Daring DIY: Craft Room Caravans

Hello, it’s Suzanne here today from Scrapbooking Sue. I have something very exciting to show you today. We are going to step outside of the craft room, and take a look at some very daring DIY crafters that have taken a risk with their crafting spaces. All of the featured craft rooms are actually inside caravans/trailers! It doesn’t get much more Daring DIY than that!

Take a look at the outside and a peek inside of each caravan below. There are plenty more pictures on each website, so make sure to follow the links. After researching this topic and seeing the stunning jobs these ladies have done with their crafty caravans, I have to admit that I am longing for one for myself!

1. Cassiefairy

The caravan at Cassiefairy has been turned into sewing room storage. With vintage ice cream color decor and accessories, this sewing room is for the girly-girl in all of us.

daring diy 5jpg
daring diy 6

2. Happy Loves Rosie

Just look at the Kelly Green exterior of the caravan at Happy Loves Rosie! I fell in love with it before I even saw the inside. There is definitely some creative process going on in the craft picture.

daring diy 1

daring diy 2

3. The Vintage Post

This caravan is actually set up as a business, where crafting workshops are held. The Vintage Post holds classes like painting and bead work inside the caravan.

Mabel vintage post




daring diy 8

4. Becky Kay Designs

This beautiful trailer has been featured as one of our craft room tours here on CSI in the past. Becky Kay Designs has converted a large trailer into a crafting paradise!

daring diy 3

daring diy 4

5. Crafty Camper

Yet another entrepreneurial crafting spirit, the Crafty Camper is a mobile workshop and market. The inside of this camper is absolutely stunning! I am in love with the vintage colors, accessories, and how everything was staged for the pictures.

daring diy 9

daring diy 10

Whether you call them caravans, trailers, or campers, these mobile beauties are just perfect for converting into craft rooms! Have you ever considered a DIY project this daring?


All about the Furniture: Folding Tables

Hello, Hazel here to bring you my take on “folding tables”.  If you are like me, you would immediately think – camping!!! Not any more.  We have been house-hunting for my son who is getting married in 3 weeks time and I can tell you this – you have to utilize every square inch to get value for the money you are paying. SO, why not invest in multifunctional furniture!!

I was looking on Pinterest for ideas when it hit me – folding tables would be perfect for crafting, office space, to open up more options for your existing layout or simply to do homework.

SO, let’s see what I found interesting:



This one would be perfect for any space or any purpose – best part is that it’s not taking up ANY floor space.

Koffie tafel expand

LINK (ex Pinterest)

This a a great idea from DesgnPlanet. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the link. If you see it somewhere around Blogland, leave me a comment and I’ll insert in ASAP.



Have a room but it doubles up as a spare bedroom / office / craft space??? This looks like the perfect solution.

vou tafel soos myne


I bought one of these at a second hand store and it gets used a lot.  Mine has a little door on one side where I hide all my boxes with embellishments, paperclips, flowers and brads. Remember this?  However, I think my table needs a layer of this beautiful blue paint.

And last but not least. DIY!!!



When I start on a new venture, I make a Pinterest board – you can always delete it / re-allocate your pins.  For the very first time, I’m giving you the link to my work-in-progress board. Have fun browsing through my inspiration here.

Thanks for looking with me today. Please leave me some comments to let me know what you liked or would use in your own space. Have fun and remember to try something new.




Hello to all my fellow craft storage enthusiasts. Once again, it’s Hazel, all the way from Sunny SA here to share a “craft room” with you. And what a goodie this is!!! Get a cuppa and let’s head over to Becky from Blue June’s “craft trailer”. No joke. This gal got herself this:



And then she started crafting and renovating. It would be unfair not to share a few “work in progress” pictures with you. Here is the link to where she did the “red cupboard” and the decoupaged “chest of drawers”. She used pages from a Child Craft book from the 70’s for her funky decoupage.

triler 011

The “chest of drawers”:


Here you can see Becky’s workspace:


And a bit of peace and quiet to read a book or just “chillax”:


Have you spotted the decoupaged “walls”?



I first met Becky’s craft trailer on Flickr early one Sunday morning and I have to tell you this – I spent the whole day on my iPad reading back to January 2013 when she started this project.

