Craft Storage Ideas: Color Is Your Friend!

Craft Storage Ideas: Color Is Your Friend!
Craft Storage & Organizing By Color – Worth a Try?

Who’s looking for a little colorful inspiration?

How about colorful inspiration for organizing your crafting supplies?

I came across a three craft storage products that I thought you might want to check out, especially if organizing by color is something you want to try, or already love.

Of course these products would also be great if you just really like lots of color in your creative space or when crafting on the go!

This is the first time I’ve seen these items at retail, and I haven’t had a chance to try all of them out myself (yet!), but I thought I’d share them right away in case you’re on the hunt for a new solution for organizing by color, or simply organizing with colorful solutions.

Now keep in mind that just because a storage unit has a craft-specific name (such as two of those below have), that doesn’t mean you can only use them for that type of tool or supply.
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Organizing Tips & Tricks – Paper Scraps

Organizing Tips & Tricks – Paper Scraps
Organizing and storage ideas, and solutions for storing, locating and using your scraps!

At the moment I am crafting in a temporary space and I don’t have room for all my usual furniture, which includes my little Bisley drawer unit where I keep my scraps.

I’m just using a storage box to keep them in, and since I am too lazy to rummage through it, it’s overflowing with scraps I should be using instead of cutting into new sheets!

So my tip for today is to get your scraps organised!

You’ll definitely find that if you organise your scraps by colour you will use them much more often.

Organizing Tips & Tricks - Bisley Drawer Unit (image)
Organizing Tips & Tricks – Bisley Drawer Unit

This Bisley drawer unit is the one I use.

As you can see, for each colour I have both a plain, and a polka-dot labelled drawer.

I keep plain sheets in one drawer and patterned paper in the other – as a result I can really quickly find a piece of paper or cardstock for matting, die-cutting or stamping without cutting into a precious new sheet!

If you don’t have space for a drawer unit, there are other options for keeping your scraps organised.

Scraps Storage Options
Here are some ideas (all photos courtesy of Pinterest)

Organizing Tips & Tricks - Organize Scraps, By Color and Pattern, in Cropper Hopper Paper Holders (image)
Organizing Tips & Tricks – Organise Scraps, By Colour and Pattern, in Cropper Hopper Paper Holders

Source: via Pinterest

Organizing Tips & Tricks - Organize Scraps, By Color and Pattern, in a Small Crate (image)
Organizing Tips & Tricks – Organise Scraps, By Colour and Pattern, in a Small Crate

Source: via Pinterest

Organizing Tips & Tricks - Organize Scraps, By Color and Pattern, in a Magazine Holders (image)
Organizing Tips & Tricks – Organise Scraps, By Colour and Pattern, in Magazine Holders

Source: via Pinterest

Organizing Tips & Tricks - Organize Scraps, By Color and Pattern, in Envelopes (image)
Organizing Tips & Tricks – Organise Scraps, By Colour and Pattern, in Envelopes

Source: via Pinterest

Organizing Tips & Tricks - Organize Scraps, By Color and Pattern, in Hanging File Folders (image)
Organizing Tips & Tricks – Organise Scraps, By Colour and Pattern, in Hanging File Folders

Source: via Pinterest

And one final solution for today (this is similar to what Steph uses for her scraps!)…

Organizing Tips & Tricks - Organize Scraps, By Color and Pattern, in an Accordian File (image)
Organizing Tips & Tricks – Organise Scraps, By Colour and Pattern, in an Accordian File

Source: via Pinterest

Well, that’s it for today’s Organizing Tips & Tricks.

What do you think of what I shared?

Please share your thoughts about the solutions shared above by leaving a comment.

And, please share your scraps organization and storage solution, if you have one,
by linking to it in your comment.

We’d love to see how YOU organize your scraps!

I hope this has given you some inspiration and motivation to sort out your scraps – happy organising!

Thanks for joining us today and please visit me at Glitter Angel,


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Just One Tip: Color Sorting

Happy Monday. It’s Cicily sharing a quick tip for you today.


Back when my scrapbook supply collection hadn’t overtaken my room and I wasn’t so concerned with organization, my sister had me flabbergasted when she coordinated her cardstock by color. I thought she was a little off her rocker. Then she sorted her buttons by color. I still wasn’t fully convinced.  But then I started thinking about how easy things are to find if you were able to go straight for the right color.

Then this happened in my room!


My buttons, card stock and scrap paper soon followed suit and were sorted by color . I have to admit it helps a lot when searching for a specific color of something. I even sorted my patterned paper by color, right next to my card stock. I don’t do this with everything, mostly with supplies that I don’t have too many of, like my washi tape and markers.

Organizing is all about what work’s for you. If you haven’t tried color sorting, give it a whirl!




