Just One Tip – Paint Storage and Display

Hello dear readers! It’s Amanda and I’m here to share how I store all my craft paints.

DIY Paint Storage and Display Shelf

Paint, oh how I love the different colors and kinds of craft paint! You can do so many amazing things with paint! My problem… I see all those pretty colors lining the shelves in the craft store and I just can’t control myself! I can totally forget about any self-control if there happens to be a sale going on. Or you’re buying supplies for a project and don’t remember if you already have the exact perfect color you need for your project so you buy it anyway. Then when you get home you realize that you actually already have three but they are stashed all over the place and hard to find.

So your paint storage might end up looking like this if you’re lucky. All corralled in a basket, but impossible to see what colors you have. Oy!


So maybe it’s time you think outside the box a bit for some creative paint storage. That’s right. You’re creative already to have so many supplies at your fingertips! Get creative with your storage! For example… take this adorable yet plain little crate that I believe is intended for CDs. I picked these up from my local craft store in the section with all the wood items.


Take some leftover trim paint from working on your house (or use some of that craft paint stash) and paint up your crates. Or stain them. Or leave them natural. Whatever makes your creative decorating heart go pitter-patter. Then just hang them up on the wall by drilling two holes through the bottom of the crate. Place your crate on the wall where you want it and mark the wall inside  the hole with a pencil. Then add a wall anchor and screw your crate into place.


Line up several crates to create a display shelf as well as paint display. Since I do work for DecoArt on occasion I have my paints sorted by type of paint. I have the bottoms of the bottles facing out so those lovely bright colors can inspire me.


It always puts a smile on my face to see all these lined up and cheerful looking with the array of color. It also helps me see at a glance what colors I have a lot of and what colors I’m more limited on. Not to mention it gives me a shelf which is a great place to display my recent works.


Now I challenge you to corral all those craft paints into some semblance of order that works for you. Do you like to have your paints out on display like mine, or would you rather they be stored behind doors or in bins so they are out of sight?

 photo 5e62b471-e0a8-47a9-a431-c3c875bfff8e.jpg


Silhouette fabric ink starter kit review by Hazel, and Show Us ***YOUR*** Happy Place-final week!


Welcome to Week 4 (the final week!) of our “Show Us Your Happy Place” promotion!

Once again it’s Hazel all the way from Sunny SA here to review the Silhouette fabric ink starter kit for you.

I used this kit:

And this step by step tutorial.

I really don’t have a lot of space in my Craft Closet and as I craft on the go most of the time, I decided to make myself a “WATERCOLOUR CRAFT BAG”. For the sewers who want to try it, hop over to my blog and I will share the inside info.

This is the front of my bag:


And the back:


And inside:


You can see that in the back pocket, I keep a notebook, roller towel, wet wipes and a small paint palette. Inside my bag there is a watercolor paper pad, a sketch pad, watercolour paint, ruler, pencil and paint brushes.  To tell you the truth – this is ALL the watercolour equipment  I own – now, all in one place!

Let’s go back to the Silhouette fabric ink. You will get everything you need in this kit. I did buy two more colours – pink and green as I’m NOT a monochrome person. I used this cut file from the Silhouette shop to make the stencil. Once done, I used only the letters to do my “art”. Remember to put a piece of cardboard inside your bag before painting. I placed the adhesive stencil letters on my bag and just got painting over them. After 20 minutes, remove the letters, and once your “artwork” is dry, iron on it to set the paint. DONE – easy as that!

The idea was to make a bag that looks as if it has been used for years by a {GREAT} artist. Here you can see how I’ve added “rough” details to age it a bit:


And now my bag hangs on the door of my Craft Closet:


I can even open it up to use the equipment to paint without taking it off the door handle:


And when we went camping last week, I took my bag with and could paint whenever / wherever I wanted to. Sorry about the quality of this pic but I only took my iPhone with on the camping trip.


There you have it – My “WATERCOLOUR CRAFT BAG”. You can customize a shop bought bag if you don’t like sewing but I really had fun making one to fit my needs.

I’m off to try my hand at something new. Have fun and see you soon.


Now, since you’ve read the review by our talented Hazel, you can link up YOUR happy place at the bottom of the post from now until Thursday afternoon (October 30). The winner for this week will receive an identical Silhouette Fabric Ink Starter Kit of their very own!

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Another thing we want to mention is that your room doesn’t have to be a “traditional” craft room. We would love to see photography studios, art spaces, sewing rooms, and more! The thing we are MOST interested in seeing is creative & useful storage solutions in the rooms of real crafters and artists. The rooms do not have to be fancy or magazine worthy to catch our eye or win the contest. Please share your happy place, we would LOVE to see it! Also, please feel free to enter again this week if you entered in past weeks and didn’t win! We have LOVED all the spaces we’ve seen-so, don’t be shy! :)

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All about the Furniture: Pegboard Love

Hello, Hazel here all the way from Sunny South Africa to invite you over for a stroll around Blogland to look at pegboards.  YES, I know most of us use them in our craft spaces but I found a few new ideas to share. First up. Ever thought of  “zussing” up your board with cross stitch?

LINK (ex Pinterest)

Some paint?

LINK (This post also shows how the board was made)

And just look at these boxes!! Storage galore:

LINK (This post has some fabulous other ideas. Check it out!)

Want to make your own box? Never too late to try something new.


And if you are not a hardware fanatic, this trolley would fit into any craft room!

