Crafting on the Go: Scrapbooking with ScrapRoom

Crafting on the Go: Scrapbooking with ScrapRoom
We’re sharing ideas for crafting on the go, starting with on-the-road scrapbooking!

Hello Crafters (and specifically Scrapbookers)!

After spending six weeks on the road and taking hundreds of photos, all of which I now have to upload, edit, tag, organize, print and scrapbook, I thought it was time for me to share a tool I’ll be using, one I think you’ll find super helpful!

Now just so we’re clear, this tool is great for everyday use, not just for crafting on the go.

That said, if traveling and taking photos is part of your Summer plans, and/or you download a lot of images from the internet and need to keep track of them, you’re likely to find this tool indispensable!


Crafting on the Go: Scrapbooking with Scraproom Software (image)
Crafting on the Go: Scrapbooking with Scraproom Software

The tool I’m sharing today is called ScrapRoom Software and not only is it super easy to use (thanks to its invention by a scrapbooker for scrapbookers), it’s on sale this weekend only!

And who doesn’t love a great sale, right?!

Today and tomorrow only,
ScrapRoom Software can be purchased
for just $69!!!

Not sure it’s for you?

Well, take a look and see what you think…

Let’s check out ScrapRoom!

Crafting on the Go with ScrapRoom
Crafting on the Go: Scrapbooking with ScrapRoom Software – your life. your design.

I first learned about ScrapRoom Software when I was doing research on solutions for managing my ever-growing collection of photos and the many printables I download (a.k.a. digital elements, like those created and sold by designers such as Ali Edwards and those now available from Becky Higgins for Project Life™).

As a former high-tech industry professional for many, many years before taking over Craft Storage Ideas and PaperCrafter’s Corner, I used my fair share of graphics software packages.

But, that doesn’t mean I’m all that enamored with technology, or a tech guru – far from it!

Most of the time I learned just what I needed to learn to use each software package in order to do my job.

And, full confession time: I am easily frustrated by tech stuff!

Fast forward to now…
I have very little time to learn new software packages and I want tools that are intuitive – easy to use.

I don’t want a bunch of cumbersome and unnecessary features and I don’t want to re-learn where things are every time the software is updated!

And most importantly, I want the process of uploading, editing, tagging, organizing, finding and printing my photos, and scrapbooking them, to be fun and easy, NOT frustrating!!!

Who’s with me on this?!

Now, I’m aware of and have used (albeit marginally), several of the most popular options available for organizing and editing photos and digital elements, most of which promise that they are easy-to-use and make quick work of managing our digital assets (yeah, those hard-to-shake tech phrases are still in me!).

But, even as a former tech professional, I find myself overwhelmed with managing the thousands of photos I take a year, and the many items I download from the internet.

Editing and printing in these tools is still a major chore for me, which results in the majority of my photos never seeing the light of day (i.e., being added to the pages of a scrapbook or mini album or even a picture frame!).

And finding the photos and digital downloads I own? Argh!

Perhaps you can relate?

And, although creating layouts and other projects within a software package has never been a priority for me (o.k., I’ll admit that I have resisted it with all my being because it involved a computer and felt too much like work!), being able to do so would come in handy when I am traveling a lot.

How cool would it be to be able to share a few fun pages I created shortly after the memories were made, instead of many months (ok, even years!) later?

I’d LOVE that!

You too?

The search for the best solution…
So, I long searched for an easy-to-use, reasonably-priced solution that would enable me to just handle the tasks that are MOST important to me: quickly and easily upload, backup, edit, tag, find and print my photos; and, upload, organize, find, and use the digital elements I own and want to buy.

Oh, and offer a simple way to create layouts, if I decide to do so down the road.

Note that “find” showed up twice in my list of needs – finding what we own and have create is important!

I’ll bet you agree.

Well, finding such a solution seemed to be easier said than done…

…well, until recently!

Papercrafting with ScrapRoom - Save Time! (image)
Crafting on the Go: Scrapbooking with ScrapRoom SoftwareClick This Image to See How YOU Can Save Time!

The day I found out about ScrapRoom was like eating cotton candy for the first time – exciting!

Of course I had to find out more so I sent an email to the company. I hoped to hear that my simple software wishes had been granted.

I received an almost immediate response from Blayne*, the mastermind behind the concept of ScrapRoom Software, and soon we were chatting non-stop about its capabilities and why and how she had it built.

I was simply blown away by the amount of thought Blayne had put into what the product does and how easy it is to use.

