Just One Tip for the New Year – Small Embellishment storage

Hi everyone, it’s Sharon here with an embellishment storage idea as part of our Just one Tip for the New Year series this month.   I like to have pretty items of my stash on display rather than hidden away in drawers – particularly if it’s items I can store in a rainbow order as for me, that’s just one of the nicest things to look at!

A few years ago I came across this little white cupboard in a gift shop.  It was on sale, but I didn’t really know what I’d put in it.  My boyfriend was with me at the time and told me that I should get it anyway, as it was such a bargain I’d regret it if I didn’t.  He was right.


When I got home I found a little jar that I’d bought a long time ago in an art supplies shop and discovered it was the perfect fit for the little cubbies.  Whilst looking online for similar jars, I came across this site selling cosmetic jars and realised this was a much cheaper option than buying from an art shop.  That’s a UK site, but if you google for 30ml cosmetic glass jars I’m sure you’ll find a local supplier to you.


The jars are the perfect size for flat-back pearls or sequins, and look so pretty all together.   They’d look just as good lined up on a narrow shelf.



I hope my jar storage has given you some ideas for your own space.

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Just One Tip for the New Year: Embellishment Organization

Hi, Jessica here!  I’m excited to share my first Craft Storage Ideas post, Just One Tip for the New Year!  Today I want to talk about organizing and storing embellishments, in particular, gems and pearls that are adhesive-backed.

When I first started setting up my craft room last year I intended to use a Clip-It-Up to store all of my clear stamps.  I purchased Avery Elle stamp storage pockets for my large sets and Simon Says Stamp 5×5 storage pockets for my smaller sets.  I eventually realized that my stamp collection wasn’t going to comfortably fit on the Clip-It-Up (with room to grow) and I decided to switch to Jennifer McGuire’s method of storing my stamps in Fridge Binz containers.  I ended up moving all of my stamps into the larger Avery Elle pockets as it was difficult to see the smaller pockets when flipping through my stamps.  So I was left with a stack of the 5×5 pockets and I wanted to find a way to use them.

At the time I was storing all of my gems and pearls in their original packaging in a drawer and I was constantly re-buying things I already owned but had lost in the drawer or just forgetting to use what I had.  I needed to find a way to make them more visible and more organized.

I started off by taking each set out of the original packaging and grouping them by color.  Then I put each set of embellishments into a different storage pocket.  Each storage pocket already had a piece of white cardstock cut to fit inside.  The white cardstock really helps the color of the embellishment stand out.  Sets with multiple colors were put into a separate stack.  I cut 4.25×5.5 rectangles out of various colored 8.5×11 cardstocks and used them as dividers (I didn’t want to waste too much cardstock so cutting the dividers to a standard card size meant that the leftover cardstock was easily cut down for cards).  I have all the basic colors, then a striped piece of cardstock for the sets with multiple colors and glitter cardstock for the gold and silver gems.  I keep extra pockets in the back and I store the bin on a shelf above my workspace.

This storage system allows me to easily flip through all my embellishments of one particular color so that I can find the exact shade, shape, and size that I’m looking for.  I use the storage pockets because I had them on hand but there are many different ways you could customize this for your own use.  I’ve included links below for the products I used.  Unfortunately the exact bin I used is no longer available but the Fridge Binz Condiment Caddy should work nicely!

  • You could use ziploc baggies with a piece of cardstock inside to help the baggies keep their shape.
  • You could staple the sets of embellishments to pieces of cardstock, divide them by color, and store them in a fridge binz or a binder.
  • You could separate the embellishments by color and put each color group in a different ziploc baggie and then store them in a pretty basket.
  • You could store them in mason jars or tupperware containers, grouped by color.
  • You could store several sets in clear CD cases, grouped by color.

I hope this gives you some ideas for organizing your own embellishments!  Be sure to check out all our other tips this month!

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Just One Tip: Repurposing A Vintage Tackle Box

Hi friends! It’s Noelle stopping in today with a fun tip. You may already know from seeing my studio that I am kind of a sucker for antiques and anything vintage. I tend to embrace a “modern with a vintage twist” style in my own home, and I particularly enjoy reusing vintage items in my studio. So, last week my friend Wendy and I were out antiquing, and I found this awesome vintage metal tackle box for 12$. I saw several in the antiques mall we were in, and this was my fave by far, and also the most inexpensive-yea!



