Craft Room Tour – Hand to Paper, Regina Easter

Hi everyone it’s Sharon here, and today I’d like to share one of my favourite craft studios, belonging to the very talented Regina Easter of Hand to Paper.

What I love most about Regina’s room is that she manages to have a lot of stuff on display, but still manages to create a clean, organised look.  It’s very easy when you have open shelving like this for everything to look cluttered and the colour scheme not appear cohesive, but Regina pulls it off, and her cheerful colour scheme just ties it all together and it looks amazing.


I really like her central island for working.   This is what I am missing in my current temporary room.  I find that die cutting and stamping are so much easier when standing up.   A lovely Island like this one is top of my shopping list.

And look at this amazing ribbon storage:

Regina has an amazing amount of photos here on her Flickr pages, you can see all the updates she’s made for her room since these pics, and if you want to check out her blog page with full details about her room, you can find it here.

Hope you’ve enjoyed joining me for this tour of Regina’s gorgeous room.




Garden Craft Studio Progress

Hi everyone, it’s Sharon here. I thought I’d give a little update on progress (or lack of it really) on my own new craft space.

After all the mess and drama a few months back when I had the area levelled and paving slabs put down, I thought it wise to let the dust settle and get the garden back to normal before starting the next phase.   My boyfriend works from home, and we have a tiny house, so any building work and disruption is really inconvenient for him, so I’ve got to plan carefully. However, he’s recovered from the chaos of the summer, so I’m ready to order my building.

Here’s what the area looks like at the moment:



I wanted to wait until the area was level before deciding on the size for my new space as it was really hard to visualise it. You can just about see in this photo that I’ve chalked out some lines so I could physically walk around the outside and make sure that I left enough space to be able to get around all sides to paint the building, whilst getting the biggest building I could for the space.   I’m glad I did, because I had thought I’d have to go for a 10 x 12 building, but now it’s chalked out I realise that a 12 x 12 building will fit fine and still leave room to access all sides.

I’ve only got as far as a rough sketch on the design. I’ve decided a gable style roof will look nicest, and this will overhang at the front so that the windows need less cleaning!


I need to meet with the building supplier to discuss the placement of the doors and windows – I’m a little undecided about the door – from this sketch, I plan to have my desk directly under the windows so I’m looking out onto the garden, but I’m wondering if double doors might be more practical when it comes to installing the furniture. One thing I’m really keen to have is a skylight at the back right-hand corner so I can set an area up directly beneath it for photographing my projects.   Since there are fences either side of the building, I won’t have any windows at the sides or back which will maximise the wall space inside for shelving and storage units, but it does mean that without a skylight, the only light would be from the front of the building. I’ve kind of set my heart on having this extra light, so even if it’s expensive, I think it’s an essential part of the design.

Once I’ve placed the order for the building itself, I can start working on a floor plan and decide what furniture to have, which will be a very enjoyable part of the planning!

I’ll be back in a couple more months to share that stage with you 🙂


Garden Craft Studio: Phase One

Hi, it’s Sharon here with the first of many posts sharing with you the progress on building my new craft studio.

For a long time it’s been my dream to have a craft space of my own, where I can put up shelves, have things exactly how I want, and not have to fit my supplies into a room that needs to also be used as a spare bedroom.

We live in a small terraced house, so aside from converting the loft, there’s no space really within the house that I can claim, but we do have a lovely long garden, so I decided the best solution would be to put a studio in the garden.

This is the garden a month ago:


We use the shed in the foreground to store a lot of my boyfriend’s business files, plus some garden stuff. The shed at the back is pretty rickety, and just houses the lawnmower and a few tools, so we decided that with a bit of re-organisation, we could do without the old shed, and I could take over that whole area to put a craft studio.

As you can see, it was really uneven ground.


The first challenge was finding a builder that wanted to do the job of taking down the old shed and creating a flat patio area.   I ‘phoned several, and only two came to give a quote – then neither of them actually called back with a price!   In the end, we asked my boyfriend’s brother to do the work, and the plan was for him to do it while we were on holiday.

Three weeks later, and we’ve come back to this:





Total chaos. My boyfriend works from home, so we’d really hoped everything would be completed while we were away so he wouldn’t be disturbed, and I’m now seriously in the dog-house.


However, the patio area does look great, and is now all set for me to order the studio. Since the building work cost twice as much as I expected and I’m now also going to have to pay another company to come in and clear the mess, this is going to delay things a little as I’m going to need to save a little more money, but in the whole scheme of things, I figure it will be worth it in the end!


So fingers crossed, I’ll be back in a couple of months to share the photos of the studio being installed!


Craft Room: the Crafted Sparrow

Hi Everyone! It’s Cicily with a beautiful craft room to show you today. I came across Becca’s trendy room, the Crafted Sparrow, on Pinterest.

She turned her formal living room into her very own crafty space.


Becca painted her dark furniture black for a uniform look and her latest pride and joy is her Chalky Finish white craft table that takes center stage in her room.

Her fabrics are housed in these bookshelves, with her favorites on display in the wire baskets.


Like most of us, Becca admits to a wrapping paper addiction. I love her simple solution, this basic linen hamper.


Check out Becca’s complete craft room tour on the Crafted Sparrow blog here! Tell Becca CSI sent you.


I’m sure you will love her space as much as I did!



Craft Room Tour: Daisy Mae Belle

Welcome to today’s Craft Room Tour.

It’s Cicily and I’m super excited to share Melissa’s craft room from her Daisy Mae Belle blog.

I immediately fell in love with her blog, from her great pictures, her sense of style and her sweet southern charm. I think you’re going to love it too!

I’m so in love with her Playhouse! Her dad built this for her 3 girls and now that they’ve outgrown it, it’s been transformed into Melissa’s Craft Room! I’m thinking my kids need a playhouse!

Melissa recently posted a Craft Room Tour which you can see in its entirety HERE. But we’ll share a few sneak peeks.

Baskets and eclectic dishes are home for craft supplies.

Her organization technique: store like items together. This corner is dedicated to her wreath making supplies. Not only are these all items waiting for projects or projects in progress, but used for decoration and storage in the Playhouse. Example: the birdcage is home to her wire cutters!

If I had to choose a favorite organization idea it would be this one. Ladder, no it’s shelving!

I did think this was pretty clever. What else would we put in a scale but old books! BTW I so need that Owl and Pussy Cat book! Can you spot the S&P shakers?


I’m so very intrigued by all these items and will be checking back often with Melissa to see how she repurposes them!