Craft Storage Ideas, Contributor Craft Room: Re-Making A Space With Purpose-Built Units

Craft Storage Ideas, Contributor Craft Room: Re-Making A Space With Purpose-Built Units
Craft room storage that’s purpose-built for your supplies!

Looking for ideas for re-making your crafting space?

Check out how I’ve gotten started with my craft table using Stamp-n-Storage modules!

Craft Storage Ideas: Contributor Craft Room: Re-Making A Space With Purpose-Built Units (image)
Craft Storage Ideas, Contributor Craft Room: Re-Making A Space With Purpose-Built Units

Source:  Kim Skinner

Have you been dreaming about a craft room make-over?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a Pinterest board full of gorgeous craft rooms full of gorgeous craft rooms saved for inspiration!

Personally, I’ve been piecing together storage finds from garage sales, thrift stores, dollar stores and flea markets.

I feel like my organization system, while not pretty,  really works well for me.

It’s been great to experiment with inexpensive finds to figure out what my craft storage needs really are before spending money on specialized storage pieces.

I have however, been dreaming about a few specific items that keep popping up in the craft spaces that I find myself envying online!

And I decided that it was time to treat myself for a change.

I’m not talking about completely gutting my room and hiring a contractor to build the perfect space.

I’m talking about starting in the area that I use the most and getting a few things to make the space look cleaner and more cohesive while meeting my storage needs.

A couple of items that keep popping up include new ink and punch storage modules.

You can see the post Craft Storage: Product Spotlight – Ink Pad Storage from OrganizeMorewhich our contributor Jessica Frost-Ballas recently shared.

Jessica shared her ink storage system – it’s a beauty and it works perfectly for the ink pads and supplies that she uses.

I decided to go with the modules created by Stamp-n-Storage.

They’ve designed pieces specifically for the inks and punches that I use exclusively.

Craft Storage Ideas: Contributor Craft Room: Re-Making A Space With Purpose-Built Units - Organizing Units from Stamp-n-Storage (image)
Craft Storage Ideas, Contributor Craft Room: Re-Making A Space With Purpose-Built Units – Organizing Units from Stamp-n-Storage

Source: Kim Skinner

There are actually three pieces pictured here.

The ink storage unit is the Combo Holder – this holds my ink pads, re-inkers and markers all in one place.

And on top of the ink storage, you see the Lock Down Punch Holder.

I’ve already painted those two pieces!

Everything comes unpainted, in the natural wood that you see above (lower left).

That raw wood piece is actually the Marker Nook and I purchased two of those – one will hold my clear blocks, and the other will hold my few regular-sized ink pads, along with aqua pens, journaling pens and so forth.

I actually purchased the ink Combo Holder and the Lock Down Punch Holder as a Package Deal, which saved me some money.

It pays to plan ahead and purchase your pieces at the same time to get those bundle or bulk discounts when you make your purchase.


Craft Storage Ideas, Contributor Craft Room: Re-Making A Space With Purpose-Built Units - Studio Designer Tool from Stamp-N-Storage (image)
Craft Storage Ideas, Contributor Craft Room: Re-Making A Space With Purpose-Built Units – Studio Designer Tool from Stamp-n-Storage

At the end of June, I started playing with the Studio Designer tool on the Stamp-n-Storage website.

After measuring my space and entering the dimensions, I used this tool to see how my space would work – I added my table, power outlets, windows and other structures that are in the space.

I was then able to select the pieces that I wanted to buy to see if they fit in the space I have available.

This also allowed me to stay within the budget that I set for myself!

Since one of my goals was to create a more cohesive finished space, I added some stamp storage, drawers for tools and ribbon storage as well!

I placed my order at the beginning of July and about half of the pieces arrived in less than a week.  The rest just arrived a couple of days ago.

I managed to get a few pieces painted before I couldn’t wait any longer to fit them together and see what they looked like.

Once I get more spray paint, and the weather cooperates, I’ll get the rest of the pieces set up and have my table space completed!

Here is the start of my table space:

Craft Storage Ideas, Contributor Craft Room: Re-Making A Space With Purpose-Built Units - The Beginnings of My Table Space
Craft Storage Ideas, Contributor Craft Room: Re-Making A Space With Purpose-Built Units – The Beginnings of My Table Space

Source:  Kim Skinner

 I can’t wait to get the rest of the pieces painted this week and get it all in place!

It’s good, sturdy construction created specifically for stamping storage.

It already feels more cohesive and I love how it looks!

I was impressed with the helpful tools on the Stamp-n-Storage website.

They have several videos which offer advice on creating your perfect space.

They also have several perfect spaces that they’ve featured in their videos.

They also give great advice on figuring out what your organization style is.

For example, I’m not a cabinet organizer.  Once an item is placed in a cabinet and the door closes, I forget all about it – it’s placed in the storage abyss that is the equivalent of Warehouse 13!

The storage pieces above can be mounted to the wall.

Now I have no small children around and I’m generally the only one that uses this room, so I’m not too worried about a unit toppling over.

I will, however, add some braces to the backs to hold the pieces together, and to attach them to the wall, once I’ve decided exactly how I want them arranged on my table.