Could it be that I’d finally found the holy grail of photo and digital elements management tools?

Well, you’ll soon see!

The Creation of ScrapRoom Software
As someone who worked in the studio photography business, Blayne knows first-hand what a nightmare it can be to manage thousands of images and data files. As someone who has dabbled in digi scrapping, she knows how quickly one can become overwhelmed with digital elements and the ins and outs of creating pages digitally. And, as a long-time “traditional” scrapper, she knows how many photos we need to manage, how frustrating it can be when we sit down to scrapbook and can’t find that perfect photo, and how intimidating it can be for a paper scrapper to create digitally.

Her background, and personal and professional experience, most definitely played a significant role in the creation of ScrapRoom Software.

Speaking with many, many scrapbookers about their organizing, editing and creating challenges, and learning what they wanted and needed, was the icing on the cake and enhanced her ability to deliver a first-class product for scrapbookers.

As I mentioned in a PCC tweet after watching one of Blayne’s latest videos, “I’m telling you lady, you have thought of everything! I can’t wait to share your tool…”

The key to ScrapRoom Software is that Blayne thought of everything papercrafters like us need and care about, she added in some really cool bells and whistles, and, most importantly, she (and her team) made it super easy to navigate and use.

And, she has created a tool that makes digi scrapping quick, easy and fun…if you choose to try it.

And that’s perhaps the best part – digi scrapping is just one (easy and awesome!) element of ScrapRoom Software!

Whether or not you ever try your hand at digi scrapping, I believe you’ll find ScrapRoom Software to be worthy of your hard-earned dollars (well, that is if you care about your memories and sharing them!).

And this is where you find out just how great this $69 deal is!

ScrapRoom Software normally sells for $129 and even the PCC member price of $89 can’t match this amazing price!


Check out the overview video below –
we bet you’ll soon be clicking the BUY button!

And for those of you who are wondering, neither CSI nor PCC are receiving ANY compensation for this post nor any commission on any sales generated by our sharing it with you.

Please see our full disclosure below**.

We just had to share this amazing tool with you because, well like I said, Blayne’s thought of everything!

And, most importantly, we want to help you (and ourselves!) get those photos off your mobile devices, memory cards and hard drives and into your scrapbooks and other papercrafted projects!

Oh, and we want you to have fun doing so!

O.K., ready to take a gander at what this amazing tool can do?

Blayne created an overview video to demonstrate ScrapRoom‘s capabilities –
take a quick look by clicking the image below!

Crafting on the Go: Scrapbooking with ScrapRoom Software - Check Out Their Demo Videos! (image)
Crafting on the Go: Scrapbooking with ScrapRoom SoftwareCheck Out Their Demo Videos!

P.S. There are many more videos
that drill down into each aspect of the tool –
they can be found here:
ScrapRoom Software YouTube Channel

Like what you see?

If so,
be sure to take advantage of the
amazingly generous 
ScrapRoom Software pricing
Blayne is offering

this weekend ONLY!!!

YOU can buy ScrapRoom Software for just $69 –
that’s almost half off the normal price of $129!!!

There’s no code necessary either!

Click here to SAVE BIG on ScrapRoom Software!

Now don’t delay –
this sale is
only good through tomorrow,
Sunday, July 5th, 2015!

So, what do you think?

Are you thinking you need to
give ScrapRoom Software a try?

Please ask questions,
if you have any,

share your comments
about this program –
Blayne’s happy to answer your questions!

How would you use

Looking for more information about ScrapRoom Software?

Click below to learn more about ScrapRoom Software‘s capabilities!

Thanks for joining us today!

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Happy Shopping, Organizing and Scrapbooking,
Steph & The CSI Team


**Full Disclosure:
*During our first in-person meeting, at CHA’s Summer Show in Las Vegas in 2013, Blayne and I chatted non-stop, like old friends who were just picking up where they’d left off since their last conversation. The thing is, we had never met before that day! Since that time we’ve become good long-distance friends (she’s in Atlanta and I’m in Austin) and we’ve had many a 2-3 hour conversation! I’m sure you’ll feel that way too if and when you meet her. 🙂

**A complimentary copy of ScrapRoom Software was provided to me, Stephanie Hackney, for the purposes of reviewing it at a later date. This post was in no way provided as compensation for that review copy and all opinions of any future reviews will be entirely mine. Furthermore, any review conducted by me, Stephanie Hackney, (for Craft Storage Ideas or PaperCrafter’s Corner) will be unbiased and adhere to our policies about unbiased product reviews we conduct. Finally, there was no payment offered or received for this post or for conducting a review.


