Studio Tour with Keisha Campbell

Here’s a big welcome to Keisha Campbell of Making Memories, Jenni Bowlin Studio and Basic Grey fame (to name just a few).   Her style and design sensibility is distinct and refined, and not just when it comes to papercrafting.  You are going to love her studio.

Here it is…in her own words.

Fuinction and style combined.

I generally store my supplies by like items and color. I keep loose ribbons in jars by color; I store a lot of things in jars-stamps, brads, and buttons. I am a big button collector, mother of pearl & clear glass are big favorites of mine. I like to find ways to display them so I can always see them.

Mist and stamp storage

I try to keep the newer product from the companies I work for in baskets-so I can always see what I have to work with.

Workspace view

 I like to keep my space as organized as possible-so it is important for me to be able to clean up fast when I need to. I keep an extra basket so that I can just throw scraps, embellishments, and papers into quickly. And I clean that basket out once a month.

Closet storage

 1.  What kind of budget did you have when organizing your space?

When I first started my scrap room we lived in China, I didn’t have a set budget. We were able to have some furniture made at more than half the cost we would pay in the States. Over time we had things made when we could.

I am always on a budget; I try to always wait for things to go on sale. Or make sure I grab my coupons!

I have 12 Jetmax cubes in my studio closet-most of them I bought the night before Black Friday at Michael’s. They had them 55% off-I usually never go out during Black Friday.

I am a pretty good bargain shopper; I watch the prices & sales.


An abundance of storage!

2. What was your greatest challenge?

I am on the side of style first, and then function. It may seem unpractical for some, but I want a place that is nice to look at while I am working there. I like nice jars & bowls for my pretty supplies-like buttons & stamps. I want a cool and chic place to play in. When I am out shopping I am always looking at things thinking of ways I could use them in my studio.


Stylish first, functional second

3.  Are you a “organize it once” kind of girl, or are your storage solutions constantly evolving?

Constantly-evolving! I am constantly thinking of new or better ways to store things. Last summer I had an idea-I wanted to add a drawer that could pull out from under my large craft table. Then it evolved into just getting a mini island or rack that could be pulled out when I needed-and pushed away quickly. So I bought a 3-tier wire black shelf, which luckily fit perfectly under my table. I wanted to put castors/wheels on it, but couldn’t. If I added wheels it wouldn’t slide under the table. Then I thought about those furniture sliders from the infomercials-voila! Perfect solution. The rack slides perfectly to & from under my table with ease and little effort. I do think that the wheels would have looked cooler!

I am always on the lookout for something pretty to store things in and drawer organizers! I am incessantly thinking how I can make something better-easier for me.


Slice storage

4.  What is one thing you’d like to improve about your storage/organization?

At the moment, lol…I am pretty happy! After adding more shelves to my closet it really helped me get some things in better places, and gave me space to change things around. Now I want to focus on the decor, like new lights and more framed photos/art on my walls. I have been wanting to add a daybed or a chaise-my husband complains that he has nowhere to sit when he comes to watch TV and chat with me. And to do more purging! That is next on my list, let go of old product & papers.


Expanding storage

Isn’t Keisha’s room awesome?  I’d be happy with just the closet, seriously!  For more info and to see her work, check out her blog, here.   Thanks, Keisha for sharing your process with us!

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