Craftroom Organization: Unique Storage Ideas – Hobby Lobby, Take III

Craftroom Organization: Unique Storage Ideas – Hobby Lobby, Take III
Unique Storage Ideas – even more ideas for your craft room and craft supplies!

How many of you have enjoyed our Unique Storage Ideas posts?

How about our previous finds from field trips to Hobby Lobby?

Are you forever on the hunt for something “unique” for your craft room or art studio?

Perhaps a single item to add character to your space, or a way to inspire you to want to spend more time there?

Or, maybe you’d like to add a special ‘collection’ that not only looks cool, but serves a purpose?

Well, we’ve got more craftroom organization ideas for you!

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Craft Storage Ideas: Project Storage – Trendy Projects

Craft Storage Ideas: Project Storage – Trendy Projects
Craft storage for your “trendy” projects & occasionally used supplies!

Hello, fellow craft storage enthusiasts,

It’s Hazel here, all the way from sunny South Africa (SA).

Today we’re talking about storing “trendy” projects, and occasionally-used project supplies.

I’m sure most crafters are like me and LOVE to give new trends a go.

The problem is, most of us can’t afford to buy everything to get a new hobby going and we don’t have the space to store all these different attempts.

Know what I mean??

I have tried beading, making flowers and brooches, paper quilling, making Christmas decorations, and LOTS and LOTS more.

However, I didn’t like any of these enough to allocate space to them in my Craft Closet.

But, I had to put them SOMEWHERE!

Today,  I’m sharing some good ideas from the internet that can be adapted to suit your needs, and I’ll be showing what I do when I give a trend a go.

I love the new ‘softie’ trend.

The original kit, dies and instructions are from Papertrey Ink, but as they don’t ship down under to sunny SA, I looked around Pinterest and Etsy for alternatives.

This softie from PrettyPrettythis softie from Kkomegii and these finger puppets from FloralBlossom’s Etsy shop inspired me to come up with my own softie.

You’re welcome to hop over to my blog to read all about my project, if you’re interested.

First of all, I decided on a shape and color scheme for my softie, racked my stash for what I already had and then bought the rest.

In the end, it came down to only two black beads for the antennae.

I decided to make a bee for my best and oldest friend who LOVES gardening.

Everything laid out looked like this:

Craft Storage Ideas: Project Storage - Trendy Projects - Supplies for Making Softies (image)
Craft Storage Ideas: Project Storage – Trendy Projects – Supplies for Making Softies

First, let’s see the ideas I found for semi-permanent storage…

I LOVE plastic containers and this Art Bin Super Satchel single compartment would fit nearly any project.

Craft Storage Ideas: Project Storage - Trendy Projects - Store Supplies in a Plastic Container, Like This One From ArtBin (image)
Craft Storage Ideas: Project Storage – Trendy Projects – Store Supplies in a Plastic Container, Like This One From ArtBin

Image Source: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store

Baskets are always great and I use them a lot.

They travel from my kitchen to the bedroom closets and, most of the time, end up in my craft room packed with goodness.

These porcelain fruit baskets featured in a previous Craft Storage Ideas post look awesome.

Read the original craftroom post from Sherry from My Favorite Things.

Craft Storage Ideas: Project Storage - Trendy Projects - Store Supplies in Baskets, Like These Porcelain Baskets (image)
Craft Storage Ideas: Project Storage – Trendy Projects – Store Supplies in Baskets, Like These Porcelain Baskets

Image Source: My Favorite Things


Do you have an empty drawer and some odd bowls or teacups?

This idea from Martha Stewart looks pretty!

Re-purpose what you already have – it’s a PERFECT solution for your trend trying.

Craft Storage Ideas: Project Storage - Trendy Projects - Store Supplies in Cups or Bowls in Drawers (image)
Craft Storage Ideas: Project Storage – Trendy Projects – Store Supplies in Cups or Bowls in Drawers

Image Source: Martha Stewart

If you’ve decided on a container, why not use cereal boxes to make pretty dividers?

Hop over to iHeart Organizing and see exactly how to create these.

Craft Storage Ideas: Project Storage - Trendy Projects - Create Drawer Dividers from Cereal Boxes (image)
Craft Storage Ideas: Project Storage – Trendy Projects – Create Drawer Dividers from Cereal Boxes

Image Source: iHeart Organizing

What about re-purposing a tiered stand?

I found the idea below at Creating Keepsakes.

The original post is from Nicole Harper and she keeps all of her “go-to” products in this cool multi-tiered tray from Pottery Barn.

A multi-tiered basket, found in the kitchen aisle, would work just as well.

