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Here’s a big welcome to Janna Werner!  Janna still lives in her hometown of Oldenburg, Germany with her Danish husband Jesper, their dog Sindri, two rabbits and a few fish! Her passion for paper and paint started in April of 2010 when cardmaking, scrapbooking and mixed media art totally captured her heart.

Janna teaches German scrapbooking and mixed-media classes online and is also the co-publisher of the German magazine “ die Scrapperin“.

Janna is also currently serving as a guest adviser on, and I have it on good authority that she’s amazing in her critiques and advice!



The thought process behind all my storage solutions is that I need to be able to see what is inside the boxes/totes/cupboards in my room. I chose transparent boxes, open cupboards and have most embellishments in open boxes as well. Because of this I can find my supplies very quickly. The design team supplies I receive are each in one to two boxes (sometimes three, depending on how much they send me *laughs*) and they are always close to my crafting table. Things I do not need frequently are a bit further away from my table. I store similar supplies in one place, like all scissor in one drawer, all stickles in another etc.

Washi tape love

We moved into our new home in April 2012. The walls of my room were painted in coral. As we wanted to paint my room anyways, we asked the previous owners to leave the walls as they were. I bought some fantastic lime green color to cover one of my walls with, but after painting two other rooms in our house, I really had enough! The walls in my scrap room are still coral and I have to admit I do not like color too much. So, this winter, I will have to move everything out of my scrap room and get some fresh paint onto my walls 🙂 This is something I really need to do since I spend so much time in my crafting room and shouldn’t make any compromises.

Billy bookshelves

Three out of four walls in my room slope; I have only one wall where I can put the Billy cupboards from Ikea. Luckily, IKEA sells the small Expedit cupboards which are quite cheap and fit perfectly!

Clear drawer units
1. What kind of budget did you have when organizing your space?

I didn’t and do not spend a lot of money on my room. All my furniture is from Ikea, the plastic boxes are 4 Euro each. The big crafting table was a present from my mother´s friend – she bought a new one and asked if somebody wanted it. You can find gorgeous storage things on flea markets as well, it doesn´t always have to be new and shiny. I like the antique flair of furniture and storage 🙂

Worktable drawers
Worktable surface
2. What was/is your greatest challenge?

My biggest challenge is to organize my supplies and to put them in places where I will definitely find them! 🙂  It’s important to see what materials I have, otherwise I won´t use them. That´s why all of the transparent plastic boxes work for me. I am also a hoarder… you know? I can´t throw things away, as I *might* use them someday in the future…that rarely happens though 🙂

Clear bins are perfect for design team materials

3. Are you a “organize it once” kind of girl, or are your storage solutions constantly evolving?

I am more of an *organized chaos* kind of person. My craft room tends to be a total mess, but I find everything I need within a minute. I rarely re-organize my drawers and boxes as it takes too much time to get used to a new system, but if something isn’t working, I definitely change my storage solutions

Paper storage
Pen and tool storage
4. What is one thing you’d like to improve about your storage/organization?

I´d like to be better at not keeping everything because I might need it someday. So, my new rule is if it hasn´t been touched within the last twelve months – get rid of it!

An alternate desk

I love Janna’s space!  And the fact that she has sloping walls and still makes it work is awesome.  How many people think they can’t make good use of a room because it has quirks or negatives?  Janna’s space is a great example of making those negatives work!

To learn more about Janna, her work and her scrap space, check out her blog here and join her on Instagram – her user name is @jannawerner.


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