Craft Space: Darcy Miller

When I imagine my dream craft space, it definitely looks something like this. I’ve been a huge fan of Darcy Miller for a long time.  She currently serves as the Editorial Director at Martha Stewart Weddings but she’s also an illustrator &  crafter. Her amazing scrapboxes have been featured in Martha Stewart Living magazine.  It’s no surprise her craft space is amazingly organized and well designed.

I love the repetition of the black binders mixed with the collection of wedding cake toppers and artwork. Craft spaces are great places to show off a personal collection, including your own creations. The display of pens is functional and beautiful:

wall storage

This is how she stores party-related ephemera and materials. Grouping items by theme or season is a great way to streamline the process of crafting:

ephemera storage

I love the interior of this drawer with all that gorgeous color on display:

drawer storage

The closet holds collections of inspiring items, like tear sheets from magazines and ephemera for future projects:

closet storage

Here is the photo storage area. The custom ‘wallpaper’ is simply enlarged black and white photos printed on matte paper and collaged on the wall. Brilliant and simple:

photo storage

The corkboard walls are home to more enlarged photos and a collection of ephemera:

corkboard wall

There are so many innovative ideas in this craft space that could be easily adapted to any space. I hope they’ve inspired you, too! To view more photos of Darcy’s blog, you can view them here on the Martha Stewart website.


Fabulous Frames

Hi, everyone! Since my assignment this time is “Pick a Topic”, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite ideas for using frames. I love it when a product can be used for its created purpose and, with just a little creativity and imagination, it can be used for many other purposes!

This lovely idea comes from a young lady who calls herself “Kiddo” at She even has a picture tutorial of how she transformed this frame from a garish gold color to this yummy blue, complete with a “clothesline” for hanging photos from.

Here is another example, using poster frames from IKEA, from Almost Never Clever:


Another great idea is to use these acrylic frames to store wooden mounted stamps in.


Modifying one of these wooden crates will allow you to create a drawer system to store them in.


And, here is a photo of the two combined from We Will Always Have Paris.


I absolutely love the use of these collage or multi-photo frames from Monika Wright.


This family calendar from Next To Heaven is awesome!


And, finally, here are a couple of ideas for using frames for decorating or gift-giving without spending a lot. Like these, from Tuck and Cover,


and these, from Pinterest – so simple and yet so functional!


So many uses for a product that is easily found and usually inexpensive! I think some of these ideas might just turn up as Christmas presents for my family and friends this year! It will be here before we know it, won’t it?  Yikes! ~ Doris


A Vintage Scrapbook Room {Hammers & High Heels}

Vintage, girly, crafty goodness.  That’s what comes from this “Idea House” in Minneapolis.  Call it an Idea House or Street of Dream home…I’m sure there are lots of names out there.  Regardless, count yourself lucky if you live in a city who sponsors these events.  These homes are so full of unique and crazy ideas.

I’ve toured several of these homes in the past and not once have I seen a craft room, much less a scrapbook room!  Thanks to Carla of Hammers & High Heels for documenting this room so well!


Vintage Scrapbook Room

So many useful ideas here.  How about that door turned table using porch posts as the legs?  Or hanging an old radiator cover on the wall to make a magnet board?  And those boxes on the wall?  Vintage lunch boxes!

An old potting bench makes perfect storage!

This old potting bench is such a great storage pieces.  And adding the wallpaper to the backing really give it a unique look.

Belts as display space!

Hanging belts on hooks as a place to clip ideas and inspiration – such a great idea!  And another look at the lunch boxes to the right.

For more information about the house tour as well as to check out Carla’s super cute renovation blog, go here.

Studio Tour with Layle Koncar

Have you been enjoying our studio tours so far?  I hope so…we’ve got even more in store for you in the coming weeks!  This morning, we are welcoming Layle Koncar, a veteran of both Basic Grey and Scenic Route. Layle’s studio is a great mix of both vintage and modern and I think you’ll love it!

Howdy friends and thanks to Craft Storage Ideas for inviting me to share my scrap space with you! Here’s the whirlwind tour –

A few years ago I convinced my husband to turn our home office into my scrapbook room. And surprise, surprise – he agreed! We pulled out the carpet, painted and put down dark hardwood floors (I’d NEVER do that again, the dark hardwood shows every little speck of dust, every little miniscule scrap of paper – everything!).

