PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT – Curver Rattan style storage boxes

Hi, it’s Sharon today stopping by with a product highlight. I recently saw these plastic storage trays on special offer in my local supermarket and grabbed a couple to see if they’d be useful.   When I got them home I realised they are the perfect size for quite a few crafty things. The ones I have are the small size, but they do have a selection of larger sizes too. They come in black, brown or cream and what I like about them is that they are pretty strong and sturdy, and have really useful handles at each end which means I can grab one easily and take it to my craft desk.

The small size are perfect for 6×6 paper pads as you can see:


I’ve used one for my envelopes:


Then I used a couple more to store my card blanks, and finished card samples.


Here in the UK I picked them up for just £1.50 each in Morrisons so I’m just going to grab a couple each time I go food shopping.   Since I’m in the process of building a new craft space I thought I’d find some shelving solution that works for them when I start planning the furniture.  Curver are an international company so I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find them wherever you are. Here’s a link to them on the US website and more details.


I think I might try some of the other sizes to see what use they might have as I’m very impressed with the quality.

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6 thoughts on “PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT – Curver Rattan style storage boxes”

  1. I saw something very similar to this at Target, if not exactly this item. I almost picked up a few, but decided I need to figure out what I need first. They are very sturdy and make good use of space because they have straighter sides and a small lip at the top. Many baskets waste so much space because the sides are so sloped and they have unnecessarily large lips, IMHO.

  2. Can you give me the dimensions on this small size that you are showing? The ones on Target are $9. and I know that is a lot more than what you are saying you paid even if converted to American $. I am thinking maybe the one on the Target page are larger. Thanks for your help! 🙂

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