased
for just $69!!!

Not sure it’s for you?

Well, take a look and see what you think…

Let’s check out ScrapRoom!

Crafting on the Go with ScrapRoom
Crafting on the Go: Scrapbooking with ScrapRoom Software – your life. your design.

I first learned about ScrapRoom Software when I was doing research on solutions for managing my ever-growing collection of photos and the many printables I download (a.k.a. digital elements, like those created and sold by designers such as Ali Edwards and those now available from Becky Higgins for Project Life™).

As a former high-tech industry professional for many, many years before taking over Craft Storage Ideas and PaperCrafter’s Corner, I used my fair share of graphics software packages.

But, that doesn’t mean I’m all that enamored with technology, or a tech guru – far from it!

Most of the time I learned just what I needed to learn to use each software package in order to do my job.

And, full confession time: I am easily frustrated by tech stuff!

Fast forward to now…
I have very little time to learn new software packages and I want tools that are intuitive – easy to use.

I don’t want a bunch of cumbersome and unnecessary features and I don’t want to re-learn where things are every time the software is updated!

And most importantly, I want the process of uploading, editing, tagging, organizing, finding and printing my photos, and scrapbooking them, to be fun and easy, NOT frustrating!!!

Who’s with me on this?!

Now, I’m aware of and have used (albeit marginally), several of the most popular options available for organizing and editing photos and digital elements, most of which promise that they are easy-to-use and make quick work of managing our digital assets (yeah, those hard-to-shake tech phrases are still in me!).

But, even as a former tech professional, I find myself overwhelmed with managing the thousands of photos I take a year, and the many items I download from the internet.

Editing and printing in these tools is still a major chore for me, which results in the majority of my photos never seeing the light of day (i.e., being added to the pages of a scrapbook or mini album or even a picture frame!).

And finding the photos and digital downloads I own? Argh!

Perhaps you can relate?

And, although creating layouts and other projects within a software package has never been a priority for me (o.k., I’ll admit that I have resisted it with all my being because it involved a computer and felt too much like work!), being able to do so would come in handy when I am traveling a lot.

How cool would it be to be able to share a few fun pages I created shortly after the memories were made, instead of many months (ok, even years!) later?

I’d LOVE that!

You too?

The search for the best solution…
So, I long searched for an easy-to-use, reasonably-priced solution that would enable me to just handle the tasks that are MOST important to me: quickly and easily upload, backup, edit, tag, find and print my photos; and, upload, organize, find, and use the digital elements I own and want to buy.

Oh, and offer a simple way to create layouts, if I decide to do so down the road.

Note that “find” showed up twice in my list of needs – finding what we own and have create is important!

I’ll bet you agree.

Well, finding such a solution seemed to be easier said than done…

…well, until recently!

Papercrafting with ScrapRoom - Save Time! (image)
Crafting on the Go: Scrapbooking with ScrapRoom SoftwareClick This Image to See How YOU Can Save Time!

The day I found out about ScrapRoom was like eating cotton candy for the first time – exciting!

Of course I had to find out more so I sent an email to the company. I hoped to hear that my simple software wishes had been granted.

I received an almost immediate response from Blayne*, the mastermind behind the concept of ScrapRoom Software, and soon we were chatting non-stop about its capabilities and why and how she had it built.

I was simply blown away by the amount of thought Blayne had put into what the product does and how easy it is to use.

Could it be that I’d finally found the holy grail of photo and digital elements management tools?

Well, you’ll soon see!

The Creation of ScrapRoom Software
As someone who worked in the studio photography business, Blayne knows first-hand what a nightmare it can be to manage thousands of images and data files. As someone who has dabbled in digi scrapping, she knows how quickly one can become overwhelmed with digital elements and the ins and outs of creating pages digitally. And, as a long-time “traditional” scrapper, she knows how many photos we need to manage, how frustrating it can be when we sit down to scrapbook and can’t find that perfect photo, and how intimidating it can be for a paper scrapper to create digitally.

Her background, and personal and professional experience, most definitely played a significant role in the creation of ScrapRoom Software.

Speaking with many, many scrapbookers about their organizing, editing and creating challenges, and learning what they wanted and needed, was the icing on the cake and enhanced her ability to deliver a first-class product for scrapbookers.

