Cataloguing your supplies with Evernote

 Hi everyone, it’s Sharon here today and I want to share with you my ideas for using Evernote software to keep track of my supplies.

I had never heard of Evernote until I saw an old post on here from Cicily where she shared how she uses it.   I recently made the switch from storing my stamps in CD cases to the Avery Elle storage pockets, and whilst doing so, had a bit of a clear out and got rid of a lot of older stamps.  This left me with a bit of a dilemma, because I had numbered all my CD cases, and created a folder of stamped images so I could categorize them and easily find the particular stamp I wanted.   The thought of starting that all over from scratch didn’t appeal so I was looking for another way to do it.

I really wasn’t sure that Evernote would work for me.   I do like to flip through a book to see what I have – and I have gone back to a paper planner because I can’t cope with using a digital calendar, so I was a little sceptical about it, but I’m so glad I gave it a try, because it really is fantastic.

If you don’t know anything about Evernote, it’s free software, that enables you to create various ‘notebooks’, and within those notebooks you can list anything you like.  It’s easiest to download the software onto a PC or laptop for creating your catalogues, but then you can also access it via an app on your phone or tablet, which is extremely useful.   It also includes a snipping tool, which enables you to copy and paste anything from your screen and catalogue it.  You can add ‘tags’ to each note and then search for those tags.

So, to explain it better, I’ll show you what I have created so far.

I started off cataloguing my stamps.   So I created a notebook called ‘Stamp Catalogue’.    Then I created a ‘note’ for each of my stamp sets.  The format for each ‘note’ is the same, first I list the manufacturer, then the name of the set.   Using the snipping tool I add a picture of the set (I usually get this from the manufacturers website), I then add tags which will give me all the information I need when searching – so I create tags describing all the images in a set, all the greetings, then additional tags such as ‘Christmas’, ‘Birthday’ etc.

evernote 1

It really didn’t take that long to add all my sets and I am really finding it a great way to work.  If, for instance, I’m looking for a greeting that says ‘Happy Birthday’, I just search the tags for that, and then I can flip through all the sets I have that are relevant.  You can add more than one picture to each note, so another idea I had was to also include a photo of the stamped image along with various marker colour options.  You could also add photos of cards made using that stamp in case you want to recreate them.

I plan to create ‘notebooks’ for all my supplies, then, when I’m out shopping, I can quickly see what I already have.   Although I have started an ink swatch book for my inks and embossing powders which I will rely on to see the true colours, I think I’m going to list them on Evernote too, just so I have a list accessible from my phone so I know at a glance what I already have.

So far, I’ve catalogued my wafer thin dies:

evernote 2

My digital stamps:

Evernote 3

and my punches:

Evernote 4

Next, I’m planning to add my Distress Inks, my embossing folders and my stencils.

 Since it’s accessible from my phone, I plan to add some other notebooks for all sorts of other things.  Here’s some ideas of other things it could be used for  – to do lists, recipe lists, shopping lists, useful snippets of code that I want to store somewhere, colour swatches, card sketches, Christmas card list, birthday present lists, storing business cards, etc.

I hope I’ve persuaded you all to have a go with it – I really have found that it’s changed my life!




Stamp Inventory Using Evernote

Hi everyone, I’m so honored to a guest poster for Craft Storage Ideas today!

For several years I kept an inventory of my stamps in binders and while it works, it’s pretty cumbersome to pull these huge, heavy binders out every time I want to find a specific type of stamp. When my stamp collection grew to fill two 4 inch binders filled to the max, I knew I needed a new way to inventory my stamps if I was ever going to use them again.

My solution? To create a stamp inventory that is electronic and can be accessed from my computer as well as my iPhone. I recently found a free program called Evernote which does all of this and more.

Use Evernote to create a digital stamp inventory!

About Evernote

Evernote makes it easy to remember things big and small from your everyday life using your computer, phone, tablet and the web. There are a series of videos on the Evernote website that explain exactly what you can do with this program. Click here to view them.

To download Evernote for your computer, click here.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed

I knew that it was going to take a long time to get all of these stamps switched over to a digital version so to keep from getting overwhelmed, I told myself that I would only spend 15-30 minutes each night transferring them over to the new system. Then I ended up getting sick and while I was stuck in bed, I actually finished it quicker than I thought.