Product Review: Cropper Hopper Paper Organizer

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 2.14.15 PM

Hi there, Today it’s Noelle bringing you another product review. If you read our blog regularly, you might remember from this post a couple weeks ago that Advantus Corp. has generously sent me a box of products to review. Advantus is a company that owns many brands; including Cropper Hopper. I have reviewed other Cropper Hopper items in the past; because they are one of the leading brands when it comes to craft storage products. Today, I am reviewing the Paper Organizer. 

P1190555-impI normally store my 12″ themed papers/items in giant slider bags and hang from a pant hanger. All the pant hangers hang on a curtain rod in my craft room. And my solid and/or “neutral” themed (polka dots, stripes, etc.) papers go into my Cropper Hopper paper pouches. But lately I have noticed a problem with my giant slider bags, particularly the ones that are very full. Since there’s no boxiness to the corners of the bag, sometimes the papers on the outsides of the stacks will end up getting their corners mangled or bent.


I have a lot of Christmas papers in particular. I love Christmas pages and normally end up doing at least 10 Christmas pages for every year, sometimes even more. I also make my own holiday cards, so all this paper does get used. A couple moths ago I was shopping at Tuesday Morning, and they had big packs of Graphic 45 holiday papers for 3.99 a piece. So, my amount of Christmas papers quickly doubled and suddenly the bag is just jammed way too full! So, I decided this paper organizer would be a great place to stash all my Christmas papers.

The organizer comes in a flat package, and you fold it together with simple tabs. The handle is already attached. I liked that it would actually be easy to take it apart again, especially if you wanted to flip through all the papers easily or if you lost something small in the bottom. It’s also sturdy enough that the corners of your papers won’t get bent, yea! 🙂




First things first, I cleaned out the old bag. It’s amazing how much trash you find when you clean things out, don’t you think? It’s always good to sort things before you move them to a new container, so I did that next, and and laid out all my papers on my table.



Then I just neatly stacked them and popped them into the container. The handle is great, very sturdy and pushes down flat if you wanted to use this by your other vertical storage. there is also a label on the top, right under the handle. The handle is clear so you can read the label right through the handle. This product is called the Paper Organizer. 

P1190560-imp P1190561-imp

Thanks again to Kathleen from Advantus for sending me such great things to try out and share with you. 🙂

Have an amazing day!


Blayne White {My Digital Scraproom}

I’m excited to introduce Blayne White to you today!  Blayne is an entrepreneur; work at home mom, wife, and owner of both a professional photography studio and her newest creation, My Digital ScrapRoom.  ScrapRoom was born out of her love for photography and scrapbooking, and an overwhelming passion for helping others organize their tremendous libraries of digital photos.  She lives and works at home with her husband, Bryan, and her two children, Alyx and Tristan (yes, from Legends of the Fall), and her two rescue dogs Daisy and Cuddles.  She has been a scrapbooker for 19 years and loves how her hobby and passion have now become her work. You are going to love her craft room.  And don’t forget to check out the awesome coupon she’s offering to CSI readers at the end of this post!



When it comes to scrapbooking, I am definitely a collector.  I love to have the complete set of anything – paints, pens, die cuts, you name it.  And that can cause a problem trying to store everything.  Several years ago, my daughter and I turned an extra room at the front of our house into an art room.  I was a little worried about it being the first room in our house that people see, but really, art is what we are all about, so I got over it.  I love that I can be in the middle of everything going on and also creating, or organizing, whenever I have a few minutes.



I have learned several things about myself when it comes to storage and how I use my ‘stuff’.  I need to be able to see it, touch it, and find it in order to be inspired by it and use it.  I use lots of clear and open storage in my space and find some of my favorite items at The Container Store and Ikea.


Because my scrapbooking organization is constantly changing and evolving, I don’t really have a budget in mind, but I am continually looking for items that are inexpensive or meaningful in some way.  When we travel, I try to pick up a memento or container that reminds me of that place or time.  For instance, on my desktop, I have a Butterbeer mug to hold my paintbrushes, a Pixar mug for my journaling pens, a George Michael mug for scissors, and an adorable glass vase from Anthropologie to hold Epiphany epoxies – all within reach, meaningful, and adorable at the same time.


I also like to use supplies as the decor in my room – washi tape is in a wooden tray I found at a thrift store, and I also raided my kitchen for tiny sauce cups/ramekins for my new baker’s cart.  This is my absolute favorite item at the moment.  I saw one in Ali Edwards’ office when I visited her recently and found my own once I returned home.  It has ten 18×24 removable trays and I store not only supplies, but also projects I’m working on.  When I need something, I just grab it and place it on my worktable, then put it away to work on something else.  It really helps keep my tabletop a little more clear.DSC08700


My favorite Ikea find is the little turquoise cart my friend Mary bought for me.  It has wheels so it can go anywhere I want it to.  I use this to store my paint, sticker letters, journaling cards and tags, stencil letters, ink pads, spray paints/inks, and stamping supplies.  It doesn’t take up much space, but because of the vertical storage, it holds a lot.


