Craft Storage: Budget Storage Solutions for Embellishments

Craft Storage: Budget Storage Solutions for Embellishments
Craft storage solutions for embellishments, bought on a shoestring budget!

Who’s in need of inexpensive storage solutions for their embellishments?

How about solutions that are also portable?

Well, we’ve got a super simple solution that’s both inexpensive and portable…and readily available!

Today’s spotlight is on a product that comes not from your favorite craft supply or storage solutions retailer, but from your local pharmacy, travel store, online retailer or even the Target dollar spot (where I picked up these!).

Craft Storage on A Budget: Pill Containers (image)
Craft Storage on A Budget: Pill Containers

Yup, it’s a super inexpensive pill caddy!

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Just One Tip for the New Year – Small Embellishment storage

Hi everyone, it’s Sharon here with an embellishment storage idea as part of our Just one Tip for the New Year series this month.   I like to have pretty items of my stash on display rather than hidden away in drawers – particularly if it’s items I can store in a rainbow order as for me, that’s just one of the nicest things to look at!

A few years ago I came across this little white cupboard in a gift shop.  It was on sale, but I didn’t really know what I’d put in it.  My boyfriend was with me at the time and told me that I should get it anyway, as it was such a bargain I’d regret it if I didn’t.  He was right.


When I got home I found a little jar that I’d bought a long time ago in an art supplies shop and discovered it was the perfect fit for the little cubbies.  Whilst looking online for similar jars, I came across this site selling cosmetic jars and realised this was a much cheaper option than buying from an art shop.  That’s a UK site, but if you google for 30ml cosmetic glass jars I’m sure you’ll find a local supplier to you.


The jars are the perfect size for flat-back pearls or sequins, and look so pretty all together.   They’d look just as good lined up on a narrow shelf.



I hope my jar storage has given you some ideas for your own space.

Thanks for popping by!





Just One Tip: Repurposing A Vintage Tackle Box

Hi friends! It’s Noelle stopping in today with a fun tip. You may already know from seeing my studio that I am kind of a sucker for antiques and anything vintage. I tend to embrace a “modern with a vintage twist” style in my own home, and I particularly enjoy reusing vintage items in my studio. So, last week my friend Wendy and I were out antiquing, and I found this awesome vintage metal tackle box for 12$. I saw several in the antiques mall we were in, and this was my fave by far, and also the most inexpensive-yea!



I used it to put many of my small embellishments in, mostly eyelets and brads. There’s a cool big compartment in the top of the box where I am storing my Crop-A-Dile, there never was a good place to stash it before! 🙂


While perusing Pinterest, I found several other ideas for reusing an old fishing tackle boxes (or, if you are old enough to remember the 80s like yours truly, you could even repurpose an old Caboodles cosmetic box for a kitschy, fun look).


Love this use for storing tags.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 6.29.09 PM



And, anyone out there into Rainbow Loom? Look at all those colors beautifully sorted! 🙂 

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 6.29.35 PM



A fun use of a tackle box as a planter….

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 6.29.25 PM

Finally, a tackle box used in a guest room to store items a guest might need-love this one! 🙂 



—-and, a few more shots of mine.




Thanks for stopping by CSI! I hope you will stop in Wednesday for a BIG announcement about the way we are shaking things up in October ’round these parts…

2 hints: we want to see YOUR craft spaces, and there will be lots and LOTS of prizes for readers and sharers alike here in October! Have a fantastic day! 🙂



Daring DIY: Homemade Embellishment Stand

Hello Crafters! It’s Cicily with a daring DIY for you all to try.

I don’t know about the rest of you but embellishments and the dollar bins at Michael’s are starting to stack up in my craft room. I’m getting very tempted to do this amazing DIY myself.

Sharyn from Living Art Fully has a great tutorial on how to make this 3 ring Embellishment floor stand.

I have some lamp parts lying around (I’m an auction junkie!) and now I will be adding this to my list of projects! LOL


Vintage Storage: Re-purposing Found Items

Hi fellow crafters, it’s Cicily the Pink Dalmatian Scrapper with a post all about thinking outside the box. I’ve posted before how much I love shopping thru thrift stores and garage sales. Usually I’m looking at items trying to figure out if I can use them in my crafts or in my room for some type of storage! I wanted to share a few re-purposed items with you today.

The first is my new solution for displaying my cards. I posted recently on different solutions and finally just finished this with the help of my hubby! I found a this shutter at a resale shop, distress painted it and hung it on my wall. Now it’s a perfect display for the great cards I receive and even holds a few of my own creations!


This is also a recent addition. I purchased this old Coke Cola crate at a garage sale for my hubby’s man cave. He recently changed things around and I stole it for my room! The colors were perfect and it holds one of my latest addictions, Washi tape!


How cute is this? My mom found 2 of these vintage sewing cabinet drawers and now uses them to store her embellishments. This would also store acrylic stamp sets and possibly embossing folders.



I posted this recently but I love how it fits in with the re-purposing theme today! It is a record storage cabinet turned into 12×12 paper pad and scrapbook storage.

Record Cabinet


I would love to see what you have re-purposed! leave me a comment with the details or link!


Recollections Craft Accessory Organizer: Product Highlight

Hello fellow crafters! It’s Cicily the Pink Dalmatian Scrapper with today’s product highlight. I always enjoy seeing everyone’s variation on the Recollections Craft Accessory Organizer, I even have one myself. So I thought I would share what some fellow crafters have done with the product to personalize it for their accessory needs.

My mom pointed out to me that her latest wall mounted organizer was slightly different then mine and when I went online to get this picture, sure enough one of the shelves is missing and there’s no longer bead-board in the back. So you may notice that difference between some rooms. I wanted to point that out in case someone rushed out to M’s and was disappointed with the change. The Recollections Craft Accessory Organizer is a wall mounted shelving unit that has multiple shelves & cubbies to organize your craft goodies. The wall mount keeps everything off your crafting space & the minimal depth means items aren’t buried and lost in the back.

This is my Embellishment organizer. Recollections does make containers to fit in the cubbies, however I didn’t care so much for the price or the fact that they were plastic. I measured the openings and found jars and glass containers  from Walmart and filled them with my goodies! I also added a metal strip to the bottom and usuing magnets hang Stickles & stamping tools.

Recollections Embellishment center

 This is the new style of organizer (my Mom’s). Also using the jars from Walmart & other assorted glass containers. IMG_3092


Here’s one that went opposite from me and used it exclusively for ribbon.


 Have a small crafting space? Here is one used in a closet!

I love all the color &  decorated containers.

Have you seen CSI’s very own Dorris Weeaks craft room? She has 3 of the organizers! Click on the picture to go to a CSI tour of her room.

Here’s a closeup of the 2 she uses for stamp display/storage and how she modified the shelving to hold more. Click on the picture to go to the tutorial on how she did this.

There are so many options and ways to organize your embellishments within the Organizer. These are just a few ideas. Let us know if you have a unique way to use your Recollections Craft Accessory Organizer.