Craft Storage Ideas: Project Storage - Trendy Projects - Store Supplies in Re-Purposed Products, Like This Multi-Tier Tray Tower (image)
Craft Storage Ideas: Project Storage – Trendy Projects – Store Supplies in Re-Purposed Products, Like This Multi-Tier Tray Tower

Image Source: Nicole Harper

What about re-purposing an old suitcase?

The finished suitcase is from Inspire Co and the post shows exactly how it was done.

Craft Storage Ideas: Project Storage - Trendy Projects - Store Supplies in Re-Purposed Items, Like this Vintage Suitcase (image)
Craft Storage Ideas: Project Storage – Trendy Projects – Store Supplies in Re-Purposed Items, Like this Vintage Suitcase

Image Source: Inspire Co

And this is the idea that I used.

In our attic I stored a suitcase that my son used during pre-school and I’ve converted it into a mobile trend station!

If you want to see my finished softies and re-purposed suitcase, hop over to my blog and read all about them – I would love to have you visit!

Do you have ideas to share?

We’d love to hear about and see what you do!

Please leave a comment, and a link, if you’ve tried your hand
at storing new trends (or occasionally used supplies),
and/or if you’ve made a Softie –
we’d all LOVE to see either or both!

Thanks for looking at another craft storage solution with me.

Have a GREAT day and remember to try something new – TODAY!!

Craft Storage Ideas: Contributor - Hazel Hamman (image)
Craft Storage Ideas: Contributor – Hazel Hamman

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P.S.  Remember, once you’ve decided if you’re going to continue with a trend, it has to be filed away in your craft stash, or purged to make space for your next trend adventure.

Craftroom Organization: Unique Storage Ideas – Hobby Lobby, Take II

Craftroom Organization: Unique Storage Ideas – Hobby Lobby, Take II
Unique Storage Ideas – more ideas for your craft room and craft supplies!

How many of you have enjoyed our Unique Storage Ideas posts?

Are you looking for something “unique” for your craft room or art studio?

A single item to add some character or to inspire the “theme” of your creative space?

Or, maybe a collection of items to create a fresh look and feel for your space?

Well, we’ve got more!


Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Cigar Boxes (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Cigar Boxes

We’re sharing more non-traditional storage solutions, all in an effort to help you love your space and make you more productive when you’re in it.

How do great storage ideas help with productivity?

Well, when you love your space, you want to be in it, right?

And when you can easily find – and put away – your tools and supplies, you have more time for creating!

The following items were spotted at a Minnesota Hobby Lobby I visited during my travels and I thought you might like to check them out.

Perhaps they’re just what you’re looking for and you can find them at your local store.

Or, maybe they’ll spark an idea – perhaps a way to re-purpose something you have on hand, or to inspire you to start hunting for a similar solution, one that’s ideal for what you need to organize and store!

Now again, we know there’ll be at least a few of you who don’t have a Hobby Lobby near you, or who may not be able to find these exact items at your local store.

We’re sharing these simply to give you ideas about how you can use unique storage items and furnishings that are not specific to craft room and/or crafting supply organization, items that could liven up your space, give it a little pizzazz!

And if you do have a local store that carries one or more of these items, and it’d/they’d be ideal for your needs, well that’s even better!

Along with each item, I’ve again shared my thoughts on what would best fit in that type of organizational unit, as well as characteristics of the unit so you can look for these same qualities in products and furnishings you might come across where you live (and bargain hunt!).

I’ve also shared potential “cons” to using this type of unit for particular items, if there are any.

And, because we had a request from one of our readers (that’s YOU!) to include the prices when we share items such as these, the prices are also included.

Yup, we listen!

And now, let’s take a look at each storage idea and chat about how it could be used…

Option One: Wooden Storage Bench

Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Hobby Lobby Take II - Wooden Bench Unit with Drawers (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Hobby Lobby Take II – Wooden Bench Unit with Drawers

This unit is ideal for storing lots of different items, and providing seating, or a storage platform for crafting machines and tools (die cutting machines, cutters, sewing machines, etc.).

Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Hobby Lobby Take II - Wooden Bench Unit with Drawers , Inside (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Hobby Lobby Take II – Wooden Bench Unit with Drawers , Inside

The drawers are quite large and would be great for the following: folded fabrics and sewing or quilting patterns; idea or pattern books; tall stamp sets, embossing folders or die sets; small paper pads; jewelry findings in clear plasic containers; fibers and yarn; and, so much more!

If you’re limited on space in your craft room and need to “spread out” beyond your craft room walls, or you don’t have a dedicated craft space and you have to find a way to incorporate your stash into your living space, this could be great for stashing the goods in other areas of your home.