Along with organizing in open or clear containers, I also organize by color.  I use color on my Clip It Up, as well as some clear plastic boxes I found at the Container Store, and of course, all my paper.  The boxes are great for taking with me to a crop since they are portable and while I’d love to have all my embellishments in one spot, for now the two options are working for me.



I have a problem with stamps.  I love them, but I am bad about not using them.  I found some cute little baskets trimmed in my favorite color – turquoise – at Target.  I bought them without knowing how or even if I was going to use them. (Always, if you see something you love, buy all they have.  You can always take it back.)  I reorganized an Ikea printer cart for my stamps.  I placed a cutting pad on top so I could stamp right where my stamps live, and stored my stamps in the new baskets below.  I cut the snap closure off the Close To My Heart stamp cases (I know, I know – I had a hard time doing that!), and I was able to fit THREE times as many stamps in a basket.  I do not miss the snaps at all.  My larger stamps are stored in clear snap folders in larger baskets.  Again, with the clear storage, I can just flip through and quickly see what I have.


My absolute love of organization was really the reasoning behind the creation of My Digital ScrapRoom, the world’s first all-in-one digital photo organizational and scrapbooking solution.  I was so frustrated with the overwhelming amounts of digital photos I was taking and the process of finding them again to use in my projects.  I almost stopped scrapbooking at one point.  Now, with easy but robust searching and tagging options and a mobile app on the way, finding my photos is a snap.  And extra bonus:  I can use the same software to store my digital elements and make a custom digital project without having to use multiple programs!  For more info, please visit my website:

I hope you have found some tips and tricks that help you in your own organizational journey.  You can also visit my YouTube channel for more videos on organizing your supplies, as well as your photos.

Thank you for tuning in!

Blayne White













Isn’t Blayne’s room lovely?  I especially love her baker’s cart.  What a brilliant idea!

Not only has she given us a peek into her craft room, but Blayne is also offering a sweet discount to CSI readers who are interested in using My Digital Scraproom.  Just use code: craftstorageideasrocks for 20% off!  This offer is good through July 31st!

Update:  Blayne has also posted a video tour of her space here.

Independence Week: Scrap Paper Storage

One of my biggest organizational challenges is my scraps. I never really thought too much on my scraps until I got my Cricut. Now not only do I have tons of scraps but I want to use them! Originally I took 2 shoe boxes and had solid scraps in one and pattern scraps in the other. That worked until I started having larger size scraps that didn’t fit in the box. So then I had a  3rd drawer for the larger scraps and… my solution was no longer working.

As with most things I’ve realized that I search for colors, be it solid or pattern, so again I sorted my scraps by color. This time the solids and patterns stayed together and the storage is big enough for 12″ paper.  I found the Your Fairy Craft Mama blog through Pinterest on how to make these paper holders. It was a little tricky but I’m so happy with my scrap storage. I’m currently in the process of decorating the fronts to show the color. I cut all my scraps to squares or rectangles and then put in the correct colored holder. When I need paper I search here first and I quickly find what I’m looking for or know I don’t have it in my scrap stash.


I still have a little more work to finish the paper holders, but I have been using this system now for several months and it works for me.

Other options for sorting your scraps are:

  • Accordian folders
  • Hanging file folders
  • Binders and sheet protectors
  • Sterilite storage drawers
  • Over the door Shoe holder (if you only save small scraps)

We’d love to hear how you store your scraps!


Product Highlight: Sterlite Storage Products

Although I am obsessed with all things storage, a quick look at my craft room will tell you that a lot of what I use are  Sterlite Storage Products. Among my favorites are the 3-drawer and 5-drawer smaller units and the 3-drawer units that accommodate 8 1/2 x 11″ and 12 x 12″ papers.

3 drawer sterlite
Source: Sterlite Storage

If you look inside the closet in my craft room, you will find several of these 5-drawer and 7-drawer Basic Drawer Carts, which hold my ribbons, embellishments and scrap papers, filed by color families.

5 and 7 drawer sterlite
Source: Sterlite Storage Products

Not only are the products from Sterlite versatile, but they’re reasonably priced and sold in many stores; Walmart and Target, to name a couple. And, best of all, they’re made in the USA! Can’t get any better than that!!!

One last tip: if the simplicity of the design of the Sterlite storage containers isn’t to your liking, you can always add your own personal style to them. Decorative labels, patterned papers and shelf liner can dress up the containers/drawers to coordinate with your craft area, like I did in the photo below. I took some cute self-adhesive drawer liner I found at TJMaxx, stuck it to some poster board, and cut it to fit in the front of the drawer. Voila! Instant makeover!