As I mentioned in a PCC tweet after watching one of Blayne’s latest videos, “I’m telling you lady, you have thought of everything! I can’t wait to share your tool…”

The key to ScrapRoom Software is that Blayne thought of everything papercrafters like us need and care about, she added in some really cool bells and whistles, and, most importantly, she (and her team) made it super easy to navigate and use.

And, she has created a tool that makes digi scrapping quick, easy and fun…if you choose to try it.

And that’s perhaps the best part – digi scrapping is just one (easy and awesome!) element of ScrapRoom Software!

Whether or not you ever try your hand at digi scrapping, I believe you’ll find ScrapRoom Software to be worthy of your hard-earned dollars (well, that is if you care about your memories and sharing them!).

And this is where you find out just how great this $69 deal is!

ScrapRoom Software normally sells for $129 and even the PCC member price of $89 can’t match this amazing price!


Check out the overview video below –
we bet you’ll soon be clicking the BUY button!

And for those of you who are wondering, neither CSI nor PCC are receiving ANY compensation for this post nor any commission on any sales generated by our sharing it with you.

Please see our full disclosure below**.

We just had to share this amazing tool with you because, well like I said, Blayne’s thought of everything!

And, most importantly, we want to help you (and ourselves!) get those photos off your mobile devices, memory cards and hard drives and into your scrapbooks and other papercrafted projects!

Oh, and we want you to have fun doing so!

O.K., ready to take a gander at what this amazing tool can do?

Blayne created an overview video to demonstrate ScrapRoom‘s capabilities –
take a quick look by clicking the image below!

Crafting on the Go: Scrapbooking with ScrapRoom Software - Check Out Their Demo Videos! (image)
Crafting on the Go: Scrapbooking with ScrapRoom SoftwareCheck Out Their Demo Videos!

P.S. There are many more videos
that drill down into each aspect of the tool –
they can be found here:
ScrapRoom Software YouTube Channel

Like what you see?

If so,
be sure to take advantage of the
amazingly generous 
ScrapRoom Software pricing
Blayne is offering

this weekend ONLY!!!

YOU can buy ScrapRoom Software for just $69 –
that’s almost half off the normal price of $129!!!

There’s no code necessary either!

Click here to SAVE BIG on ScrapRoom Software!

Now don’t delay –
this sale is
only good through tomorrow,
Sunday, July 5th, 2015!

So, what do you think?

Are you thinking you need to
give ScrapRoom Software a try?

Please ask questions,
if you have any,

share your comments
about this program –
Blayne’s happy to answer your questions!

How would you use

Looking for more information about ScrapRoom Software?

Click below to learn more about ScrapRoom Software‘s capabilities!

Thanks for joining us today!

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Happy Shopping, Organizing and Scrapbooking,
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**Full Disclosure:
*During our first in-person meeting, at CHA’s Summer Show in Las Vegas in 2013, Blayne and I chatted non-stop, like old friends who were just picking up where they’d left off since their last conversation. The thing is, we had never met before that day! Since that time we’ve become good long-distance friends (she’s in Atlanta and I’m in Austin) and we’ve had many a 2-3 hour conversation! I’m sure you’ll feel that way too if and when you meet her. 🙂

**A complimentary copy of ScrapRoom Software was provided to me, Stephanie Hackney, for the purposes of reviewing it at a later date. This post was in no way provided as compensation for that review copy and all opinions of any future reviews will be entirely mine. Furthermore, any review conducted by me, Stephanie Hackney, (for Craft Storage Ideas or PaperCrafter’s Corner) will be unbiased and adhere to our policies about unbiased product reviews we conduct. Finally, there was no payment offered or received for this post or for conducting a review.


Craftroom Organization: Unique Storage Ideas – Flamingos

Craftroom Organization: Unique Storage Ideas – Flamingos Divine Finds
Check out more unique storage ideas for your craft room or art studio!

This post is part of an ongoing series about using unique items to organize and store your crafting supplies and tools.

Not only do these items provide storage, but they add character – and often a bit of history and/or whimsy – to a craft room or art studio.


Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Flamingos Divine Finds (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Flamingos Divine Finds

The following images are shots of items spotted at a shop specializing in vintage items, a shop called Flamingos Divine Finds (photo above).

