All About the Furniture: Armoires

Many of us that craft don’t always have the luxury of having an entire room to devote to crafting supplies. An armoire can be a great solution to contain your crafts while you are not using them and still have a functional living space that doesn’t look too cluttered.

 These two storage armoires from Better Homes & Gardens show a great way to incorporate tasteful storage while still being beautiful enough to have in your main living space.
Adding a pegboard to the back of this armoire provides much needed vertical storage space for all those little odds and ends. Using wallpaper on the front allows you to match it to any decor.
If you are a scrapbooker, this storage cabinet is great for storing all your papercrafting supplies.
Diane from In My Own Style does a great job of packing a lot of crafting items into one armoire. She has space for thread and sewing supplies, jewelry making supplies, ribbons, glue, and a whole lot more!
Here is another scrapbooking armoire that makes great use of all the space to store all Jen’s scrapbooking supplies. Adding the storage onto the doors really maximizes space!
Many times you can now find old TV armoires for sale since most people no longer store TVs in them. Maple & Magnolia found a not so pretty armoire for only $25! With a little paint and TLC this armoire is a beautiful addition to her foyer. It stores crafty supplies perfectly hidden away, but perfectly accessible when the crafty project bug bites.
If you primarily sew, this sewing armoire from Amazon is perfect. It has a great table that pulls out when you are ready to sew, and it all tucks neatly away when you are not working on a project.
If you have a small space to work with, don’t be discouraged that you must keep all your supplies out in the open. All of these armoires have made great use of a small space that will easily tie in to any decor you may have in your home!

Craft Rooms in a Closet

I have a special place in my heart for craft spaces that have been fit into small places, particularly into closet spaces. I love the thought and ingenuity that goes into fitting everything in, especially when it is done with decorative flair. Today I thought I’d share a collection of some great closet-to-craft-space makeovers.

I love how the wallcovering used on the back wall of the closet inspired the color of the door interiors. The addition of the small chandelier really makes it feel like another room:

Inspired Room craft closet
from The Inspired Room

This crafter shows the transformation of her closet to craft space. I love the before and after photos. The deep shelves in the space would be ideal for storing deep containers and bulky supplies. I also like how she removed the doors to really open up the area. A curtain conceals it all when necessary:

Fancy Frugal Closet
from Fancy Frugal Life

This clean and simple space offers some closed storage:

Style on a Shoestring
from Style on a Shoestring

This cool closet re-do doesn’t use any built-ins. The pieces are free standing and fit neatly into the space; a great solution of you need to adjust your space to accommodate your supplies.

Everything Etsy
From Everything Etsy

This is a brilliant solution for a small or single width closet featuring a table that folds up:

Redfly Creations
from Redfly Creations

This space uses the area adjacent to the closet, along with the closet for additional storage:

from creativE

I love the use of the pegboard in this closet-turned-sewing-space. This would be handy for storing all kinds of craft material:

Domestic Adventure
from Domestic Adventure

This closet is eye candy – so much pretty color tucked into this space.

 Southern Flair Crafts
from Southern Flair Crafts

You can have a craft room in a free-standing closet too, as seen in this cute armoire:

Adore Your Place
from Adore Your Place

Hope these clever storage solutions inspire you carve out your own dedicated craft space!



The Little Armoire That Could {In My Own Style}

Every once in a while I stumble across a photo that is stunning.  And this one definitely caught my eye.  I can’t even begin to quantify the crafty supplies that are being stored in this armoire.  My goodness – what a fabulous use of space!

Craft Armoire

To see more of Diane’s crafty space as well tons of DIY projects, check out her blog.