Do you have any of these awesome containers? We’d love to see all the ways you’re utilizing them!



The Small Stuff

If you are like me, when you make a project, or even take apart a kit club kit,  you are left with the ‘craftermath.’ The big stuff has a designated home and gets cleaned up easily but what about all that little stuff? The perplexing little pile of bits and pieces; buttons, extra stamped images, die cuts or tiny fussy cut pieces that you decided not to use but can’t bear to throw out. These items used to pile up at the end of my desk and the pile would grow with each new project made or kit dismantled. Here’s how I manage this little stuff…

As I’m working on a project, I sort them into a variety of little boxes and containers (new and vintage) that fit in the work space of my desk. This step helps to eliminate the pile before it even starts:

VMdesk close

Here’s a view of how they fit onto my desk– I keep them close where I can see them and use them. I’m an out of sight/out of mind scrapbooker. If I put these in a drawer, or even a box with a lid, I’d never use them:

The white stacking boxes are Martha Stewart. They stack up and conserve valuable desk space. There’s even a long tray component that would be perfect for those patterned strips that get cut from the end of 12 x 12 sheets. I’ve got a huge collection of those!

If there are tiny parts that I’d like to set aside, I use these clear tubes to separate them from the pile.

VMtube storage

I love them because they can stand on their own, you can see immediately what is in them and the opening is wide enough for big brads and buttons. I don’t label them because they are constantly getting emptied and refilled. I love having a stash of these clean, simple containers on hand.

Another related ‘small stuff’ area that I like to organize this way is my journaling spot/tag and tiny envelope stash (aka the ‘whatever trendy item I am in love with at the moment’ stash) I sort and store these in a similar fashion and keep them where I can see them and hopefully use them:

VM tag envelope storage

As with any storage system, it’s got room for growth and change. What works right now might not work in a few months when my obsession du jour is some other craft item. One of the keys to managing the little stuff is to purge regularly. If you do this every month or so you re-familiarize yourself with the stuff at the bottom or back of the containers – maybe even inspire yourself to make something new!

Stack Fit Boxes by Martha Stewart for Staples

Ceramic peach and fruit baskets from Sur la Table

Plastic Tubes by SRM Stickers

Storage Solutions for your Paper Scraps

How many paper scraps can one crafter have?  That sounds kinda’  like “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck…”  And if you are like me, the battle with paper scraps really does go on and on.

There are so many things we could discuss about scraps.  Will you ever use those scraps?  If you won’t, will someone else?  Should you even bother keeping scraps?  Have you ever grabbed scraps from a fellow scrapper’s trash at a crop? How much time do you want to spend organizing leftovers? How big of a piece is actually considered a scrap and at what point is it so small that it actually needs to go in the trash/recycle bin?

I have definite opinions on all of those questions, but the biggest question, regardless of how big or little the scrap, is how to keep them organized!

How about using Sterilite drawers for easy access?  Amanda has lots of color categories to choose from!

Sterilite drawers hold scraps easily.

Lain Ehmann stores all of her cardstock scraps together in one big drawer.

Cardstock scraps all together in one big drawer.

 Totallycre8tive from the gallery uses a plastic rolling cart and colored pendaflexes to store her scraps.

A rolling cart and colored pendaflexes keep scraps organized!

For the budget conscious, how about converting Priority Mail boxes to hold scraps sorted into plastic bags?  Nicole from Coley’s Corner did just that!

Priority Mail boxes are perfect for holding scraps organized into plastic bags.

We’ve mentioned Betsy Veldman and her scrap storage solution in a previous post!

Scraps cut down and sorted by color!

And here is an easy solution from  Use an over the door shoe hanger to store scraps!

An over-the-door shoe organizer is perfect for holding scraps!

Are you inspired to organize your scraps yet?  Do you have an idea we haven’t seen?  We’d love to see your ideas!  Send us an email at and your idea might just show up in a future post!

Paper Scrap Organization {Betsy Veldmen of Papercrafts Magazine}

If you are a scrapbooker, card maker, stamper or general papercrafter chances are you have paper scraps.  I know I’m not the only one who struggles with how to organize, store and decide about keeping these scraps.  Am I right?

There are several methods for making these decisions and storing your scraps, but I recently stumbled across one that is both pretty and easy!

Betsy Veldmen of Papercrafts Magazine  posted about cutting her scraps down to 6″x6″ and storing in these dollar store bins.

Paper scrap storage using dollar store crates

Betsy cut dividers using a die-cut machine and went to town sorting her papers by color family.  Of course she was left with smaller scraps, but she put them to good use, too!  She created 8.5″x11″ pages of small strips of paper then used those sheets to create cards!  Super smart!

Pages made from strips of leftover patterned paper

What do you think? Will this help you corral and organize your scraps?

For more details about Betsy’s process, check out her blog post here.