Jennifer McGuire’s Studio and storage ideas

Hi, all! Sharon here! I’m just so excited to be featuring Jennifer McGuire’s studio with you today.  I’m a total tidy freak when it comes to my studio and how I organise my supplies, and I have got an incredible amount of inspiration from Jennifer’s blog and videos.   If I could have a replica of her room I wouldn’t change a thing!  If you haven’t visited her blog then it’s a must, she is the most kind-hearted and sharing person and her blog and YouTube channel are just full of great ideas, but more on that shortly.

Firstly, here’s a photo of her studio.  As you can see, she has a fantastic island in the centre for working on, and most of her supplies are hidden away in custom made cupboards – this really appeals to me as I can’t bear too much clutter.

What I like most about Jennifer’s room is that, because she designed it from scratch, a lot of thought has gone into what products she wants close at hand, and how she wants to store them for easy access.  For instance, she stores her ink pads in the centre island, so they are right by her workspace – and the OrganizeMore cubby fits perfectly.

I could go on forever about this room and all the ideas I’ve picked up from Jennifer, but I’ll just share one idea here, then you can pop across to Jennifer’s blog and YouTube channel to see the rest (and I HIGHLY recommend that you do).

Aside from her stamp storage, one of the best ideas I’ve picked up from Jennnifer is her ink swatch idea.  She uses the Simon Says Stamp ink swatch stamp set to put together a swatch book, and she so generous, that she’s even shared ink swatch downloads for almost every ink brand you can think of, so you just need to print them out, cut them to size (and she’s added cutting guide lines too), then stamp them out.

I highly recommend you set aside some time, grab a coffee, and watch all her storage videos here.  I guarantee you’ll be inspired to start re-organising your supplies!

Thanks for popping by, and I hope you enjoy exploring Jennifer’s blog and videos.


All About the Furniture: Bookcases

Hello fellow crafters, it’s Cicily with an All About the Furniture post for you today.  I pay a lot of attention to craft rooms and storage solutions for my Pinterest followers and for Craft Storage Ideas. Recently the Hubby and I are talking about mixing things up at our house and switching around 5 rooms, including my beloved Superman Scrapbook room! Now I’m really paying attention to furniture, especially shelving and bookcases.


I love this shelving from Raising up Rubies. Can you believe these are plain Target bookcases with crown molding and arches added?

Then there’s this built-in bookcase redo from the gals at Lolly Jane, I love this Herringbone Stencil in mustard yellow (I have an upcoming project using this exact color!), the bunting and the owls, yes the owls! She actually has quite a few craft supplies tucked into this beautifully staged bookcase.


This room was in a previous post for the chairs, but check out this shelving! I’m getting ideas and putting my hubby to work! LOL


I love built-ins or faux ones! My dad’s done a few so I’m ready to try my hand at it. Don’t hold your breath though, not sure when we’re starting. However the good news is that in the Great Room Shuffle my scrapbook room has to go first!

If you have a shelving solution post a link in the comments.


Studio Tour with Tracy Eau Claire

I’m back from CHA!  And have some fun storage ideas to share from the show, but first, how about a studio tour?
Welcome to Tracy Eau Claire!  Tracy is a mom to five, living in the Arizona desert with my villagers and wonderful husband Kevin. When she’s not scrapping, she divides her time between her freelance business in Creative Social Marketing, running her photography business, and daydreaming about her next trip to Disney World. She’s hopelessly addicted to gadgets and is never without a direct line to the interwebs! She blogs about all that and her desert {mis}adventures at
We recently moved into our home and luckily for us (me!) the original owners of the home were big on storage and wet bars and really tall ceilings. Now if only one of the wet bars would have made it to my office, I’d never have to leave! The only quirky spot in this room was the space where my scrapbook counter is now. It’s a recessed spot with an angled wall so part of it is a bit shorter than the other side.
Scrapbook counter
When we moved in it was empty, so it was actually a bonus because the blank slate allowed my wonderful husband to design and build it exactly how I wanted it. He’s so sweet he even thinks of things that I don’t – because I hate to be too much trouble (he’s picking himself up off the floor now!). I just asked for a countertop-height surface. Then he suggested that drawer units underneath would be better, as would a framed peg-board and dimmable puck lights. He even reinforced the formica top so my littles can climb up and scrap with me (occasionally, let’s not get crazy!).
Multi-purpose office
I had certain wants for my space as it needed to fill a few roles. I needed it to be an office because I work at home. I needed a scrapbook space because I love to scrapbook! I also needed a space where I could visually feast on all my treasures because my husband has a limited appreciation for teacup collections and no love for clutter in general! I also needed a dust-free (as “free” as you can get in the desert!) spot to store my camera equipment. This room was one of the things that sold me on this house right away – it looks small at first but thanks to the built-ins and general layout, it handles it all with ease! On a slow day, we can even all create in here together!
This room may be small, but there is a space for everyone!
1. What kind of budget did you have when organizing your space?

As far as budget goes, thankfully my husband is a “there’s nothing too good for you sweetie” sort of guy. At the same time I try to… oh let’s be serious – I tend to agree with him! 🙂 But seriously, we just moved into our new home days after both being laid off from our jobs so there is always a budget! Although, knowing this space would also be my home office allowed us to splurge a bit so that I can be as productive as possible, while enjoying a beautiful space.

Vertical space used to the max.

2. What was/is your greatest challenge?

After choosing the perfect shade of blue with a hint of grey, my greatest challenge was trying to balance out and display all my “things” that bring me so much joy. I love to appreciate my things, but I don’t feel like I live in a rummage sale! I also moved everything from large scrap-closet in our other home (again every inch custom-made for me!) that had specialized storage for certain items so I had to find new ways to display and store certain scrappy goodness.

A place to display mementos

3. Are you a “organize it once” kind of girl, or are your storage solutions constantly evolving?

Certain supplies and organizers lend themselves to allowing me to just organize them once and be “done” and then other items and systems evolve. For instance, I used to have all my wood-mounted rubber stamps in a drawer. Then I found the 3-tiered wire baskets and knew I’d rather have them out where I could not only enjoy looking at them, but also be reminded to use them more often.

Paper storage

4. What is one thing you’d like to improve about your storage/organization?

One thing I would like to improve on is the organization of my patterned paper. Colored cardstock is great to have stacked for me because, I can instantly see what I have. On the other hand, my patterned paper stacked this way is driving me crazy. As you can tell from my fabulous pegboard and bookshelf-covered walls, I love having supplies out where I can see them. The patterned paper is so crammed into these boxes that I never know what’s where. I’ve tried sorting it by theme, by manufacturer, by color, etc, but it not only gets all jumbled up in record time, I also can never quite put my hand on exactly what I’m looking for. In addition, not being able to see all that’s there makes me forgot about a lot of what I have and why I loved it in the first place. I’m not really sure what the answer is to that, so I’d love to hear suggestions on how I can tame my patterned paper monster!

A peaceful workspace


Tracy’s space is so peaceful and clean.  I’m very impressed.  And I’m certainly impressed that she managed to get her entire family (except for her oldest) in this room and busy!  What do you think?

Please visit Tracy’s blog  for more details!