I ran across this shop while staying in the Corcoran neighborhood in the Twin Cities (that’s Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota, for those who might be wondering).

I found so many items I love in this little shop (a shop that’s only open five days a month) and most items were very reasonable priced – gotta love that!


Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Flamingos - Metal Tackle Box (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Flamingos Divine Finds – Metal Tackle Box

Now, a few treasures did make their way back to my rental with me: a metal book rack, which was already given as a gift; a metal tackle box (pictured above), which I’ll use for art supplies; a vintage hatbox, which will be shipped to a certain birthday girl; and, an unused vintage scrapbook, something I shared on Instagram today and that I can’t wait to add to my growing collection!

As I told the shopkeeper as he rang up my purchase, if I lived in the Twin Cities, I would have brought my truck to the shop and filled it up – yup, their stuff was that cool!


Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Flamingos Divine Finds - The Backyard (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Flamingos Divine Finds – The Backyard Collection

Of course, many of the items shown below are unique to this shop (check out the cool stove above!).

But, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find the same types of items, or similar items, where you live.

So, let’s take a look at what I saw, and chat about how each item could be used (and maybe altered).

Again, the idea behind sharing unique storage items is to give you ideas about how you can use them in your space.

Please Note: Because the prices for these types of items can vary greatly from city to city, store to store or garage sale to garage sale, I have not included the prices of each in my description of them, but you can see the price tag on most of the items if you click on the image for a zoomed-in look. This will give you some idea of what to expect in terms of cost (again, most were very reasonably priced!).


Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Flamingos Divine Finds - Train Case (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Flamingos Divine Finds – Train Case

Option One: A Vintage Train (Cosmetic) Case

This was one of the first items I spotted as I entered the store and I just fell in love with it!

I have always loved train | cosmetic cases and this one is in very good shape.

The stitching around the edges is awesome!

This would make a great case for storing sewing notions, fat squares, 6″ x 6″ paper pads or large papercutting dies,or perhaps all your stamping supplies.

It’d also be ideal as a storage case for on-the-go art journaling or mixed media supplies, don’t ya think?


Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Flamingos Divine Finds - Divided Wooden Box (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Flamingos Divine Finds – Divided Wooden Box

Option Two: Divided Wooden Box

Now before we get to the wooden box in the photo above, I have to call your attention to the old camera and pair of skates hanging next to it.

It took great restraint for me to not buy them both – I love these!

O.K., on to the box…

This divided box would be perfect for storing small stamps and stamp sets, small metal papercutting dies, and journaling cards for Project Life® and other pocket scrapbooking endeavors.

It’d also be great for storing tubes of beads and findings for jewelry-making, and small stamp pads for stamping and cardmaking.

This is a great solution if you need your supplies out in the open where you can see them, and could also be great for dividing up a deep drawer.

What would you use it for?


Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Flamingos Divine Finds - Tiered Tray Table (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Flamingos Divine Finds – Tiered Tray Table

Option Three: Tiered Tray Table

This table is perfect for the corner of a work area.

I’d use it to store my paints, jars of embossing powder and Stickle’s so they’re right at hand when I need them.

You could also stand wooden stamps on the two tiers, making a small collection visible (imagine how much more use your wooden stamps would get if they were on display!).

Add some small baskets to the two trays and you can store most any small crafting supply!

What other craft supplies can you envision being stored on a unit like this?


Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Flamingos Divine Finds - Condiment Carousel (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Flamingos Divine Finds – Condiment Carousel

Option Four: Condiment Carousel

If you’re a Mad Men fan, then this little gem has likely made your heart skip a beat!

This mid-century condiment carousel is so indicative of that era and would make a great addition to any home or craft space.

I’m still seriously considering going back to get this (hopefully it hasn’t been snapped up already!).

How fun would it be to store loose buttons or embellishments, or filled bobbins, in the glasses?!

This metal and glass carousel would also easily hold collections of pens. markers, art pencils and other writing implements, as well as adhesive runners, sewing notions or small tools.

Fill the glasses with jewelry-making tools, findings or beads and you might be amazed at how quickly you can put together great pieces of jewelry, since everything would be right at hand!


Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Flamingos Divine Finds - Spice Rack (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Flamingos Divine Finds – Spice Rack

Option Five: Spice Rack

This old-school spice rack will hold a lot of jars, jars that are perfect for storing small papercrafting embellishments (such as buttons and brads), sewing notions (pins and needles, etc.), and beads and jewelry findings.

Or use the rack to store your favorite paints or adhesives right above your work area – quick access means more use and faster creating.

Don’t like the color? A quick spray of paint and it’s got a whole new look!


Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Flamingos Divine Finds - Sugar Shaker (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Flamingos Divine Finds – Sugar Shaker

Option Six: Sugar Shaker

These are perfect for storing twine – just drop in a spool and thread the end through the opening in the metal top and you can quickly and easily unravel and cut just what you need for your project.

Got a bunch of lengths of ribbon, like most every crafter I know?

Store them in this type of jar by color, type or manufacturer  – they’ll dress up your creative space and make it easy to see whatcha got!

BTW: I’ve seen these for sale at places like HomeGoods | TJ Maxx | Marshall’s for only $1.99 each!


Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Flamingos Divine Finds - Record Box (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Flamingos Divine Finds – Record Box

Option Seven: Record Box

You had me at hello! I just love this box (and its twin)!

Because this box is made to hold record albums (you remember those, right?), it’s also perfect for storing (true) 12″ x 12″ paper and cardstock.

And again, a quick coat of paint and these could look great with any decor!


Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Flamingos Divine Finds - Glass Frog (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Flamingos Divine Finds – Glass Frog

Option Eight: Glass Frog

O.k., for those who may not know what a “frog” is, this type of frog is used for flower arranging.

It’s placed in the bottom of a vase or other vessel to hold the flower or plant stems in place.

This particular frog was made of white glass, similar to milk glass, and I immediately thought of using this for keeping my favorite art markers handy on my work area, where I can quickly grab them while creating.

It could also be used for short paint brushes or crochet hooks.


Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Flamingos Divine Finds - Cassette Tape Carousel (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Flamingos Divine Finds – Cassette Tape Carousel

Option Nine: Cassette Tape Carousel

OK, this should bring back lots of memories for the over-40 crowd!

This rotating storage unit is made for storing cassette tapes, something some of you may not have ever listened to, but I sure did.

In fact, I had quite a collection!

Because the size and shape of cassette tape boxes is very similar to that of many popular brands of standard-sized ink pads, this could be a great solution for storing your stamp pads.

A quick twist of the carousel and you can see and access a whole collection of inks in seconds!


Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Flamingos Divine Finds - Downstairs Access (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Flamingos Divine Finds –  But Wait, There’s More! – Downstairs Access

But wait, there’s more!

I made my way downstairs in Flamingos Divine Finds and was NOT disappointed!


Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Flamingos Divine Finds - Lucite Tower (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Flamingos Divine Finds – Lucite Tower

Option Ten: Lucite Tower

Can’t you just see your crochet hooks, knitting needles, paint brushes or art markers hanging out in this little baby?

I sure can!

If I didn’t already have a storage solution for my art markers, this would have come home with me today.

I love that it’s clear, making it easy to quickly see where each item is stored.

I love storage solutions that make searching for items quick and easy – you too?


Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Flamingos Divine Finds - Metal File Drawers (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Flamingos Divine Finds – Metal File Drawers

Option Eleven: Metal File Drawers

I have such a soft spot in my heart for this type of drawer unit – don’t ask me why, I just do!

I recently purchased a larger drawer unit and it will become a home for my small journaling stamp sets.

How do you envision using drawers like this?

Perhaps for Project Life® journaling cards, journaling or project ideas written on index cards, or small stamp sets or metal dies?

You can easily find these cabinets in larger sizes and they’d be great for storing patterns for sewing, embroidery or cross-stitch or other needle arts.

Once again, a quick coat of paint and you can give them a whole new look.

Or, decoupage them with fun images – personalizing them is half the fun!


Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Flamingos Divine Finds - Wooden Corner Shelf (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Flamingos Divine Finds – Wooden Corner Shelf

Option Twelve: Wooden Corner Shelf

Got some extra space in a corner of your craft room or studio?

This type of storage unit is ideal!

Small bottles of paint, embossing powder or other mediums would easily fit on the shelves, as would small glass jars holding ribbons, embellishments or jewelry-making supplies.

