Product Highlight: Hardware Storage Box

Many of us that craft have a lot of small bits and pieces to store and organize. I scrapbook and make jewelry and for both types of craft I end up with a lot of little supplies. One of my favorite storage solutions are hardware storage boxes. They are easy to find at pretty much any home improvement store and some mass retailers.

I love these because they are easy to find, relatively inexpensive and can be customized. I have spray painted mine with spray paint especially made for plastic to match the decor of my craft room. The clear drawers are perfect for seeing what is inside. Adding some labels to the front makes it even easier to find what you are looking for. You can sort your supplies by color, item type, etc. I have one I use for chipboard letter storage and have a drawer for each letter.

Here you can see Craft-O-Rama using one hanging on the wall to store small embellishments such as brads, eyelets and flowers.

Indie Color uses hers to store all her different colored beads.

Here is an example of one of the grey standard hardware storage boxes being painted white with plastic spray paint to fit in with the decor at SevenTwoThree. I think this whole room is beautiful and the drawers blend right in.

Lastly, Shannon at Madigan Made, uses one for stamp storage. I love how she made colored cut outs for each drawer. Such a fun addition to her craft space!

These units can be stacked and placed on a shelf, or you can even hang them on the wall. They are so versatile!



Blayne White {My Digital Scraproom}

I’m excited to introduce Blayne White to you today!  Blayne is an entrepreneur; work at home mom, wife, and owner of both a professional photography studio and her newest creation, My Digital ScrapRoom.  ScrapRoom was born out of her love for photography and scrapbooking, and an overwhelming passion for helping others organize their tremendous libraries of digital photos.  She lives and works at home with her husband, Bryan, and her two children, Alyx and Tristan (yes, from Legends of the Fall), and her two rescue dogs Daisy and Cuddles.  She has been a scrapbooker for 19 years and loves how her hobby and passion have now become her work. You are going to love her craft room.  And don’t forget to check out the awesome coupon she’s offering to CSI readers at the end of this post!



When it comes to scrapbooking, I am definitely a collector.  I love to have the complete set of anything – paints, pens, die cuts, you name it.  And that can cause a problem trying to store everything.  Several years ago, my daughter and I turned an extra room at the front of our house into an art room.  I was a little worried about it being the first room in our house that people see, but really, art is what we are all about, so I got over it.  I love that I can be in the middle of everything going on and also creating, or organizing, whenever I have a few minutes.



I have learned several things about myself when it comes to storage and how I use my ‘stuff’.  I need to be able to see it, touch it, and find it in order to be inspired by it and use it.  I use lots of clear and open storage in my space and find some of my favorite items at The Container Store and Ikea.


Because my scrapbooking organization is constantly changing and evolving, I don’t really have a budget in mind, but I am continually looking for items that are inexpensive or meaningful in some way.  When we travel, I try to pick up a memento or container that reminds me of that place or time.  For instance, on my desktop, I have a Butterbeer mug to hold my paintbrushes, a Pixar mug for my journaling pens, a George Michael mug for scissors, and an adorable glass vase from Anthropologie to hold Epiphany epoxies – all within reach, meaningful, and adorable at the same time.


I also like to use supplies as the decor in my room – washi tape is in a wooden tray I found at a thrift store, and I also raided my kitchen for tiny sauce cups/ramekins for my new baker’s cart.  This is my absolute favorite item at the moment.  I saw one in Ali Edwards’ office when I visited her recently and found my own once I returned home.  It has ten 18×24 removable trays and I store not only supplies, but also projects I’m working on.  When I need something, I just grab it and place it on my worktable, then put it away to work on something else.  It really helps keep my tabletop a little more clear.DSC08700


My favorite Ikea find is the little turquoise cart my friend Mary bought for me.  It has wheels so it can go anywhere I want it to.  I use this to store my paint, sticker letters, journaling cards and tags, stencil letters, ink pads, spray paints/inks, and stamping supplies.  It doesn’t take up much space, but because of the vertical storage, it holds a lot.


Along with organizing in open or clear containers, I also organize by color.  I use color on my Clip It Up, as well as some clear plastic boxes I found at the Container Store, and of course, all my paper.  The boxes are great for taking with me to a crop since they are portable and while I’d love to have all my embellishments in one spot, for now the two options are working for me.



I have a problem with stamps.  I love them, but I am bad about not using them.  I found some cute little baskets trimmed in my favorite color – turquoise – at Target.  I bought them without knowing how or even if I was going to use them. (Always, if you see something you love, buy all they have.  You can always take it back.)  I reorganized an Ikea printer cart for my stamps.  I placed a cutting pad on top so I could stamp right where my stamps live, and stored my stamps in the new baskets below.  I cut the snap closure off the Close To My Heart stamp cases (I know, I know – I had a hard time doing that!), and I was able to fit THREE times as many stamps in a basket.  I do not miss the snaps at all.  My larger stamps are stored in clear snap folders in larger baskets.  Again, with the clear storage, I can just flip through and quickly see what I have.