Whether you have 20 stamps or 2000, don’t let the idea of starting from scratch overwhelm you. Depending on your lifestyle and schedule, set aside a specific time each day/week to enter your stamps into your Evernote Inventory and believe it or not, it WILL get done. Sooner or later. (LOL)

Getting Started

First of all, each “inventory” is called a “notebook” in Evernote. Each entry in your inventory/notebook is called a “note”. Below are step by step instructions for how I’m use Evernote to create my stamp inventory binder:

Step One:

Open Evernote, Choose “File”, “New Notebook” and then name your notebook whatever you’d like. I named mine “Stamp Inventory Notebook”. If you wanted, you could separate your stamps by category or by manufacturer, but I find it easier for me to keep them all in one notebook.

Step Two:

Click on “New Note”, where it says “Click to set title”, click there and enter the title of your stamp set. I always put the manufacturer in front of the name if I know it. For example: “Paper Smooches – A Little Lovin’” is the title of one of my stamp sets.

Create a New "Note"

Step Three:

Where it says “Click to add tag”, click there and start typing your tags with a comma in between words. Here is an example of tags that I used for the “A Little Lovin’” stamp set:

  • “announcement, baby, carrot, crown, elephant, frog, heart, i love you, kangaroo, lips, kiss me, new baby, mom and baby, paper smooches, welcome baby, thump I’m in love”

I put both tags for the images and the sentiments so that when I’m searching for something, it will be easier to find it.

Enter Your Tags

Step Four:

Next, I find an image of my stamp set on the web, and use my “snippet” tool to copy and paste the image of the stamp set into Evernote. If you don’t know how to use the snippet tool, click here for a tutorial. You’ll be amazed at how much easier this little tool will make your life! (online anyway LOL)

So I go into the text portion of the note and either right click and choose “paste” or I just use ctrl-v to paste the image I snipped. (See image below)

a little lovin

If you do not have the name of your stamp or the manufacturer, you can just take a photograph and copy and paste it into your inventory notebook. I have some that I stamped out and photographed because I bought the stamps at a thrift store or just forgot to write down who made the stamp and what it was called. Here is a sample:

photographed entry

That’s it! Your first note is complete. Now, just start all over and click on “New Note” again. Easy right? Time consuming, yes but in the end I you will have a searchable database of all of your stamps which will make you more likely to use them more!

Here is a copy of my finished (but always ongoing) digital stamp inventory using Evernote: Kat’s Evernote Stamp Inventory

If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to contact me via email or on my blog.

Cataloging Supplies

Hello fellow crafters, it’s Cicily the Pink Dalmatian Scrapper. Have you ever found yourself at your favorite store, (that would be a crafting store btw!), and you can’t remember if you have that embossing folder already? Been there, done that!

In my quest (the never ending quest that is) to be organized I endeavor to know what supplies I have. Thankfully I have not purchased too many duplicates. But I have heard stories where people even purchase Cricut cartridges they already own! I’d much rather spend my money on new, the identical twin does not already exist in my craft room, supplies!

Here are some ideas to help catalog your supplies for easy reference, especially when you’re away from home. Most everyone has a smart phone so these first options are for you!

Evernote is a free app that I love to use. It lets me create Notebooks and then Notes in each book. I have my Cricut cartridges, Glimmer Mist and Distress Markers organized in here for starters. Each “note” in the notebook is categorized alphabetically and your notes and pictures can be added. Evernote also links up to a PC account so you can access all the features on your computer.

Evernote Collage

I also use Pinterest to organize my inspiration and ideas. You could use it to catalog supplies as well. I hope all you crafters are using Pinterest but for those who haven’t yet or aren’t quite sure what it’s all about, here it is in a nutshell. You create your personal account and  create your own “boards”, think of them like cork boards. You can have as many as you want and name them anything you want. Then while anywhere on the web or on Pinterest itself if you see something you like you can “pin it” to your board. Then when you want to see your pins you select your board & everything is there for you! Click the individual picture and it will take you back to the original website, so all the information is a click away! Here are some of my boards and my pinned inspiration.

Pinterest Collage

Another organizing tool I use on my phone is my shopping list. I don’t alway have planned trips to my favorite crafting stores and of course my mind draws a complete blank as to what supplies I just ran out of or need to work on a project. I have a shopping list app on my phone that lets me create lists for different stores. I created a “craft” list and add supplies as I need them. Then when I happen to be in a store, I can look at my list and get what I need. Ok so I do add some wants to my cart too!

So maybe the apps aren’t for you. Never fear you can still catalog your supplies (and there’s lots of ideas on Pinterest!). I created these tags more for reference in my craft room, but they could be tucked in a purse and taken to the store.

tag collage

I’d love to hear how you catalog your supplies!