I used it to put many of my small embellishments in, mostly eyelets and brads. There’s a cool big compartment in the top of the box where I am storing my Crop-A-Dile, there never was a good place to stash it before! 🙂


While perusing Pinterest, I found several other ideas for reusing an old fishing tackle boxes (or, if you are old enough to remember the 80s like yours truly, you could even repurpose an old Caboodles cosmetic box for a kitschy, fun look).


Love this use for storing tags.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 6.29.09 PM



And, anyone out there into Rainbow Loom? Look at all those colors beautifully sorted! 🙂 

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 6.29.35 PM



A fun use of a tackle box as a planter….

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 6.29.25 PM

Finally, a tackle box used in a guest room to store items a guest might need-love this one! 🙂 



—-and, a few more shots of mine.




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Product Highlight ~ Darice Storage Box

Hello! I’m highlighting a terrific Darice product today that is perfect for storing and color coordinating your sequins.


This can be found in the beading aisle at your local Joann and also at their online store.


There are 20 small compartments and one rectangle compartment, perfect for coordinating craft items or small tools. What I like most about this product is the clasp that closes it securely!

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Product Highlight: 6×4 Photo Boxes

Hallo to all my fellow craft storage enthusiasts.  It’s Hazel all the way from Sunny South Africa here to share a product that works for me – photo boxes.  I know there are lots and lots and lots more exciting products available but I tend to use these all the time and this is why:

They are: cheap, readily available, see through, sturdy, the perfect size for Project Life goodies and it’s so versitile – you can use it for brads, die cuts, flowers, paperclips, etc.


 The picture is of the brand we get but I’m sure your stores will stock something similar.

I only have one teeny, weenie problem – their lids fall off when you store them on their sides but don’t fear when IMPERFECT ME is near …………….. I use underwear elastic to keep them closed. Yeah, I can hear you laugh but once again it’s cheap and readily available even down under in Sunny SA and I always look for the nice, funky colors (on the elastic, not the underwear!). I even pretty them up with felt die cuts and some buttons ……………….  love it!!

Here is a picture of my system:


You can see how I pack my Project Life monthly kits (top right) , label the boxes and then stack them in another plastic container (bottom left).  When the container is full, I stop buying / up my usage / give away.  This is another thing that I love about containers – they are made to “contain” a certain amount of stash – once it’s done, you have to kick up a gear and make a plan.


I’ll give you a quick review of how I organize my Project Life kits.  They get packed in 6×4 photo boxes and labeled.  In the lid, I’ll add a pic and a list of what’s in the kit.  If the kit corresponds with something in my stash, I’ll add a note to the lid.  First, I make a layout from the kit, and then I do a double page Project Life page or more. Once that is done, I sort the remainder of the kit into general boxes of 3×4 and 6×4 photo mats and journaling cards.  All the embellishments get filed into various containers for stickers, flowers, paperclips, etc.

I’m a firm believer that if you can see what you’ve got, you will use it.  I get inspired by colors, textures and beautiful things and therefore I use see-through containers – I feel like a kid in a candy shop when I go into my Craft Closet.

That’s if from me. Thanks for visiting Craft Storage Ideas today and please check back as my fellow contributors and I have lots more to share right here. Please leave me some comments – I would love to see and hear what you do ……………………….. until next year ……………….. lots and lots and lots of love and sunshine from Sunny South Africa.


Daring DIY: Homemade Embellishment Stand

Hello Crafters! It’s Cicily with a daring DIY for you all to try.

I don’t know about the rest of you but embellishments and the dollar bins at Michael’s are starting to stack up in my craft room. I’m getting very tempted to do this amazing DIY myself.

Sharyn from Living Art Fully has a great tutorial on how to make this 3 ring Embellishment floor stand.

I have some lamp parts lying around (I’m an auction junkie!) and now I will be adding this to my list of projects! LOL


Product Highlight: Creative Options Crafter’s Caddy

Hallo, it’s Hazel and I’m here to share the Crafter’s Caddy that I recently bought.  I work all around the house – the office, the dining room table, a desk in the middle of our living room or my Craft Closet …………………….. wherever my family members are, I go!!

This means that I have a “mobile crafting system” and I recently added another item:  Creative Options Crafter’s Caddy.


The Craft Caddy is available in two color palettes: the French Garden palette and the Viva Le Pink palette. The French Garden version has a bright magenta base with an avocado green drawer, perfect for refreshing any craft room. The Viva Le Pink version has a black sparkle base with a platinum drawer, for a timeless look that appeals to anyone. Both versions feature the same compact design and measure 12.88 x 8 x 6.75” for portability.

