DIY Craft Desks

Hello, it’s Suzanne here today with some ideas for do-it-yourself craft/office desks. Did you know that you can make your own craft desk for a fraction of the price of purchasing a pre-made desk? And, there are so many options out there to choose from! I have some ideas for you that range from adding a top to a couple of cabinets, to DIY desks that require a little more assembly. For the desks that require measuring, cutting, and assembly, there are tutorials on the websites listed, so be sure to visit those sites for more information and instructions.

Desk with Alex Drawers from IKEA

IKEA products are so versatile, cost-effective, and easy to assemble. I just love coming across new ways to use their products. Shown below are the Alex drawers from IKEA and a wood table top. Could this desk get any easier? Castors were added to the bottoms of the drawers to make this desk mobile. With twelve large drawers for storage, this desk is a crafter’s dream.

craft table 7
Better Homes and Gardens

Desk with Drawers

This is a similar concept to the desk above in that two cabinets of drawers were used as the base, but a glass table top was used as the desk top here. You could use any type of cabinets, as long as they are the same height and provide a comfortable sitting height.

craft table 6
Furnish Burnish

Desk with Filing Cabinets

Another simple wood desk top, but this time, we have two standard filing cabinets below. Easy to put together and plenty of storage space in the filing cabinets.

craft table 2
North Story

Desk with Shelves

Here is more of a traditional type of crafter’s desk. IKEA components were used to create the desk unit, which leaves ample room for storage.

craft table 5
The Creative Imperative

Pipe Desk

This interesting desk uses pipes as a base. You would need to be handy (or know someone that is) to create this desk, but it is a cost effective way to get a nice solid work station into your craft room.

craft table 1
Cafe Cartolina

Bar Stool Desk

Another simple desk idea using two bar stools and a wood-plank tabletop.

craft table 3
Liz Marie Blog

Sawhorse Desk

This pretty desk offers a ton of space! I would love to work on a desk of this size and spread my scrapbook layouts all over one side.

craft table 4
Poofy Cheeks

I hope that you have found some interesting ideas for your next desk. It doesn’t always have to cost a lot to get a new crafty station. By re-purposing some older items, you can create the desk of your dreams as well!


Georgeousness {Heart Handmade UK}

Happy December!  Can you believe we are so close to the end of the year?  Only 30 more days to organize your craft stash before 2014! Just kidding!

Today’s craft room is from the UK – and it is beautiful!   

hearthandmadeuk craft room desk

Well?  Do you agree?  It’s beautiful!  And I especially love that little dresser that holds her fabric!  It’s a very unique piece!  More later this week!

Craft Studio Tour ~ In My Creative Opinion

Hi CSI friends, Lisa here today with a craft room tour for your viewing pleasure! There are many, many craft rooms out there with a lot of bells and whistles and then there are craft rooms that are slimmed down, perfectly organized and serve their purpose to the max. That’s just what I have to share with you today.

My very dear friend Tracey McNeely of In My Creative Opinion shared her craft room on her blog last month. I have a glimpse of it to share with you today. Feel free to visit her blog for the entire tour!


There is definitely something to be said about neutral tones in a work environment with lots of natural daylight streaming in! Tracey has fitted her craft room with products from Ikea including “Galant” birch veneer table tops and bookcases along with “Alex” drawers.


Separate work stations for die cutting, paper trimming and coloring make creating easier.


Drawers with plentiful room for organizing your stash is a must. I love seeing the rolls of felt all lined up!


Isn’t this wall of bookshelves wonderful? Neatly organized and pleasing to the eye make for an uncluttered craft space. The white storage that’s used in various places lets your eye flow easily over the unit.

You’ll find individual storage and organizational tips for paper, dies, stamps and more on Tracey’s blog. Stop by to say hello, you’ll enjoy your visit!


Craft Studio Tour: Handcraft Your Life (Lia Griffith)

It’s Cicily with an amazing Craft Studio, Handcraft Your Life, from Lia Griffith. I found her blog and studio space while browsing on Pinterest. Once you see her amazing photography, you’ll see the inspiration for her talent and if you’re like me, you’ll spend oodles of time perusing her blog.

This is the picture that caught my attention. I love so much about it and all together it’s amazing!

I love all the work surfaces she has. Look behind the desk. She removed a door, added a hollow-core door and painted it with chalkboard paint.  Oh and look up! Through the doorway is her office. I envy her all the natural light coming through her windows!

Here’s some of her creative and decorative storage ideas.

