Storage Solution Round Up {Beads}

It’s Cicily with this week’s Storage Solution Round Up! If you’re like me then you don’t just have one crafty hobby. I have definitely branched out from just scrapbooking and will say paper crafting is 95% of my crafting hobby. I occasionally dabble in cross stitch and crocheting. And I’m very drawn to jewelry making, but have resisted as I didn’t want to share the space, time or money with my scrapbooking! Well…I finally caved and have started dabbling in jewelry. For now I’m disguising it as hat pin jewelry making for my paper crafts, but I know I’m only kidding myself! So short story long, this week’s round up is all about bead storage solutions!

I love these typesetter trays and always think of them for stamp storage. This crafter actually found an entire typesetter cabinet and used it to organize her beads! Let just say if I ever have enough beads to fill this cabinet up I’m in trouble!

I loved this next idea and if you follow the link from the pic it will take you to a DIY tutorial on how to make an entire wall! I think this is a great idea in whatever scale you need as it shows your beads and provides a colorful wall!

This bead storage is made from a wine rack and uses jars instead!

 If you have a crafty way of storing your beads I’d love to hear or see it! Just leave a comment.


Storage Solution Roundup: Beads

Beads and more beads!  I have to a tendency to drool over anything color and are in  multiples.  The use of beads are becoming more of a crossover medium that are showing up on cards and page layouts as well as in jewelry.  I found some interesting ways to store  beads and hopefully they’ll prompt you to hunt for something like these storage options when storing your beads.



Love the idea of using a magnetic board
Love the idea of using a magnetic board


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Ikea storage with inserts


Mason jars filled to the top
Mason jars filled to the top


Craft Storage Ideas would love for your to share your storage ideas,  happy crafting.