Roll along Storage Solution: Trolleys

Hi there crafters. It’s Hazel from Sunny SA again.  I love repurposing furniture and if they have wheels – all the better.  Therefore, I decided to have a look around Blogland to find some trolleys that would work in a craft space and should you need to – it can be relocated somewhere else in the house.

And my very first and so far favorite – tool chest trolleys:


This is picture of Monika Wright’s craft room where she utilized them to house her craft supplies. I know my hubby would love to have this one for his garage should they ever get recycled.

If you want to read Monika’s original post, just click here.

And what about a pants rack  for your fabric stash?



On Pinterest is a lot of fruit / soda crate conversions but this one looks just right for my thick cutting dies.  If all else fails, it would make a perfect bedside table.



And this one for junior’s art supplies?  You can wheel it to your craft room and she can play while you get on with your crafty pleasures.



Even though we don’t  have an Ikea in Sunny SA – I do love this Expedit trolley.  It would be perfect for baskets with craft goodies or lots and lots of quilting fabric.


And why not park a few trolleys under your basement stairs?  Just think of all the goodies that you can stash in there!



Best part of all – trolleys can move with you!

Thanks for stopping by today and if you have ideas to share, please leave me a comment.  I would love to hear from you.



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