Organizing Tips & Tricks – Paper Scraps

Organizing Tips & Tricks – Paper Scraps
Organizing and storage ideas, and solutions for storing, locating and using your scraps!

At the moment I am crafting in a temporary space and I don’t have room for all my usual furniture, which includes my little Bisley drawer unit where I keep my scraps.

I’m just using a storage box to keep them in, and since I am too lazy to rummage through it, it’s overflowing with scraps I should be using instead of cutting into new sheets!

So my tip for today is to get your scraps organised!

You’ll definitely find that if you organise your scraps by colour you will use them much more often.

Organizing Tips & Tricks - Bisley Drawer Unit (image)
Organizing Tips & Tricks – Bisley Drawer Unit

This Bisley drawer unit is the one I use.

As you can see, for each colour I have both a plain, and a polka-dot labelled drawer.

I keep plain sheets in one drawer and patterned paper in the other – as a result I can really quickly find a piece of paper or cardstock for matting, die-cutting or stamping without cutting into a precious new sheet!

If you don’t have space for a drawer unit, there are other options for keeping your scraps organised.

Scraps Storage Options
Here are some ideas (all photos courtesy of Pinterest)

Organizing Tips & Tricks - Organize Scraps, By Color and Pattern, in Cropper Hopper Paper Holders (image)
Organizing Tips & Tricks – Organise Scraps, By Colour and Pattern, in Cropper Hopper Paper Holders

Source: via Pinterest

Organizing Tips & Tricks - Organize Scraps, By Color and Pattern, in a Small Crate (image)
Organizing Tips & Tricks – Organise Scraps, By Colour and Pattern, in a Small Crate

Source: via Pinterest

Organizing Tips & Tricks - Organize Scraps, By Color and Pattern, in a Magazine Holders (image)
Organizing Tips & Tricks – Organise Scraps, By Colour and Pattern, in Magazine Holders

Source: via Pinterest

Organizing Tips & Tricks - Organize Scraps, By Color and Pattern, in Envelopes (image)
Organizing Tips & Tricks – Organise Scraps, By Colour and Pattern, in Envelopes

Source: via Pinterest

Organizing Tips & Tricks - Organize Scraps, By Color and Pattern, in Hanging File Folders (image)
Organizing Tips & Tricks – Organise Scraps, By Colour and Pattern, in Hanging File Folders

Source: via Pinterest

And one final solution for today (this is similar to what Steph uses for her scraps!)…

Organizing Tips & Tricks - Organize Scraps, By Color and Pattern, in an Accordian File (image)
Organizing Tips & Tricks – Organise Scraps, By Colour and Pattern, in an Accordian File

Source: via Pinterest

Well, that’s it for today’s Organizing Tips & Tricks.

What do you think of what I shared?

Please share your thoughts about the solutions shared above by leaving a comment.

And, please share your scraps organization and storage solution, if you have one,
by linking to it in your comment.

We’d love to see how YOU organize your scraps!

I hope this has given you some inspiration and motivation to sort out your scraps – happy organising!

Thanks for joining us today and please visit me at Glitter Angel,


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Just One Tip: Color Sorting

Happy Monday. It’s Cicily sharing a quick tip for you today.


Back when my scrapbook supply collection hadn’t overtaken my room and I wasn’t so concerned with organization, my sister had me flabbergasted when she coordinated her cardstock by color. I thought she was a little off her rocker. Then she sorted her buttons by color. I still wasn’t fully convinced.  But then I started thinking about how easy things are to find if you were able to go straight for the right color.

Then this happened in my room!


My buttons, card stock and scrap paper soon followed suit and were sorted by color . I have to admit it helps a lot when searching for a specific color of something. I even sorted my patterned paper by color, right next to my card stock. I don’t do this with everything, mostly with supplies that I don’t have too many of, like my washi tape and markers.

Organizing is all about what work’s for you. If you haven’t tried color sorting, give it a whirl!




Studio Tour {Marty’s Musings}

I’m so happy to introduce you to Marty Walden of Marty’s Musings.  Marty has been blogging at Marty’s Musings since 2008 but only recently has managed to turn her DIY/home/food blog into a business. She  has homeschooled  her five children for 20 yearsa and loves DIYing with her husband Tim.

Marty Profile Pic







Craft Room Storage from Marty's Musings

My husband Tim and I spent several weeks talking through ideas for my scrapbook room. I scoured magazines and online websites for inspiration and dreamed of how I could make these ideas work for me.

This is the main wall of my scrapbook room. My husband built the countertop and shelves according to my specific needs and scrapbooking supplies. My counter is waist high because I scrap and create standing up. There was much consternation over the exact height to make the counter! Luckily, we figured right and it is perfect! I bought a desk chair at a yard sale and it was a great buy and very comfortable.

This ribbon rack is one of my favorite storage solutions! I adore ribbon and have far too many rolls that I have gotten at yard sales and craft stores. I wanted to be able to see as much of it as possible because it inspires me and I use it often on cards and layouts.  My husband rigged the dowel rods and hooks. A perfect solution plus it’s pretty to look at!

We also bought a twin bed with headboard from my niece and used a mattress and bedding we already owned. Drawers on the side give me more room for my ribbon stash! It seriously was taking over the world!

Craft Room Storage from Marty's Musings

My scrapbook room’s design ended up revolving around these two units I bought at Goodwill for $20 total (below).  The unit had 6″x6″ cubbies with removable partitions. I removed several of them to allow the units to be used for 12×12 paper. Absolutely perfect solution for my massive collection! (I am slightly paper crazy.) This also allowed smaller compartments at the top for some of my other supplies. We put the cubbies on top of 4 units I bought at Target several years ago.

