Just One Tip: Organizing with Mug Racks

When I was working on my book last fall (did I tell you I was writing a book? It should be out this fall!) I went on an outing looking for different props that I could use in some of the pictures. At a local vintage shop I picked up a sweet pea green mug rack that I thought would be cute to hang a little baby cardigan from in one of the pictures.

I’m not sure I actually ended up using that picture in the book, but I still have the mug rack. At first I wasn’t sure what to do with it, but then I realized it was the perfect little stand to hold some things that I like to keep close at hand but don’t want just lying on my desk. mug rack supply organizer

In my case, that’s sewing and paper scissors, packing tape and a flexible tape measure. It sits on my desk, within easy reach from my computer or the project portion of the space.

I love it. It’s perfect to have a place for all these essentials to go so they’re “put away” but still always within reach, not making clutter but always accessible, too.

It’s no surprise I’m not the only person to have come up with this idea.

Jenny at Allsorts took the scissors idea to the extreme, loading up a tall red mug holder with a ton of scissors.

scissor caddy allsorts

She also has a smaller one she uses for ribbon. So cute!

ribbon mug rack allsorts

I also love this idea from Better Homes and Gardens, in which a mug rack with mugs still on it is used to hold pens and markers. What a great way to keep things accessible and organized. You could probably do this with a wall-mounted mug rack, too.

mug rack markers

Have you taken any accessories out of the kitchen to use in your craft room? I’d love to hear about it!