Craft Storage Ideas: Our Contributor Team

Craft Storage Ideas: Our Contributor Team
We’d like to introduce you to our team of talented contributors!

While some of you are familiar with the contributors who write for Craft Storage Ideas (CSI), we have a lot of new readers who may not yet know these talented ladies.

Well, it’s time to change that!

Let’s meet our 2015 CSI Contributor Team, shall we?

Our 2015 CSI Contributor Team
(in alphabetical order by last name):

Craft Storage Ideas Contributor: Amanda Corbet (image)
Craft Storage Ideas Contributor: Amanda Corbet

Amanda Corbet – Kansas, USA

Amanda says:
“I’m Amanda Corbet. I’ve been crafting as long as I can remember, always making something usually as a gift for someone else.

Some of my most favorite projects are the Welcome to our Firepit Sign, Cherish Mixed Media Page and Megan’s Doll.

I live in a 1950’s home with my husband, two dogs and two cats.

Something that most people don’t know, I’m a complete nerd. I like to know how things work and how they are put together. I’m the person sitting at a concert and am in awe at the mechanics of all the lights and cameras.

I work full-time as a custom heater design manager in a local custom heating element manufacturing company and I also take online college courses.

So between the day job, working on the house, school and just daily life, I like to squeeze in some time to make things. I dabble in almost every medium imaginable. I call it crafting ADD.

I am excited to share storage solutions for holding all those craft supplies.

Although my space is far from completely organized… it’s what I would consider slightly organized. I would love for everything to have a place for everything and everything in it’s place, but it never seems to work out that way. But that’s probably because I get distracted by some pretty beads or a fun paint combo.”

Thanks, Amanda!

(Don’t you think we should have a Crafting ADD Club? I don’t believe there’d ever be an issue with a lack of members!)


Craft Storage Ideas Contributor: Sharon Curtis (image)
Craft Storage Ideas Contributor: Sharon Curtis

Sharon Curtis – Bromsgrove, Worcs., UK

Sharon shared:
I’ve been papercrafting since 2002 when my sister got married and asked me to make her invitations, table plan and order of service.  From then on it just snowballed and I now have enough supplies to start my own shop!

Although I’ve dabbled in all sorts of craft, cardmaking is most definitely the thing I enjoy most.

I’m on Design Teams for: Daring Cardmakers challenge blog, Kuretake UK, Craft and Simply Cards & Papercraft Magazine, and I teach regular cardmaking classes locally at Bromsgrove Art Workshop.

Something that most of my craft friends wouldn’t know is that I used to be a dog trainer – I spent two years living in Spain running my own dog training business.

I would consider myself to be VERY organised in my craft room, to the point where I just can’t create if my desk gets too messy.  I enjoy tidying and organising my supplies just as much as I enjoy crafting.

At the moment I am crafting out of our spare bedroom which is extremely frustrating and I’ve had to put some supplies into storage so that my space isn’t too cluttered.

I’m in the process of planning my dream garden craft room which I hope to have built by the end of the summer and I seriously can’t wait!”

Thanks, Sharon!

(We look forward to seeing that new craft room, including the “before” pix!)


Craft Storage Ideas Contributor: Jessica Frost-Ballas (image)
Craft Storage Ideas Contributor: Jessica Frost-Ballas

Jessica Frost-Ballas – Virginia, USA

Jessica says:
“My full name is Jessica Frost-Ballas although, casually, most people call me Jess!

Unless you dig around my Facebook page or my personal website, you probably wouldn’t know that I am a professional harpist and pianist by day! I teach music lessons to 58 students and freelance throughout the DC metropolitan area!

I’ve been crafting with my mother since I was 10 and spent many years dabbling in papercrafting, fibercrafting, quilling, scrapbooking and various other crafts before really getting serious about papercrafting.

I’ve been blogging for almost a year now, and one of my most-rewarding crafting endeavors has been getting the nerve up to blog my cards publicly and meeting so many amazing crafters who I’m now very happy to call friends!

And as for organization….I am super, über-organized in my crafting and teaching life. Generally I can only make 2 or 3 cards until I have to clean up my workspace before continuing on.

But my car usually looks like it’s been hit by a tornado. I read somewhere that astrological Virgos tend to be super organized in 99% of their life but that there’s usually at least 1 area where they just fall flat on their faces…and I totally believe it.  For me, it’s my car. ;)”

Thanks, Jessica!