Craft Room Ideas from Marty's Musings

I love the look of open storage and accomplished that with these dollar store baskets and larger ones from yard sales. I used manila tags and a label maker on all of my baskets to keep everything organized.

Craft Room Storage from Marty's Musings

These smaller mason jars contain my button collection, separated by colors. I use everything from spice jars to quart size mason jars for ribbons, silk flowers, embellishments and more.

Craft Room Storage from Marty's Musings

One of the ways I protect my scrapbook albums is to store them in a shelving unit near the front door. In case of a fire, I know what I will grab first! This post also tells more about how I organize my pictures and albums. 

Craft Room Storage from Marty's Musings

1. What kind of budget did you have when organizing your space?

I am a frugal shopper from way back, and I knew I wanted to save money while still creating a beautiful space for me to work. I shopped yard sales, thrift sales and the dollar store to save money wherever possible. We ended up spending a total of around $500 on the room makeover.

2. What was your greatest challenge?

Probably finding a way to store my growing collection of 12×12 paper! The cubbies we found at Goodwill worked perfectly.

3. Are you a “organize it once” kind of girl, or are your storage solutions constantly evolving?

I definitely like to be organized, but as my blog has become a job I find I am making a greater variety of projects and need to find solutions for different products. I love labeling and want my room to be beautiful as well as functional.

4. What is one thing you’d like to improve about your storage/organization?

I am actually in the middle of a room makeover! I was not happy with the way I was using the space, and I needed to rethink how I actually spent my time in the room. I have moved some things around and am adding an area to shoot photos for my blog. Yes, my organization is always revolving to find a system that works for me!


Did you see a organizational method you can put to use in your own space?  I’m loving those shelves!  To see more of Marty’s space and her work, please visit her at Marty’s Musings.

Just One Tip: Organize your scraps!

Hi all, I am here today with a quick tip on organizing your scraps. I know you are probably thinking “Organize my SCRAPS? That’s crazy, I mean they are just scraps after all, why do they need to be organized?” Well, friends, I used to feel just the same. I do store all my solid color Stampin’ Up! scraps with the full pieces of cardstock in the same color, and that has always worked well & helped me use them before I cut into a new sheet. But for patterned papers, I just threw them all into this vintage egg basket, where all the little ones would get buried under the bigger ones, and, lets be real, I’d rarely get to them again.

Then one day, it occurred to me… a sheet of 12” patterned paper is how much, like maybe anywhere between 50 cents and 1.50, right? So I am potentially looking at HUNDREDS of dollars of wasted product in this basket. Yes that’s right, hundreds…. I decided this was one of those situations where I might have to get brutal in order to save the bulk of it, and stash it in a way that actually made it usable for me. So, here’s what I did, and it took less than 2 hours, even for this GINORMOUS basketful.

I decided that the most usable size of paper for me is the front of A2 sized card, so either 4”x 5 1/4” or 4 1/8”x 5 3/8.” So, for as many as I could I cut them to this size. I can use them for the fronts of cards, and also I use them when sending my cards through the mail, I will put one of these over the top of the card before sliding it in the envelope, that way the card is protected.


In the little silver bucket there, you can see a LOT of little strips, that is the size that is left over after I cut down a 6” sheet of paper for a card front. I kept all those together, they make great strips for accenting cards with.


All the rest I either left the size they were or cut down to as large a rectangle as possible if there were punches out of it. Everything now is a solid rectangle, no jagged edges, or weird shapes in there, all rectangular and far easier to get through for me. I did still throw out a lot of scraps, but I have already used SO many more than I would have otherwise. It’s so easy to pull out this stack of A2 sized fronts and flip through them, or this bucket of strips.


I sorted, like sizes together, and then I laid them back in the basket, largest in the back, smallest in the front. I don’t know that this basket (though I do *love* it) is the best kind of container to store these in. Something more squared off, and with less places to catch on might be better, but unless I find something else that’s just perfect, I’m sticking with this. I’m pretty attached to it!


That’s all for me, have a fabulous day!


Products We Heart!

Products we heartIt’s the week of Valentine’s, and we just couldn’t help but jump on the bandwagon.  We tend to show all sorts of rooms and products here (that is our purpose, after all), but each of our contributors has a favorite product or two that they can’t live without.  And this week we are going to talk about them!  Here’s hoping that you’ll be inspired to organize so you can create even more!

I’m super excited to be the first in line to share the organizing product I love the most.  It took me years and years to figure out the best way to organize my embellishments and papers so that I could easily find what I needed.  And once I bit the bullet to invest in The ScrapRack, my crafty life was forever changed!


 Seems pretty nondescript, right?  But, once you add the storage pages, you’ll be amazed at how much can be stored here (the picture below shows multiple units, I believe).


I am not your average scrapper.  Meaning, I tend to keep my supplies to a minimum, buying only what I need.  I tend to purge more than stockpile.  So, one ScrapRack base unit (see the first image in the post) holds all of my embellishments, letter stickers, clear acrylic stamps, patterned paper and kits (I only keep my monthly kits for one month all together in one storage page, then divide it out with other embellishments, patterned paper, etc. once the new kit arrives the next month).  Yep, you read right.  It holds everything except for my tools, inks, ribbon, buttons and some cardstock.

A ScrapRack is an investment, with a base price of $100.00, not including storage pages.  But, it’s completely worth it!  Do you have any questions about how I used my ScrapRack?  Comment away and I’ll do my best to answer!

Hope you’ll join us tomorrow for more products we heart!

CSI Rebecca