DIY Storage Idea: “Can” you stash it?

Hello dear readers! It’s Noelle popping by today with a DIY tip that I have seen SO MANY different versions of all over Pinterest! It’s so easy, FREE, and could be customized a host of different ways. I’m talking about CANS. Yes friends, cans! Go run to your garbage and recycling bins right now and get ready to UPcycle into some fantastic storage! Here we go!

Love that these cans have simply been painted and screwed to the wall. They look cool, very artistic arrangement! Plus, think of all the things you could store in these! Those markers really should be stored horizontally, this would be a great way to do so! You could do one color family per can, or one brand of marker per can.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 12.15.46 PM


This is a wonderful, very chic look. It’s a fresh take on an organizing system that I love at IKEA. Plus, these are probably things you might have around anyway.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 12.17.49 PM

Look here, yarn storage, anyone? PERFECT storage for those small skeins!

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 12.15.26 PM


You could also, simply cover the cans with decorative paper (or fabric) and add them to a pegboard. Easy peasy.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 12.20.29 PM


Have you used cans for storage in your crafting or art space? Please share if you have! ūüôā Thanks for stopping by CSI!



Trash to Treasure: Up-Cycled Craft Storage Ideas

I love seeing how people re-purpose their trash into useful and decorative storage. Here are some clever ideas to inspire you:

This great idea for twine storage, from The Scrap Shoppe Blog  started out as lowly empty Pringles containers:

twine containers

A variation on this theme from Pinterest, some re-purposed cans, make a cute desk storage unit. I love the mix of  patterns. These would be great made with different patterns from your favorite paper line:

Some more re-purposed tin from Pinterest, this time mounted to the wall. I love this idea for the craft room Рparticularly if your desk space is limited.  You could cover them with patterned paper or not:

This idea from Country Home uses empty cans covered with vintage labels printed on the computer. I love the idea of punching holes in them for the wires and hanging them on the rack:

From Puppy Love Preschool blog come these adorable altered jars – would love a set of these on my desk:

animal jars

Here simple jars wrapped with paper scraps become pretty desk storage for paintbrushes and pens (from Stampington and Co.):

re-purposed jars

Another clever re-purposed jar idea, this one from Curbly blog , uses washi tape to dress up cast-offs:

washi jars

This cute idea up-cycles mis-matched vintage tea cups and dishes for drawer storage that would be great for small embellishments. I’d actually glue these to the drawer bottom to prevent them from sliding around:

Another drawer storage idea, from Upcycle the Gift blog,  uses cereal boxes cut and covered with patterned paper. Great modular storage with limitless possibilities!

Hope these ideas inspire you to re-imagine your cast offs and put them to good use in your craft space!

CSI Valerie

Just 1 Tip: Recycle

In the ever-changing world of crafting, one thing that will probably never change would be recycling or resurfacing an old product, like these cans.


You can create one-of-a-kind containers with or without handles and use a variety of finish materials to give each one a unique look.


Decorating the outside of the can to compliment the colors of the pen is a great idea to keep pens organized.


Spray paint is a great way to match the decor in you spaces.

I hope that you start to rethink how you can use or re-use your everyday cans that you have emptied and turn them into wonderful and useful storage pieces.