I’m a HUGE trailer / caravan fan and would love to own a space like this. So, be sure to expect the unexpected from IMPERFECT ME. I will be back with some more.

In the meantime, have fun reading Becky’s posts. You can find her Flickr gallery here. Her original reveal post on her blog, Blue June here and I’ve also spotted her here  at Roomzaar.

Thanks for joining me today. Remember to leave me some comments and when you visit Becky’s posts, tell her that Craft Storage Ideas sent you and thank her for sharing with us.

Have a GREAT day!


Small and Efficient Workspaces

Hallo to all my fellow craft storage enthusiasts.  Once again, it’s Hazel from Sunny South Africa here to share some of the ideas I stumbled upon while hopping along Blogland.

Not every crafter is privileged enough to have a whole craft room and I actually love to work where I can be part of my family and share in their daily lives. If you read my blog, you will see that I do most of my creative work at a table in the middle of my living room.  But this post is not about me – I asked my friend Pinterest for ideas and here is just a few that caught my attention. Sit back and ENJOY.

Clean, calm and serene:


The perfect combo – a pop of color and a lot of personality:


A white table, some shelves and a pretty  wall color:


A bookcase and some storage boxes:


I can’t  resist a bit of vintage:




I can’t help it – I just love these small and efficient spaces.  If you don’t have a designated craft area yet, why not look around your home for that perfect corner to turn into a craft heaven. All my ideas came from Pinterest and there are lots and lots more ………………………. this post is just an appetiser. Hop over there and check it out for yourself  if you need more inspiration.

Thanks for looking at Craft Storage Ideas today.  Please leave me a comment if you have an idea of your own. I love to hear what you think and do. Have a great day and please check back as me and my fellow contributors will be back to share some more craft storage ideas right here.



Hi there.  It’s Hazel from Sunny SA and I’m back to share an art studio with you. I love craft spaces – it tells me a lot about the crafter / artist.  I always expect to find the unexpected and this  is one of my fave’s – Kelly Rae’s “unexpected art studio” – she calls it The Soul Shine Studio.


I just have to show this close-up of her and her husband’s desks – custom made for them by her father from reclaimed timber!

And this is art heaven:

And a bit about the artist behind the studio.  Kelly Rae used to be  a clinical medical social worker and then unexpectedly stumbled upon art at age 30. This is how she describes her transversion:

“I was still listening, sharing, healing, navigating messy emotions, making an impact — except using a paintbrush in a studio, instead of a clipboard in a hospital. Same message. New medium. Full circle.”

She believes that art has the transformative power to heal (both the maker and the receiver) and that  we get to make the rules, that we get to choose, that we get to craft the exact life that has been waiting for us. And when we do, we become fully alive.

And now I get to tell you about the unexpected.  The first thing that caught my eye – the chairs.  Everyone needs a Tutu chair!

And the lamp shades:

Did you spy the unexpected?? Paintbrushes!

What about this one for our card making crafters?


And in another post on her blog Kelly shared how they transformed the studio into a “conference centre”:

Hop over to Kelly’s blog if you want to see her art, the rest of her studio, read all about her and she even shares her arty living spaces.  Please remember to leave her a comment and thank her for sharing with us at Craft Storage Ideas.

If  you stumble upon something unexpected (and there are lots and lots and lots over there), come back and tell us all about it in the comments. We’d love to hear what you do and think.

That’s it from me. I’m off to my own craft space as I spy a chair without a tutu over there! Thanks for looking at the Craft Storage Ideas blog today and please check back as we have lots more to share right here. Have a great day!







Traveling with your Crafts?

Hallo to all the crafters out there looking for inspiration / solutions and ideas for storing crafting goodies.  Once again, it’s Hazel all the way from Sunny SA and today we are traveling with our crafts!

I don’t know about you but crafting is a lot of fun to me so I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere without something to keep my hands busy.  A few years ago my mum had breast cancer and had to go through a series of chemo and radiation treatments.  It was very traumatic to all but I immediately packed a smocking kit that went with every single day.  Yes!  I did finish about 10 dresses in the 3 month period and had to give them all away because they reminded me of this negative period in our lives BUT I learned that if you keep busy, the battle is half won.

