Craft Storage: Re-Use, Recycle, Re-Purpose – Upcycled Metal Storage

Craft Storage: Re-Use, Recycle, Re-Purpose – Upcycled Metal Storage
Creating clever craft storage using old metal finds!

Craft Storage: Re-Use, Recycle, Re-Purpose - Upcycled Metal Storage, Metal Compartment Tray via Haven Vintage (image)
Craft Storage: Re-Use, Recycle, Re-Purpose – Upcycled Metal Storage, Metal Compartment Tray via Haven Vintage

Source: Haven Vintage Etsy Shop

Hi everyone, it’s Kim from Stamping Imperfection to share some fun ways to upcycle metal storage containers to use as craft storage.

I love giving new life to old items destined for the trash and I’ve noticed that this is a trait of all truly serious crafters!

We have a tendency to buy new crafting supplies and then figure out a craft storage solution for them before we even craft with them!

Why is it so satisfying to be able to take something from a thrift store or a garage sale and completely revamp it into something that not only has a useful purpose, but looks great?

Honestly, that is a crafting/DIY project unto itself!

Metal items can be a great addition to your craft room storage solutions.

You find them available everywhere and there are so many ways to change them up for just a few dollars.

They generally don’t require a ton of sanding and prep like a wooden item might.

Check out some of the clever ideas that I found to share with you for your craft storage…

Here is a tool box idea created by Virginia Fynes of

Tool boxes are great craft storage solutions.

You’ll see these at garage sales and thrift stores all the time and they are fantastic portable storage solutions that are sturdy!

Craft Storage: Re-Use, Recycle, Re-Purpose - Upcycled Metal Storage, Tool Box (image)
Craft Storage: Re-Use, Recycle, Re-Purpose – Upcycled Metal Storage, Tool Box

I love that we can see that Virginia only paid about three dollars for this tool box!

She transformed it for next to nothing with some metal spray paint and some gold vinyl dots – love this! 

Virginia is using this for her Project Life storage.  Very clever!

I love that this is so portable – you can take this from your craft space to your kitchen table to a crop at a friend’s house.

Another easy way to transform a metal piece is to use Mod Podge like Sunush from Hometalk shows us with the metal cabinet below.

Craft Storage: Re-Use, Recycle, Re-Purpose - Upcycled Metal Storage, Metal Cabinet (image)
Craft Storage: Re-Use, Recycle, Re-Purpose – Upcycled Metal Storage, Metal Cabinet

This cabinet was covered with a double roll of wallpaper using Mod Podge.

How fabulous does this look?!

You can match any craft room decor with this idea for a few dollars in a few hours.

Imagine how much storage this cabinet would provide for you in your craft space.

Here’s another great upcycle!

This one looks like it takes a bit more artistic skill to create the incredible final result.

Those of us who might be less artistically inclined might create a similar effect using stencils or vinyl cut with a die-cutting machine.

Craft Storage: Re-Use, Recycle, Re-Purpose - Upcycled Metal Storage, Faux Finish Metal Cabinet (image)
Craft Storage: Re-Use, Recycle, Re-Purpose – Upcycled Metal Storage, Faux Finish Metal Cabinet

This beauty was created by Brittany from Pretty Handy Girl.

This is a thrift store find that was spray painted and given a faux zinc texture and adorned with chalkboard paint.

Rustoleum has several faux metal spray paints that create amazing metal pieces to add to your craft room.

This piece could provide great storage for your larger craft papers.

Another great little find transformed on a budget is this little tool chest from Katie at Little House of Four.

Craft Storage: Re-Use, Recycle, Re-Purpose - Upcycled Metal Storage, Metal Hardware Drawer Unit (image)
Craft Storage: Re-Use, Recycle, Re-Purpose – Upcycled Metal Storage, Metal Hardware Drawer Unit

This is a great little craft storage unit for embellishments, threads, scraps, small punches…you name it!

I love how simple this transformation is.

We all have that one amazing sheet of 12 x 12″ patterned paper that we had to have, but never wanted to cut up.

Why not use it for a project like this?

You can see that Katie added some labels to complete her project and to make it a really functional piece.

Simple, useful and budget friendly!