Potential Cons:
Now I will share that the drawers are a bit rough inside, so you’ll need to line them if you plan to store delicate fabrics or fibers in them.

And if you strictly adhere to a policy of only using acid-free papers in your papercrafting projects, then you’ll want to avoid storing your papers in wooden storage.

Price: $181.99 (That’s a bit steep in my book – you may be able to find a similar unit for less.)

Option Two: White Shabby Chic
 Wooden Drawer Unit

Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Hobby Lobby Take II - White 5-Drawers Wooden Unit (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Hobby Lobby Take II – White 5-Drawer Wooden Unit

This is another unit that provides quite a bit of storage – and it’d look great in a shabby chic room!

My first thought was to use this for dies and embossing folders, or small pads of paper, for papercrafting.

But it’d also be great for: fat quarters; jewelry-making supplies; supplies and tools for embroidery, cross-stitch or needlepoint; paints and the associated supplies and papers; drawing tools and supplies; and, even your photos, stored in sleeves or containers.

Of course you could also change up the look of this unit with a quick coat of paint – white’s easy to cover and the drawers slide out, providing you easy access to all sides of the drawers and the frame they slide into!

Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Hobby Lobby Take II - White 5-Drawers Wooden Unit, Inside (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Hobby Lobby Take II – White 5-Drawer Wooden Unit, Inside

Potential Cons:
Just like with the bench unit above, you may need to line the drawers if you plan to store delicate fabrics or fibers in them.

And again, if you strictly adhere to a policy of only using acid-free papers in your papercrafting projects, then this isn’t the best solution for storing your papers.

Price: $209.99 (In person, this is a really nice piece and it could be re-purposed as a dresser or used as storage for linens if and when you no longer need it for your crafting supplies).

Option Three: Multi-Tier Basket Tower

Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Hobby Lobby Take II - Metal Baskets Unit (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Hobby Lobby Take II – Metal Baskets Unit

The great thing about this unit is that it’s quite narrow, but could hold quite a lot!

Think about narrow, unused space that could house a unit like this – the fact that it’s mostly a metal frame means it won’t overpower a crowded space.

And, the front cross-bars could provide additional storage – simply use metal curtain rings to hang supplies for easy access.

The way this is constructed means you can easily see what’s inside each basket, which is perfect for those who need to see what they have in order to recall what they own and easily find it.

I can see fibers and yarn, rubber stamps and large ink pads, and cardmaking paper goods fitting nicely in these baskets.

What would you store in here?

We’d love to hear YOUR ideas!

Potential Cons:
I wouldn’t recommend storing items that  would be harmed by light or dust in this type of unit, and I wouldn’t recommend this type of unit if you have small kids or pets – the easy access you’re attracted to is also attractive to little fingers, curious kitties and mischievous puppies!

Price: $83.99 (This unit appears to be very well made and I think the price is reasonable – what do you think?)

Option Four: Wooden Unit With Baskets

Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Hobby Lobby Take II - Wooden 8-Basket Unit (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Hobby Lobby Take II – Wooden 8-Basket Unit

This unit won my heart!

I love the size of it and the shape of the baskets – my papercrafting supplies would love to live in here!

I can imagine this as a die-cutting station, with the machine(s) living on top, the mats hung from the sides, and the dies, embossing folders and machine supplies stored inside the basket drawers – the drawers are the perfect height for most embossing folders and dies.

Into sewing or quilting?

Place your machine on top; scissors, rotary cutters and notions in the smaller drawers; folded fabrics or fat quarters in the larger drawers; and, cutting mats or quilting templates on hooks on the sides. Voila!

Creating “stations” for your crafting endeavors means everything you need for a particular type of project is all in one place – again, making you more productive!

Potential Cons:
I wouldn’t store paper in fiber baskets – it’s not “safe” (if you’re concerned about the longevity of your papercrafted projects).

Nor would I store fibers, yarns or delicate fabrics in them (they could easily snag your beloved treasures, making them unusable).

That said, you could line the baskets, or use plastic containers within them, to safely house your crafting supplies.

Price: $139.99 (This unit is well made and I think it’s a reasonable price – do you?)


Option Five: Wooden 11-Drawer Unit (w/Chalk-Front Drawers)

Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Hobby Lobby Take II - Wooden 11 Drawer Unit (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Hobby Lobby Take II – Wooden 11 Drawer Unit

O.k., first let me apologize for the bad lighting on this picture – yikes!

The sun was screaming through the store window and, after several attempts at re-positioning this unit, this is as good as it got!

Shameful photography and editing, but I had to share it with you nonetheless.

What I love about this unit is that it’d be perfect as a Project Life® station!

