Product Highlight: EZMount Stamp Storage Panels and EZBinders

I am a huge fan of binders for organizing. I talk about them all the time over at my blog. They work well for papers, but also for storage as well. If you can’t access your supplies easily and be able to find what you are looking for, you will probably not use much of what you have. Also, you may end up buying duplicates.

For today’s product highlight I am sharing a product  I think will help many of us that use stamps. It utilizes one of my favorite tools for organizing – the binder. Crafter’s Companion makes these great EZMount Stamp Storage Panels that can be used in one of their EZBinders.

These binders are really great in that they are fully enclosed. They have a locking clip on the side to keep them shut tight, so none of your items fall out. They are made of plastic so they protect your stamps (or metal die-cuts) from the elements. Who wants to dust all those little stamps?

The EZMount Stamp Storage panels will allow you to mount any temporary mount stamps. You can adhere stamps to both the front and back. You could sort your stamps by theme, holiday, or even designer.

The trend in stamps seems to be moving away from wooden mounted stamps to acrylic stamps. I love these because they are clear so you can see exactly where you stamp. They are also perfect because they do not take up much space. And now you have an easy solution for storing and organizing your stamps.

Do you use acrylic stamps and if so, how do you organize them?


3 thoughts on “Product Highlight: EZMount Stamp Storage Panels and EZBinders”

  1. This is what I have been using. They do work great. I’ve been putting them in regular 3-hole punch binder and that works. Then if I’m going off scrapping, I can just pull the ones I want and put them in a travel binder or inside a 12 X 12 plastic carry case.

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