It was readily available (even down under in Sunny SA) and rather “affordable”. I really love the tray that slides out as I’m currently into staples, stitching and paperclips.  More than enough space for all of that.  And here is a picture of what my caddy looked like two weeks ago ………………………………..


I was working on a Christmas 2012 layout, made a dress for daughter-in-law #2 and recycled scraps into mini tags. That’s a lot isn’t  it?? And everything fit – from the 12×12 papers to the scissors, pens, Cuttlebug plates, dies and tons of embellishments. The only thing that IMPERFECT ME added to the caddy was a piece of recycled cardboard to keep my 12×12 papers standing up.  The caddy already has slots on both sides so I just cut it to size and slipped it in. (in my picture, look for the pink arrow)

That’s it!  Another addition to my “mobile crafting system”. Thanks for looking at Craft Storage Ideas today and please check back as we have lots more to share right here.


Product Highlight {Spools}

Hey there, it’s Lisa here on this crisp November day! Have you ever purchased an item for your crafty endevors but never got around to using it? I know silly question right ~ we ALL do that!!! I have a jar of wooden spools that are about to be rescued. Today I’m sharing a variety of ways to use them as a storage solution.  First up are these gorgeous shabby chic memo spools. A great way to use up snippets of favorite ribbons or trims and a pretty place to store notes or ideas!



Turning a spool into a sweet little pincushion keeps fancy pins and sewing needles close at hand. I see something like this in my future!

wooden spool pin cushion

A perfect way to store delicate or vintage trims can be seen at the Paper Doll Girl!


Ready for a touch of  happiness in a jar? Even a small spool can hold yard after yard of twine then be tucked neatly into a jar.



Larger vintage spools that can be found on Etsy, Ebay or specialty stores work beautifully for buttons or wrapping twines as well as hemp cording and jute. I love the idea of pretty scissors placed in the spool ~ decorative and handy!


Altering one end of the spool to be removable is a cute way to store and color coordinate your Washi Tape collection.


This is a delightful way to store ribbon! Neat, tidy and easily accessible!


I’ve been inspire to put my neglected spools to good use I hope you have too! Don’t have any spools? Most stores such as Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and Joann carry them in large and small quantities. Archivers and other scrapbook stores usually stock Maya Road and Jenny Bowlin. And if you have a fondness for the vintage variety try Etsy, Ebay and antique stores they offer a great selection.

Thanks so much for your visit, we appreciate it!


Herringbone + Bookcase = Lovely {Lolly Jane}

I’ve only got one image for you today.  But one is all you need.  Are your ready?



See?  I told you!  For details about how that gorgeous herringbone background was created and how the crafty supplies, check out the full post on Lolly Jane!

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Traveling with your Crafts?

Hallo to all the crafters out there looking for inspiration / solutions and ideas for storing crafting goodies.  Once again, it’s Hazel all the way from Sunny SA and today we are traveling with our crafts!

I don’t know about you but crafting is a lot of fun to me so I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere without something to keep my hands busy.  A few years ago my mum had breast cancer and had to go through a series of chemo and radiation treatments.  It was very traumatic to all but I immediately packed a smocking kit that went with every single day.  Yes!  I did finish about 10 dresses in the 3 month period and had to give them all away because they reminded me of this negative period in our lives BUT I learned that if you keep busy, the battle is half won.

So, I hopped around Blogland to see what I can get to inspire you to travel with your arts / crafts.  First up – the Scrappers:



And the Knitters / Embroidery enthusiasts:



This one would be perfect for my smocking kit:



What about the artists out there?


 And never forget to pack some crafting fun to keep the kids busy:


 SOURCE  (This one would be perfect for traveling with your beads!)

And one that can be used for about anything – a Hanging Toiletry bag!


 This one I found on Etsy.  No longer available for purchase but still – a great idea. 



And I made one myself.  Hop over to my blog to see all my alternative uses for it:



And this is the total ultimate:


This post has DIY instructions. I’m off to get hold of my husband!  Now I know what I want for my upcoming birthday!

Thanks for traveling around Blogland with me today. I hope you have gained a few more ideas for storing your favorite goodies.  Have a great day and please check back as my contributors and I have lots more to share with you right here on Craft Storage Ideas.