Product Highlight: Itso Containers

Itso Containers

I’m a bit of an organizational fanatic. When I stumbled onto the Itso Storage line at my local Target I was excited because I knew I’d be able to use them to store craft supplies. They were clean lined, rectilinear and in a neutral, simple color that would blend right into my existing decor. When I investigated further, I learned they came in a variety of shapes and sizes that would serve a multitude of needs – not just in my craft space, but all over the house.

Itso Containers

I have a special place in my heart for the 13.3 x 13.3 x 2.5”h trays (Wide Tray), which are perfect for holding the contents of a scrapbook club kit.  The paper stores flat with enough space on top to hold the embellishments (even the bulky ones).

13 x 13 Itso Tray

I also use them to keep design team materials separate from the rest of my stash:

13 x 13 Itso Tray

As a bonus, I realized these trays fit easily into a Jetmax paper sorter (almost like a drawer).

Itso Trays in Cube

The 13.25L x 6.5W x 6” h (Clear See-thru Bin) are perfect for holding large Sizzix dies and bulky items like punches and bigger spools of ribbon.

6 x 13 tall Itso Container

The smaller, lower 6.5”w x 13.25”l x 2.5”h (Clear Half Tray) are great for flat items and are the perfect height for spools of thread.

Low Itso Narrow Tray

Low Itso Tray

And like all the Itso containers, they have a small inner groove so they can be stacked.

Stacked Itso

Itso containers are available at Target and also come in colors and patterns. They range in price from about $6 for the plastic and up to $35 for the fabric covered containers.


7 thoughts on “Product Highlight: Itso Containers”

  1. I don’t know whether to thank you for introducing me to these containers or not, Valerie! I’m pretty obsessive when it comes to my storage containers, too! ~ Doris

    1. These are no longer available at Target. I haven’t been able to find them anywhere else. I need about 12 more. Help!

      1. eek! I want those Itso cubes also. Have looked everywhere. I’ll let you know if I find them. I did find them at a close-out website which does not bode well. Sounds like they’re no longer produced. They have a minimum order amount of $2500.

  2. Well, now that you’ve shown me these wonderful solutions to my storage issues (well, SOME of my storage issues!), I need to know where to find that Jetmax paper sorter to put them in.

    Are they available in any store I might find locally, or do I have to order them online?

  3. It’s unfortunately they don’t sell them anymore anywhere. I bought one in Target and now could use another. That’s the world we live in. Everything exists as fashion even utilitarian items like these. Why?

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