Craft Room: Snapshots Of A Good Life{Karen Russell}

As I prepared my last post for CSI it made me a little sad.  But this has been a great opportunity to search and  post for so many people who follow Craft Storage Ideas for useful tips and ideas in this great hobby.  I would like to thank my team leader Rebecca Boyer for this opportunity to be a contributor and I would like to thank my team for your support and friendship.  May you all continue to follow CSI and welcome and support the new team members and you will soon meet and have new ideas to try.  Without any further delay here is my post,  a breath taking craft space that  Karen Russell  has designed with the feel of comfort in mind:

When you walk up the stairs and turn to your left, you’re directly in my scrapbook room/office.  It’s about 15×13 and is the only room in the house with the original wood floors”.  What more could you ask for from a home?  This space is naturally beautiful.


Most of the storage items were items that she already had or bought from Ebay.



How neat is this, a surgical tray!!!

There is so much character to Karen’s craft space.    This old Dewey Decimal Index card catalog holds a ton of stuff.  Most of the jars/canisters on top hold lace and ribbon.  The stand on top was from the post office out in Jacksonville, Oregon – and even has several of old postal stamps hanging on it.


Karen used the charm of her room and filled it with items that  fit the room’s character.  Visit her blog  for a more photos and inspiration.

Thank you all for your support and continue to craft and follow Craft Storage Ideas for even more inspiration!

Deirdre Smith

Studio Tour – Mamie Jane’s

Hi everyone, Anita here and it is my turn to share a fabulous studio with you. While browsing the web I came across a really inspiring, vintage styled studio, Mamie Jane’s. I love the look of this room and how everything is displayed.

Look at this beautiful antique cubby she has! I love this thing, I have been looking for something like this for a while to store little odds and ends on.

Ok, how handy is this little thing! What a great way to store all your adhesives where you can see them and they will all stay upright.

Love the locker baskets she has here, and all the pretty things she has in them! Mmmm…wonder where I can find some of those??  She even has her punches stored in one.

How creative is this? Instead of sticking all of her patterns in a drawer, she used clothes pins and hung them on a rod above the window as a mock curtain! What a fun way to be able to see what you have on hand, and make your space visually appealing at the same time!

Be sure to stop by Jane’s Blog to see more photos of her wonderful studio space. She has so much to see.


Just 1 Tip: {Create an Inventory Binder}

Part of the fun of being a crafter is shopping for and “collecting” the various tools and elements that go into the making of our works of heART.  To be honest, I’m pretty sure I spend more time looking online and shopping in stores for my craft supplies than I actually do crafting! And nothing is more frustrating than discovering you’ve managed to bring home something you’ve previously purchased – or, not being able to find something you’ve previously purchased and having to buy a duplicate (knowing the one you’ve been searching high and low for will “magically” appear as soon as you’ve begun to use the replacement – especially if it’s something that’s non-returnable!!!).

I’m also a sucker for the $1 spots at Michael’s and Joann’s and anything that has a clearance sticker attached to it. There’s so much hoarded crafty goodness crammed stashed in my craft room that there’s just no way I could keep up with what’s-what and where, so I decided to create an inventory binder to help me with that.

There are a ton of ways to create a binder. I did a Google search and came across a few ideas to pass along:

This is a list of files created by one of the “Queen’s” of scrapbook organization, “Rockester” (a/k/a Kathy Aho), of Scrapper’s Challenge.

Here is another amazing resource for pages to put in a binder from Kathleen Driggers of Kat’s Scrappy, Bloggy Life.

The first thing I did was to come up with a list of the basic categories I wanted to include in the binder. From this, I was able to decide on any sub-categories I wanted to include. I’ll warn you upfront, I’m pretty anal OCD when it comes to organizing – you wouldn’t have to go to the lengths I did to create something that will fit your needs. For instance, the binder I originally purchased for this project ended up being too small, so I switched to a larger size. You might want to create something smaller that would be easy to take with you on shopping trips or could even fit in your purse.