(As another astrological Virgo, I concur – for me it’s my nightstand drawer. It’s like a black hole of piddly junk that I need to clean out regularly!)


Craft Storage Ideas Contributor: Hazel Hamman (image)
Craft Storage Ideas Contributor: Hazel Hamman

Hazel Hamman – Stellenbosch, South Africa

Hazel shared:
“I’m Hazel and I live in Stellenbosch, the most beautiful town in South Africa.

I have a husband and two 26-year-old boys. 2014 was a GREAT year at Hamman HQ as our family expanded and we now have a daughter (in-law) as well!!

In my spare time (do housewives have any?) I sew, make albums, paint, craft, cook, bake and read.

My husband and I have our own business, so I have to “work” as well.

Actually, I’m a winemaker and my family owns a small winery on the West Coast. Therefore, we spend a lot of time at the beach house where I keep myself busy by sitting on the “stoep,” drinking wine and thinking up new ideas.

I blog to motivate myself to do more and to record my achievements.

My little word is “ENJOY” (because I’m so serious) and therefore I have decided to relax more in 2015.

Come on, join me and “Play as u Go.”

Thanks, Hazel!

(Having been to Stellenbosch, I agree – it is beautiful. Oh, and the wine’s amazing too! I’m thinking a CSI crafting retreat is in order – what say you, ladies?)


Craft Storage Ideas Contributor: Kim Skinner (image)
Craft Storage Ideas Contributor: Kim Skinner

Kim Skinner – New York, USA

Kim says:
“I am a full-time physics teacher in my 26th year of teaching and I have a papercrafting blog and YouTube channel.

I’m an independent Stampin’ Up! demonstrator and I received their Rising Star Award for 2014.

I’ve been married for 30 years and we have two “children!” My daughter is 23 and in grad school working on a PhD in Robotics at the University of Michigan. She has a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton. My son is 21 and will be graduating in May from Marist College with a degree in Computer Science. We are a family of geeks!

I have been a crafter since I was a child.  I love all kinds of papercrafting.  I started as a scrapbooker and it morphed into anything involving paper and ink!

I love sewing as well, and I dabble in other mixed media crafts just for fun.

I am not über-organized and I don’t aspire to be a perfectionist about it. I consider myself to be organized enough to find the stuff I need and to keep my space tidy…most of the time!

Right now my craft room is a mixture of leftover used furniture from other spaces in my house or thrift stores…my secret wish is to have a beautifully designed and organized craft room.

Now that we’re done paying for college, a beautiful craft room is at the top of my list of things to do!

I also love making crafting videos for YouTube!”

Thanks, Kim!

(Now I know who to call should I ever end up on that game show where contestants call for help with tough questions that win them the big bucks! 🙂 I promise to split the winnings with you. And we look forward to seeing your new craft room too!)

What a great team we have, right?!

I love how diverse our team is (not all are über-organized, and that’s a good thing!), and I especially enjoyed the “What would be people be surprised to know about you?” shares!

Hey, I have an idea –
why don’t YOU share a surprising or interesting fact about yourself
so we can all get to know each other a bit better?

Add a photo too!

O.K., I’ll go first to break the ice…
I was a “metal-head” in the 80’s
and I’ve been to trapeze school.


Craft Storage Ideas' Editor & Owner in Her "Metal-Head" Rocker Days! (image)
Craft Storage Ideas‘ Editor & Owner in Her “Metal-Head” Rocker Days!

Come on, tell me YOU don’t have a picture of yourself
with big ‘ol 80’s hair!


Craft Storage Ideas Editor & Owner - Stephanie Hackney (image)
Craft Storage Ideas Editor & Owner: Stephanie Hackney

Your Turn!
Share a bit about yourself,
and a link to a photo if you’d like,
so we can get to know you better.


I am, personally, so appreciative of everything this talented team contributed to CSI before I took over ownership and we can’t wait to share with you what we’re working on now…and moving forward!

Our July calendar is set and you can expect quite an assortment of fun storage and organizing ideas and solutions to come your way.

Have ideas about what you’d like to see here at CSI?

Please share them in the comments –
we’d LOVE to hear from you!

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Thanks for being a loyal CSI reader – we couldn’t be successful without you, our wonderful audience!
Steph & The PCC Team



Craft Storage Ideas News: A BIG Announcement!

Craft Storage Ideas News: A BIG Announcement!

Craft Storage Ideas News: CSI Has a New Owner!  (image)
Craft Storage Ideas News: CSI Has a New Owner!