The upper drawers are sized well for the 3″ x 4″ and 4″ x 6″ journaling cards, washi tape rolls (organized in narrow drawer dividers) and/or photos and smaller bits of memorabilia; the lower, larger drawers could easily hold additional PL-project supplies (journaling stamps and acrylic blocks, stamp pads, cutting tools, sticky notes, paper pads, etc.); and, the top is a great size for laying open a 12″ x 12″ album so you can easily work on your PL project whenever you have a free moment.

Plus, the chalkboard drawer fronts can be easily labeled, and re-labeled as your needs change.

Have quite a collection of stamping supplies?

These drawers would hold a lot of inks pads, rubber stamps and/or small stamps and stamp sets.

I can also see this making sense in a sewing room – great storage for all those notions!

Potential Cons:
Again, the wooden drawers could damage paper goods over time.

And, drawer labeling done with actual chalk (rather than chalk markers) could be accidentally erased.

Price: $118.99 (This is quite possibly the best bargain in the bunch!)

Option Six: Wooden 18-Drawer Unit

Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Hobby Lobby Take II - Wooden 18-Drawer Unit (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Hobby Lobby Take II – Wooden 18-Drawer Unit

If you’ve long been lusting after a vintage library cabinet and it’s just not in the budget (they can be pricey!), then this just might suffice.

Like the unit above, this unit could be great for papercrafting projects like Project Life® and stamping, as well as for sewing notions.

But, it could also be a great place to store jewelry-making supplies, stored by type, size, style, color, price or manufacturer, and easily labeled using the nice metal frames on the fronts of the drawers.

I have a similar unit in which I store office supplies, business cards, small empty tins, zip-top baggies and metal findings (my Tim Holtz findings enjoy a dedicated row of drawers!).

What do ya think – is this one for you? And if so, how would you use it?

Don’t forget: a quick coat of paint could completely change the look of this little baby! 

Potential Cons:
The drawers on this particular unit were a bit wonky – you’d want to check all the drawers in a similar unit to make sure they slide in and out easily.

I swapped a few around and was able to get a good fit on each drawer – an easy fix!

Price: $139.99 (Again, reasonable, but I would want a little bit better finish for the price, or lower price for the level of finish.)

Option Seven: Wooden 5-Drawer Unit on Casters

Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Hobby Lobby Take II - Wooden 5-Drawers Unit (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Hobby Lobby Take II – Wooden 5-Drawer Unit On Casters

I would love a unit like this for my adhesives!

I have quite a collection of different types stored in a similar unit, but my unit isn’t mobile so I end up running back and forth a lot during project creation (not efficient use of my creative time!).


Idea Time: I may just add casters to mine!

This unit would work well for anything short and/or that can be laid on its side, as long as you can quickly and easily see what’s in the drawer without a bunch of shuffling of items.

After all, we want to make it easy on ourselves and spend our time creating, not searching or rearranging, right?

These drawers could work well for supplies for embroidery, cross-stitch and needlepoint; or quilling; or, for pens, pencils and art markers used for art journaling and/or drawing.

They’d also be ideal for jewelry-making tools and beads and findings, as well as your finished creations and the supplies to price and display them.

How would you use this type of unit?

Potential Cons:
Because of the way the drawers slide into the frame, you’d need to make sure your stored items lie flat and clear the upper edge of the frame so they don’t get caught when you push the drawers in and pull them out – not a problem, just a consideration if you’re not neat in the way you replace items after using them.

Price: $97.99 (Reasonable considering the quality – comparable units may be available for less. What do you think?)

Option Eight: Multi-Colored Thin-Drawer Unit

Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Hobby Lobby Take II - Thin Colored Drawer Unit (image)
Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Hobby Lobby Take II – Multi-Colored Thin-Drawer Unit

Oh be still my heart…again! I so wanted to take this home with me!

It’s a good thing I’m traveling (and it wouldn’t make sense to pay to ship this) ’cause I’m a sucker for this type of drawer unit – you too?

I must have owned a print shop at one time because I love printers trays and blocks and this type of drawer unit.

This would be perfect for setting up “color drawers,” drawers in which papercrafting embellishments of all types are sorted by color, making it easy to see at a glance every type of embellishment you own in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, etc.

This would also work for storing: wood-mounted stamps and ink pads; sheets of specialty papers; knitting needles and crochet hooks and the accompanying accessories (stitch counters, etc.); paint brushes; art pens, pencils and markers and accompanying supplies (erasers, sharpeners, stubs, etc.); tubes of liquid adhesive; adhesive runners and refills; spools or bobbins of thread (organized in drawer dividers or baggies); and, anything else that doesn’t require much drawer height.