For my final share, I want to show you how great these metal items are even if you don’t do a single thing to them.

Here is an industrial looking craft room created by Larissa from Prodigal Pieces.

Craft Storage: Re-Use, Recycle, Re-Purpose - Upcycled Metal Storage, Industrial-Look Sewing Room (image)
Craft Storage: Re-Use, Recycle, Re-Purpose – Upcycled Metal Storage, Industrial-Look Sewing Room

I love the vintage industrial look that Larissa has achieved in her sewing space.

What does she store in those drawers?


Look below to see how she cleverly uses hanging files to hold her fabric stash.

I love this idea!

You can see exactly what you have without having piles of fabric on a shelf.  (My piles never stay neat.)

Craft Storage: Re-Use, Recycle, Re-Purpose - Upcycled Metal Storage, Industrial-Look Sewing Room (image)
Craft Storage: Re-Use, Recycle, Re-Purpose – Upcycled Metal Storage, Industrial-Look Sewing Room

Whether you choose to leave the metal storage items as they are or you choose to use your craft skills to transform them into something new and fabulous, don’t pass these items by at garage sales, thrift stores and clearance bins.

They have unlimited possibilities!

Please leave a comment – let us know what great metal finds
you’ve transformed into useful craft storage!

Thanks for stopping by today and please stop by my Stamping Imperfection blog and say hello and check out my latest stamping projects!

Craft Storage Ideas Contributor: Kim Skinner (image)
Craft Storage Ideas Contributor: Kim Skinner


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Daring DIY: Bold Scrapbook Rooms

Hello, It’s Suzanne here today from Lately, I’ve become a little bored with the color of my scrapbook room walls. In fact, I have been thinking about painting them… a bold color! While searching around the web to see what other creative people have done with their spaces, I came across some amazingly bold scrapbook rooms. Since painting is something that many of us do ourselves, I thought that this would make a great Daring DIY segment!

This first room is a vibrant pink. Not only are the walls bold and daring, but the pink accessories to highlight the space are just stunning. As someone who enjoys the color pink, I really love this space.

scrap paint 1


Here are a couple of very creative walls! The colors and patterns complement one another, and the window art is exceptionally bright and colorful.

scrap paint 4


A calm, serene blue is always a nice choice. Since scrapbooking and crafting are generally relaxing, this color sets the mood and tone for creative time.

scrap paint 8


The green color of this next room is also very calming and earthy. The red and white accent pieces are a nice touch.

scrap paint 3


Wow, these yellow walls are just so fun! Just as bright and bold as can be, this would be a very sunny and happy place to create.

scrap paint 5


These light blue/turquoise walls are another calming color for a very busy room.

scrap paint 2


I couldn’t resist adding another pink room! This room is pink all over, including the ceiling! Definitely for the girly-girl in all of us.

scrap paint 7


These rooms are so beautiful, it makes my job of deciding on a paint color even more difficult! Have you recently painted your craft room? What color did you choose?


Just a few Tips: Planner Stash Storage

Hello fellow craft storage enthusiasts!!

It’s Hazel all the way from Sunny SA here with you today to share the background to my Planner Storage solution. In the end I opted for a file to keep everything together and off my workspace. Remember, I shared it in last month’s Craft Storage Ideas Planner Blog Hop??

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Today I’ll share the wonderful Planner Storage ideas that I found while working on my Planner File.  First up is a beautiful wooden box. If I had desk space, this would have been the one for me.


LINK (scrolll down in the post to get to this pic)

Another desktop version:



I found this pic on Belinda Selene’s website.

My usual thing: Plastic and out of dust’s way.




What about repurposing a beauty organizer from Target?



Can you believe it? A Tool Caddie!



What about a hanging jewellery organizer for your sticky note stash?



And last but not least a video showing Belinda Selene’s stack of drawers to house her Planner stash.    Oh. I love her stuff!! ENJOY!!

That’s it. I’m off to Planner Planet. Thanks for joining me today on the Craft Storage Ideas Blog. Have a GREAT day!


Just One Tip: Washi Samples

It’s Cicily today with a quick tip. I found this great idea to catalog your washi tape and even see what it would look like on your craft projects!