Image Source: Stampabilities Rubber Stamp

Hello CSI Friends,

We have BIG NEWS to share with you.

Craft Storage Ideas Has A New Owner!

As some of you might have seen, we recently announced that Craft Storage Ideas (CSI) was for sale.

Our goal was to find a new owner for CSI, someone we felt confident could not only carry on with delivering great organizing information and inspiration, but grow CSI to include even more craft storage information and inspiration…for YOU!

Of course, making the decision to let our “baby” go was not arrived at easily – we have really loved running CSI and getting to know so many of you, our amazing readers.

And of course, we’ve also really enjoyed working with our amazing contributors:

Aren’t they awesome?!

THANK YOU for being such a great audience for our crafty storage information and inspiration, and for helping us to grow such an important resource for crafters!

And don’t worry CSI fans, most of the wonderful ladies who’ve contributed content to CSI aren’t leaving – they’re staying on with Steph & her team!

(*Note: Cicily Lesher has posted her last contribution for CSI)

And now?

It’s time for an introduction to CSI’s new owner.

Craft Storage Ideas' New Owner: Stephanie Hackney (image)
Craft Storage Ideas‘ New Owner: Stephanie Hackney

Say Hello to Stephanie!

Stephanie Hackney (a.k.a. Steph), a former professional organizer, long-time craft industry trade columnist, crafting addict and fearless leader of PaperCrafter’s Corner is taking over!

Steph reached out to us when she heard CSI was for sale and, based on what we’ve seen her accomplish with PaperCrafter’s Corner since she took it over in 2013, we feel very comfortable handing over the care and feeding of CSI to her as we move onto new ventures.

We know she has lots of ideas to further enhance the CSI experience for you and to provide you with even more organizing information and inspiration.

Now don’t worry, Steph and her team are not planning on eliminating any of what you’ve grown to love about CSI – their goal is to give you even more of what you love!

It’s time for a new organizing and crafting addict to bring her energy, excitement, craft industry experience & business savvy to CSI!

Steph’s super excited to get to know all of you and to bring even more cool stuff to the CSI community.

Steph’s Thoughts on CSI

“I have long admired Craft Storage Ideas as a valuable resource for crafters, from the time of its founding by Susan Mintmire and Rebecca Boyer, to the present, under the leadership of Noelle McAdams and Shelley Walsh.

It has been fun to see CSI evolve as Noelle and Shelley took over – I know they and the CSI contributors have worked hard to ensure that visitors to the CSI site (and associated social media pages) always found valuable content, a positive experience, and a reason to return again and again.

My team and I intend to expand the CSI offering by making necessary behind-the-scenes changes and enhancements (some of which have already taken place), and adding both new functionality and new information based largely on what the CSI community tells us it wants (yes, this is YOUR chance to make your voice heard – let us know what YOU want to find at CSI!).

The CSI contributors (who I’m happy to report are staying on!) will work hard to provide you with even more information, more inspiration and, hopefully, even more fun than what you’ve already experienced as a fan of CSI!

It is our goal to build on what Susan, Rebecca, Noelle and Shelley have created for you and to make the CSI offering even better!”

As you can imagine, handing over something we’ve worked hard on has been a bit bittersweet.

But it was time, and we believe CSI is in good hands!

We look forward to seeing CSI grow and prosper and we wish you all well.

So, what will we be doing now?


“I will be keeping up with my hubby, our active lifestyle, my teaching and theater schedules, and my 3 busy boys! I sure have loved running this site, the fantastic contributors I’ve worked with over the years, and all the wonderful readers. I will miss you, CSI, and am so excited to see what comes next for you. My life is wonderfully full of other important things right now. I am closing my personal blog for the time being, but I will forever be a crafter. In fact, I am at a weekend scrapbook retreat as we speak!”


“I will be continuing work with my Etsy shop, There Be Unicorns, that I run with my best friend. We sell hand-painted housewares, original paintings, crocheted items and other fun things, and I look forward to putting more energy into it. 🙂 I will also, be continuing my work as a freelance graphic designer, and spending some much needed time with my husband. I’ve had so much fun working with CSI and can’t wait to see what comes next!!”

Thank You!

We know you’ll support Stephanie and CSI moving forward – Steph & the team are going to work hard for you and we’re sure you’ll be thrilled with the CSI of the future.

We know we’ll be watching!

If you haven’t already, be sure to
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And, you can soon look forward to
connecting with CSI on
Twitter and Instagram,
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Take care all,
Noelle & Shelley

Noelle     Shelley