The beauty of this system is that I can rearrange it until I have it exactly like I want it.  I am really a function over form person!

Thanks for stopping by and please c
heck out my blog at StampingImperfection!

Happy Day!

Craft Storage Ideas Contributor: Kim Skinner (image)
Craft Storage Ideas Contributor: Kim Skinner


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Jennifer McGuire’s Studio and storage ideas

Hi, all! Sharon here! I’m just so excited to be featuring Jennifer McGuire’s studio with you today.  I’m a total tidy freak when it comes to my studio and how I organise my supplies, and I have got an incredible amount of inspiration from Jennifer’s blog and videos.   If I could have a replica of her room I wouldn’t change a thing!  If you haven’t visited her blog then it’s a must, she is the most kind-hearted and sharing person and her blog and YouTube channel are just full of great ideas, but more on that shortly.

Firstly, here’s a photo of her studio.  As you can see, she has a fantastic island in the centre for working on, and most of her supplies are hidden away in custom made cupboards – this really appeals to me as I can’t bear too much clutter.

What I like most about Jennifer’s room is that, because she designed it from scratch, a lot of thought has gone into what products she wants close at hand, and how she wants to store them for easy access.  For instance, she stores her ink pads in the centre island, so they are right by her workspace – and the OrganizeMore cubby fits perfectly.

I could go on forever about this room and all the ideas I’ve picked up from Jennifer, but I’ll just share one idea here, then you can pop across to Jennifer’s blog and YouTube channel to see the rest (and I HIGHLY recommend that you do).

Aside from her stamp storage, one of the best ideas I’ve picked up from Jennnifer is her ink swatch idea.  She uses the Simon Says Stamp ink swatch stamp set to put together a swatch book, and she so generous, that she’s even shared ink swatch downloads for almost every ink brand you can think of, so you just need to print them out, cut them to size (and she’s added cutting guide lines too), then stamp them out.

I highly recommend you set aside some time, grab a coffee, and watch all her storage videos here.  I guarantee you’ll be inspired to start re-organising your supplies!

Thanks for popping by, and I hope you enjoy exploring Jennifer’s blog and videos.


How to Store Distress Ink Blending Tools

distress ink blending tool storage

Hey there, Jessica here! I ADORE my distress inks.  If my craft room was on fire and I could only save one thing…I’d save my distress inks.  I love their versatility and all the bright, cheerful colors!  When I bought my first distress ink pads last year I just threw them in a drawer with the rest of my ink pads.  As I started using them I found myself keeping them out on a regular basis.  Then I discovered distress markers…and the reinkers…and the blending tools…and I was in trouble.

I had an ink organizer from Organize More that I loved and while browsing their site one day I realized that they had distress ink specific organizers but not ones that would hold the reinkers and markers.  So I put in a request for one and a few months later they added it to the line-up!

distress ink storage

After I received the organizer I really got into using the mini ink blending tools.  I started off with just two tools and a handful of pads but ended up making the investment for individual tools for each color.  I found myself accidentally smudging and ruining cards when trying to change the blending pads.  And I also had a tendency to accidentally mistake the colors and contaminate the blending pad or the actual ink pad.  I use them often enough that I figured it was worth it to have easy access to them.  I lucked out and was able to find the blending tools at JoAnn’s on sale and was able to add an extra coupon near Christmas bringing each tool to 75% off!  (Actually I think they may have been mismarked at JoAnn’s…but I wasn’t going to argue with the cashier!)

Then I had to figure out how to store them…I had wanted to have easy access to them but didn’t want them out on my workspace.  I found an Artbin container and realized the tools would fit perfectly.  I ended up grouping them in threes (in the same order as my ink organizer).

distress ink blending tool storage

I also made up a diagram with the name of each color in the grouping and washi-taped it to both sides of the lid so that I could easily find individual colors.

distress ink blending tool storage

In the front compartments I keep extra pads and a handful of leftover tools (including the older rectangular tools).  I also labeled each tool so that I wouldn’t make any mistakes with the colors.

distress ink blending tool storage

If you couldn’t tell I get a little excited about organizing supplies in my craft room! 🙂  I hope this gives you some ideas for how to store your distress inks and supplies!

jessica CSI signature

A great OrganizeMore giveaway, coupon, and review to kick 2015 off right!

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 12.57.27 PM

Happy New Year CSI readers! I hope you are as excited as we are to kick off a great New Year! We are starting off with a fab GIVEAWAY, a COUPON CODE, and I have a review on a great product from our friends at OrganizeMore! The giveaway deets are at the bottom of this post.


I was lucky enough to get a Pro Ink Organizer for review. I used to have a rotating ink organizer that sat on my desk, but it didn’t hold enough ink pads, I have waaaaaaay too many. 😉 Also, I felt it took up a large footprint on my desk.

This ink organizer is so nice, it is all ready to hang or set on your desk (which is what I did). There are felt pads on the bottom to keep it from scratching, and there are hangers on the back if you’d prefer to mount it on the wall.


This is NOT the organizer that holds pens as well, BUT I decided to add my markers to it anyway, since the compartments are so roomy. I love how the several sizes of ink pads I have all fit easily inside.


