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I’ve been “following” Leslie Ashe in blogland for a while and I’m so happy that she’s agreed to share her studio with us.  Here she is!

Hi there! I’m Leslie Ashe & I’m SO excited to share my scrap studio with you!   I’m from Fort Worth, Texas. I’m married to the cutest guy ever – for almost 22 years now (next month!) We’ve got 2 college aged kids – Savannah who just turned 21 & Shaypher who will be 20 at the end of this month.

Scrapbooking/crafting have been a part of my life for, well ever! Honestly – hardcore creating began for me about 15 years ago when my kids were little. I started from a closet where I stored most of my scrap gear, to half of my bedroom, to this incredible studio my husband helped me design.

I am blessed beyond belief to serve on the following design teams: American Crafts, Echo Park & Prima Marketing. It’s such an honor to be here to share my space to create with you.

By looking in my room, you can tell I have numerous places to store items – even without having a closet in this room (it used to be the master dining room, then my husband’s office, now my studio!), it’s been easy to give every item I use a home.
Gorgeous studio!


A well-organized desk

I have baskets, cabinets, jars, , racks, paper holders, tins, bins, totes…everything has a home.

A place for everything.

When I first decided to make an entire studio dedicated to my hobby – I knew right then & there I wanted bookcases with shelves so I could place my baskets, paper, stamps – as well as my printer, adhesives, computer, etc.

Multi-purpose bookshelves

My husband drew up plans on paper, we moved things around (on paper) until I knew what would be the perfect fit. I have a HUGE window that I use for natural lighting that I had no intentions of blocking, so by framing it with bookcases, it really opens up my space.  During the day I don’t even need a lamp on – plus it’s a gorgeous view.

Unique circumstances – most rooms have a closet. Mine doesn’t. I had to build a space that I knew was functional & didn’t look overcrowded. That was fun to do!

I also wasn’t sure about what kind of shelves I wanted. I searched and searched. My husband, the genius he is, came up with buying wood, decorating the outer edge with molding, staining & using gorgeous brackets to hold them in place. I am in LOVE with my custom-made shelves.

Shelving with unique brackets.


Functional but pretty shelving

Quirky things to work around: Being as this room was originally a formal dining room – there are no doors. Just open walking space from my front entry, to my kitchen. At first I thought I wanted doors, but I really like the open space. Plus I don’t have to hear my puppies whine because they can’t be near me. Now they can just freely sit at my feet while I create.  One more thing – I can’t stand looking at power cords. I try SO hard to hide them under my new rug or under the baskets on the floor. The computer and printer are easy to hide. Thank goodness!!

Concealed storage


Baskets in cabinets


Colorful mists, sprays and paints


Punch storage

I also wanted a unique space to store my design team product. Under my large window – I have 3 baskets. In 2 of them I have DT product, the other is where I store my letter stickers. It’s so easy to get to!

Baskets for special products.

Another unique space I wanted – I found this 2 tier basket at Hobby Lobby & I knew it would be perfect for my design team inks and embossing powders.

Double-tiered basket

1. What kind of budget did you have when organizing your space?

Since I already had half of my bedroom as my space – I was fortunate to be able to bring the furniture I used for that, plus some bookshelves & baskets over to this new studio. My furniture was purchased a few years ago at a refurbished Office Furniture Supply dealer. My bookcases were fairly reasonable in price. All in all, I believe my overall budget I let myself have was close to $500 with all the new additions I added. I don’t limit myself to any additions I add to my room now since the “big” stuff is in here. I’m starting to collect vintage camera’s & they take up an entire shelf in my studio along with several shelves in my room. I love to use them for props!

2. What was your greatest challenge?

I would say my greatest challenge is with all the space I had now, where was everything going to live? I had to sit down & write what would go where before I started adding them to the room. Now I sit back & look. I’m so excited to say I even have a nook & cranny here and there with “space”

3. Are you a “organize it once” kind of girl, or are your storage solutions constantly evolving?

I’d say I’m a little of both. Once I had everything in place, I knew it was perfect. As I started adding things, my storage ideas started to evolve & a few things here and there move from time to time.

4. What is one thing you’d like to improve about your storage/organization?

If I could improve on any “one” thing about my organization/storage – I wish I had an extra wall to store my albums. As of right now, I store them as I fill them in a bookcase in our hallway.


I’m completely loving this space.  The pops of color really make it interesting.  I think my favorite thing is that black cabinet full of colorful mists and paints.  I’d have a hard time closing the door to the cabinet! 🙂  Thank you so much for sharing your space, Leslie!

For more information about Leslie and to check out all of the projects she creates in her studio – check out her blog!

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