To Purge or Not To Purge…

That is the question! My mess supplies have recently taken over my craft room. Not only do I need to clean and put things away but we’re considering relocating my craft room to an area that’s smaller than I have now. Eeek! I’m actually okay with this and even excited about it. I know if done right I can get a lot of my stuff in this space. Realistically I have too much stuff ( I will deny ever saying that!). That’s where this “P” word comes in…Purge.

So after watching my craft room get messier and messier and my actual work surface disappear, I knew not only do I need to clean but I should really look at purging some supplies along the way. Not sure if I was procrastinating (my middle name), or my long lost organizational gene had surfaced, but I decided to go about this in an orderly manner.

purge collage

Now that I have my trash out of the room, and my box ready to be filled with those purged items, how do I decide what to purge?

I wrote down some basic questions that if answered realistically can help you to decide To Purge or Not To Purge.

purge dilemma
I really debated on some of these questions. And ultimately there’s the “Do I Love it?” question that can save some supplies. Of course this isn’t foolproof and if you aren’t in a mental purging place, then no this won’t work. But instead of just guessing which supplies to keep and what to purge, this should help.

Once you purge, you can give the supplies to other crafty friends, sell them or donate them to a school. If they are good supplies, please don’t throw them away. Schools or Rec centers would love to have these supplies.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, suggestions or accomplishments. Happy purging!



When to Sell or Donate Your Cluttered Scrapbook Supplies {Aby Garvey}

We love showing you pictures of beautiful, bright, incredibly organized spaces even more than we like looking at them ourselves.  But let’s get real.  In order for those incredible photos to be taken, some serious organization had to happen.

When you are in the midst of organizing, more often than not decisions have to be made about selling or donating both newer and older supplies.  The very same supplies that you lusted after, dreamed about and generally obsessed over.  Making the decision to sell or donate your lovelies can be very difficult.

Enter Aby Garvey.  And this blog post.   When asked whether someone should hold on to scrapbooking products with hope that eventually there would be a way to “recoup some of the cost” versus selling or donating, here’s what Aby had to say.

“There’s something about these particular items that are different for you — most likely the fact that many of them are new. I mention this because there really is no universal answer for “this is the time to take your loss.” It’s really about you getting to that point…and feeling good about it. The truth is that the loss has already been had. The money you spent on those supplies is long gone. So now your choice is to add time to the supplies to possibly recover some cash. But, the supplies don’t currently have value sitting in your home. It’s only when you add your time to them that they could provide value to you, and that’s if they have a willing buyer. It sounds like time is even more in demand now that you’re heading back to work.”

Donating supplies


I think Aby’s perspective is brilliant.  Sometimes the value of the time it takes to market (eBay, Craig’s List, etc.) your supplies is far greater than what you’d be able to sell them for.

If you like Aby’s blog post, you may be interested in checking out her newest workshop at Simplify 101 called Organize Your Creative Space.

It starts on June 7th, so hurry on over to check it out!

P.S. If you are looking for a place to donate supplies, you can contact local schools, day care centers, nursing homes, retirement communities, hospitals and occupational therapy centers.