My absolute love of organization was really the reasoning behind the creation of My Digital ScrapRoom, the world’s first all-in-one digital photo organizational and scrapbooking solution.  I was so frustrated with the overwhelming amounts of digital photos I was taking and the process of finding them again to use in my projects.  I almost stopped scrapbooking at one point.  Now, with easy but robust searching and tagging options and a mobile app on the way, finding my photos is a snap.  And extra bonus:  I can use the same software to store my digital elements and make a custom digital project without having to use multiple programs!  For more info, please visit my website:

I hope you have found some tips and tricks that help you in your own organizational journey.  You can also visit my YouTube channel for more videos on organizing your supplies, as well as your photos.

Thank you for tuning in!

Blayne White













Isn’t Blayne’s room lovely?  I especially love her baker’s cart.  What a brilliant idea!

Not only has she given us a peek into her craft room, but Blayne is also offering a sweet discount to CSI readers who are interested in using My Digital Scraproom.  Just use code: craftstorageideasrocks for 20% off!  This offer is good through July 31st!

Update:  Blayne has also posted a video tour of her space here.

Product Review: {Recollections Washi Tape Dispensers}

Who doesn’t love Washi Tape? I know I do – it takes everything I have to keep from “collecting” every pattern and color out there! I have still managed to get my hands on several styles that I just couldn’t do without – wink, wink! I didn’t really have a good way of storing my rolls, until I came across these at Michael’s:



Here is another style:



And here are the two styles connected:



If you’ve read my other posts, you already know what a fan I am of the Recollections storage product’s. Especially when they put them on sale all the time! At the time I purchased these, they were 60% off. Sixty, as in 6-zero! I don’t know that I’ve ever seen them 60% off before! I know there are a zillion ways to store/display Washi Tape collections, but this particular product fits me and my storage needs to a “T”!

Be sure an let us know how you store your Washi Tape! ~ Doris

Recollections Craft Accessory Organizer: Product Highlight

Hello fellow crafters! It’s Cicily the Pink Dalmatian Scrapper with today’s product highlight. I always enjoy seeing everyone’s variation on the Recollections Craft Accessory Organizer, I even have one myself. So I thought I would share what some fellow crafters have done with the product to personalize it for their accessory needs.

My mom pointed out to me that her latest wall mounted organizer was slightly different then mine and when I went online to get this picture, sure enough one of the shelves is missing and there’s no longer bead-board in the back. So you may notice that difference between some rooms. I wanted to point that out in case someone rushed out to M’s and was disappointed with the change. The Recollections Craft Accessory Organizer is a wall mounted shelving unit that has multiple shelves & cubbies to organize your craft goodies. The wall mount keeps everything off your crafting space & the minimal depth means items aren’t buried and lost in the back.

This is my Embellishment organizer. Recollections does make containers to fit in the cubbies, however I didn’t care so much for the price or the fact that they were plastic. I measured the openings and found jars and glass containers  from Walmart and filled them with my goodies! I also added a metal strip to the bottom and usuing magnets hang Stickles & stamping tools.

Recollections Embellishment center

 This is the new style of organizer (my Mom’s). Also using the jars from Walmart & other assorted glass containers. IMG_3092


Here’s one that went opposite from me and used it exclusively for ribbon.


 Have a small crafting space? Here is one used in a closet!

I love all the color &  decorated containers.

Have you seen CSI’s very own Dorris Weeaks craft room? She has 3 of the organizers! Click on the picture to go to a CSI tour of her room.

Here’s a closeup of the 2 she uses for stamp display/storage and how she modified the shelving to hold more. Click on the picture to go to the tutorial on how she did this.

There are so many options and ways to organize your embellishments within the Organizer. These are just a few ideas. Let us know if you have a unique way to use your Recollections Craft Accessory Organizer.

Craft Room: Snapshots Of A Good Life{Karen Russell}

As I prepared my last post for CSI it made me a little sad.  But this has been a great opportunity to search and  post for so many people who follow Craft Storage Ideas for useful tips and ideas in this great hobby.  I would like to thank my team leader Rebecca Boyer for this opportunity to be a contributor and I would like to thank my team for your support and friendship.  May you all continue to follow CSI and welcome and support the new team members and you will soon meet and have new ideas to try.  Without any further delay here is my post,  a breath taking craft space that  Karen Russell  has designed with the feel of comfort in mind:

When you walk up the stairs and turn to your left, you’re directly in my scrapbook room/office.  It’s about 15×13 and is the only room in the house with the original wood floors”.  What more could you ask for from a home?  This space is naturally beautiful.