It’s like a rainbow, I love rainbows 🙂




We have a GIVEAWAY for you! You can win a 60$ gift certificate to OrganizeMore to pick out your OWN favorite organizer if you comment on this post! The winner will be announced on this site on January 9! 

Also, OrganizeMore has been generous enough to offer a COUPON CODE for Craft Storage Ideas readers! you can get 10% off your entire order from now through January 12. The code is: JAN15CSI. 

Be sure to tune in on Monday, as we will be announcing our fab Contributor Team for this term! 🙂 Happy New Year from CSI!


Product Highlight: Storage Tin for Mini Distress Inks

Ranger has just brought out a new storage container for the Mini Distress Ink Pads!

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 11.53.36 PM


This tin is a great solution if you like to take your supplies to crops.

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 11.53.48 PM

I’m sure many craft stores will be stocking this, or pop over to the Ranger website for more details.

Thanks for stopping by Craft Storage Ideas!




May GIVEAWAY from Organize More!

UPDATED! WINNER CHOSEN on 5/21/14! : #8 Suzanne Lowrie! 

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 1.36.24 PM


Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 1.37.16 PM



Hi all! I cannot WAIT to share with you the wonderful giveaway that our friends from Organize More! are offering our Craft Storage Ideas readers for May! Look at this wonderful Combination Ink and Ribbon organizer that you could be sporting in your very own space! I love how it can accommodate different sizes of ink pads, don’t you?

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 4.34.38 PM


To win, please comment on this post, and tell us your favorite brand of ink pads and why. We will select a winner on May 21 and post on the Craft Storage Ideas website and Facebook page! One entry per person only, please. Due to the high cost of shipping, you MUST live in the continental US 48 states to participate, thank you for understanding!


Just One Tip: Stamp Pad & Marker Storage!

Spring is here and for me that means Spring Cleaning! Well it should anyways.  This is Cicily the Pink Dalmatian Scrapper and I’m sharing “Just One Tip” with you today.

So while you’re cleaning and organizing keep this tip in mind.

The best way to store ink pads is pad side down. That way the ink stays at the top of the pad.  Some ink pads (like CTMH) flip closed so the pad is upside down. Otherwise actually turn your pad upside down. I do this with my Tim Holtz Distress pads.

This stamp storage from Organize More is perfect for either type of pad, just remember upside down.

Prize 3 - Organize More


I’ve seen some great marker storage ideas, but think gravity again. The best way to store markers is laying down flat. I don’t have a ton of Markers so I store mine in this Tim Holtz tube, laying down flat of course! The lid has flat edges, so the tube doesn’t roll.


Hopefully your spring cleaning and organizing leads you to more craftiness!




Product Highlight ~ ArtBin

Hello friends, Lisa here today with a product highlight to share. The product I’m featuring is from ArtBin.  They offer several storage containers in a variety of shapes and sizes. I use two styles of the Prism Compartment Box. I like the box because they’re crystal clear, lightweight and a good size for me. Before I show you what I use this item for, let me share a few more organizational ideas.


They’re good for storing those little office type supplies neatly in a drawer.


This six compartment box is great for specialty markers, pens Sharpies or even Copics.


Perhaps you’re a scrapbooker with just a few rubber stamps in your collection.


And finally they way I use the Prism Boxes, to store my ink pads! The six compartment box holds cat’s eye and dew drop inks perfectly. The one compartment box stores my larger ink pads. Papertrey Ink ink pads have a curve that lets me stack and store 18 pads per box.  Or you can use it for 10 stacked rectangle ink pads.


I purchase my boxes at Joann. With a coupon you can get them for about $5 each. They’re also available at Walmart and online thru Amazon and several art supply sites. Just Google ArtBin and you’ll find more options available.


Product Highlight: Best Craft Organizer PortaInk Standard Case

The last few years, I have been using a storage unit for my ink pads that I haven’t felt a need to replace and, for me, that makes it a winner!  I feel like I’m always changing and reorganizing things in my craft room, but this one product has remained a constant.

Introducing the Best Craft Organizer PortaInk Standard Case!

Best Craft Organizer - PortaInk Standard Case

For the past three years, I had these mounted on my craft room wall above my work desk since they have a wall mounting spot on the back of them.  A couple weeks ago, I moved all my craft supplies to the basement in a temporary area, so have them setting on top of a cube storage unit for now.  I love that they are so versatile!

With the capability to hold 24 ink pads and up to 28 ink refill bottles per unit, I have plenty of room to expand my collection!

If you’re looking for a unit that is fairly light weight and slender, this one may be for you!

Enjoy your weekend!



DIY: Build Your Own Ink Pad Storage

Have you ever wished you had a place to keep all your ink pads corralled neatly, but didn’t want to go out and fork out the money for a storage unit at the store?  Well, here’s DIY solution for you today!

Amanda over at Did You Stamp Today? received an ink pad storage unit from her dear husband after he offered to build her something!  With a few boards and the help of his saws, he created this beauty:

For a supply list and complete building instructions, be sure and visit her blog post!

Enjoy your weekend!