I created these 1.5″ x 3″ tags with clear plastic, ran a strip of each of my washi tapes on each of the tags.  I punched holes using my crop-a-dile and attached them all to a large ring.

Now I can see all my washi tapes (I sorted them by color) and can lay one of the tags right on my page to “see” what it would look like!


I found this great idea from Studio Calico HERE. They used plastic microscope slides to create their tags. I was able to use a thick plastic that I cut with my paper trimmer, that my hubby had purchased from Hobby Lobby. I love creating projects from objects that I already have around the house!

What do you think of these Washi samples?


Daring DIY: Craft Room Caravans

Hello, it’s Suzanne here today from Scrapbooking Sue. I have something very exciting to show you today. We are going to step outside of the craft room, and take a look at some very daring DIY crafters that have taken a risk with their crafting spaces. All of the featured craft rooms are actually inside caravans/trailers! It doesn’t get much more Daring DIY than that!

Take a look at the outside and a peek inside of each caravan below. There are plenty more pictures on each website, so make sure to follow the links. After researching this topic and seeing the stunning jobs these ladies have done with their crafty caravans, I have to admit that I am longing for one for myself!

1. Cassiefairy

The caravan at Cassiefairy has been turned into sewing room storage. With vintage ice cream color decor and accessories, this sewing room is for the girly-girl in all of us.

daring diy 5jpg
daring diy 6

2. Happy Loves Rosie

Just look at the Kelly Green exterior of the caravan at Happy Loves Rosie! I fell in love with it before I even saw the inside. There is definitely some creative process going on in the craft picture.

daring diy 1

daring diy 2

3. The Vintage Post

This caravan is actually set up as a business, where crafting workshops are held. The Vintage Post holds classes like painting and bead work inside the caravan.

Mabel vintage post




daring diy 8

4. Becky Kay Designs

This beautiful trailer has been featured as one of our craft room tours here on CSI in the past. Becky Kay Designs has converted a large trailer into a crafting paradise!

daring diy 3

daring diy 4

5. Crafty Camper

Yet another entrepreneurial crafting spirit, the Crafty Camper is a mobile workshop and market. The inside of this camper is absolutely stunning! I am in love with the vintage colors, accessories, and how everything was staged for the pictures.

daring diy 9

daring diy 10

Whether you call them caravans, trailers, or campers, these mobile beauties are just perfect for converting into craft rooms! Have you ever considered a DIY project this daring?


DIY Craft Desks

Hello, it’s Suzanne here today with some ideas for do-it-yourself craft/office desks. Did you know that you can make your own craft desk for a fraction of the price of purchasing a pre-made desk? And, there are so many options out there to choose from! I have some ideas for you that range from adding a top to a couple of cabinets, to DIY desks that require a little more assembly. For the desks that require measuring, cutting, and assembly, there are tutorials on the websites listed, so be sure to visit those sites for more information and instructions.

Desk with Alex Drawers from IKEA

IKEA products are so versatile, cost-effective, and easy to assemble. I just love coming across new ways to use their products. Shown below are the Alex drawers from IKEA and a wood table top. Could this desk get any easier? Castors were added to the bottoms of the drawers to make this desk mobile. With twelve large drawers for storage, this desk is a crafter’s dream.

craft table 7
Better Homes and Gardens

Desk with Drawers

This is a similar concept to the desk above in that two cabinets of drawers were used as the base, but a glass table top was used as the desk top here. You could use any type of cabinets, as long as they are the same height and provide a comfortable sitting height.

craft table 6
Furnish Burnish

Desk with Filing Cabinets

Another simple wood desk top, but this time, we have two standard filing cabinets below. Easy to put together and plenty of storage space in the filing cabinets.

craft table 2
North Story

Desk with Shelves

Here is more of a traditional type of crafter’s desk. IKEA components were used to create the desk unit, which leaves ample room for storage.

craft table 5
The Creative Imperative

Pipe Desk

This interesting desk uses pipes as a base. You would need to be handy (or know someone that is) to create this desk, but it is a cost effective way to get a nice solid work station into your craft room.

craft table 1
Cafe Cartolina

Bar Stool Desk

Another simple desk idea using two bar stools and a wood-plank tabletop.

craft table 3
Liz Marie Blog

Sawhorse Desk

This pretty desk offers a ton of space! I would love to work on a desk of this size and spread my scrapbook layouts all over one side.

craft table 4
Poofy Cheeks

I hope that you have found some interesting ideas for your next desk. It doesn’t always have to cost a lot to get a new crafty station. By re-purposing some older items, you can create the desk of your dreams as well!