Most of the storage items were items that she already had or bought from Ebay.



How neat is this, a surgical tray!!!

There is so much character to Karen’s craft space.    This old Dewey Decimal Index card catalog holds a ton of stuff.  Most of the jars/canisters on top hold lace and ribbon.  The stand on top was from the post office out in Jacksonville, Oregon – and even has several of old postal stamps hanging on it.


Karen used the charm of her room and filled it with items that  fit the room’s character.  Visit her blog  for a more photos and inspiration.

Thank you all for your support and continue to craft and follow Craft Storage Ideas for even more inspiration!

Deirdre Smith

Vintage, Artsy, and Beautiful Craft Room (Kendra McCracken)


Hi all! Noelle here with a craft room tour for you guys today. I happened upon this room while looking for photos for the jar storage post I had up recently. And when I came upon this blog post at Traveling at the Speed of Light, I just stared at it for the longest time. Then I started frantically pinning photos since I just KNEW this was the next room I’d like to feature here on Craft Storage Ideas. Part of the reason this room appealed to me so much is that this is like my dream craft room. I just LOVE Kendra’s style. I love her use of vintage items for storage. I love the happy shade on the walls. I love the pops of red, and the way she describes how she stores thing apply to me too. I also don’t want to spend a lot, and I want things that can change what they store as my needs change for whatever my latest mediums are. Well enough explanations, shall I show you some eye candy from Kendra’s blog? Don’t you love how in the photo above she’s used a glass display case to store her crafty items? And on the next photo below, she uses a hen nesting box above her workspace to store alterable items.

4623836741_841fcec3f9_z Hen nesting box for storing alterable items

4623836065_bd83de63ce_z          This is an awesome use of a vintage workbench for storage and workspace, too. And isn’t that red stool an awesome find? Especially from a garage sale for only a few dollars.

4623835707_dbaf918333_zGorgeous vintage canning jars for embellishment storage, I have GOT to find some of these jars!

4623839209_97bc8fb3e0_z Kendra’s homemade clip storage with shelf, which she painted to match her decor.

4623843359_7d6e1973d0_z An inexpensive discount-store trifle bowl works well for packaged embellishments.

4623843673_e78b121612_zVintage cake pan for liquid adhesive storage, this is so pretty, and I love how it hides things away that you might not want to look at.

There is all KINDS of other great storage ideas on Kendra’s blog here. I love how she made small storage cases from old instant coffee tins, and she adds so much style to everything with rustic finishes and a repeated star motif throughout the space. Kendra, I COVET your craft room! Hope you all have enjoyed this tour and I’ll see you back here soon with some more storage tips!


Take Care!



Studio Tour – Mamie Jane’s

Hi everyone, Anita here and it is my turn to share a fabulous studio with you. While browsing the web I came across a really inspiring, vintage styled studio, Mamie Jane’s. I love the look of this room and how everything is displayed.

Look at this beautiful antique cubby she has! I love this thing, I have been looking for something like this for a while to store little odds and ends on.

Ok, how handy is this little thing! What a great way to store all your adhesives where you can see them and they will all stay upright.

Love the locker baskets she has here, and all the pretty things she has in them! Mmmm…wonder where I can find some of those??  She even has her punches stored in one.

How creative is this? Instead of sticking all of her patterns in a drawer, she used clothes pins and hung them on a rod above the window as a mock curtain! What a fun way to be able to see what you have on hand, and make your space visually appealing at the same time!

Be sure to stop by Jane’s Blog to see more photos of her wonderful studio space. She has so much to see.


Products We Heart!

Products we heartIt’s the week of Valentine’s, and we just couldn’t help but jump on the bandwagon.  We tend to show all sorts of rooms and products here (that is our purpose, after all), but each of our contributors has a favorite product or two that they can’t live without.  And this week we are going to talk about them!  Here’s hoping that you’ll be inspired to organize so you can create even more!

I’m super excited to be the first in line to share the organizing product I love the most.  It took me years and years to figure out the best way to organize my embellishments and papers so that I could easily find what I needed.  And once I bit the bullet to invest in The ScrapRack, my crafty life was forever changed!


 Seems pretty nondescript, right?  But, once you add the storage pages, you’ll be amazed at how much can be stored here (the picture below shows multiple units, I believe).


I am not your average scrapper.  Meaning, I tend to keep my supplies to a minimum, buying only what I need.  I tend to purge more than stockpile.  So, one ScrapRack base unit (see the first image in the post) holds all of my embellishments, letter stickers, clear acrylic stamps, patterned paper and kits (I only keep my monthly kits for one month all together in one storage page, then divide it out with other embellishments, patterned paper, etc. once the new kit arrives the next month).  Yep, you read right.  It holds everything except for my tools, inks, ribbon, buttons and some cardstock.

