Just One Tip: Repurposed Jars

Hello Y’all! It’s Cicily with a quick tip for you today.

Jar Storage seems to be all the rage lately. I’m a pack rat at heart and hate to throw anything away (Certain areas of my house can attest to this). I love storing things in glass jars/cups/containers.  Every time I use a glass jar and throw it away I cringe. Well last year it was time to make some pickles. I found this great recipe on Pinterest and because of the method I could use repurposed jars! Good thing because I had a mass quantity of cucumbers.

I wanted to share this One Tip: How to clean the gunk off those great food jars so you can repurpose them!

Of course I found this on Pinterest!

I did this and for the most part it worked! Now you can repurpose your jars for craft or food storage!

Happy Jar Cleaning!


Craft Room Tour: Daisy Mae Belle

Welcome to today’s Craft Room Tour.

It’s Cicily and I’m super excited to share Melissa’s craft room from her Daisy Mae Belle blog.

I immediately fell in love with her blog, from her great pictures, her sense of style and her sweet southern charm. I think you’re going to love it too!

I’m so in love with her Playhouse! Her dad built this for her 3 girls and now that they’ve outgrown it, it’s been transformed into Melissa’s Craft Room! I’m thinking my kids need a playhouse!

Melissa recently posted a Craft Room Tour which you can see in its entirety HERE. But we’ll share a few sneak peeks.

Baskets and eclectic dishes are home for craft supplies.

Her organization technique: store like items together. This corner is dedicated to her wreath making supplies. Not only are these all items waiting for projects or projects in progress, but used for decoration and storage in the Playhouse. Example: the birdcage is home to her wire cutters!

If I had to choose a favorite organization idea it would be this one. Ladder, no it’s shelving!

I did think this was pretty clever. What else would we put in a scale but old books! BTW I so need that Owl and Pussy Cat book! Can you spot the S&P shakers?


I’m so very intrigued by all these items and will be checking back often with Melissa to see how she repurposes them!


Storage Solution Roundup: Gift Wrap Supplies

I think it’s an unwritten code that if you are a crafter, then we love to use our crafting skills for gift giving and unique gift wrapping.  And it’s fitting, as the holiday’s are quickly approaching, to get your gift wrap in order!

I love this over-the-door solution.

Bar stool turned rolling-gift wrapping station. Full tutorial (follow the link from the picture)

Dresser re-purposed as a  gift wrapping station!

I found so many ideas, but I thought these were clever and practical.


Craft Room {Designs by Robin}

Get ready for some jaw dropping as the craft studio I happened upon recently is a beauty!  The epitome of a neat and organized craft space, Robin’s studio from over at Designs by Robin is truly an inspiration!  Take a look for yourself:

Robin has a remarkable collection of craft supplies, but she has a designated place for everything and, unlike some of us, I’m betting nothing ever gets lost in her studio!

This is her wonderful little corner desk with some of her embellishments organized in pretty boxes…

and here is where she stores the bulk of her crafting supplies:

One idea I love is that some of her recently completed scrapbook pages are put on display in these pretty shadow box frames and rotated each month!

She shares many more photos of her organization methods for such things as Cricut cartridges, Stickles, wooden stamps and more on her blog, so be sure and go take a look!  It looks like a dream studio to me!

Enjoy your day!


Review: Martha Stewart Living Stackable 9 Cube Organizer

It’s a curse of parenthood that sometimes out kids have nicer things than we do. In my house, my office is in a perpetual state of crazy, while my daughter’s playroom — well, it’s still pretty crazy but there are at least pockets of good organization and one of these is her art area.

Nestled in the back corner of the room, next to the window, is an oasis of creativity I can only dream of for myself. Supplies are (relatively) well organized and accessible, making it easy for us to create together or even for her to do some things by herself at a moment’s notice. playroom art corner

The reason this is such a happy place is simple: Martha Stewart.

Or, more specifically, the Martha Stewart Living Stackable 9 Cube Organizer. I got mine, along with six canvas baskets that perfectly fit the shelves, at Home Depot, where the shelf currently runs $49.98 and the baskets are $6.98 a piece (we found two-packs in the clearance section that I think were about $10).

The shelf is made of particle board and seemed to weigh a ton (OK, almost 42 pounds) in the box but is easily scootable when assembled. Assembly is pretty quick and easy, even with a toddler trying to help, and only requires a screwdriver, and a hammer if you want to install the paperboard backings that are available for five of the cubbies (I opted against them). There’s also a mounting bracket you can use to mount the unit to the wall; we ended up using a hook and chain instead because our baseboards are so deep the enclosed bracket wouldn’t work.

martha stewart organizer shelf

Using the Shelf

There’s not much to say about this shelf, other than the it helpfully contains a lot of stuff. I stacked our baskets on one side of the shelf, leaving three open cubbies on one side. That allowed me to store extra paper that was to big to go into a basket and some other fun crafty things like modeling clay and the crayons and colored pencils that didn’t fit in the basket with the markers and other coloring supplies.

I tried to organize like things together, as you’re supposed to do, so there are baskets for:

  • paint and paintbrushes
  • stickers and stamps
  • beads and pipe cleaners
  • markers, pencils and crayons
  • random project materials like paper towel tubes and bubble wrap

marker basket

The final basket has some random busy box type items like tanagram shapes, and I’m planning to put projects from her Kiwi Crate subscription in there, thinking that if she comes across them on her own she might be more willing to do them than when I suggest it.

The durable canvas baskets have slip-in places for tags, which are still blank on mine because my daughter is a pre-reader. She has a really good memory, though, so as long as we put the baskets back where we got them she can find what she needs.

The shelf is 36 inches tall, and she’s taller than that, so I can store stuff on top and she can still get to it. Up there is a little tin with her scissors and tape, a box full of “clippings,” some more rubber stamps that happen to still be in the box they came in and a bit of sensory stuff I wasn’t quite sure what to do with.


All in all, I think this shelf was a great purchase. If I showed you the before picture, you would understand. We had stuff on and around a microwave cart, which came nowhere close to holding everything. Paint was somewhere else because I didn’t want her to be able to get into it by herself. (Now she potentially could, but she can’t see it, so that might slow her down a bit.)

Now everything is in the same area where it is used and there isn’t all the visual and actual clutter there was before. It’s a lot more fun to be in that space, and I think we’ve both been making more since we got the shelf organized than we were before. It’s easier to both get things out and to put them away, though you can see we still leave projects out on the table a lot!

Do you have a storage solution you can’t live without? We’d love to hear about it!