So, I hopped around Blogland to see what I can get to inspire you to travel with your arts / crafts.  First up – the Scrappers:



And the Knitters / Embroidery enthusiasts:



This one would be perfect for my smocking kit:



What about the artists out there?


 And never forget to pack some crafting fun to keep the kids busy:


 SOURCE  (This one would be perfect for traveling with your beads!)

And one that can be used for about anything – a Hanging Toiletry bag!


 This one I found on Etsy.  No longer available for purchase but still – a great idea. 



And I made one myself.  Hop over to my blog to see all my alternative uses for it:



And this is the total ultimate:


This post has DIY instructions. I’m off to get hold of my husband!  Now I know what I want for my upcoming birthday!

Thanks for traveling around Blogland with me today. I hope you have gained a few more ideas for storing your favorite goodies.  Have a great day and please check back as my contributors and I have lots more to share with you right here on Craft Storage Ideas.


Craft Room Labeling

When you love collecting craft supplies as much as I do, having functional storage solutions is a must. That’s precisely why CSI is such a fun place for me to hang out! If you’ve seen the photos of my craft spaces (I’ve had 3, just not all at the same time!), you know I have tried just about every kind of storage solution there is. That’s why labeling what I have stored and where is so important.

Brother P-Touch

For the most part, I use my Brother P-Touch label maker for just about everything. One of the things I like best about it is the ability to use different widths of tapes. This allows me to label everything from large drawers to DVD and CD cases. But, that’s not the only type of label I use, and there are so many ideas for labeling our collections, that I thought I’d feature a few I’ve come across.

Source: Kojo Designs

Not only are the labels on these magazine holders fun and colorful, I love the extra step they took in decorating the clips that hold them in place! Unfortunately, the link provided for being able to print some of your own seems to be broken. Still, it gives you and idea of something similar you could create using your own printer.


How cute and simple is this idea? Design and function in one label! I’m such a visual person, I could really see this working for me – no pun intended!!!

Source: Etsy

The chalkboard look is still very popular in all kinds of decorative and functional purposes. How simple would it be to take some of the chalkboard-type vinyl and make labels? You could even find some, like these on Etsy, that are already cut to size.


Souce: Stampin’ Up!

Here is another cool idea – and someone else has done the hard part for you! The folks at Stampin’ Up! know us crafters all too well…they’ve come up with an adorable product for labeling all of our craft supplies.

As always, we’d love for YOU to share any of the creative ways you’ve come up with to label your things with the rest of us ! ~ Doris


13 in 2013: Storing Alterable Items


There is a portion of my papercrafting stash that always seems to be growing & growing. It’s the ‘alterable’ items.;  the blank mini albums, random items that can be turned into mini albums, canvases, frames, containers, etc. The items that are waiting to be turned into something else whenever inspiration strikes. I’m constantly collecting them.  Sometimes I even rescue them from the trash. I classify them in 2 ways: 1)blank mini albums or things that can be turned into mini albums & 2) everything else (canvases, tin boxes, bags, wood things, etc.) Either classification, they are usually bulky, odd-shaped and challenging to store.

I tackle the problem in 2 ways. First is the drawer where I keep the ‘everything else.’ Since the items vary in thickness, the depth of the drawer is critiical. (This one is about 10″ deep) I like to keep this drawer neat and purge it regularly because  I need to be able to see what is in there, it needs to inspire me, and the drawer needs to close. As with any part of the stash, once it gets too big, it just becomes overwhelming instead of inspiring.

drawer storage

The mini albums, or items I will turn into mini albums are stored in a cube in an Ikea Expedit unit:


The Expedit cubes are nice and deep so I can store the albums vertically and flip through them. Again, I try to keep it neat and try to purge it regularly so I can see what is in there at a glance:


My system is pretty simple because my space is very limited – so here are a few storage ideas that would be perfect for this task (I’ve seen some of these in my ‘dream’ craft space):

I love this solution from Fancy Farm Girl because everything is in sight:

Fancy Farm Girl
from The Fancy Farm Girl

This cool vintage piece found at Nest Full of Eggs would be great for storing alterable items:

Nest Full of Eggs
From Nest Full of Eggs blog

Here are 2 very cool rolling options found at the JunkGarden blog:

from JunkGarden blog
from Junkgarden blog

And a simple alternative – the Ikea Trofast storage system. I have a few of these in my house for storing my kid’s toys but this would be great for storing alterable items (and lots of them!)