Here is the list in my “Table of Contents” – created using Avery dividers purchased at Staples:

  • Cricut Font Samples (list found here)
  • Dies
  • Embossing Folders
  • Inks/Stickles (here and here)
  • Punches
  • Scissors
  • Sew Easy/Stitch’z
  • Stamps – Alpha Sets
  • Stamps – Backgrounds/Borders/Fourishes
  • Stamps – Baby/Birthday/Celebrate
  • Stamps – Flowers/Bugs/Animals
  • Stamps – Friends
  • Stamps – Get Well/Sympathy
  • Stamps – Journaling
  • Stamps – Love/Wedding/Anniversary
  • Stamps – Miscellaneous
  • Stamps – Phrase Sets
  • Stamps – Tags/Frames
  • Stamps – Thank You/Thinking of You
  • Stamps – Through the Year/School
  • Spellbinder’s List (found here)

I’m not going to kid you, this took a some time to compile. Instead of just listing out the various items in this list, I opted to cut or stamp a sample of each item. Since I decided to stamp my images in black ink onto white cardstock (sold in the office supply section of Walmart), I used black cardstock to cut my dies and punches, and samples of my embossing folders. I am so “visual” when it comes to learning or trying to figure out what would look best on a project, I knew I would like the ability to refer to the actual images, shapes, dimensions, etc. I also used my handy dandy P-Touch label machine to help me keep up with who-made-what!

I also came up with a system of marking where each item is stored, but I’ll spare you that part of the process for now!

As always, we’d love to see what you’ve come up with to go along with this topic! If you have any comments or questions, I hope you’ll post them below, or shoot me an email at

~ Doris

Daphne’s Craft Room

I love how Daphne Wünn-Rihm’s bright and sunny space uses a variety of some of my favorite Ikea pieces to create clever and practical storage solutions.  Here she combined a small Expedit with a ribbon rack and some tall shelves to make her own custom built-in. Love the size of that ribbon storage unit and how it can handle so many full spools! Expedit Combo

Here she cleverly mounted the rails for her punches onto a large moveable surface. What great flexibility this punch storage solution offers!Punch Storage

I love lots of closed storage for the items that don’t need to be on display. Cabinets like this also provide room on top for more storage in cute containers or for display.Closed Storage

I love the playful curved edges on these wall mounted cubes and how they work with the contemporary feel of this space:Curved detail

These fun cubes are located right over Daphne’s work area and store her go-to items:


To see some of the amazing creations that get produced in this craft space, and to read more about Daphne’s organizational strategies, stop by her blog: Dapfniedesign

My Eden, My Craft Studio

So here is a look at my craft space! I am very lucky to have my own room, outfitted exactly like I want it. I ripped all the flooring out and I have bare cement floors. I didn’t want to worry about what I might get on it. And let me tell you, I have dumped some things on it! And let me say thank you so much to my wonderful hubby who lets me buy and do whatever I want. Love you, honey!
When you walk in the door this is what you see…
Here’s my work table.  It is an antique trestle table I bought for next to nothing a few years ago. I have my little rolling cart with all my most used tools on/in it. The rods across the windows are Ikea curtain rods and S-hooks. I keep all the embellies that I reach for the most on those. My sewing machine is to the left on an Ikea drawer unit.
 Next up is my Ribbon Ring – this is the best organizational tool I have ever bought. It is worth every cent and then some. I love it.
My desk has my laptop, printer, photo printer, album in progress and a few misc things.
All of the walls in this room have handpainted murals (this used to be DD2’s bedroom when we first moved into this house).
Here I have stacked my Iris carts next to some cubicle shelving I have. In the Iris drawers, I sort things I am collecting for future projects. One drawer is all Texas stuff, one drawer is all my DD’s High School stuff, one is all the cards my DH has ever given me, etc.
Above the closet is my collection of House Mouse stamps. I don’t actually stamp with my House Mouse stamps, I just collect them. Aren’t they toooo cute???? Shelves from Ikea (I am telling you – Ikea is the Mother Ship)
This is my wall of shelves. I keep all my lesser used supplies here. These were stamp shelves in a retail store in their previous life. When the company decided to get rid of them, they came home with me. They are so happy here in their retirement years. No obnoxious children hanging or climbing on them!
This is the newest addition to the room – I wanted something to keep my Cinch out on – I use it all the time. So off to Ikea I went. This little thing was so cheap. And very sturdy. Right now it has some things I got at convention on it, but it will have some baskets on the shelves to hold my Cinch supplies very soon.
So this is my happy place – my PRIMA BREEDING PROGRAM. Someday, the world might run out of Prima flowers. If that ever happens, I plan on having enough of them in captivity to start breeding my own.
Here is my paper storage, another shelf just like the ones in the closet. It had a former life in a retail store as well. It is perfect for storing my paper in!
I love, love, love my Alex drawer units from Ikea. There are three of them here, sitting so happily side by side. They come with casters, but I wanted a little more height for mine, so I took the casters off and put cinder blocks under them instead. They are the perfect height now, I just turn my chair around and there they are!
I keep tons of things in the drawers, my most used stamps, my inks, die cutting supplies, embellishments,button jars, all my paints and sprays, my punches… so many things.
Last, but not least, is by brad storage. I have issues with brads and buttons. I love this little cube, I bought it from Best Scrapbook Shelf, and it is wonderful to store my brads in. It holds HUNDREDS of different little containers of brads.
So that is it! My scrappy space. I hope you have enjoyed a look around my studio.

