Dollar Store Craft Organization

It’s Cicily with a quick roundup for you today. Recently I happened to wander into a Dollar Store, the kind where the items really are only a dollar.

The first item to catch my eye was these sugar jars. I have been wanting to add a few to my collection of 1. They are perfect for storing twine and ribbon.



There’s lots of vases, jars, canisters and even salt and pepper shakers for your glitter!



Shoeboxes are clear and perfect for storing items and stacking them on shelves or in closets.



How about some baskets, bowls and lots of open containers for all your do-dads.

DS bowls


And check out these wire baskets of all shapes and sizes.



Best of all, these items are only $1!!!!


13 in 2013: Wrapping Paper Oganization



Do you find that after Christmas you find yourself shopping for the next year due to all the fantastic sales in the stores?  Maybe you’re like me and you manage to collect more wrapping paper?  If this is the case then storage options may become limited.  Looking for unused wall space in your home may be the perfect solution and very inexpensive.


Unfinished basements or under the stairs you may have unfinished walls that are not closed in. You can use wire and attach the wires to the wood beams.  In the case where you have larger rolls of paper, you may need to secure in two places, at the top and the bottom, to keep the paper from falling forward.


Closet ceilings are a perfect alternative when you prefer to have the paper off of the floor.  Look for ceiling space in hall closets or a pantry in the kitchen.


 This is a very simplified way to organize your wrapping needs on the back of a closet door. You only need a few products: three door eye hooks, two bungee cords, four screws, and two clear, plastic baskets.  You’ll screw the plastic baskets onto the door in two places and then screw in the door eye hooks and attach the bungee cords around the wrapping paper. It appears you can get up to four rolls in each plastic basket.

Happy Organization!!!