LINK (ex Pinterest)

Do you have some more funky ideas?? Please leave a comment or a link. I would love to see what you do. Thanks for looking at alternative ideas for pegboards with me today. I really liked having you around.

See you soon!


Craft Room Tour ~ Uncommon Designs

Hello, Lisa here today with a new craft room tour. Today we’re paying a visit to Trish at Uncommon Designs. Trish shares this blog with her crafting partner and sister-in-law Bonnie. Her room is as cute as can be and full of fun storage ideas. I’m sharing a glimps of the after. Pop over to her blog for the before!


This is a great idea for storing bottles of craft paint. The color separation makes it easy to find what you need at a glance. Even if you never used the paint, this is the cutest display!


A coat of paint, the removal of the top hutch and the addition of open airy shelves gives Trish’s “office” area an fresh modern look.


Love the mix of storage containers with the trendy chalkboard labels!


This pop of pink florals in a beautiful silver frame adds a fun pop of color to her space. Adding a curtain to the opening under a counter or desk top is a perfect way to hid lesser used crafting supplies. And perhaps my favorite item in this room…a jar full of glitter!!

A big thank you Trish for letting us have a peek into your creative space!! Have a delightful day friends.





Hi there.  It’s Hazel from Sunny SA and I’m back to share an art studio with you. I love craft spaces – it tells me a lot about the crafter / artist.  I always expect to find the unexpected and this  is one of my fave’s – Kelly Rae’s “unexpected art studio” – she calls it The Soul Shine Studio.


I just have to show this close-up of her and her husband’s desks – custom made for them by her father from reclaimed timber!

And this is art heaven:

And a bit about the artist behind the studio.  Kelly Rae used to be  a clinical medical social worker and then unexpectedly stumbled upon art at age 30. This is how she describes her transversion:

“I was still listening, sharing, healing, navigating messy emotions, making an impact — except using a paintbrush in a studio, instead of a clipboard in a hospital. Same message. New medium. Full circle.”

She believes that art has the transformative power to heal (both the maker and the receiver) and that  we get to make the rules, that we get to choose, that we get to craft the exact life that has been waiting for us. And when we do, we become fully alive.

And now I get to tell you about the unexpected.  The first thing that caught my eye – the chairs.  Everyone needs a Tutu chair!

And the lamp shades:

Did you spy the unexpected?? Paintbrushes!

What about this one for our card making crafters?


And in another post on her blog Kelly shared how they transformed the studio into a “conference centre”:

Hop over to Kelly’s blog if you want to see her art, the rest of her studio, read all about her and she even shares her arty living spaces.  Please remember to leave her a comment and thank her for sharing with us at Craft Storage Ideas.

If  you stumble upon something unexpected (and there are lots and lots and lots over there), come back and tell us all about it in the comments. We’d love to hear what you do and think.

That’s it from me. I’m off to my own craft space as I spy a chair without a tutu over there! Thanks for looking at the Craft Storage Ideas blog today and please check back as we have lots more to share right here. Have a great day!







Herringbone + Bookcase = Lovely {Lolly Jane}

I’ve only got one image for you today.  But one is all you need.  Are your ready?



See?  I told you!  For details about how that gorgeous herringbone background was created and how the crafty supplies, check out the full post on Lolly Jane!

**FYI – our Facebook page isn’t working properly.  Thanks for your patience as we get it sorted out!**


Peg Board Organization {Honeybear Lane}

Just a quick post for you today. I stumbled across this awesome peg board feature from Honeybear Lane – complete with tutorial link to be able to make one of our very own!

Source: Honey Bear Lane

And here is the link to thestep-by-step tutorial for making one of your very own! Awesome!!!

Click here for more details.

I hope you’ve found some ideas and inspiration on how to incorporate some type of pegboard storage into your craft area!


Craft Room Feature {Infarrantly Creative}

I just love to see what people do for craft room makeovers!  I stumbled across Beckie’s newly renovated room over at Infarrantly Creative!  What I love is that she actually built many of the fantastic features!  Besides that, her new space is so open and inviting!

craft room organization

How’s that for inspiration?!  I love a room that is uncluttered, but yet, where everything is easily accessible!

See all those cabinets along the wall?  She built them!  Here’s a peek at what’s been organized inside:


And that paint shelf you see?  It’s actually a door!

craft paint storage

I hope I have your curiosity going now!  You really need to go check out the rest of her reveal because it is FULL of ideas, inspiration and how-to’s!

Have a great day,


Just 1 Tip: Recycle

In the ever-changing world of crafting, one thing that will probably never change would be recycling or resurfacing an old product, like these cans.


You can create one-of-a-kind containers with or without handles and use a variety of finish materials to give each one a unique look.


Decorating the outside of the can to compliment the colors of the pen is a great idea to keep pens organized.


Spray paint is a great way to match the decor in you spaces.

I hope that you start to rethink how you can use or re-use your everyday cans that you have emptied and turn them into wonderful and useful storage pieces.








Vintage Post Box Lovely {Vintage Junky}

I know there are so many of you who love using vintage items in your craft rooms, so I just couldn’t resist showing you this vintage post box transformation.  Michelle of Vintage Junky didn’t refinish, sand or paint – she just added her craft supplies (using baby food jars for all of her itsy bitsy things).  Call me crazy, but to me, that addition made this box absolutely beautiful.

Vintage post box for craft storage.
Ribbon storage

Has anyone else out there put a post box to use in their craft room?  If so, share a link with us!

For more photos of Michelle’s very vintage studio, click here.