Storage Solution Roundup: Embroidery Floss

One of the crafts I enjoy doing is embroidery. I typically do cross-stitch projects, but I love to do all types of embroidery. Even if you only occasionally do embroidery, you can very quickly acquire a large amount of floss. Organizing it so you can find the right color, keeping it tangle free, as well as keeping stock of how much you have on hand is a necessity. Following are some ideas of how to keep it neat and tidy.

One of the most widely available and commonly used organizers for floss is the plastic divided bin and the plastic (or cardboard) cards that you wrap each individual floss on to. The boxes and cards are available at almost every craft store.

Source: Color My World

You can either hand write on the corresponding floss number onto the card, or the starter kits usually come with stickers using numbers from popular DMC floss.

Allison, from Little Lovelies, came up with a clever idea to get those cards wound up quickly! She rigged a bobbin winder onto her power drill and attached the card. So clever!

Source: Little Lovelies

Sometimes it may be easier to store the floss in it’s original numbered skein rather than transferring it to the cards.¬†Storing the flosses by color in separate bins or boxes seems like the best way to be able to find what you need.

Source: Sara vs. Sarah

Source: Beyond the Kids

If you don’t want to spend too much money, you can organize with items you may already have on hand. Clothespins keep the thread from unraveling and allow you to see what you have.

Source: Mrs. Jones

Source: Lil Fish Studios

You could also use small snack size ziploc bags and a binder ring.

Source: Shiny Happy World

Source: Bird Nest on the Ground

And if you want to be uber organized, you can create a color chart with all the threads you have.

Source: Cut Out and Keep

How do you store your embroidery floss?


7 thoughts on “Storage Solution Roundup: Embroidery Floss”

  1. DMC has a new floss storage system that I’m in love with! It will take me years to finish up all the little plastic bobbins and plastic bins. Just trying to use up all that old thread!

    1. I love the photo keeper case idea. I also bought one on sale at Michaels. I used for all my small bits of paper, diecuts, and assorted embellishments. I grouped them by them/manufacturer. I also do A LOT of cross stitch. I store all the specialty threads on large rings and the rings on hanger called the belt around. That doesn’t work well for the DMC threads unless you take the time to wind them on bobbins. I have hundreds of them so there in NO way I will do that. I love the idea of the photo case, it might actually hold all my threads. I have memory problems so I need to store everything in clear containers or I will literally buy it 3 or 4 times and still not be sure I have it unless I can easily see it.

      So, I need to go back to michaels and buy several more photo cases. I just love them. Thank you so much for this idea, I have been trying to find a good storage method for several years.

  2. I use the thread bobbins/spools to store the skeins. Then, for those pieces that are cut off, but I don’t use all of them, then I have the snack bags with an 3×5 index card with the number written on it. Then I put the useable “scraps” into the baggie. If I need a particular number, then I go the baggies first to see if I have that number first to use up the scraps before cutting more off the bobbin spool.

    I store the bobbins in a tackle box that has 4 smaller containers in it. I use the open top to store my extra bobbin cards or misc supplies related to my cross stitch. I store my scrap baggies in a plastic shoe box wide enough for the baggies to sit in.

  3. I ordered a complete DMC assortment of 1 yard of all colors and put it all on bobbins (while watching the Red Sox win the World Series). It all fit in one of those plastic divided thread boxes. I use this collection to put color families together, and to mix and match or substitute colors for a new project. I store the full skeins in floss-away bags in numerical order in photo boxes (only a buck on sale at Michael’s). I look up the floss I need for a project and put these bags in numerical order on a binder ring – helps keep it organized throughout the whole project. If I need same color for more than 1 project, I just make another bag.

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