Just One Tip – Paint Storage and Display

Hello dear readers! It’s Amanda and I’m here to share how I store all my craft paints.

DIY Paint Storage and Display Shelf

Paint, oh how I love the different colors and kinds of craft paint! You can do so many amazing things with paint! My problem… I see all those pretty colors lining the shelves in the craft store and I just can’t control myself! I can totally forget about any self-control if there happens to be a sale going on. Or you’re buying supplies for a project and don’t remember if you already have the exact perfect color you need for your project so you buy it anyway. Then when you get home you realize that you actually already have three but they are stashed all over the place and hard to find.

So your paint storage might end up looking like this if you’re lucky. All corralled in a basket, but impossible to see what colors you have. Oy!


So maybe it’s time you think outside the box a bit for some creative paint storage. That’s right. You’re creative already to have so many supplies at your fingertips! Get creative with your storage! For example… take this adorable yet plain little crate that I believe is intended for CDs. I picked these up from my local craft store in the section with all the wood items.


Take some leftover trim paint from working on your house (or use some of that craft paint stash) and paint up your crates. Or stain them. Or leave them natural. Whatever makes your creative decorating heart go pitter-patter. Then just hang them up on the wall by drilling two holes through the bottom of the crate. Place your crate on the wall where you want it and mark the wall inside  the hole with a pencil. Then add a wall anchor and screw your crate into place.


Line up several crates to create a display shelf as well as paint display. Since I do work for DecoArt on occasion I have my paints sorted by type of paint. I have the bottoms of the bottles facing out so those lovely bright colors can inspire me.


It always puts a smile on my face to see all these lined up and cheerful looking with the array of color. It also helps me see at a glance what colors I have a lot of and what colors I’m more limited on. Not to mention it gives me a shelf which is a great place to display my recent works.


Now I challenge you to corral all those craft paints into some semblance of order that works for you. Do you like to have your paints out on display like mine, or would you rather they be stored behind doors or in bins so they are out of sight?

 photo 5e62b471-e0a8-47a9-a431-c3c875bfff8e.jpg


Paper Lust Craft Room

Hello crafty friends! It’s Cicily the Pink Dalmation Scrapper today with a beautiful craft room to share.

I found this great blog thru Pinterest and wanted to share this amazing craft room.  Paper Lust is the craft room of Briana Johnson, a well published crafter (her crafty resume is an inspiration!). After checking out her room I have “scrapbook-room lust” going on.

I’ll start with this amazing idea, which is what grabbed my attention on Pinterest! These are large Ziploc bags that hold her kits using pants hangers. Perfect if you have a closet in your room. Do I have your attention now?…you won’t be disappointed.

Making the best use of her space, she added these floating shelves on a difficult wall, creating tons of storage & a great visual of her goodies! If you’re like me, what you don’t see you tend to not use. The secret to the great stamp & punch display is tiered metal spice rack shelving.

Briana really uses every space to her advantage, even underneath the desk. Most of her storage comes from Ikea.

Check out Paper Lust for more details on some of her specific craft storage ideas. I can’t wait to share some of them with you!


Card Display: Solution Roundup

Hi fellow crafters, It’s Cicily the Pink Dalmatian Scrapper! Crafty people seem to attract fellow crafters & if you’re like me you get some great cards from your crafty friends. You treasure those cards as if they were your own creations, that of course you are hoping are just as treasured in their new homes. My card collection continues to grow (yippee!), but now I’ve been needing a new solution. I have this great “found” metal cabinet in my room, so the obvious solution was to display these beautiful cards with magnets.


As you can see, my card display is full. Time to find another solution. Here are some great ideas I found…

This is one of the latest trends that I’m in love with! Linda@Craftaholicsanonymous turned an old crib spring into a display board, perfect for beautiful cards. I especially love the beautiful blue she painted it.  With 3 little ones in cribs (and I know one of them has a spring like this) I’m calling dibs, LOL.

Another option is this shelving idea from Bookhou at Home.  While she doesn’t explain exactly what these shelves are, they reminded me of plate display shelving.  You could have several of these for a great display.

Similar to the crib spring, but this one could be a DIY is chicken wire & a frame. The personalized “CARDS” at the top is another cute idea.


Tangii of Crain Creations make this personalized card display, with ribbon, clothespins & her initials.

 The final card display is using the trendy shutter! I’ve seen the cards displayed many ways from clips, inserted into the slots or even the shutter sideways & the cards peeking out the vertical slots. This one from West Furniture Revival caught my eye with the great paint color & technique.

I started this post with my new and updated card display in the works. Unfortunately it’s not quite ready for show-n-tell. I’ll be sure & share with you in a future DIY post. In the mean time I’ll keep you in suspence regarding which one of these great ideas I am using!

We would love to see or hear about your card display ideas. Please share with us & if possible post a link!