Product Highlight: Itso Containers

I’m a bit of an organizational fanatic. When I stumbled onto the Itso Storage line at my local Target I was excited because I knew I’d be able to use them to store craft supplies. They were clean lined, rectilinear and in a neutral, simple color that would blend right into my existing decor. When I investigated further, I learned they came in a variety of shapes and sizes that would serve a multitude of needs – not just in my craft space, but all over the house.

Itso Containers

I have a special place in my heart for the 13.3 x 13.3 x 2.5”h trays (Wide Tray), which are perfect for holding the contents of a scrapbook club kit.  The paper stores flat with enough space on top to hold the embellishments (even the bulky ones).

13 x 13 Itso Tray

I also use them to keep design team materials separate from the rest of my stash:

13 x 13 Itso Tray

As a bonus, I realized these trays fit easily into a Jetmax paper sorter (almost like a drawer).

Itso Trays in Cube

The 13.25L x 6.5W x 6” h (Clear See-thru Bin) are perfect for holding large Sizzix dies and bulky items like punches and bigger spools of ribbon.

6 x 13 tall Itso Container

The smaller, lower 6.5”w x 13.25”l x 2.5”h (Clear Half Tray) are great for flat items and are the perfect height for spools of thread.

Low Itso Narrow Tray

Low Itso Tray

And like all the Itso containers, they have a small inner groove so they can be stacked.

Stacked Itso

Itso containers are available at Target and also come in colors and patterns. They range in price from about $6 for the plastic and up to $35 for the fabric covered containers.


How To Decorate A 10×10 Space {Lauren Brekelmans}


If you’re not sure how to decorate your 10×10 space Lauren Breklmans sure found the ticket and did a fantastic job with deal upon deal to furnish her room.   I believe like most that when your space is empty it is hard imagine much of anything fitting into a room, but using furniture from Ikea and  Michaels it makes getting the job done a bit easier. I have to admit my favorite piece is the standing island, it holds her dies to cut with and it also acts as an anchor to keep the table in place. 


I love her idea of mounting the inks on the wall, which was purchased from Organize More .



Looking at Lauren’s space makes me a little “white” with envy.  From the cabinets on the floor to the wall, she just did a fantastic job.

Tiered Storage {Alissa Fast}

Happy Wednesday!  Here’s a super cute, fast, recycled project that is perfectly suited for craft organization.

Tiered Storage

 My favorite part – that punches fit!  I’ve seen this type of storage for mists and paint…but the sturdiness of this piece makes it possible.

Punch storage

Amazing what you can do with candlesticks and cake pans!  Thanks to Alissa Fast for sharing this on her blog.  For more information about how she created this fantastic storage piece, check out her post here.