And finally, how cool would this be for jewelry-making supplies and finished pieces? PER-FECT!

Wjat do you think – is this the type of craft storage unit you’d immediately fall head over heals in love with, just like I did?

How would you use this drawer unit if you had one?

Well, that’s it for another round of unique storage items.

We’d love to hear your thoughts,
and take a look at YOUR unique storage items.

Please share your thoughts and links in the comments below.

Thanks again for joining us, and don’t forget, we’re looking for you to share your thoughts about what we post here at Craft Storage Ideas.

Simply leave us a comment on this post or on our previous post titled, “Craft Storage Ideas: We Want To Hear From You!“, or send us an email – we look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Organizing,
Steph & The CSI Team

Craft Storage Ideas' New Owner: Stephanie Hackney (image)
Craft Storage Ideas’ New Owner: Stephanie Hackney

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Dollar Store Craft Organization

It’s Cicily with a quick roundup for you today. Recently I happened to wander into a Dollar Store, the kind where the items really are only a dollar.

The first item to catch my eye was these sugar jars. I have been wanting to add a few to my collection of 1. They are perfect for storing twine and ribbon.



There’s lots of vases, jars, canisters and even salt and pepper shakers for your glitter!



Shoeboxes are clear and perfect for storing items and stacking them on shelves or in closets.



How about some baskets, bowls and lots of open containers for all your do-dads.

DS bowls


And check out these wire baskets of all shapes and sizes.



Best of all, these items are only $1!!!!


Product Review: IKEA’s ANTONIUS Insert

Hello, crafty friends! It’s Suzanne here today with a product review of IKEA’s ANTONIUS basket insert. I really love the versatility of this product and use it quite extensively in my own craft room… you may have noticed it in some of the pictures I posted a couple of weeks ago in my craft room tour, here. While this product was designed specifically to fit in the wire baskets of the ANTONIUS shelving/drawer system, there are many other uses for this basket insert, both in and out of the IKEA system.

My favorite part about this product is its $3.00 price tag! Although I find it quite long at 14 5/8″ x 9 1/2″ x 2 3/4″, if you can get the ANTONIUS to fit in your drawers, baskets, etc. then you will have the opportunity to get a really great organization piece at a very affordable price.


I searched the web to see how others were using the ANTONIUS basket insert and came across some great ideas! While most of the inserts were being used in the IKEA system for craft storage, there were also some unique uses that I would have never thought of myself. Let’s take a look…

Art Cart

antonius 2
Source: Wee Wonderfuls

Project Life Cards and Accessories

antonius 4
Source: Heidi Swapp

Craft Punches

antonius 6
Source: Studio Calico

Tools and Accessories

antonius 5
Source: Crafty Nest

Sewing: Thread and Accessories

antonius 7
Source: Linhart


antonius 3
Source: Lip Glossiping

In the Classroom

antonius - classroom
Source: Transform Ed

ANTONIUS Used 7 Different Ways!

antonius 8
Source: Lookie What I Did

What great ideas for using the ANTONIUS basket insert! I especially love the use of the insert in the pantry and fridge. I never thought of that! I hope that you have enjoyed a look at this versatile storage item and have access to an IKEA to pick some up right away! How do you use this product? Let us know in the comments below!


Contributor Craft Room Tour: Suzanne Webster-Lowrie

Hello, it’s Suzanne here today from I am so excited for today’s post, as I get a chance to share my very own craft room with all of you! I will probably always consider it a “work in progress,” as I add and delete new items, and try to match everything a bit better. However, it is well organized, functional, and utilizes a system that works for me! Also, I am a Close To My Heart Independent Consultant, which is yet another reason why my space has to be so functional, because it is not only for fun, but for business as well!

Since my blog has a TON of pictures showing my craft room (My Craft Space: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3), I have selected a sampling of pictures for this post. Please feel free to visit my blog for a more in-depth look at my room!

This is my main desk area, where I do most of my scrapbooking, stamping, painting, etc. Within arms reach, I keep my basic supplies (scissors, glue, distressing tools, etc.), stamp pads and cleaners, markers and colored pencils, ready-made cards and envelope bases in white and off-white, ribbon, and some basic embellishments.

Craft room tour 8a.jpg

Directly opposite the main desk is what I like to call my “Cricut desk.” This desk holds an Expression 2 Cricut machine, a jar full of tools, a laptop computer, and a Canon Selphy picture printer. Oh yeah, there is a cute owl clipboard that I made as well… just for a pop of color for the picture!