I hope this post helps you get a handle on this difficult to store part of the crafting stash!

CSI Valerie


13 in 2013: Spreadsheet Organization

Sometimes organizing your craft room doesn’t mean just organizing your materials, it also includes organizing the files on your computer related to all things crafty.  Doris is here today to talk about saving hyperlinks, particularly those that you might need in addition to Pinterest.

You should know by now that I am quite the shopper/collector/organizer of all things crafty. As a result, I spend way too much a lot of time “surfing the net” for places to shop, ways to store and organize, and to inspire creativity. Before Pinterest came along, I was struggling with ways to keep up with all the websites, videos and blogs I was coming across. Even if I “bookmarked” them or wrote the URL down somewhere, I would usually forget why within the time it took to click off the page. Inspired by another lady’s spreadsheet, I set out to create one of my own. And, let me just say, while I may be proficient at shopping/collecting and organizing, I am not when it comes to Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and the like. So, what I’m going to be sharing with you is my {extremely} basic spreadsheet created in Microsoft Excel 2007.

As you can see, I have just 2 columns: (I told you it was basic!) Column A contains the “hyperlink” to the original location of what’s referenced in the Comments section in Column B. I know I’m probably the last person on the planet to learn how to insert a hyperlink, but, on the outside chance that you’re that person, here’s how I did it:

Since I knew I would need “screen shots” for this article, I did a Google search and found a tutorial. Once I followed the link to the website, I highlighted the URL (web address), right clicked on my mouse and selected “copy.”

Next, I went to my spreadsheet to enter my information.

Lastly, you will insert your Hyperlink into your spreadsheet entry.

This is what it will look like if the Hyperlink has been inserted correctly (another shortcut would be to use Control + V to insert the address). Now, if you were to click on Computer Tips, it would automatically take you to the page you want to find! The person who figured out a way for us to do this is a genius!!!

And that’s it! You just repeat that process for each hyperlink you want to insert.  Sometimes, it helps me to see how other people categorize their organization/storage, so I thought I would give you a list of the types of things I save to my spreadsheet.

Baby Ideas
Bow Making
Card Making
Craft Rooms
Flower Making
Gift Card Holders
Gift Ideas
Gift Wrapping
Kids Crafts
PDF Files
Project Tutorials

This process has really helped me so much in my quest to stay on top of all of the amazing ideas I come across. I can’t tell you how many times I refer to this list and add to it. I hope you’ll try your hand at setting up a similar system. If you have any questions, I will be happy to try to answer them – or find the answer for you. If you have any tips on how to make this whole process work even more efficiently, I hope you’ll share that with us!

Here’s to a Happy, Crafty, Organized New Year! ~ Doris







Idea Organization {Tiffany Spaulding}

Do you have torn up magazines with ideas sitting in stacks.  Do you remember an image you saw six months ago, but can’t find the original?  Overwhelmed by “ideas”?

There are so many ways to organize these pesky things….Tiffany from The ScrapRack has put together a very detailed video with tons of ideas.

Tiffany Spaulding is a self-described “Organization FREAK!” She loves anything having to do with organization; books, youtube videos, visits to the Container Store. It was her love of organization that drove her to create the perfect organization tool for papercrafters, The ScrapRack.

For the last 10 years Tiffany has travelled around spreading her love of organization to Scrapbookers everywhere. She teaches live at most of the major Scrapbook Shows and Conventions. You can also join her online for her Get Organized Challenge Webinar Series, or just tune into her YouTube Channel – ScrapRackLady.

When she’s not espousing the benefits of organization you’ll find her chasing her boys, Max (14), London (15) and Park (50 something) through the woods of central Oregon on their motorcycles and quads.

On a side note – I’ve recently purchased a ScrapRack and I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you all!