I hope you follow the links to check out Lia’s blog. You can see more of her office and studio on this tour here!


Craft Room Tour {MASKerade}

I’m so excited to announce a new member to our contributor team, Lisa Elton!  I know ya’ll will give her a very warm welcome!


I’m over the moon excited to be a contributor here at Craft Storage Ideas! I’ve been a card maker paper crafting blogger since April 2011. My stamping journey began with a birthday gift of a stamping class from my husband. The following year I began teaching that very course! I’ve loved all forms of art since childhood and have always had a fondness for pretty papers, colorful art supplies and flowers. My professional artistic journey began after high school with floral design. After working for several local florists I was offered the job of an instructor with our local University’s continuing education department. During that time I also opened my own florist. Marriage, working, running a home and having an energetic little boy created a full life. To keep that life running smoothly I was and continue to be Mrs. Organization! A place for everything and everything in it’s place! I am always on the hunt for the perfect storage vessels. Looking for ideas to make something ordinary  extraordinary!

Like so many others I enjoy seeing where artists create, how they decorate and organize their space. Large space or small we artistic types seem to accumulate a lot of stuff! For that very reason the right furniture and containers for storage are essential. Today I have a delightfully bright craft room for you to visit from fellow stamper and blogger Ardyth Percy-Robb. It’s filled to the brim with storage ideas!


A combination of Ikea and Pottery Barn furniture outfit Ardyth’s sun filled room. Just look at that arched window!


She’s maximized her space by going from floor to near ceiling with her shelving and cubbies. This gives her space a variety of organizing options!


The closet proves to be the perfect storage space for her cardstock with this great stacking system. You can also catch a glimpse of her hanging shoe bag on the left that stores her punches.

Thanks for stopping by Craft Storage Ideas today! I look forward to working with the team and getting to know our followers better! For more ideas from Ardyth stop by her blog MASKerade and tell her Lisa sent you!



Die Storage – keeping it all together!

Hi everyone, Anita here today and it is my turn to share a storage solution. I have quite a selection of dies for a variety of machines. Even though I don’t use the dies as often as I once did, I still can’t part with them. I use electronic means to cut most of my papers now, but dies do still have their uses, so keep them I must.

However, since they are different brands, they are all different sizes. So I have never been able to come up with a way to store them in a manner that is pleasing to my eye and easy to reach and use. I have some over on one shelf, a few in a drawer, some over there in notebooks…you get the drift. I would really like some method that puts ALL of my dies in one place, stores them neatly and makes them easy to access. Mmmmmm…no small order. So of course I hit Pinterest, my favorite place on the web right now. This is what I came up with.

CD Boxes and covers

This idea I really liked, the boxes would be fairly inexpensive and could be stacked either on a shelf or counter and labeled easily. Also, I could decorate these if I ever got into the mood, although I am very much a plain box kinda girl so it is doubtful that would ever happen.  So far, so good. The drawback – I am not sure if my larger steel ruled dies would fit in these boxes. I will have to see. Also, I know myself and I am pretty sure that all my dies would have to be alphabetized within the boxes. That just might make me crazy when I added new dies and had to shift things around.

library tray and magnetic sheets

Now, this little library tray idea I liked in theory. Look how cute it is!! I mean really, who wouldn’t want that in their craft room? My concern is again, my large, thick dies, and dust. Yes, dust. Yes, I am that kind of person. I would have to vacuum this little bugger every other day to keep my sanity. Two dogs and at the moment 4 cats. (my daughter came home from college with one, which we told her NOT to get, and we are fostering a stray with a broken pelvis, so we are temporarily up to 4. sigh) Maybe I could sew a cover for it. Because, again, it is so dang cute!!!!!

Ok, next up…

hanging on rod

I actually have clear envelopes AND the clips from my old Clip It Up to make this idea a reality. And a curtain rod. It’s a possibility.

sizzlet storage

I have many sets of Sizzlets and in order to save space I took them out of their original package and put them into small, clear plastic bins. But those are no where near as cute or as stackable as these are! I am sure I saw some just like these are Office Depot not long ago. I may have to go and see how much they are 🙂  As for the notebooks, I have my QuicKutz and my AccuCuts dies in notebooks, but they are small notebooks made just for each brand.  I want symmetry. I want it to look neat on the shelf. Even though there are two types of storage going on here, it still looks neat.

alex drawer unit

Last, but not least, we have an Alex Drawer Unit from IKEA (and we all know that I love those!) with the dies stored in the drawers. I am not sure that I like how these dies are loose in the drawers. However, I know that IKEA makes Alex units with deeper drawers and maybe some of the storage I have shown above would fit into the deeper drawers? Interesting, very, interesting.  Maybe two Alex units side by side with my dies in the drawers and my machine on top??