Craft room tour 14a.jpg

Next to one of the windows, I have an IKEA 8-cubby storage unit. I have so many different types of things stored here, it would be hard to list them all. But perhaps most notable, the pink baskets on the top shelf hold some of my retired stamp sets. On top of the unit is my small ribbon storage. I wind the end pieces of ribbon around jumbo craft sticks.

Craft room tour 6a.jpg

I picked up these long pink baskets about 8 years or so ago at Walmart for $5 each. These baskets are the perfect size to hold my retired stamp sets that I plan to keep.

Craft room tour 36a.jpg

Above the storage unit, I keep this frame of cards. I made the frame myself by purchasing an old picture from Goodwill that had an ugly, but sturdy frame, and then re-purposing the frame with paint and crackle-medium. Very rustic!

The cards inside are switched out seasonally. Right now they feature fall / Thanksgiving cards, Christmas / Holiday cards, and the November Stamp of the Month.

Craft room tour 33a.jpg

On the other side of the window is the pegboard that I created earlier this year. As you can see, the board holds my decorative scissors, embellishments, a few tools, Mod Podge, and my embossing gun.

Craft room tour 4a.jpg

The final wall houses my very large IKEA 25-cubby storage unit, as well as my home-made paper rack. This large unit holds the majority of my scrapbooking supplies. All of my paper kits, pages in progress, albums in progress, vintage catalogs and retired paper colors have a home here. The paper rack holds all of my current CTMH papers, as well as my paper trimmers, craft mat, and score board on top.

Most of the storage in the middle section is from the Dollar Store. Trendy buckets, baskets and clear storage containers are both easy to find, and affordable. To see inside some of my storage containers, make sure to go to Part 3 of the craft room tour on my blog. The green and blue boxes are from Pioneer. I purchased them white and then painted them the colors in the my craft room to match.

Craft room tour 15a.jpg

Here is my entire collection of wooden rubber stamps! I’m sure that many of you have WAY more than this, but less than a year after I joined CTMH, they came out with the clear, unmounted stamps; therefore, I never really had time to amass a large quantity of rubber stamps.

Craft room tour 24a.jpg

And finally, here are my home-made sponge daubers. Although the quality is NOT great (they tend to tear and shred with continued use), I wanted so many of them that they have saved me a great deal of money over purchasing the name brand daubers. I use floral foam to hold them in place inside their containers.

Craft room tour 25a.jpg

Thank you so much for touring my craft room with me today! If you are interested in seeing a lot more pictures of this space, peeking inside some more of my boxes, or learning about my Craft Inventory Binder, then please join me over at my blog for Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of the tour!


All About the Furniture: Crafty Storage Dressers

All About the Furniture: Crafty Storage Dressers

Hello, it’s Suzanne here with a look at some pretty crafty storage dressers today! These dressers range from minor creative alterations to full repurposing.  I love to re-use and re-purpose what I already have on hand, and sometimes that means using pieces in non-traditional ways. When my son received a new bedroom set a few years ago, we were left with a dresser and nightstand that no one wanted or needed at the time. Desperately looking for extra storage for my scrapbooking supplies one day, I came across the forgotten dresser and decided that this would be a great place to store some of my stash!

This got me to thinking about old dressers, and if others also use them for craft supply storage. After searching through Pinterest, I can certainly say that many of you are also using your dressers for craft storage. Take a look at what I came across for creative storage options…

Dresser for Basket Storage

This dresser had the doors removed, was repainted. and then had the empty shelves filled with roomy baskets. The baskets are easy to see through, and have been labeled for ultimate craft organization.

Source: In My Own Style

Dresser for Fabric Storage

This pretty, pink dresser houses a ton of rainbow fabric. Color-coordinated and neatly organized fabric is easy to store and easy to find.

Source: Cindy K. via Flickr
Source: Cindy K. via Flickr

Dresser for General Craft Supply Storage

This drawer organizes an array of craft supplies and accessories. The inserts inside provide much needed organization for such a large drawer. Having like-items corralled together makes it easier to find what you need for your projects.

Source: Four Generations One Roof
Source: Four Generations One Roof

Existing Dresser with Side Storage Added

This idea is just genius! Can you guess what type of “shelving” was added to this dresser? Spice racks! That’s right, plain wooden spice racks were painted white and attached to the sides of the dresser. You could add your crafting magazines, how-to books, die cuts, etc. What about pretty, colorful ribbon spools, Washi tape, paints, or spice jars filled with small embellishments?

Source: On the Banks of Squaw Creek
Source: On the Banks of Squaw Creek

Dresser to Scrapbook Desk

This desk is amazing! It all started with an old dresser, a can of paint, and a vision. A larger top was added to give the desk some extra length and depth from the narrow dresser top it once was.  And, those beautiful drawers remained, offering ample space for hidden supply storage.  If you would like to see additional pictures, there is a nice tutorial on this desk on Nicole’s blog.