Leave the wood as is for a warm, natural look, or paint it to match any decor (and repaint it whenever the mood strikes you!).


Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Flamingos Divine Finds - Plastic Snack Trays (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Flamingos Divine Finds – Plastic Snack Trays

Option Thirteen: Plastic Snack Trays

I fell in love with these the moment I spotted them!

How fun would it be to use trays like these for storing embellishments or notions – lay them in shallow drawers and pull them out when you need to search for just the right embellishment.

Assign one tray to each color (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and Pink) and mix all the different types of embellishments in that color together in its tray to make quick work of decorating your projects.

These trays, or trays like them, would also work well for storing beads, spools of thread, or small rubber stamps or ink pads, and a whole host of other items that work well in open storage solutions.


Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Flamingos Divine Finds - Milkglass Collection (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Flamingos Divine Finds – Milk Glass


Option Fourteen: Milk Glass

I know several crafters who collect vessels like these and use them for storing their craft supplies.

Whether you’re into this white Milk Glass or prefer a color like Jadeite, using your collection to store your craft supplies is a fun way to accomplish two things at once – displaying your collection and keeping your supplies organized.


Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Flamingos Divine Finds - Cash Register Tray (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Flamingos Divine Finds – Cash Register Tray

Option Fifteen: Cash Register Tray

This well-worn cash register tray may have served its usefulness as a repository for cash, but it still has great potential for dividing a drawer and keeping small supplies corralled.

This one in particular could use a good scrubbing and a coat of paint!


Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Flamingos Divine Finds - Spinning Tray Unit (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Flamingos Divine Finds – Spinning Tray Unit

Option Sixteen: Spinning Tray Unit

The trays in this unit lift out making it easy to grab the supplies you need and take them to where you’re working.

O.K., are you ready for a unique way to use trays like these, particularly trays that have seen better days?

Use them as paint palettes!


Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Flamingos Divine Finds - Printers Tray (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Flamingos Divine Finds – Printers Tray

Option Eighteen: Printers Tray

These trays get me every time!

And this one is in great shape and only $20 (which is a great deal)!

These trays offer several usage possibilities: use them to show off favorite collectibles or photos; lay them flat under a piece of glass and fill them with small embellishments before adding a glass topper and making them into a work surfaces; or, hang them on the wall and display your favorite small rubber stamps in the cubbies.

I’m sure you can think of other uses as well.


Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Flamingos Divine Finds - Cigar Boxes (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Flamingos Divine Finds – Cigar Boxes

Option Nineteen: Cigar Boxes

Cigar boxes can serve many purposes and are great used individually or as a collection.

Leave them as-is or cover them with paper, fabric, paint or decoupaged ephemera, then store your favorite crafting supplies inside.

Because they’re lightweight, yet sturdy, they make great portable storage too!

I can envision using them for spools of thread or bobbins, embroidery thread, containers of beads, etc.

Just be aware that the odor from the cigars these boxes once contained may linger for a bit – stuffing wadded up newspaper in them for a day or two could help get rid of the smell if you don’t like the odor.

How would you use a cigar box for storage?


Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Flamingos Divine Finds - Relish Tray (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Flamingos Divine Finds – Relish Tray

Option Nineteen: Relish Tray

This relish tray is just one of many I’ve spotted at vintage and antique shops and events and I always gravitate toward them.

But because I don’t have much horizontal space, and I like to reserve it for the act of creating, I have always passed on buying any of these glass trays.

However, the more I think about it, the more I realize these are a great solution for the insides of drawers.

The design of this one makes it a good solution for keeping your favorite writing implements stashed – others, with more individual compartments, could be used to sort a variety of small supplies for numerous crafty endeavors.

And our final vintage find…

Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Flamingos Divine Finds - Vintage Shopping Baskets (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Flamingos Divine Finds – Vintage Shopping Baskets

Option Twenty: Vintage Shopping Baskets

These shopping baskets transported me right back to the days when I went with my Mom to the local five-and-dime for pieces of fabric.

Yes, at one time, the local “dime stores” sold fabric!

The fabric was relatively inexpensive and my Mom did wonders with it, including making most everything I wore as a young kid.

The shopping baskets that were used then were just like these and I have long wanted to find one of these for storing my yarn during the months when I spend my evenings crocheting.