I obviously need to do some shopping! So that is it for me today! This is also my last post as a contributor here at Craft Storage Ideas. I have had a wonderful time with Rebecca and the whole team and am sad to move on. However, my schedule has gotten a little crazy and I had to let a couple of things go 🙁

Thanks so much for stopping by today!


13 in 2013: Packaged Embellishments

Hi everyone, Anita here and today I want to share with you some of my ideas on storing packaged embellishments. I love stuff. I am not a fan of “less is more”. Less is less and more is best! That’s just how I roll and I need a lot of embellishments to make my pages look how I like them. I tried a few different things over the years and I have found that in order to use my embellies – I need to SEE them!

I switched to a really simply system using IKEA rods and S-hooks. It keeps my packages right in front of me in my line of site.

This is the view from my scrap room door and as you can see I have three of the rods hung across the front of my desk space. On each rod I have several s-hooks. On each hook I have a binder ring and I slide the embellishment packages onto the rings.

As you can see I was right in the middle of a project when this photo was taken 🙂  I group embellishments by type on each ring when possible. One ring is all pearls, one is all bling, one is all MME, etc. I really do use my embellishments more because they are always right there in front of me!

My other embellishments, like flowers and those with no hole for a ring, I store a little differently.

This is my Prima Breeding Program. If the world ever runs out of Prima Flowers I will have enough to breed them in captivity. These bins are fabulous storage. I got them from a retail store that was getting rid of them. However, if you google “tip out bins” you will find some for sale. When I empty a package into the bins I add the tag so I will know what the name/type is.

My other odd ball things I store in my Alex drawers in a variety of plastic separators. These are all my rub-ons, journal cards, etc. This is a shallow drawer so nothing gets buried. Once a year I try and go through all my hoard and if there is anything I haven’t used since the last time I sorted – out it goes. I toss everything into a box and take it over to the local recreation center.

So that’s it – my plain and simple storage for embellishments. Thanks so much for stopping by today!



13 in 2013: Brads and Ribbons

Happy Monday!  Welcome to 13 in 2013!  We are so excited to bring you thirteen fresh and exciting ideas for organizing your crafty space in January!  If you are anything like us, the beginning of a new year brings so may possibilities and the need and want to get organized.  We are here to help!  Today’s tips are all about brads and ribbons – here’s Anita!

Howdy everyone, are you ready to get your craft space organized? Well my friends, we are here to help you! If you are like me, you are invested with a sense of renewal after the holidays and want to make everything around you nice and tidy. Today I want to share some of my favorite storage supplies and ideas for brads and ribbons.

I have serious issues with both of these craft supplies. Serious issues. When we first built my studio I ordered a custom built cabinet just for my brads. I am not making that up.

I loved this cabinet, but it turned out that it was just too large to fit into my space. When I rearranged my room I had to move it out, which made me very sad. I trimmed down my brad collection considerably and bought this very handy storage box from Best Craft Organizer and it is just as handy, but a lot smaller. It has 8 drawers and they are the perfect size for holding my brad jars.

The little jars are from the jewelry department – they come 24 in a little clear box for around $10. As you can see I group my brads by color, so I can just pull out the drawer and there are all the brads in that color group.

Sooo, once I got my brads tamed, I needed to move onto my ribbon. I had drawers and boxes of ribbon. I tried that system where you rolled the ribbon up and put it in the little boxes so that you could pull out a little at a time, but I was not very successful at that. My ribbons are not uniform in size, so they never fit in the little boxes. So I had some in and some out. I ran across a fabulous product at the LSS one day call The Ribbon Ring – I have been in love with this thing ever since. I bought one.  A week after it came I ordered six  more, plus I don’t remember how many refill kits.

A set comes with a ring and the little plastic tabs you see here. You thread your ribbon onto the tabs and put those on the ring. Super easy. Again, I have mine sorted by color – one ring per color.

This photo only shows half of mine – as I said I have issues with ribbon.  There are several things I love about this product:

  • Portability – just grab the rings, toss them into your bag and go
  • Visibility – I can see in one glance every single ribbon I have, so I will use them
  • Space Saver – I have hundreds of ribbons stored in a few inches of space
  • Best of all…when I am working on a project I can grab my ring, throw it on the table and drape the ribbons across my project to see which one works the best before I take it off the spool/out of the little box/unpin it and have to rewind it. Best feature, I swear.

