Crafting with Kiddos {Pink and Green Mama}

Craft rooms that are really clean and beautiful are inspiring to me, in a way, but I really like to see pictures of craft rooms that look lived in, well-used not just by the adult crafter in a household but by artists big and small.

I have long been a fan of Pink and Green Mama, a blog similar to my own in that it talks about creating with and for kids and using craft as a means of teaching our kids important things, not just about art and colors.

So I was really excited to stumble across a tour of MaryLea’s crafty space over at Craftaholics Anonymous, and because it’s what I want for my own creative space I wanted to share it with you.

First off, I love that she calls her space “Mommy’s Playroom,” because that’s really what a creative space should be: a place to play, explore, try new things. Nothing should be so precious that you can’t use it, even if you end up messing it up.

Her space is what was supposed to be the formal living room in her home, but I’m sure it gets a lot more use this way. pink and green mama craft studio

Doesn’t it just look inspiring? I love the kid-sized furniture and the easels for the kids tucked right in among the supplies and stuff for bigger people. pink and green mama storage wall

Also, the storage. The big failing in my studio/office right now is that I only have bookshelves and filing cabinets, no big drawers or other places to put a lot of stuff (my desk doesn’t even have drawers, for Pete’s sake!). I love the huge wall of storage, with super-deep drawers as well as open storage and counter space. She says it’s messy because that’s where the magic happens, which just proves we are destined to be friends. kids creativity station

I also love the kid’s creativity station, which she wrote about on her blog as the place where the kids know they can go for art supplies. This is such a great idea if you’re sharing a space and want or need to segregate some of what the kids get to use from your “good” stuff (though I really think kids should have access to good stuff, too). sewing corner pink and green mama

One other thing she has here that I really need is a dedicated sewing station. I usually set my machine up on the edge of my L-shaped desk that’s farthest from my computer, but then I have to unplug it or roll over the cord to get to my computer, which is a big pain, and I’m losing a lot of desk space to it. I could probably cram in a little table for it, and would be so much happier for it, so maybe checking out this cool craft room will be my inspiration.

You can see even more at the full room tour. Do you craft in the same space with your kids? I’d love to hear your thoughts on organization, logistics, whatever!