These would also be ideal for storing small pads of patterned paper, in-process projects of most any type, fabric pieces, and crafting books and magazines.

Want to take your crafting with you on a road trip or just into another room? These would work great!


Well, that’s it for another round of unique storage items.

We’d love to hear your thoughts,
and take a look at YOUR unique storage items.

Please share your thoughts and links in the comments below.

Thanks for joining us today, and don’t forget, we’re looking for you to share your thoughts about what we post here at Craft Storage Ideas.

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California Art Girl {Richele Christensen} and Blog Hop Day Two

Let’s give a very warm welcome to Richele Christensen!  I love her craft room!  And you will too!  But first – just a reminder about our blog hop!  Check out all of the details here!  And make sure you read all today’s entire post – because we have a giveaway from our blog hop sponsor OrganizeMore!  Here’s a little sneak peek!

Prize 1 - OrganizeMOre

But first, here’s Richele!



I’m a California girl and currently live in the Sacramento area. I have an amazing husband Del and we have two wonderful children. My son KC and his wife Amanda have three amazing kids and that makes me a Grandma. It’s the best! My daughter Ashley and husband Kirk are  busy with their carers.

Ever since I was a little girl I have had a love for art, sewing and crafting. Working in the paper craft industry since 2001 has lead me on an unforgettable journey. I currently work with Tim Holtz as his project manager, teaching workshops and blogging.







I’m very fortunate to have a large space in our home for my studio, it has two windows that bring in lots of natural light which I love. When I set up my studio it was important to me that things were easy to find and being organized helps. Also if things are handy I tend to use them more.RicheleChristensen_Studio1

The stamp wall in my studio is my favorite, they’re custom made shelves my dad and son made. (You can find similar shelves at Ikea). They hold my wood stamps, inks, paints and products I use frequently. The modular cabinets below the shelves are from Michael’s. The drawers come in many configurations so they work for almost everything like tags, dies, stamps, and other miscellaneous things.



Richele Christensen_Studio6



The tools on my work table are in a silverware caddy I picked up at a kitchen organizing store. You just never know when you’ll see something that will be perfect for your studio, like this antique stamp holder is prefect for all my craft tools.



This magnetic board hangs on the side of my cabinet and holds all my Movers ‘n Shapers dies and is available from Ikea. 


1. What kind of budget did you have when organizing your space?

I didn’t really have a budget but I tried to be economical. Most of the furniture has come from Ikea, Michael’s and Home Depot. My room has evolved as time has gone by. I recently moved into a larger space in my home and because my space is organized with modular elements they fit right into my new space perfectly.


2. What was your greatest challenge?

 The biggest challenge in my studio was having things I use all the time handy. Since I use my Distress Inks, Paints and Stains all the time I store them on a shelf right behind my work area.


3. Are you a “organize it once” kind of girl, or are your storage solutions constantly evolving?

I love to organize my “stuff”. I think you can always improve upon it. My favorite cabinet is the Alex from Ikea. It hold a ton of stuff.


4. What is one thing you’d like to improve about your storage/organization?
That’s a tough one. Im pretty happy with my space but I think having pull outs in my large cabinets would make it easier to find things.


There are so many things about Richele’s room I love, but I have major envy over that drawer full of organized tags and her colorful distress ink wall!  What about you?  Make sure to visit Richele at California Art Girl.  Thank you, Richele for sharing your space with us!

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Crafty Co-mingling {Craftaholics Anonymous}

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day week!  Is there a better way to start off this week other than with a super cute crafty room?  I think not!

Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous has created the perfect multi-use craft room.  She’s a sewer and a papercrafter…and sometimes the two don’t mix well in a room.  There’s always the dilemma of co-mingling supplies.  Don’t laugh!  You know what I mean!  And Linda has made it work beautifully!

Gorgeous sewing + papercrafting room!

See what I mean? It’ gets better!

Fabric storage

And the sewing box from The Orginal Scrapbox.  To be honest, I’ve not see The Original Scrapbox products in person…but seeing this one in action makes me want to find one!

Sewing station

Do any of you have this sewing box or craft box?  I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments!

To see more of Linda’s craft space and tons of cute crafty ideas, visit her at Craftaholics Anonymous.