Source: Nicole Samuels
Source: Nicole Samuels

Do you have an old dresser sitting around that is just waiting to be re-purposed as craft supply storage? It is absolutely amazing at what some new paint and hardware can do to transform a piece of furniture. And with Pinterest and YouTube at our disposal there is not much stopping us from getting that perfect storage piece we are all looking for!



Paper Storage

Hey there! After sharing my creative space on my blog, I learned that one of my paper storage solutions was a big hit! So my tip for you today is a way to store your 6×6 paper pads.


I purchased these cute wire baskets at Office Max. All of my 6×6 paper pads are stored in a quart size ziplock freezer bag.The freezer bags are a bit sturdier than a regular storage bag. I cut off the “zipper” portion of the bag for easier access. The scraps from each pad are stored here as well!


This method  also works for 8×8 paper pads. I use a gallon size bag for those. No matter how large or small  your collection of decorative paper pads is, this keeps them neat and tidy. Having the scraps in the bags as well makes referencing for my posts easier too!


Craft Room ~ To The Full

Hello crafty friends! I’m back today sharing the craft room of my blogging friend Leigh Penner. If you haven’t visited Leigh’s blog To The Full, you’re missing out on some beautiful card inspiration and scrapbooking layouts! Leigh has been kind enough to invite us into her creative space today.  She recently redid her studio so that her crafting companion, daughter Sage, could join her ~ how sweet is that!! Let’s get started shall we…


A corner spot in the basement is a cozy area for the mother daughter team to work. I like the placement of the tables facing each other!


Isn’t Leigh’s desktop perfectly organized! Her most used items are right at hand in a wide variety of storage containers. Their dark color has a unified appearance and is a nice contrast against the light desk top. Stamps, small hand tools, paper trimmer and papers all within easy reach.


Since Leigh stamps on all of her projects, she keeps her clear stamps right in front of her. They’re organized by manufacturer in Tim Holtz folders.


This industrial piece from Harbor Freight is such a clever idea for ink pads, twines, adhesives and other often used items.


An Ikea cart has been designated as her die cutting station. Once again well organized with the necessities right on hand!


Leigh, along with her son and daughter, put together this Expedit unit from Ikea. This endeavor is better known as the “Ikea workout” in the Penner home! I just love the beautiful bible verse (cut from vinyl using her Silhouette)  adorning her soft aqua wall.

Leigh has MANY more photos to share of her cozy space on her blog {To The Full}. She gives you a great breakdown of what she stores on her Expedit shelf along with some clever uses for hanging files! Stop by to say hi and while you’re there have a look around her blog. You won’t be disappointed!


A Cozy Studio {Jenny Grotherus of Kottens Corner}

I’m so happy to introduce you to Jenny Grotherus of Kottens Corner.

Jenny lives on the countryside in Sweden with her husband, baby and a spoilt cat. She started scrapbooking late 2007 and has been addicted ever since. She works as a Marketing Director at the Swedish vintage brand Maja Design. She shares the love and care for vintage, coziness and colours that makes the brand so unique. It clearly shows in her scraphouse that was built with coziness and functionality in mind.


We moved into our house nearly six years ago. It was really tiny and there was no room for my scrapsupplies. I had been saving for years to be able to get myself a dream crafter space when we bought a house, but problems are there to be solved. I literally built myself a scraphouse. I had a carpenter who helped me out with some construction, otherwise I did it all myself. . I have spent countless hours trying to plan what my perfect scrapspace would be like. There isn’t a single window that isn’t there for a reason. I even built the house around my beloved picture rails. J

I’m an over-organized person, so I have divided my scraphouse into different areas. A clean area, a paint area, a sewing area and a working area with a computer. I’ve also got a standing work area that I use a lot. All the needs for the different areas are then organized with the supplies needed. Even if the house was built for crafting I want it to feel welcoming and loving, not overwhelming due to tons of supplies. I also wanted to be able to see what I use the most and have everything at hand. That was a real challenge…



Here’s my standing work area. Perfect for punching, die-cutting and binding books. The cabinets makes it easy to both hide supplies and keep them on display. I keep cheap paper flowers in glass jars in the glass cabinets, beautiful lace as well. Paper is stored in Cropper Hopper vertical solutions so I can see them easily but it still looks discrete. I keep dual tip pens in the corner and tools in the carousel. I inherited tons of IKEA KASSETT boxes that I have used to organize everything from PanPastels to punches. They are all stored in the cabinets.