A ScrapRack is an investment, with a base price of $100.00, not including storage pages.  But, it’s completely worth it!  Do you have any questions about how I used my ScrapRack?  Comment away and I’ll do my best to answer!

Hope you’ll join us tomorrow for more products we heart!

CSI Rebecca

13 in 2013: Packaged Embellishments

Hi everyone, Anita here and today I want to share with you some of my ideas on storing packaged embellishments. I love stuff. I am not a fan of “less is more”. Less is less and more is best! That’s just how I roll and I need a lot of embellishments to make my pages look how I like them. I tried a few different things over the years and I have found that in order to use my embellies – I need to SEE them!

I switched to a really simply system using IKEA rods and S-hooks. It keeps my packages right in front of me in my line of site.

This is the view from my scrap room door and as you can see I have three of the rods hung across the front of my desk space. On each rod I have several s-hooks. On each hook I have a binder ring and I slide the embellishment packages onto the rings.

As you can see I was right in the middle of a project when this photo was taken 🙂  I group embellishments by type on each ring when possible. One ring is all pearls, one is all bling, one is all MME, etc. I really do use my embellishments more because they are always right there in front of me!

My other embellishments, like flowers and those with no hole for a ring, I store a little differently.

This is my Prima Breeding Program. If the world ever runs out of Prima Flowers I will have enough to breed them in captivity. These bins are fabulous storage. I got them from a retail store that was getting rid of them. However, if you google “tip out bins” you will find some for sale. When I empty a package into the bins I add the tag so I will know what the name/type is.

My other odd ball things I store in my Alex drawers in a variety of plastic separators. These are all my rub-ons, journal cards, etc. This is a shallow drawer so nothing gets buried. Once a year I try and go through all my hoard and if there is anything I haven’t used since the last time I sorted – out it goes. I toss everything into a box and take it over to the local recreation center.

So that’s it – my plain and simple storage for embellishments. Thanks so much for stopping by today!



13 in 2013: Brads and Ribbons

Happy Monday!  Welcome to 13 in 2013!  We are so excited to bring you thirteen fresh and exciting ideas for organizing your crafty space in January!  If you are anything like us, the beginning of a new year brings so may possibilities and the need and want to get organized.  We are here to help!  Today’s tips are all about brads and ribbons – here’s Anita!

Howdy everyone, are you ready to get your craft space organized? Well my friends, we are here to help you! If you are like me, you are invested with a sense of renewal after the holidays and want to make everything around you nice and tidy. Today I want to share some of my favorite storage supplies and ideas for brads and ribbons.

I have serious issues with both of these craft supplies. Serious issues. When we first built my studio I ordered a custom built cabinet just for my brads. I am not making that up.

I loved this cabinet, but it turned out that it was just too large to fit into my space. When I rearranged my room I had to move it out, which made me very sad. I trimmed down my brad collection considerably and bought this very handy storage box from Best Craft Organizer and it is just as handy, but a lot smaller. It has 8 drawers and they are the perfect size for holding my brad jars.

The little jars are from the jewelry department – they come 24 in a little clear box for around $10. As you can see I group my brads by color, so I can just pull out the drawer and there are all the brads in that color group.

Sooo, once I got my brads tamed, I needed to move onto my ribbon. I had drawers and boxes of ribbon. I tried that system where you rolled the ribbon up and put it in the little boxes so that you could pull out a little at a time, but I was not very successful at that. My ribbons are not uniform in size, so they never fit in the little boxes. So I had some in and some out. I ran across a fabulous product at the LSS one day call The Ribbon Ring – I have been in love with this thing ever since. I bought one.  A week after it came I ordered six  more, plus I don’t remember how many refill kits.

A set comes with a ring and the little plastic tabs you see here. You thread your ribbon onto the tabs and put those on the ring. Super easy. Again, I have mine sorted by color – one ring per color.

This photo only shows half of mine – as I said I have issues with ribbon.  There are several things I love about this product:

  • Portability – just grab the rings, toss them into your bag and go
  • Visibility – I can see in one glance every single ribbon I have, so I will use them
  • Space Saver – I have hundreds of ribbons stored in a few inches of space
  • Best of all…when I am working on a project I can grab my ring, throw it on the table and drape the ribbons across my project to see which one works the best before I take it off the spool/out of the little box/unpin it and have to rewind it. Best feature, I swear.

They come with little orange dot stickers that you can add to the tabs to remind yourself that you have more of that ribbon. I decided it was easier to just tie a knot in one end to remind me there was more in my overstock bucket.

So there you have it – my brads and ribbons, contained very neatly within their space, organized by color and so easy to reach for and use. What are your plans for organizing your space this year? Be sure to stay with us all month as we have more fabulous ideas coming.