A glass topped scrap table.

I’m a standing scrapper, so the counter height table (a Target purchase – Pottery Barn had something similar, but the Target version was MUCH cheaper) is perfect, especially with the cubbies on both ends. We ordered a custom piece of cut glass locally to sit on the top – definitely a do again!

I get tons of questions about how I hang the layouts you see along the wall in that pic. Super easy! It’s a curtain rod from Target. The layouts are held up by clips they sell right alongside the curtain rod. I always back my layouts with a piece of cardstock – whether they’re hanging on this rod or going directly into an album (ok, who am I kidding when I say directly?! eventually when they make their way into an album a year down the road, if they’re lucky!), so having that sturdiness adds a little more stability to the more embellishment heavy layouts and helps them to hang without bowing from the rod.

It’s a pretty small space – 9×13, but I’ve managed to jam everything imaginable in there, thanks to Ikea and my love for all things vintage. Like MANY other scrappers out there, Ikea has been my friend when it comes to furnishing the room.

Expedit bookshelf.

The Expedit unit works super well for me – the cubes are the perfect size for 12×12 paper trays. I’ve used old Scrabble tiles to label several of the cubes (glue dots word wonders for that!).

I have a LOVE (ok, maybe an obsession) for all things vintage, and I use all kinds of vintage things in my scrapbook room for organization – Like this bedspring from an old baby crib to hang lots of things I see that inspire me, notes and artwork from my kids and favorite photos.

Inspiration board made from a vintage bedspring!

And like this old rubber stamp carousel to hold some of my favorite mists.

Perfect storage for mists.

Recently I scored this great gumball machine on an antiquing trip with a friend. I added my collection of old white and cream vintage buttons and it sits on my table.

Buttons galore!

Below the bedsprings sits an old leather suitcase that my dad gave to me and it sits on an old metal TV tray. I use that to hold lots of embellishments.

Embellishment storage

More embellishment storage – a reproduction old-fashioned standing postcard carousel from Pottery Barn.

Postcard holder from Pottery Barn

I’m a sucker for cool, old drawers. When I saw this metal one at an antique store, I knew it would be perfect for storing ink pads.

Inks in a vintage drawer unit

1. What kind of budget did you have when organizing your space?

Depends on whether you ask me or my husband ;). We did all of the work on our own – ripping out the carpet, putting down the hardwood and painting – so that kept costs down. Buying pieces from Ikea also helped to keep things pretty inexpensive. The vintage storage pieces I’ve added over time as the room has evolved.

2. What was your greatest challenge?

The biggest challenge is that this room is to the left, right when you walk in our front door. And it has glass paneled french doors. And I’m a messy scrapbooker. And I rarely clean things up right when I’m done. Put those four things together and it’s hard to hide the mess when people come over!

3. Are you a “organize it once” kind of girl, or are your storage solutions constantly evolving?

Constantly evolving. Constantly! I love to organize and reorganize this room. Sometimes when I’m not feeling the mojo, I pull things out and reorganize and that helps to get my creativity flowing again. And of course, I love to shop for vintage things I can use in my scrapbook room, so that gives me a reason to keep organizing – new storage finds.

4. What is one thing you’d like to improve about your storage/organization?

Because everything isn’t out in the open, I have a hard time remembering what I have. And if I don’t remember I have it, I don’t use it.


Layle – you rock!  I love your studio.  Thanks for sharing it with us all.  And to our loyal readers – don’t forget to check out her blog!

This one is for all the sewers {Liesl Gibson}

Is sewer the correct term?  Seamstress?  Sewist?  Oh dear.

Liesl Gibson is a fabric and sewing pattern designer who owns a company called Oliver + S.  She works out of her home, and her sewing studio is beautiful.  I love that everything has its own place, but love that there is plenty of room for display and inspiration boards.

Walls full of inspiration.


Wonderful natural light!


Plenty of room for sewing machines.

Don’t you just love this space?  For more about Liesl, check out her blog and website.