Here’s an example of how I’ve organized Prima flowers. According to colour or collection. Labels, labels, labels… I think I have about 80 KASSETT boxes so they need to be carefully labeled.


 Here’s my true little corner. The black bench contains some of my 12×12 ring binders. The drawers contains finished mini-albums since I can’t have them all on display. I keep different pens in the white cutlery holder. I really want people to feel at home in my house, scrapper or not. So this is also my little Fika corner. Cookies, biscuits and I also have lemonade. 🙂 My coffee machine is still situated in the kitchen, but I’m seriously considering moving it to the scraphouse.

I have two clip it up’s. One that I keep bling on and this large floor model where I store everything from rub-ons to letter stickers.

The cute IKEA HENSVIK shelves contains small glass jars with lace and projects on display.


More 12×12 binders. I also keep cardstock in this inherited IKEA EXPEDIT shelf. The small chests contains toys for my son to play with when he comes to visit me in my little house.


My long desk contains from the left: embellies area, paint area, my sewing area and my working area. (You can see my rebuilt kitchentable in the foreground that serves as my clean area). As you can see I have eight IKEA HELMER bureaus that I bought on sale. That makes 48 drawers in total. They can hold A LOT and are also designed to be labeled so you know what’s inside them. The four HELMER bureaus under the long desk are packed with Idea-ology stuff, trinkets, ribbon, shabby embellishments, chipboard, paints, brushes, embossing powder, glitter, anything you can think of. The three ones by the kitchen table are filled up with paper roses. I bought tons of ANTONIUS inserts that are supposed to be used in the laundry department. With some help from scissors they fit perfectly in the HELMER drawers.


Here are a few of the drawers with paper roses that have all been organized by colour…


I love my picture rails. They can hold so much stuff it’s unbelievable. And no. They do not get that dusty. 🙂 I’m constantly rearranging these cuties to keep what I use the most closest by hand. In general I keep a lot of paint, mists, glues, sprays, re-inkers and texture pastes of different kinds here. To the left you can see my Distress Ink pad storage and below the picture rails are my Distress Ink tools. They have been organized with a little help of a drilling machine and a leftover crossbar.


Here’s my sewing area. Fabrics in the cabinet to the left and threads, buttons etc in the HELMER bureau to the right. I also keep a lot of buttons in the spice jar holder that you can see on the window sill.


Most of my time is probably spent here, in my working area.


I have placed our old kitchen table in the middle of the room. It was collecting dust in an old barn so I rebuilt it to include shelves on one side and chairs on the other. People think that I’m nuts, but I actually saw a bunch of cute baskets on my way home from work in the display window of a department store. So I bought them and rebuilt the table to fit the baskets. I painted it white and put some IKEA HELMER bureaus under the leaf and my clean area was all done! It fits three scrappers or more if you remove the HELMER bureaus. I usually sit on the side where the baskets are when friends are coming over. It gives me access to both the paint area and the clean one without having to move around.

I used to keep Prima flowers in the baskets but grew out of them pretty quickly. Nowadays I store what mom would call junk. I like to call it highly usable stuff. 🙂 

1. What kind of budget did you have when organizing your space?

Since I built an entire house, quite a lot… But I love to create my own storage solutions since they always turn out to be the best. The distress ink tool storage is superb and was completely free. I used an old leftover crossbar that I just drilled some holes in. I’ve also used a lot of old furniture that I have rebuilt or just painted. The IKEA HELMER bureaus are a blessing and very cheap. So is picture rails and glass jars. If I didn’t build a house I would have had a very limited budget.

2. What was/is your greatest challenge?

The greatest challenge for me was to create a welcoming house with lots of light that everybody, scrapper or non-scrapper, would just love to enter.

I also need to know exactly where everything is stored. Since I have a rather large scrapspace it’s impossible to find something if it’s not where it’s supposed to be.

3. Are you a “organize it once” kind of girl, or are your storage solutions constantly evolving?

Your needs always change. In my opinion you really can’t just sit down and think it will work for years to come. Six months later you’ll always discover that your needs has changed, you have tons of new supplies and that perfect organization no longer fits you. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve re-organized my space.

4. What is one thing you’d like to improve about your storage/organization?

I do miss a proper bookshelf. No matter how much you oversize your storage solutions you always discover that they are too small. I would have gone for the largest IKEA Expedit shelf where I could fit all my albums and Cropper Hopper Storage Solutions. But there’s simply not room for it.


And there you have Jenny’s beautifully organized room!  More than anything – it’s so cozy!  Don’t you agree?  Please check out her her blog and her Pinterest page here!