Just 1 Tip: Use your Roof

OK, Ceiling BUT “Roof” sounded SO good!  Hallo, Hazel here with just 1 tip.

I’m downsizing and my stash of wrapping paper is getting the better of me. I don’t have any space left for more furniture / storage items so I revisited my DIY post on Craft Storage Ideas. No go!! Even this one by my fellow contributor, Cecile didn’t give me a solution.

Back to my friend, Pinterest. And this is the one I’m going to try out!!!

LINK (ex Flickr)

Hopefully, by the end of the year I’ll have everything sorted and then I’ll show my version.  I do put my own touch to things so keep reading Craft Storage Ideas ……….. I’ll be back with my wrapping stash (and the solution).

Thanks for joining me today. Have a GREAT day and remember to try something new – TODAY!!









All about the Furniture: Pegboard Love

Hello, Hazel here all the way from Sunny South Africa to invite you over for a stroll around Blogland to look at pegboards.  YES, I know most of us use them in our craft spaces but I found a few new ideas to share. First up. Ever thought of  “zussing” up your board with cross stitch?

LINK (ex Pinterest)

Some paint?

LINK (This post also shows how the board was made)

And just look at these boxes!! Storage galore:

LINK (This post has some fabulous other ideas. Check it out!)

Want to make your own box? Never too late to try something new.


And if you are not a hardware fanatic, this trolley would fit into any craft room!

LINK (ex Pinterest)

Do you have some more funky ideas?? Please leave a comment or a link. I would love to see what you do. Thanks for looking at alternative ideas for pegboards with me today. I really liked having you around.

See you soon!


Storage for small embellishments

Hallo, it’s Hazel and today I have a storage idea from my own cupboard to share!!

This year, I decided not to buy ANYTHING new. I will use what I have on hand, recycle and repurpose in my quest for less clutter. The biggest problem was – I didn’t know what I had on hand!!

So, after searching through a whole plastic tub to find a “cat” paperclip, I decided to do something about it.  Here is my solution:


From my local hardware store and before you think that I’ve bought a whole stash of these – I used 2 left over from my hubby’s garage upgrade last year.

I love these as the dividers can be moved around. Much easier to clean (I wash them in the dishwasher!!) and if you have awkward shapes, you can fit them as well.

And here is my sorted paperclip stash:


Stacked and ready to go into my craft cupboard:


I just stack them as the lids close firmly, even if they should fall, they will stay intact in their little cubicles.

I think you will agree with me – I made a good call when I decided that “enough was as good as a feast” – this stash will last me a lifetime!

Last but not least.  While browsing Pinterest I stumbled upon this idea for stacking your containers:

LINK (ex Flickr)

I have a birthday coming up and I think Hamman HQ needs one of these. I’m off to show my hubby.

Thanks for sorting paperclips with me today. It has been fun.  If you have ideas you want us to feature, send us email or leave a comment.  We’d love to see what you do.

Love and Sunshine from Sunny South Africa.














Just 1 Tip: Paint your Raskog!!

Hallo to all my fellow storage enthusiasts.  Once again, it’s Hazel all the way from currently not-so-sunny South Africa.  Yes, winter finally arrived down under with lots of rain but in between – the most glorious days that you just HAVE to spend outside.

When the weather is not that great, I stay inside and craft a bit more. And while searching for inspiration on Pinterest I found this GREAT idea:


A white Raskog!! Ever wanted one to fit your color scheme? Cathy from “Hello. I’m a paper addict” tried it out and I love it.

Hop over to see her original post here and to get all the inside info. Now, you have to excuse me …………………………. I’ve got some painting to do.

Have a great day an please leave me and Cathy some comments. I would love to see and hear what you think and do.