They come with little orange dot stickers that you can add to the tabs to remind yourself that you have more of that ribbon. I decided it was easier to just tie a knot in one end to remind me there was more in my overstock bucket.

So there you have it – my brads and ribbons, contained very neatly within their space, organized by color and so easy to reach for and use. What are your plans for organizing your space this year? Be sure to stay with us all month as we have more fabulous ideas coming.


My Eden, My Craft Studio

So here is a look at my craft space! I am very lucky to have my own room, outfitted exactly like I want it. I ripped all the flooring out and I have bare cement floors. I didn’t want to worry about what I might get on it. And let me tell you, I have dumped some things on it! And let me say thank you so much to my wonderful hubby who lets me buy and do whatever I want. Love you, honey!
When you walk in the door this is what you see…
Here’s my work table.  It is an antique trestle table I bought for next to nothing a few years ago. I have my little rolling cart with all my most used tools on/in it. The rods across the windows are Ikea curtain rods and S-hooks. I keep all the embellies that I reach for the most on those. My sewing machine is to the left on an Ikea drawer unit.
 Next up is my Ribbon Ring – this is the best organizational tool I have ever bought. It is worth every cent and then some. I love it.
My desk has my laptop, printer, photo printer, album in progress and a few misc things.
All of the walls in this room have handpainted murals (this used to be DD2’s bedroom when we first moved into this house).
Here I have stacked my Iris carts next to some cubicle shelving I have. In the Iris drawers, I sort things I am collecting for future projects. One drawer is all Texas stuff, one drawer is all my DD’s High School stuff, one is all the cards my DH has ever given me, etc.
Above the closet is my collection of House Mouse stamps. I don’t actually stamp with my House Mouse stamps, I just collect them. Aren’t they toooo cute???? Shelves from Ikea (I am telling you – Ikea is the Mother Ship)
This is my wall of shelves. I keep all my lesser used supplies here. These were stamp shelves in a retail store in their previous life. When the company decided to get rid of them, they came home with me. They are so happy here in their retirement years. No obnoxious children hanging or climbing on them!
This is the newest addition to the room – I wanted something to keep my Cinch out on – I use it all the time. So off to Ikea I went. This little thing was so cheap. And very sturdy. Right now it has some things I got at convention on it, but it will have some baskets on the shelves to hold my Cinch supplies very soon.
So this is my happy place – my PRIMA BREEDING PROGRAM. Someday, the world might run out of Prima flowers. If that ever happens, I plan on having enough of them in captivity to start breeding my own.
Here is my paper storage, another shelf just like the ones in the closet. It had a former life in a retail store as well. It is perfect for storing my paper in!
I love, love, love my Alex drawer units from Ikea. There are three of them here, sitting so happily side by side. They come with casters, but I wanted a little more height for mine, so I took the casters off and put cinder blocks under them instead. They are the perfect height now, I just turn my chair around and there they are!
I keep tons of things in the drawers, my most used stamps, my inks, die cutting supplies, embellishments,button jars, all my paints and sprays, my punches… so many things.
Last, but not least, is by brad storage. I have issues with brads and buttons. I love this little cube, I bought it from Best Scrapbook Shelf, and it is wonderful to store my brads in. It holds HUNDREDS of different little containers of brads.
So that is it! My scrappy space. I hope you have enjoyed a look around my studio.

Quick and Easy Die Storage

Are you like me and have too many nesting die sets? Well, really, can we have too many?? I have quite a few and storage was becoming a problem. I wanted to keep them handy in my Alex Drawer unit from IKEA with my other dies, but was having a hard time finding a way to do it. I looked at the available store-bought options and none appealed to me. I also did not want to keep them in the package – too bulky.

A little creativity was in order. I wanted easy access, to be able to see the dies at a glance, and to use something I already had here in my craft studio. I started hunting around and found exactly what I needed!

I bought these clear envelopes for a project some time ago from Inky Antics for a project that I never got around to. They are the perfect size. I grabbed those, my Crop-a-Dile, and a left over ring from an album kit.  I used the Crop-a-Dile to punch holes in the corner of the envelopes – I did them all at once so they would be even. I put one set of dies in each clear envelope and put the ring in.

Easy peasy! Of course, it didn’t occur to me until much later on that I should label them, so I could remember which sets I had – you should do that from the start! Now all my sets of thin dies are stored in the space of one envelope. Easy to reach, easy to see, and I didn’t have to buy a single thing.